The West Wing of Independence Hall


You don't need a ticket to visit the West Wing of Independence Hall, featuring the "Great Essentials Exhibit." You will see surviving copies of the following documents:

In addition, you will see the Independence Inkstand, crafted by silversmith Philip Syng for Pennsylvania's colonial government, which is believed to be the one used to sign both the Declaration and the Constitution.

The name "Great Essentials" is a reference to a quote from John Adams:

"But I find, although the colonies have differed in religion, laws, customs, and manners, yet in the great essentials of society and government they are all alike."
(John Adams to Abigail Adams, July 10, 1776.)

bullet Location: Chestnut Street near 6th Street (Map)
bullet Tourism information: See INHP Schedule  
bullet Facilities: Guides available, wheelchair accessible
bullet Cell phone tour: 267-519-4295, then press number 14

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