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The President's House in Philadelphia

References to People from the Presidential Household Account Books

There are two volumes of the Household Account Books. The first volume remains in private hands and has never been published. However, Stephen Decatur did publish extended excerpts from it in 1933. The second volume was purchased by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania in 1904, and published in full in Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography (PMHB) between 1905 and 1907. This listing was compiled by Independence National Historical Park in February 2004.

First Volume: November 1790–December 1792

Note: Left column is page number of reference

Source: The Private Affairs of George Washington, by Stephen Decatur Jr. (1933)

The 7 slaves taken to NY: Giles, Austin, Will, Paris, Christopher, Moll and Oney. Three slaves and a coachman employed in the stables and two washers in the laundry, left 15 others for the household work.
Washington always spoke of his secretaries as the "gentlemen of the household." Tobias Lear was the senior secretary. Col. David Humphreys was next secretary, wrote much of the official correspondence. Major William Jackson like an aide-de-camp. Accompanied the President everywhere. Robert Lewis, a young man, served more as social aide to Mrs. Washington.
Robert Lewis left for Mount Vernon in Aug 1790 to take temporary charge of Mount Vernon, due to George Augustine's illness and retreat to mountains to recuperate. Paid in full for the time he had been with President in Feb 91. (197)
The average total wages per month for the 14 white servants was only $105; their liveries, and the clothes for the slaves, amounted to about $25 per month. While in NY the President drew $41,500 from the Treasury
Jane Imhoff was replaced by Mira Lefferts in Nov 1790.
Nov. 29, 1790 3 hats, one for Giles and Paris and Hercules, with fuller and richer tassels at top
description of the coach repaired and refurbished by the Clark brothers in November 1790
Accounts showed that Battis Clymer was paid for fitting the Ice House Jan. 13, 1791.
Jan 31, 1791 Paid Majr Jackson for so much given by him to a poor man in riding with the President. Decatur refers to Washington's daily walks with secretaries Lear and Jackson
On Feb. 22, 1791 Mrs. Washington gave a dollar to Austin, Hercules, Moll & Oney and a half dollar to Chris. to buy things to send home by Giles. Decatur explained this was a present on the birthday of their master.
Jacob Jacobus, coachman, temporarily reemployed in February 1791 for Mrs. W. during the President's southern tour. The Clarks were building a new light traveling coach for Washington and with this addition, there were four vehicles in the coach house: the coach of state, the open carriage or phaeton, and the baggage wagon being the others.
Major Jackson reimbursed on Feb 26, 1791 for cash paid by him to see the cougar with the President and money he gave to an old man (probably at the President's request]
new chariot pd for from Dd & F. Clark
Washington took seven servants on southern tour, leaving March 22, 1791: Fagan, Hurley (postilion), Jackson, Mauld, Osborne, Giles (baggage wagon) and Paris, (led GW's old white charger)
John Hudson sent to Mount Vernon in May 91 to supervise house People, ditchers but, GW explained, he was not accustomed to Negroes. GW described him as an old man,…"I believe honest, sober, well meaning, and in some things knowledgeable; but he wants activity and spirit." Decatur, concluded that he worked around the stable for his keep & occasional donations. paid 2- on Feb 10 91
tickets to the play for Hercules and Christopher May 91
gave 1 in May 92 to "negro who brot. a subn paper with many respectable names, towards purchasing his freedom"
tickets to the play for Austin, Hercules, Oney, June 92
List of salaried staff in accts. for June 30, 1792: Mrs. Emerson, Wm Osbourne, John Gaceer (coachman), James Hurley, Charles Liddle, George Beard, Richd Kearing, Mary Wilson, Katy Jacobus, Katy Bower, Eliz. Warner. Fidus Imhoff and Fanny Fink don't appear as they had already drawn their salary, also Samuel Fraunces and Martin, the stable boy [indentured] there were 15 WHITE servants. The slaves now in the household were Hercules, Austin, Christopher, Moll and Oney.(Total of some 20 servants)
Fraunces preparing to feed staff during president's absence; reference to feed for the chickens July 11, 1792
Hire wash women per accts produced by Mr. Fraunces Nov 10, 1792

Second Volume: March 4, 1793–March 25, 1797


Source: "Washington's Household Account Book, 1793-1797," PMHB 29 (1905)

