This Year's Theme

Tips for Students:


Credit to Amy Cohen for her tips
  • Check judging sheet regularly to remember what's most important!
  • Let your thesis be your guide; all material should support the thesis.
  • Follow rules closely.
  • The process paper should be detailed and flawless.

General Parameters:

  • 1500 - 2500 words, numbered and double-spaced pages
  • MLA or Turabian citation, includes a title page listing only title, name, and division/category
  • All papers must also include an annotated bibliography

Relation to the Theme is 20% of judging criteria

  • Develop a clear thesis within the theme: "Taking a stand in history."
    • Your thesis does not need to address every aspect of the theme
  • Draw connections to the theme
    • The paper should both relate to the thesis and demonstrate the historical significance of the topic

Historical Quality of the Paper is 60% of judging criteria

  • Papers should include both primary and secondary sources
    • Judges are looking for a variety of sources that consider multiple viewpoints
  • Interpret and Analyze
    • Don't just regurgitate - the paper should have a strong central argument
    • Place the topic in historical context: consider the intellectual, physical, social, and cultural setting of the time period

Clarity of Presentation is 20% of judging criteria

  • Be sure to polish!
    • Make sure the paper follows and logical sequence and has an organizational pattern.
    • Also be sure that citations are used properly and are easy to follow.

This is an individual project

  • Teachers are allowed to offer editing suggestions to a level of "reasonable help"