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The President's House in Philadelphia

Archaeology at the President's House: April 26, 2007

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URS Group team leader Douglas Mooney (pic 1) and National Park Service Archaeologist Jed Levin (pic 2) discuss the archaeology with the public. The dig has already revealed foundations from the original President's House (pictures 4 & 5). Picture 6 shows an unexpected wall remnant (left middle), which they will explore further over the following days. A "large cent" coin (pictures 7 & 8) from 1833 — the year after the President's House was torn down to build stores on the property — was found between the original foundation and a new wall. It was a freshly minted coin at the time and either it fell from the builder's pocket, or it was left by the builder, a tradition that still exists to this day.

All pictures ©2007 Click pictures for enlargements.

phdig19 phdig20 phdig22 phdig21 phdig24 phdig25 phdig23 phdig26 largecent1833
The final picture is of the same coin from same year, in mint condition. Click for enlargement.

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