385, 388
Fidus Imhoff, wages, Mar 7 and 21
B. Dandridge, H. Lewis, paid salary Mar 9
386, 389, 392
Samuel Fraunces Mar 12, 27, Apr 9
387, 389
Wm Osborne, to buy 2 pr Stockings for the Presdt & 1 yd blk Crepe Mar 15; on acct of wages 35, Mar 23
Chas Liddle in full for wages 11, Mar 18
388, 389
B Dandridge salary Mar 18, 23
Mr. H. Lewis salary Mar 19
Martin for stockings Mar 25
Richard Keating 2 mos wages 14, Mar 26
Samuel Fraunces for the use of the House Mar 27
pd wages in full to this date: Mr. Fraunces, 75; Mrs. Emerson, 33.33; John Gaceer,20; James Hurley,11; George Beard,21; Fanny Fink,10; Martha Channing,10; Eliza Warner, 10; Katy Bowers,10; Katy Jacobus,10; and pd two women for work –one 5 1/2 days and one 2 days @3/ per day employed by Mr. Fraunces, 3. April 1, 93 [Martha Channing hired to replace Mary Wilson Loeffler, housemaid, who received final pay 11/92. Decatur 300]
contgt Exps gave to Moll & Oney to see the tumbling feats, Apr. 1, 93
391, 394
Mr. H. Lewis pd him on Acct. of Salary Apr. 4, 23
pd for a pair Shoes for Moll Apr. 13
Francis Zache a month's wages 7, Apr. 19 [stable hand?]
Katy Bowers Pd in full to 16 April when she quit the family, 2.50. Ap 19
Mrs. Emerson to buy thread to make sheets April 22
Amy for 4 weeks work as house maid Apr. 26
James Hurley wages to May 1
Polly Channing months wages May 3
Patrick Kennedy, waiter, 3 months wages May 4
397, 399
H Lewis paid for salary May 11; 20th: Howell Lewis salary May 20
Sml Fraunces [wages] May 13
Mary Bailey, 3 mos wages May 18
Francis Leechs a months wages May 20
John Gaceer months wages May 24
Mary Fessinger months wages June 1
Lewis List months wages June 7
(Fanny Hurley 4 mo wages for washing for G & L. Washington June 8
Fanny Fink her wages in full to May 24, pd June 10
M Duplein for teaching Miss Custis french June 13; H. Lewis salary June 15; Samuel Fraunces p'd him for sundries June 17
William Osborne wages paid June 22
Lewis List for ferrage pd by him going to Mr. Penns June 26

Source: "Washington's Household Account Book, 1793-1797," PMHB 30 (1906)

