text: seven walking tours through historic Philadelphia

Loxley Court


Cross directly opposite, and between 321 and 323 Arch is Loxley Court. Through the iron gates can be seen the beautifully restored houses, a private and quiet corner in the heart of downtown Philadelphia. Benjamin Loxley, a carpenter who worked on Independence Hall and Carpenters' Hall, was the court's first resident in 1744. The Methodists took over a tavern or "pot house" at Number 8 as their second meeting house in 1768. They held prayer meetings on the first floor and the minister preached out of the second-floor window to the congregation gathered in the courtyard below. Loxley himself lived in Number 2, and it was the key from the front door of this house that Benjamin Franklin used in his kite flying experiment with lightning. The houses are 18th-century dwellings, the earliest of the ten built about 1770.

Historic District, North of Market Street