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Information for Students

National History Day is not just a day, but an experience that makes history come alive!

National History Day takes you beyond learning facts in a text book. You become a history detective! You figure out what the history is concerning an event, person, idea or community. You express what you have learned through creative and original performances, documentaries, papers, exhibits or web projects. With National History Day you are the historian, the writer, the actor, the creator!

Through National History Day you will learn the skills and techniques of the historian and discover new insights. You will explore rich treasure troves of little used primary materials and form your own ideas and opinions on a topic of your interest. You become the authority!

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Tips for specific types of projects:

For the 2023 competition: websites, papers, and documentaries must be submitted by the close of project registration on February 27, 2023. The projects must be fully completed, submitted, and ready for judging by this date.