This Year's Theme

National History Day Philadelphia 2022

NHD Philly 2022 — Another Successful Year!

NHD Philly is happy to announce the winners for the 2022 contest. Students constructed projects around this year's theme: Debate and Diplomacy in History: Successes, Failure, and Consequences. Congratulations to all the winners, and a special thank you goes out to all the teachers and schools that participated in this year's contest! To view the announcement videos presented by NHD Philly alumni, please visit our Facebook page.

Congratulations to our NHD in PA Delegation!

The NHD in PA State Contest was held over the weekend, and we had students participating from Constitution High School, Central High School, Masterman and St. Peter's School. Congratulations to all the students and teachers who participated and thank you for representing Philadelphia so well!

Special congratulations to the following students from Masterman, and to their teacher Liz Taylor. Five students placed in the top two in their category, and will be competing at the NHD national contest in June, and four more students placed in the top six in their category.

Qualifying for the National Contest:

Senior Group Website

1st Place: The Compromise of 1850: Diplomatic Efforts to Unite a Divided Nation

Students: Joshua Cohen, Nicolas Dorazio

Senior Individual Exhibit

2nd Place: Books in Black and White: Debate and Diplomacy on White Involvement in the Harlem Renaissance

Student: Grace Polito

Senior Paper

2nd Place: "Potential Rivals In The Struggle To Earn A Living": The Debate Over Civil War Conscriptions That Ignited a Civilian Insurrection

Student: Tino Karakousis

1st Place: It Is a Terror ... That Men Should Be Handelled So in Pennsylvania": Early Quaker Reasoning, Debate, and the Abolitionist Influence of the Germantown Friends' Protest Against Slavery

Student: Bronte Short

Placed at the State Contest:

Senior Individual Website

3rd Place: "Virtue Knows No Color Line": Ida B. Wells' Use of Debate and Diplomacy in the Women's Suffrage Movement to Advocate for Racial Justice

Student: Sofiat Bamidele

Senior Individual Documentary

3rd Place: Creating Change Through Courts and Communities: Thurgood Marshall's Strategy to End Segregation

Student: Anna Pratico

Senior Group Documentary

5th place: The Tuskegee Study: Racism, Mistrust, and the Transformation of Modern Bioethics

Students: Havana Covington, Lachlan Pepersack