The Independence Hall Association (IHA), creator, publisher and owner of this website,, is embarking on a major update and expansion of our educational resources. We will be creating a new look, feel and content starting with the addition of a new program we call Women's Lives/American History Time Traveler. It will have totally new audio, video and graphics as well as other interactive features tailored to our key users – secondary school students, teachers, homeschoolers and adults interested in American History. It will fully encompass the contributions of American women from the first days of settlement on the North American continent to the present day. To accomplish all we intend to do, we want your help financially.

We started our website dedicated to quality digital learning and that won't change. We receive over 2 million page views each month. Now, with your support, we can continue our service while also growing our digital platform. This means we'll add a more diverse collection of stories to our website and make history come alive for more students as well as for life-long learners.

Since 1942 the IHA mission has been to tell America's stories. First, by being the catalyst behind the creation of Independence National Park in Philadelphia housing the Liberty Bell to preserve it for generations to come. Then, in the 1990s, by launching our innovative digital learning website, Today, the need for quality historical education has never been more apparent. Your contributions make our nation's history available and your support of IHA will make a valuable impact on every visitor to

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