F. Fink for one days washing July 1
John Gaceer a months wages July 2
Mary Bailey a months wages July 3
H Lewis on act of salary July 4
Lewis List a months wages July 8
Rich Keating his wages in full to 17th June
Patty Chuny wages July 13
for Hercules and Austin to go to the circus July 13
Mary Fessinger wages in full to this date 15 July
Eliz Warner a qrs wages 15 July
Patk Kennedy wages ditto
Moll to buy stockings for herself
Mr. (sic) Emerson a qrs wages ending 1 July
Mary Bailey wages July 17
p'd Mr. Bohlen for a German boy & two women the former to serve 5 years & the two latter 3 years for their passage July 20; July 22 spade — hoe knife & 2 pr stockings for the Gardener 4 shirts for and 2 for the stable boy [First reference to indentured; these may have been Martin Cline, who is listed Aug. 1 below, Wilhelmina Tyser and ?]
pd passage of John Gottleib Richler, a Gardener to serve 3 years July 20 [shortly departs for Mount Vernon; see below, p. 36]
Wm Osborne contingent exp pd July 22
two neck cloths for the Gardener & 2 sleeve buttons for him and the stable boy July 22; 23 July Fustion Trowzers for the Gardener
for sundry articles to make clothes for the German women (bot by Mr Emerson)
Fanny Hurley for 7 days work in the kitchen July 22
Samuel Fraunces his wages in full to 1 July
George Beard wages July 23
Cont'g exp gave to the gardener to buy tobacco July 26; and passage of Gardener to Mt Vernon
Francis Leache his wages in full July 27
The German woman clothes for and two pair of shoes for July 32 Aug 1
Martin- 2 pairs of stockings for Aug 1
Catherine Burke for working 5 weeks Aug 2
Patty Channing months wages Aug 3
Lewis List 1 months wages Aug 6
B. Dandridge paid him to pay his French teacher Aug 10 (Lear left to take son to NH and GW needs French speaking secretary)
Katy Maloy for working six days last June Aug 10
Bible and prayer book for the Dutch woman Aug 12
John Hamilton House exps pd a months wages; Mary Bailey do pd months wages; Fanny Hurley contingent exps washing for Lau. A. W , Aug 19; Samuel Fraunces to purchase sundries for the house Aug 20
H. Lewis p'd for No XV of Careys Geography Aug 24
Samuel Fraunces to purchase sunds for the house Aug 26
pd Wm Osborne for ferriage pd by him in going to Mud Fort with G.W.P. Custis Aug 28
Contingent exps pd. for drayage of L.A. Washington's things from Mrs. Paynes to the Presidents Aug 30 [Lawrence is not a servant, but a nephew of the President. Room had to be made in the house for the President's nephew. He is still in the household on Dec. 28 when he is reimbursed for a purchase.]
John Robinson pd stable expenses to (a hand or supplier?) Aug 30
Pd Richd Courney on accot of P. Kennedy 28.50 Aug 30
Tobias Lear pd him salary from 4 March to 4 Sept. Sept 1 {Lear's wife had died in late July. Lear took Benjamin home to his mother in New Hampshire, likely leaving in August.]
Sml Fraunces for sundries for the house; delivered Moll by order to buy a pr of shoes; deliv'd Wm Osborne to pay for 2 pr silk hose for Mrs. W. Sept 4; pd J. Phile for 2 hands & 2 prs hose for Martin.; contingt Exps gave Oney by order to buy a pr shoes; House Exp pd Lewis List a mos wages, Sept 6
Contingt Exps lent Wm Osborne by order of the President to be repaid in one year 100. Sept. 9 [Osborne, Washington's valet de chambre, intended to leave the President's service because he needed to have more earnings to support his wife. He planned to open a tavern in Philadelphia. To get started, he requested a loan "not Exceeding 200 Dollars" from Washington on August 29, 1793. Osborne died during the yellow fever epidemic that fall, as explained by his widow to GW, June 7, 1794.]
House exps. pd George Beard, on acct wages 20; Mary Bailey, 5; Patty Chaning, on acct of wages 10; Jno Gaceer, on acct wages, 20; Eliz Warner, in full to 1st Oct 15; Wm Osborne, in full to 1st Oct 35; Ann Emerson, on accot 33.33; Eliz Simpson 2 months wages, 10; Lewis List, a mos wages, 7; Jos Burke, a mos wages, 7. Sept 9; Samuel Fraunces to purchase sundries for the house 181; pd him on accot wages, 75, Sept 10
Saml Fraunces, delvd to him at the Bank of the U.S. on accot of the President from 10 Sept to 6th inst 180; House exps paid Lewis List on accot wages while at Alexa to buy a pr of hose; Mary Bailey 2 mos wages 10, Nov. 11; Boarding the Pres. and B Dandridge 1 ½ weeks to Fred Herman; Board & lodgings 1 ½ weeks for Lewis [List] and Austin pd Jn Merkel Nov 18, 93; pd for cloth and trimmings for stable suit for Lewis 18 Aug
Ho exps pd Patty Channing and Jos Burke a months wages, Nov. 20; Samuel Fraunces to discharge sundry bills bro-t in during the Presidents absence and to purchase sundries for the houseNov 23
pd J. Phile for sundry articles of clothing for the Dutch girls; Mary Hawkins for whitewashing the house 15.20, Nov 23; P Kennedy Ho exps pd on acct wages 3 Nov 27
Austin 2 pair hose for; pd Meridith in full for Bread furnished for the House in Germantown Nov. 30
Conting exps pd Ch:Byerly for cooking done to the 23 Nov Dec 4 [cooked for Pres. in Gtn?]; S Fraunces a qr wages …75 Ann Emerson a qr wages 33.33 Dec 9
Pat Kennedy wages 2: pd Lewis List his exps incurred in going to Virginia for Mrs. Washington; deliv'd John [Gaceer, coachman] to defray his expenses in going to meet Mrs. W. Do Dec 11; Henry a pair of shoes for Dec 14 [first mention, perhaps the German boy, stable hand indentured for 5 years; see p. 34 above]; delvd Samuel Fraunces to purchase sundries for the house; Mr. H. Lewis for purchase of No. 16 of Carey's Geography for the Pres. and Mrs. W ; pd Joe Burke a mos wages 7 Dec 16
Mary Bailey a mos wages 5, Dec 20; in full Jan 10 (161); gave Moll to buy a pr. shoes, by order Dec. 21
H. Lewis pd for Careys Geography Dec. 21; Samuel Fraunces delivd him to purchase sundries Dec 23; Martin and Henry 2 pairs of stockings for Dec. 24 [both indentured stable hands?]; Gave Moll to buy stockings for herself & Oney by Mrs. W's order; gave Oney to buy shoes by order of Do Dec 26
G. Beard a qrs wages 21 Dec 27; pd Eliz Rhodes for work done for Mrs. W. by order 1.60; pd H. Lewis for Carey's Geog purchase Dec 28


