text: seven walking tours through historic Philadelphia

Davis-Lenox House

Society Hill 15

Return to Spruce Street and turning left, we proceed to 217 and find the Davis-Lenox House. The sign on front tells us:

"Built in 1759 by James Davis house carpenter & officer of the Carpenters' Company. Added to in 1784 by Major David Lenox, Continental soldier, 44th member First City Troop, President of the Bank of the U.S., U.S. Marshal for the District of Pennsylvania, Representative of the U.S. to the Court of St. James's."

It is now a private residence, as are all the others in this area. This block is one of the loveliest in Society Hill for it has a mixture of sizes and styles of houses. Some, like the Davis-Lenox House and its neighbors on each side, were homes of the wealthy establishment (as was the Powel House). Others, such as those opposite, which are smaller and more modest, were owned by men and women of substance if not great means.

Society Hill