text: seven walking tours through historic Philadelphia

Locust Street between 4th and 5th; Magnolia and Rose Gardens

Society Hill 05
Locust St. houses
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Magnolia and Rose Gardens

Men and women of history, whose names are still familiar, walked these streets, worshiped in these churches, sat by these firesides. Today, literally thousands of these houses remain and many have been restored to their past glory.

We begin on Locust Street between 4th and 5th Streets. There are only six dwellings in the one block, gardens predominating. On the north side a green walk leads to the Greek Revival porch of the Second Bank of the United States (for more information on the bank, read our Historic District tour). Midway in the walk is a rose garden (see next page).

On the north side of Locust Street is the Rose Garden, planted by the Daughters of the American Revolution and dedicated to the Signers. The garden is maintained by the National Park Service.

On the south side of Locust Street is the Magnolia Tribute Garden. There is no more quiet or restful spot in Philadelphia than this beautifully balanced park. A gentle stream of water reaches skyward from the fountain. Benches for the elderly, for readers seeking quiet or for a mother with a sleeping child flank the paths. Over the wall can be seen the roofs of houses or an occasional headstone from St. Mary's churchyard beyond. And the sound of birds is heard continually in this lively garden, contributed by the Garden Club of America in honor of the "founders of our nation."

Society Hill