Patty Channing in full to the first inst. 10, Jan. 6
Sam'l Fraunces to purchase sundries for the House Jan 6; Ho. exps. pd. on acct wages: Pat. Kennedy, Louis List, Jos Burke Jan 7 (also pd to have chimney cleaned, ice ho. filled, etc.); John Gacer wages; Lewis List pr of boots when going to Virginia last fall Jan 8
Mary Bailey p'd in full to 1st inst 2.50 Jan 10; H. Lewis pd for Carey's Geog. Jan 11; Sam'l Fraunces to purchase sundries Jan 13; Eliz Simpson wages in full to the 1st inst Jan 14
Samuel Fraunces Dr. to Cash for sundriesJan. 20
pair of shoes for Henry; breeches ball for servant Jan 23;Samu'l Fraunces to purchase sundr Jan 27; G Beard mos wages; Howell Lewis salary Jan 28
Patty Channing mos wages Jan 31; Sam'l Fraunces for sundries; Eliz Rhodes for work done for Mrs. Washington Feb 3; Lewis List a mos wages; Howell Lewis pd him on accot of salary Feb 5
Mary Bailey a mos wages Feb 7; Mar 8; H Lewis p'd for Carey's Geo'y for the President and Mrs. Washington; Pat Kennedy a mos wages Feb 8th
Sam'l Fraunces delivd him to purchase Sunds. for the House Feb 17 and Feb 24
Jac Mouk (Andre) a mos wages 7; contg't exp's pd for making shirts for Martin Feb 25th ; Lewis List a mos wages, 7, Mar 1
Adam Franks for dressing the President four times Mar 1
Saml Fraunces sundries for the Household Mar. 4; Howell Lewis pd to pay his hairdresser Mar 5
Mary Bailey one mo wages Mar 9; Sam'l Fraunces deliv'd him to purchase sundries for the Household Mar 10; Mr. Lewis for so much p'd by him..; House exps for sawing and carrying wood Mar 11
delivered Mr. Lewis to buy 8 play tickets by order, Mar 15; Sam'l Fraunces to purchase Sundries Mar 17
Jos Andre a mos wages Mar 21; Sam'l Fraunces to buy sundries Mar 24
Howell Lewis on acct of salary Mar 27 and 28; pd for a pr. of gloves for Kennedy to wear when putting on table ornaments Mar 29
pd Jno Handerson to the time he left the Presidents service Mar 29; Sam'l Fraunces to purchase sundries Mar 31; Geo Beard, in full to this day when he left the Presidents service 14; Patty Channing, 2 mo.s wages 10; Lewis List, 1 mo's wages 7; Ann Emerson, a qr's wages 33.33 Apr 1; John Gaceer a quarters wages 30.00 Ap2
Harry pd for Making shirts for [likely Harry is Henry, perhaps an indentured stable hand]; for Making cloaks, etc. for Dutch Girls; Jos. Burke ho exp to the first inst. when he left the Presidents service 21.00, Ap 4; Sam'l Fraunces a qrs wages due the 1st inst 75.00; deliv'd him to purchase sundries Ap 7; Ann Warner a days washing Ap 8
Fred Kit for the time he was kept in suspence for the President to determine whether or not he would employ him (as of Dec. 93 he is hired); Sam'l Fraunces to purchase sundries Ap 14
Austin pd for making 7 shirts for Ap 21; Jos Andre a mo's wages; Pat Kennedy wages; delivered by order to Oney to buy a bonnet, etc. Ap 22
Sam'l Fraunces to purchase sundries Apr 28; Lewis List mos wages May 2
Moll delivered to to buy a pair of shoes; Austin ditto for mendg his shirts by order of Mrs. Wtn. May 2; Mary Bailey 2 mo. wages 10; shoes for the Dutch women; a pair of shoes for Henry, May 3; Mr. Howell Lewis deliv'd him by the Presidents order, when he left Philada, to pay off his bills & bear his expences to Virginia, 263; Sam'l Fraunces to purchase sundries May 5
Eliz Simpson 3 mos wages 15 May 8; Sam'l Fraunces to purchase sundries May 12
Sam'l Fraunces deliv'd him to purchase sundries May 19
Jno Gaceer mos wages 10 May 21; Ann Warner & Eliza Pister for work done in the house May 23; Ann Warner for 7 days work June 9 (184)
Sam'l. Fraunces Deliv'd him to purchase sundries May 26; for making 8 shirts for Hercules and Austin 4.07 May 31
Patty Channing, 2 mos wages 12; Mary Bailey 1 mos wages 5 June 2
Jos Andre wages June 5
Samuel Fraunces [steward] p'd his wages in full to the end of this month together with a mos wages given him by the President; to discharge sundry bills as exhibited this day when he left the Presidt's service June 9 [Fraunces established a tavern in Philadelphia soon after. On Oct. 10, 1795 he advertised in Claypoole's Daily Advertiser the move of his Fraunces Tavern from 166 S. 2nd St. to 50 South Water Street. Just 12 days later his will was probated. He left a wife and 7 children, two male and five female. Three daughters were married. He owned a house with furnishings, as well as a rental on Filbert St. Dr. Burnett Snowden Fuller maintained in a 1953 address that Fraunces relocated his tavern on Water St. in the old Tun Tavern. Fraunces advertised it as a "large commodious house" that he had made convenient and agreeable for gentlemen.]
Oney pd .50 for making a gown by Mrs. W's order; contg't exp's pd Jos. McAlpin for work done for the Presidents family June 13
pd John Phile for stockings for Martin and Austin Ju21
James Germaine [new steward] delivd him to purchase sundries June 16, 23, 30 (186); last day Dec. 8, 1794 (see below)
Ann Emerson a years wages 33.33 July 2
John Gaceer 2 mos wagesto 1st inst 22.00 July 3; Patty Channing 1 mos wages 6 July 5; Pd for a pair of shoes for Martin July 8; James Andre a mo's wages 8 July 12
pd for keeping Wilheleminina [Wilhelmina Tyser] in jail for 5 or 6 days; James Germain delivd him to purchase sundries for ye House 14 July. (Wilhelmina Tyser, case 153, Vagrancy Docket, confined July 2, 1794 to the workhouse, charged with being a "disorderly Servant belonging to the president of the United States." The record noted she was to be "kept at hard labour thirty days, unless sooner discharged by her Mistress. " She must have shown good conduct, as her release was on July 7. Billy G. Smith, ed., Life in Early Philadelphia, 84.) Wilhelmina likely was one of the two Dutch girls paid for on July 20, 1793, and indentured for 3 years.
Jas. Germain to purchase sundries Jul 21; Eliz. Rhodes for work done for Mrs. Washington July 24; pd for pr shoes for Moll by order July 29
Jno Greene mo wages 11; Lewis List 3 mos wages24 Aug 1;pd Ann Emerson on ac't wages 10 Aug 6
Jacob Baur wages 120; Frank 4 days work; ditto for sawing wood; James Germaine to purchase sund's; for a pr shoes for Davy & for 2 pr shoes for the Dutch girls Aug 9; bleeding Dutch girl Aug 11
Mary Bailey a mos wages 5 Aug 14; pr of shoes for Hercules Aug 15; Patty Channing wages in full to this day 9.00 Aug 16
expenses for keeping Martin in the work house for misbehavior 16 days; pd Cap Chris. Franklin for the passage etc. of John Klein to serve 3 years Aug 22 [don't know how John Klein served the President]. Gave Oney to buy a pr of shoes by order Aug 23
Gave Baur to buy a stick of pomatum for Mrs. W.n Aug 28
Pat Kennedy on a/c wages 13.00 Sept 4; James Germain to pay for [misc]; pd B. Bohlen for 2 Dutch servants as follows Jo. Henry Waskan L25.19.0; Margt Held 24.4.6 Sept 6; pd for a pr of shoes for Austin Sept 8
Lewis List his wages in full to this day, when discharged indluding a mos pay given him by the President 19.20 Sept 12
Henry Bohlen mo wages Sept 19 and 25 (321)
gave Bain to buy pomatum for Mrs W Sept 19 [This may be a misspelling of Baur. Otherwise, I don't know who this was. No other reference to this name.]
HAULING GOODS FROM GERMANTOWN; Jam's Germain to pay his weekly accot for two weeks & to discharge sundry bills Sept 22
Henry Bohlen on accot of wages 8 Sept 25; gave J Baur to buy pomatum for ye President Sept 26 (see p. 320-same person?)
pd for 2 pr. bathing breeches for servants 12 Sept 27; House exps. pd I Baur in full to 25 Inst; J Gaceer 3 mos wages 33; delivd J Germain to pay Mary Baily in full to the time she left the Presidents family 16.67; Pat Kennedy on a/c wages35.00; Mrs. Emerson, 2 mos wages 22.22; J. Germain on a/c wages 60.00 and to purchase sundries for household Sept 29th
Gave the 4 servants who travelled to the westward with the President ea $2 by his order Oct 29; Jno Bartholemy for teaching Miss Custis french 4 months Nov 3
Gave Hercules to pay for mending his shoes Nov 4; pd Andre on accot of wages 15.00; Bn. Dandridge pd him on accot of salary 300 Nov 6; Jas Germain, delivd to purchase sundries Nov 10
House Exps. pd Henry Bohlen on accot of wages 16 Nov 17
Jas Germaine to purchase sundries Nov 24; House exps pd a woman for 1 days work in the kitchen Nov 24; gave Moll to buy a brush & paint for Mrs Ws room Nov 25; Mrs. Emerson on accot of wages 20 Nov 26
Jas. Germain to purchase sundries; pd (Julian) cook 3 mos. wages Dec 1; Jas Andre on a/c of wages and gave Moll to pay for work done for Mrs. Wn by order, Dec 2; gave Austin to buy stuff to mend his small clothes Dec 3; pd James Baur in full to this day 38.00; pd Pat Kennedy on accot of wages 18.00 Dec 3
pd for 2 stockings for Austin Dec 6'; pd James Germain to pay his accot to this day and pd in full for wages to this day with an a allowance of 10 guis by the President 103.33 Dec 8, [Germaine's last day]; pd. Julian (cook) in full 9.38; Fred Kit,[new steward] delivd him to purchase sundries for ye house. Dec 8
Fred Kitt delivd him to purchase sundries Dec 15' contgt exps delivd Austin to bear his expenses to and from Virginia 20.00 Dec 17th
Delivd Fred Kit to purchase sunds for the house Dec 22; Contgt Exps gave Moll to buy a pr. shoes; F Kitt to pay for 1 parrot and cage by order of Mrs. W. Dec 24; Bn. Dandridge salary 300. Dec 27;
five days hire of a cook Dec 29


