Gideon Gilpin House


Gideon Gilpin, a Quaker farmer, was living here at the time of the battle with his family. After the battle Gilpin's property was plundered by foraging soldiers. The claim for losses filed by Gilpin provides insight into the appearance of this prosperous farm in September 1777. Included among his losses were:

  • 10 milch cows
  • 1 yoke of oxen
  • 48 sheep
  • 28 swine
  • 12 tons of hay
  • 230 bushels of wheat
  • 50 pounds of bacon
  • 1 history book
  • 1 gun

Following the battle, Gideon ran a tavern out of his home to help support his family following the devastation of his farm. Today, the house appears much as it was in 1777.