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The President's House in Philadelphia

A House With No Walls by Thomas Gibbons

  • Phoenix: Jan. 23-Feb. 7, 2009 at the Theatre Collaborative
  • Cleveland: Jan. 23-Feb. 15, 2009 at the Karamu
  • Chicago: Nov 1-Dec 21, 2008 (previews 10/29-10/31) at Timeline Theatre
  • Los Angeles: May 9-June 15, 2008 at Robey Theatre Company
  • Kansas City: March 7-30, 2008 at The Unicorn Theater
  • Watertown, MA: Oct 26-Nov 18, 2007 at Mosesian Theater
  • Denver: March 10-April 21, 2007 at Curious Theatre Company
  • Manalapan, Florida: Jan 26-March 4, 2007 at Florida Stage
  • Boston: January 21, 2007 at New Repertory Theatre
  • Philadelphia: Jan 19-Feb 18, 2007 at InterAct Theatre Company

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A House With No Walls


Following on the extraordinary success of Gibbons' Bee-Luther-Hatchee and Permanent Collection, A House With No Walls presents a conflict between two African-Americans — a rising star in the world of academia who has just published a startlingly conservative book and an ultra-liberal, Afrocentric political activist. The battleground for these two opposing forces is the site of the new American Museum of Liberty, which happens to be on the grounds of George Washington's Philadelphia home, including its slave quarters. This dramatic controversy — inspired by real-life events in Philadelphia — serves as a springboard for a volatile debate over whether or not African-Americans should embrace the legacy of slavery as their primary identity or discard this mantle of "victimhood." A House With No Walls juxtaposes the fictionalized present day conflict with the true story of one of George Washington's slaves as she contemplates escape.

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