House exp's p'd John Gaceer in full to end of 1794 22.00 Jan 3; pd Jn'o Andre do.10; p'd Henry Bohlen in full to end of 1794 12; Do p'd Ann Emerson do. 14.45 Jan 3.
p'd by F Kitt, Mary Leffler 18 days work 9; 4 days hire of a cook; Linniment for Hercules, Jan. 5th; Jno Shay 3-mos wages Jan 12th
deliv'd F. Kitt to pay for soap, candls corn for hogs; gave Oney to buy a pr. of shoes pr order Jan 12th; Fred Kitt to pay his weekly bills Jan 12th; James Andre in full 4.00 Jan 15th
P'd by F. Kitt for 2 pr stockings for Henry Jan 19th; p'd by F. Kitt for 16 days hire of a kitchen girl; ditto 2 days; 13 days hire of a cook Jan 19th
F Kitt for weekly accot. [etc] Jan 26; pd Eliz Simlon [Simpson?] 9 mos wages in full to end of 1794 45 Jan 27th; pd by F. Kitt for .. pills for Hercules
John Gaceer mos wages 11.00 Feb 2nd; Fred Kitt weekly accot Feb 9
pd for F. Kitt [sundries] Feb 9; pd Pat Kennedy for 2 mos wages 22.00 Feb 10
Fred Kitt weekly acco't ; hire of woman three days washing Feb 16th; medicine for servants Feb 16th
5 week hire of a cook Feb 23rd;
Stable Exp's gave John to buy 12 yd Coating & a whip Staff Feb 26th Fred Kitt to pay his weekly acco't; Kitt on accot of wages 40.00; for cutting wooda woman for 7 days washing; 1 ½ mos. wages to Kitchen maid 2.6.10 Mar 2; Jno Gaceer a months wages 11 Mar 3
Fred Kitt del''vd him to pay his weekly account's Mar 9
pd by F. Kitt for a woman for 2 weeks sewing; do. for 2 days washing Feb 16
Fred Kitt for weekly accot and pd for Corn for fowls pr. bill; for mending serv'ts shoes; bleeding sert's; Lead-water for sick girl; Dr. Shippen his acco't in full (45.5) Mar 23; gave Oney by order of Mrs. Washington to pay for making a gown Mar 27
Sundries Conting't Exp making shirts for Henry; House Exps. p'd Martin Kline in full (20.00) (This may be the end of his indenture.]; 1 months hire of a kitchen maid; a woman for cleaning ye house; rat traps Mar. 30; Pat Kennedy two mos. wages 22.00; Mrs. Emerson 6 mo's Do 3 of ? in advance 66.66 Mar 31; Fred Kitt on accot of his wages 20.00 Apr. 1
pd Dr. Kuhn in full for attending etc. (43.00) Apr 2nd; Henry Bohlen ho exps a quarters wages 24.00 Apr 2; shoes for servants and nurse for Wilhlmina; Jas Andre wages 25.00 Ap 6; F Kitt on acco't of wages 20.00 Apr 7
Mary Lefler for washing 3 ¼ mos Ap 7; Fred Kitt for sund's; 1 ½ mos wages of a cook (7.17.6); John Gaceer a mos. wages 11.00; Henry Bohlen pd in full 8.00 Ap 13th; B Dandridge exp's. going to Mt Vernon May 4th
F. Kitt a pair of shoes for Henry; Kitt to pay his weekly accot; 15 days cooking May 4th; Pat Kennedy his wages in full 13.75 May 7th; John Gaceer a mos wages 11 May 9th
p'd by F.K for 1 mos. washing, 3 days kitchen wok 1 days hire of a cook; p'd for 2 pr' stockings & 2 fronts for John and Henry May 11 [both indentured: see John Klein and Henry Wasakan above]
for 2 days hire of a cook 30/ May 18; House exp's for Eliz Simpson her wages in full 23.33; contg't exp gave Moll to buy stockings for her self & Oney by order May 20th; Fred Kitt sundries for the house May 25th
2 days hire of a cook 1 month hire for a washwoman 2 days kitchen work; pd James Andre on acct of wages 11; pd F.K shoes for John & mend'g shoes May 25; sundries pd for 8 yds cotton gown for Wilhelmena May 28

