This Year's Theme

Tips for Students:


Credit to Amy Cohen for her tips
  • Check judging sheet regularly to remember what's most important!
  • Let your thesis be your guide; all material should support the thesis.
  • Follow rules closely.
  • The process paper should be detailed and flawless.

Tips for creating websites :

  • Write all of your text first. Don't just open up Weebly, start building pages, and type your words in. It is hard to stay organized that way. Write your complete text first. That way, you can see how it all flows and break it up into sections later.
  • Don't overdo it on the quotes. Although quotes don't count toward your word limit, be sparing with the quotes you choose. We've all seen websites where the text goes on and on, and we usually don't read those sites.
  • Clarity is more important than flashiness. It is important for your website to look pretty, but it is more important for your information to be clearly organized. Don't let flash overtake your information.
  • Use readable fonts and colors. Just like with exhibits, it is tempting to use a lot of different fonts and colors, but always keep in mind your audience. Clear fonts (and only one or two different fonts) and appropriate colors are a must.
  • Include videos when applicable. With this format, it is very helpful to include footage or interview clips when you can. Make sure that they relate well to your subject and advance your argument.
  • Embed primary documents in links within your text. Rather than including full primary documents on the same page as your analysis, create links within your words to another page that has  your primary documents in full. That way, the judges can read your words and click over to the documents for more information.