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Permitted Uses of Content

If you are a for-profit company who wishes to use our work, please click Here.

We recognize that some people may like to reproduce parts of our work on for their own use. For example, a teacher may wish to print out a page from our website to hand out in a history class. Or a person creating a Web site may wish to use a picture of the Liberty Bell from our site.

The text, images, sounds, and other information contained on, the Web pages sponsored by The Independence Hall Association (collectively, the "Content") are proprietary to the Independence Hall Association, a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation ("IHA") and are copyrighted by IHA under the laws of the United States of America. Neither the Content, nor any part of the Content, may be reproduced, displayed or otherwise used in any manner without the prior written permission of IHA.

As a general rule, you must get our permission to make copies or otherwise use the Content.

However, in an effort to simplify this, the IHA will automatically grant you the right to use extracts of the Content for free ("Extract") if you meet all of the conditions below and complete the form below.

Conditions for Free Use of Content

Limited Excerpts
Limited Excerpts Only The Extract may not constitute all or a substantial portion of the Contents. By way of example, the IHA would consider Content from more than a single historical site represented on the IHA web site to constitute a substantial portion of the Content which would require the special written permission of IHA.
Let us Know
Let Us Know Before using the Extract, you must provide IHA with written notice of your intended use of the Extract by filling in the form at the bottom of this page.
Single Use
Single Use Only You may use the Extract only once and only in a single publication or web page. If you wish to use the Extract again or in more than one publication or web page, you must provide a new notice as described above.
Not for profit
Noncommercial Use Only You may only use the Extract for a noncommercial purpose. By way of example, the Extract may not be used as part of an advertisement for a commercial entity.
Our Content Only
Only Applies to IHA Content The preceding shall not apply to any Content in the public domain, designated as owned by anyone other than IHA or used by IHA only with the permission of the author.
Give Us Credit
Give Us Credit The publication containing the extract must include the following notice at either the beginning or end of the article or other section containing the extract:

For Printed Publications:
This material is copyright by, and used with permission of, the Independence Hall Association, on the web at

For Internet Publications:
Just pick up the following text (pick the one most suitable) as is and place in your html file:

<I>Picture courtesy of <A HREF=""></A></I><BR>

<I>Story courtesy of <A HREF=""></A></I><BR>

<I>Information courtesy of <A HREF=""></A></I><BR>

and it will look like this:
Picture courtesy of
Story courtesy of
Information courtesy of

I have read the above conditions. Check the first box if you are a teacher or student or a non-profit and meet the above conditions. Check the second box if you don't meet the conditions.
I meet the conditions and no reply is required.
I do not meet the conditions. I will await a response to my request.

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IHA reserves the right to revoke the permission granted herein at any time in event that the IHA determines, in its sole discretion, that these requirements have been violated or that the use of the Extract is contrary to the purposes of IHA.

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