Source: "Washington's Household Account Book, 1793-1797," PMHB 31 (1907)

pd F. Kitt for day's hire of a cook 12; pd a man for mowing the garden June 1
F Kitt ho expenses June 8; Dr. Bass in full for medicines Ju 10; House exps pd Ja's Green in full for 5 weeks services (15.00); for 4 day's hire of a Cook June 15
House Exps. pd Polly Glenn a mos wages 5.00June 17; p'd C. Mc.Kay for 2 weeks working for Mrs. Washington June 20; p'd by F.K. for a pr. of stockings for Henry; F. Kitt wages 50 Ju 22
James Andre wages 9 Ju 23; for Castor Oil for Oney Ju 25; F.K. for 1 mos washing, 1 days cleaning house, 2 days cooking; conting't exp's for bleeding sick Serv't Ju 29
House Exp's. p'd by F.K. for 2 days hire of a cook, 4 days hire of a woman, hire of a man to carry water July 6; John Gaceer for 4 mos. wages to the 1st of Sep't. next (54) July 7
House Exp's p'd. Mrs. Palmer for cake per bill July 10
House pd Jas Andre wages 10 July 13; p'd by F. Kitt for making 2 gowns for Moll & Oney; for bleeding Henry July 14
Dr. Bass for medicines; cook 4 days 60/.; 3 days hire for woman to clean house, 15/. July 14; gave Oney for a pr of shoes; House Exp's. p'd Fr: Anspach his wages in full 16.50 July 15
F. Kitt since July 13 during the family's absence: 1 month and a days hire of a cook (145) 1 & 4/5 of a mos. hire of a chamber maid 2 mos hire of a washer-woman; 12 days hire of do.; conting't exps 2pr stockings for serv'ts, Oct. 5
F Kitt wages (50) Oct 7; House exp's pd Jos Thompson wages, James Andre do Oct 8
House Exp's 2 days hire of a woman; Contg't Exp's hair ribbon for Henry Waskan Oct 19
Conting't exps B Dandridge travel in stage from Alexa to Phila; James Andre wages to 1st inst. Oct 22; 1 days hire of a woman, Do for a washerwoman 2 weeks Oct 26
Jno Gaceer 2 mos wages; hire of a washer woman; cont.exps pr of stockings for Waskan Nov 2
F Kitt weekly exps Nov 9; Jos Thompson in full for wages 9.00 Nov. 13; James Andre a mos wages 10.00 Nov 16
Fred Kitt on acct of his own and wife's wages 50 Nov 16
F Kitt weekly exps; 1 months wages to cook; washerwoman 1 mo's do Nov 23
Fred Kitt weekly exps; on acct of own & wifes wages 50; house maid a mos wages; kitchen, a porter 5 weeks wages a washerwoman 1 week Nov 30; James Andre one months wages 10 Dec 1
gave James Germaine per order 5 [charity]; F Kitt weekly accot's; Expenses attending Wilhelmina (37/6); a pair of shoes for boy Henry Dec 7; gave Moll to buy stockings for herself & Oney pr. order Dec 9
gave James Germaine to buy wood 10; House Exp John Buttner a mos wages 11 Dec 12; Fred Kitt weekly accot's; 3 days hire of washerwoman; 7 ½ mos hire of a house girl; 6 1b tea for servants; on acct of Wilhelmina (15/) Dec 14
Jno Cramera mos wages 10; Jno Gaceer mos wages and for bringing in and splitting 26 cords of wood 6.25 Dec. 16; F Kitt weekly; 1 mos wages to the cook 120/ Dec 21
J's Germaine to buy necessaries (10) Dec 21; F Kitt weekly; 1 mos wages to the chambr maid; do to ye kitchen maid 37/6; mos wages James Andre 10; stockings for boy Henry; 4 weeks boarding of Wilhelmina (90/) Dec 28


