Historic Germantown: Philadelphia, PA

Green Tree Tavern

6023 Germantown Avenue
Green Tree Tavern
The Green Tree Tavern is now owned by the First United Methodist Church (at right).

The Green Tree was built as a tavern by Daniel Pastorius, grandson of Francis Pastorius, the founder of Germantown. High in the side wall near the roof is a stone lettered "DPS 1748." The initials identify Daniel and his wife Sarah as the owners and builders. Known variously as The Green Tree, the Saddler's Arms, The Hornet's Nest (after a big one that was kept there as a curiosity), and Mackinett's Tavern. Daniel Mackinett was the name of Sarah's second husband after Daniel Pastorius died. Sarah also outlived her second husband and after his death the Tavern was also referred to as the Widow Mackinett's Tavern. It was during this time when citizens gathered inside on December 6, 1759 to found the Union School of Germantown (later Germantown Academy).

Thomas Jefferson, then our first Secretary of State, wrote from Germantown in 1793: "According to present appearances, this place cannot lodge a single person more. As a great favor I got a bed in the corner of the public room of a tavern." He later wrote to James Madison that he had found a lodging for the both of them in a private home, "They will breakfast you," he wrote, "but you must mess in a tavern; there is a good one across the street."

The Tavern is now owned by the First United Methodist Church and is used for church offices. The church moved the Tavern 100 feet up the Avenue in 1930, so that the Memorial Chapel could be added to the church.

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