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The President's House in Philadelphia

From Legislation and Design to Completion (2002-2010)

This timeline chronicles the design process for the President's House site, beginning with the July 2002 appropriations bill in Congress, to the design by Olin Partnership, the 2005-06 design competition, the 2007 archaeology, and the evolution of the final design by Kelly-Maiello.

July 2002House Rpt.107-564: Appropriations Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives requires NPS to study the President's House and report back
Oct. 2002Design Process begins. Preliminary Designs presented on January 15, 2003, at a public meeting at the African-American Museum of Philadelphia. Prepared by the Olin Partnership and Vincent Ciulla Design for the Park Service.
Oct. 9, 2003At opening of new Liberty Bell Center, Mayor Street pledges $1.5 million in support of commemorative project
Nov. 2003Roundtable Meeting.
Sept. 6, 2005Congressmen Fattah and Brady announce federal grant of $3.6 million to fund the project
Sept. 6, 2005President's House Site Meeting. Representatives of the National Park Service and the Ad-Hoc Historians met to clarify what we now agree and still do not agree on regarding the physical space and the labeling of that space at the President's House. Included is a site plan with locations and labels.
Sept. 14, 2005City & Independence National Historical Park convene President’s House Oversight Committee
Sept. 26, 2005President's House Design Competition RFQ distributed.
Nov. 17, 2005Public Meeting (with audio)
March 2006Semi-Finalists Named Press Release
June 5, 2006Public Meeting (with audio), introducing the Semi-Finalists
Aug. 2006Design Competition Photo Gallery, public display at the National Constitution Center. Semi-finalist models, explanations, and design teams.
Sept. 2006Selected Comments About the Design Competition
Feb. 27, 2007Press Release announcing winner Kelly/Maiello, interpretation by American History Workshop
March-July 2007President's House Site Archaeological Dig: Maps, photo galleries, webcam, reports, and news.
Dec. 13, 2007Public meeting: agenda and information packet [pdf]
August 2009Design Issues made public
April 2010Proposed Exhibit Plan for the President's House Exhibition, interpretation by Eisterhold Associates
May 7, 2010Public Meeting at the Convention Center.
Dec. 15, 2010President's House Exhibition, photographs.

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