F Kitt weekly accounts; for 1 mos wages of a House maid 45/ Jan4
F Kitt weekly; wash woman a months wages; delivered James Germaine (10) Jan 11
John Cramer wages (15); Fred Kitt & wife wages 20 Jan 13; cook one months wages L6 Jan 18
F Kitt weekly accots; for 1 mos wages to Kitchen maid; Jno Puttner 2 mos wages (22); 2 pr stockings for footman Jan 25 [possibly John or Henry]
delivr'd James Germaine(20); Moll for pr of shoes Jan 30; Kitt weekly; mos wages House Maid; John Gaceer 2 mos wages; James Andre 1 mos wages Feb 1
Kitt weekly; mos wages wash woman Feb 8
for filling the Ice House Feb 9; Conting't Exps pd James Boyer in full for his services (recording etc.) from the beg. of Dec. last (93.50); to James Germaine (15) Feb 11; Jno. Crameron acco't of wages (13) Feb 13; Kitt weekly; Kitt wages; mos wages for washer woman; 5 days hire wash woman Feb 15
Kitt weekly; for one months wages to cook (120); 6 days washing (30/.) mos wages to Kitchen girl (37/6) Feb 22
hire a man to fetch water; contgt exp for bleeding servants (4/8) Feb 22; ho. exp. Jno Puttner a mos wages (11) Feb 25; Kitt weekly; for 1 mos hire house maid; 3 days hire washwoman; contg shoes for boy Henry Feb 29
delvrd to James Germaine (15)Mar 2; Kitt weekly; cont pr of shoes for Henry Mar 7
Kitt weekly; 1 mos wages to wash woman; Jno Cramer 1 mos wages (11); cont 2 pr stockings for boy Henry Mar 14; Fredd Kitt weekly Mar 21
1 mos wages to the Cook (120) do to wash woman (45/); delv'd to Mr. Jas. Germain (10) Mar 21; Jno Puttner mos wages Mar 26; Kitt weekly; mos wages to Chamber Maid 15/. 1 mos to Kitchen Girl; Stable exps to John to buy a currey comb Mar 28
Kitt weekly accts Apr 6
Kitt weekly accts and sund'y Household exps Apr 11, 18
Kitt & wife wages (50); John Puttner mos wages (11) Ap 27; John Gaceur-3 mos wages (42)May 2; Kitt weekly May 3
James Wilkes 2 mos wages (24) May 10; Kitt weekly & household exps; Joan Crammer one months wages (11) May 13
Stable exp's-delivd to John Gaceur to buy a horse brush May 14; Kitt accts; washerwoman; May 18;John Puttner a mos wages May 25
Kitt to the kitchen girl wages; board for sick girl; cooks wages (120/); Kitt weekly accts; John Gaceer to buy breechesball; May 25; Kitt & wife wages (50) May 27; Kitt weekly May 30
p'd by F.K. wages to E. Lyon (45/); Kitchen Maid (37/6) Jac Jones (50/7) sundries May 30;
Do p'd Dr. Spence for cleaning teeth; Do p'd Godfrey Welzel for tuneing Harpsichord 18 months June 6
B Dandridge p'd Godfrey Gebler for shoeing horses June 8
Fred Kitt weekly John Cramer (?) his wages to the 13 inst (12) June 9
James Wilkes his wages to the 10th Inst (12); Stable exps given John Gaceer to buy a sponge June 9; contg exp p'd Dr. E. Parkins for attendance on Henry when sick (4) June 10
contg exp gave Moll to buy shoes & stockings; Jno Gaceer his weekly wages to the 1st July (28.00) July 11; by Kitt wages to Cook (120) July 13; Kitt bal. of his acct;
Kitt weekly; pd by F.K. for 2 days washing Aug 15; weekly accts
Kitt 1 mos wages to house maid do kitchen maid Aug. 29
John Gaceer 1 mos wages Sept 3; Fred Kitt weekly Sept 5; Jno Cramer 3 mos wages (36) Sept 7
pd James Wilkes 2 mos wages (24); Fred Kitt weekly Sept 12; Kitt and wife wages (50)Sept 14; pd John Bissex a mos wages [first entry; see p. 323 below] Sept 17; Kitt accts; for hire of a waiter 3 days; do of a cook do for do; do of a washerwoman Sept 19
Kitt weekly accts; Sept 26
Fred Kitt sundries; wages to Kitty 1 month; to Mr. Lyon do a hat & pr. of stockings for Waukean Oct 3; (see Jo. Henry Waskan, p. 318 above)
John Ganer's a mos wages Oct 7; Fred Kitt for accts; whitewashing the house; Jno Stock for painting sundry wages to kitchen girl do for a girl in house Oct 17 [note: rooms, rectory &c, Oct 10; Kitt accts; pd by F.K. months [rectory may be another term for servant's hall; a piece of evidence for construction of that addition]
Kitt weekly Oct 24
pair of leather breeches for Bissex [see p. 234: ie, Bissex, wage earner, worked in the stables] Oct 24; Kitt weekly; 1 mo wages to Mrs. Lyon (45)do to Polly washwoman (45) do to Katy (37/6)Oct 31
John Wilkes a mos wages Nov 4; John Bissex a months wages (10) Nov 5; Kitt weekly acct Nov 7
Kitt for acct; Moll to buy 3 pr gauze stockings for Mrs. W.4 Nov 14
Jno Cramer 2 mos wages Nov 21
F.K. to 5 mos wages to Contil & 1 mos wages to kitchen maid; weekly accts Nov 21; gave Moll to buy stockings Nov 22; Kitt weekly Nov 28
mos wages to house maid; do to washwomen, Nov 28; passage of James Wilks from Mt Vernon Dec 1; Jno T. Bissex a mos wages (10) Dec 2; Kitt weekly; Kitt to David the porter (11) Dec 5
stockings for Henry Dec 5; F Kitt & wife wages Dec 7; Jno Ganers a mos wages Dec 9; Kitt weekly; to months wages to 2 women Dec 12
Jno Cramer a mos wages Dec 13; Kitt weekly & ho exps to pay wages to kitchen maid Dec 19
Kitt accots; Dec 26
Kitt acct.


