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The President's House in Philadelphia



More than 10,000 artifacts were unearthed here. As these are examined we will have more information about the people who lived here and the lives they led.

Some of what we know comes from what was not found. For example, it was said that some enslaved Africans might have been buried here. Excavations found no human remains.


The actual site of some of the slave and servant quarters is a mere five feet from the entrance to the Liberty Bell Center. You can no longer see these rooms, but you can imagine the voices of those whose lives stand in stark contrast to the birthplace of a nation described by Abraham Lincoln “conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all. . . are created equal.”


Though much was lost, much remained of the cultures brought to these shores, including music, foods, religious beliefs and practices, folklore that was adapted and incorporated into their new circumstances. Historians and genealogists continue to discover evidence and information that creates a fuller picture of their lives.

It is likely that information about the President’s House will continue to be discovered. As this work continues we may develop a more accurate picture of events at this site, of life in Philadelphia for the diverse populations that lived and worked here, and a better understanding of the factors and forces that shaped the history of the nation.

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