Historic Valley Forge

Who Served Here?

Washington's Officers at Valley Forge

December 19, 1777-June 19, 1778

 Birth / DeathAge at Valley Forge
Commander in Chief

George Washington

Major Generals
William Alexander, Lord Stirling1726-178352
Baron Johann DeKalb*1721-178057
Nathanael Greene1742-178636
Marquis de Lafayette1757-183421
Charles Lee1731-178247
Thomas Mifflin1744-180034
Baron Frederick Von Steuben1730-179448
John Sullivan1740-178638
Brigadier Generals
John Armstrong1717-179561
Louis Lebeque DuPortail1743-180235
John Glover1733-179045
Jedediah Huntingdon1743-181835
Henry Knox1750-180628
Ebenezer Learned1728-180150
William Maxwell1733-179645
Lachlan McIntosh1725-180653
John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg1746-180732
Robert Patterson1743-182435
Enoch Poor1736-178042
James Potter1729-178949
Count Casimir Pulaski*1748-177930
Charles Scott1733-181344
William Smallwood1732-179246
James Mitchell Varnum1749-178929
Anthony Wayne1745-179633
George Weedon1730-179048
William Woodford1735-178043
Average Age of Generals at Valley Forge40
Aaron Burr1756-183622
George Clinton1739-181239
Henry Dearborn1751-182927
Peirre E. DuPonceau1760-184418
Alexander Hamilton1755-180424
John Marshall1755-183523
James Monroe1758-183120
Charles Willson Peale1741-182737
Richard Peters1744-180734
Timothy Pickering1745-182933
Jonathan Trumbull1740-180938

*Killed in Action

Courtesy National Center for the American Revolution/Valley Forge Historical Society


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