Kitt accot; John Ganes a mos wages Jan 9
John Cramer a mos. wages Jan 11; Kitt accts; months wages to kitchen maid; pd Gentil (cook) 2 mos wages (32); F. Kitt for cutting wood Jan 16
Geo W. Craik pd. him on accot Salary (166.08) Jan 16; Craik on acct of salary Jan 17 (17)
James Wilkes for wages in full to this day 4 months (54); James Wilkes expenses at the Pennsylva. hospital (22.67) Jan 26; Kitt weekly accts Jan 30;
mos wages to E. Lyons (6); Jacob Zolligen in full for wages when dischg'd (36); Geo W. Craik salary Jan 30; John Francis a mos wages (13); Craik salary Feb 2
Kitt expenses; to David a mos wages (11) Feb 6; Craik salary Feb 10
Kitt pd for two wash women a mos wages (12) Feb13; Craik on acct of salary; Henry Workeys Expens. at the Penna. hospital (90.29)Feb 15
Fred Kitt weekly accots Feb 20;
Ho exp. Jno Cramer a mos wages (12) Feb 21; Kitt to pay his accots (254.22); Ho Expens pd by F.K. for a mos wages to kitchen maid (45/.) do to the Chambermaid (45/.) pd a woman for washing (25/) pd for cutting wood (24/.)Feb 27
Deliv'd John to pay for curry combs,…Mar 2;
Deliv'd to Moll by order of Mrs. W (6.50) Mar 3; contg exps deliv'd Moll to buy spectacles (.80) Mar 4; Kitt weekly accts; pd Jno Nattle a mos wages #10 & 1 to a porter (23) Mar 6
F.K. for sundries
pd Jno Cramer a mos wages (23); pd Gentil 2 mos wages in full (32) Mar 7; G.W. Craik pd him in full for salary to the 15th inst. 51, Mar. 8
House Exps pd P. Warner 2 weeks wages in full (6.00) Mar 9
House exps pd John Ganer's wages in full (35) Kitt weekly accts Mar 16
pd Jones in full for his wages & two Germans by order of Geo. W. (48); Kitt for wages for the Washwomen, porterage etc.; pd. S. Phile for 22 days washing at different times (14.67) Mar 20; Kitt and wife wages in full to this day (287.64); pd R. Morris in full for rent of the house Mar 21
B Dandridge pd in full on acct salary (123.69) Mar 25

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