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1) When was the battle of Valley Forge fought?
a) 1776
b) 1777
c) 1778
d) There was no battle fought at Valley Forge.
Answer: d) There was no battle fought at Valley Forge

George Washington and the Continental Army fought the elements at Valley Forge, not the Redcoats. Food and clothing were both in short supply throughout the cold winter, and disease was prevalent, so even though nobody was shooting at them, it was quite an ordeal.

2) What role did George Washington fill during the Revolutionary War?
a) Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army
b) President of the United States
c) Chief Justice of the United States
d) Brigadier General
Answer:   a) Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army

The position of President of the United States did not exist until well after the Revolutionary War. Washington stepped down from public office after the war's conclusion, only to be called back to serve his country as its first chief executive, but during the war was the Commander-in-chief of the army.

3) Who was chiefly responsible for training the Army at Valley Forge ?
a) Baron von Steuben
b) The Marquis de Lafayette
c) George Washingotn
d) Martha Washington
Answer:  a) Baron von Steuben

Von Steuben was an officer in the Prussian army, with a wealth of military knowledge. In February 1778, Von Steuben volunteered to serve under General Washington, who graciously accepted and put his extensive experience to good use.

4) When did Washington cross the Delaware?
a) The year after the winter at Valley Forge
b) It was during the encampment at Valley Forge
c) About one year before the winter at Valley Forge
d) Washington never crossed the Delaware. That's a myth.
Answer:  c) About one year before the winter at Valley Forge.

Washington crossed the Delaware to launch a surprise attack on the Hessian troops stationed in Trenton New Jersey in the early morning hours of December 26, 1776. It was on December 19, 1777 that the army set up camp for the winter at Valley Forge.

5) While camped at Valley Forge, Washington received word that the colonies had secured a military alliance with what nation?
a) Russia
b) France
c) Spain
d) Germany
Answer:  b) France

Without the alliance with Franch, it's entirely possible that the rebellion against England would have ended in failure. Washington acknowledged the importance of this alliance and ordered a show of gratitude to the French for their assistance in the Americans' hour of need

6) Who was primarily responsible for achieving this important alliance?
a) Molly Pitcher
b) Baron von Steuben
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) Benjamin Franklin
Answer:  d) Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was a true renaissance man, accomplished in various fields of science and famous throughout the world. In addition to his keen mind, Franklin possessed a charming personality, which he put to use as ambassador to France. His charisma and sense of diplomacy helped win french support for the Americn Revolution.

7) Which of the following Generals was not present at Valley Forge?:
a) Tadeusz Kosciuszko
b) Henry Knox
c) Ebenezer Learned
d) Anthony Wayne

Answer:  a) Tadeusz Kosciuszko

General Tadeusz Kosciuszko was brilliant military strategist who was instrumental in the colonists' victory over Great Britain, but he was not present at Valley Forge.

8)Which two people present at Valley Forge would later go on to have a famous violent quarrel?
a) Baron von Steuben and the Marquis de Lafayette
b) Andrew Jackson and Charles Dickinson
c) Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton
d) George Washington and Martha Washington
Answer:  c) Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton

While both faithfully served General Washington during the war, the hostility between these two men came to a boil in the peace that followed. On July 11, 1804, Burr and Hamilton fought a duel with pistols. Hamilton was killed.

9) What was the name of the plot to remove Washington from command of the Continental Army?
a) The Colson Confederation
b) The Cotswold Conspiracy
c) The Conway Cabal
d) The Clark Cadre
Answer:  c) The Conway Cabal

The Conway Cabal was a failed scheme organized by Thomas Conway along with General Horatio Gates and famous physician Benjamin Rush.

10) Benedict Arnold, who would later become an infamous traitor, served at Valley Forge in what capacity?
a) Translator
b) Brigadier General in Washington's Army
c) Artilliary man
d) Benedict Arnold was not present at Valley Forge
Answer:   b) Brigadier General in Washington's Army

Arnold served loyally in his capacity as Brigadier general in the Continental army, but for reasons that remain a matter of speculation and debate to this day, began secretly conspiring with the British by spring of 1779. General Arnold had been given command of West Point. His plot to deliver this important fort to the British failed, but Arnold escaped and defected


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