text: seven walking tours through historic Philadelphia

Delancey Place

Rittenhouse District 24

There are a myriad of things to see on the 1800 block of Delancey Place: the caryatids (female statues) as mullions (vertical window separators) on the window of 1810, perhaps the only ones in the city; the acanthus leaves and grape design on the ironwork fence at 1823; the leaded and stained glass windows at 1821; or the small garden with the iron fence at 1835. From the vantage point of the garden we can have a fine view of 1900 Delancey Place. Designed by Frank Furness, it is generally considered one of the finest examples of his townhouses. The ornate decoration, the oval window above the entrance door give it a distinctive appearance in this age of austerity in architectural decoration. Be sure to observe the cherubim and seraphim on the pediments.

Continue west on Delancey until you come to 20th St. to see a striking Victorian House.

Rittenhouse Square