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Historic Philadelphia

Philadelphia's Historic District is more than Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. We are pleased to present to you the multitude of historical richness found within one square mile in Historic Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Enjoy the virtual tour — from the Liberty Bell to the Man Full of Trouble Tavern. Learn a little history, catch wise to some architecture, and pick up fascinating, albeit useless morsels of triviata. We also hope that you consider making Philadelphia your destination of choice next vacation. Come to the place where a country was born and visit in person.


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Directions & Parking

Clickable Map of Historic Philadelphia

Lights of Liberty
Relive the American Revolution with 5-story projections and 3-D sound. Book tickets online for the moonlit journey!

Book a Guided Tour with Ed Mauger
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Suggested tours
For seeing Historic Philadelphia in person

Places of Worship
Map of churches, meeting houses, synagogues, in Historic Philadelphia

Listing by Category
The sites separated by museums, churches, etc.

Independence Visitor Center: 800-537-7676

Want information from the Convention and Visitors' Bureau? Call 215-636-3300

The Virtual Tour

On each stop, we show a picture and give you a history of that site. Then, at the bottom are:

Interesting facts and trivia marked with red bullets

Facts and tourist information marked with blue bullets

The sequence was dictated neither by the road map nor chronology; but by our own caprice.

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bullet African-American Museum PHNC

bullet American Indian Cultural Center  

bullet American Philosophical Society PHNC

bullet Arch Street Friends Meeting House PHNC

bullet Athenaeum of Philadelphia PHNC

bullet Atwater Kent (Philadelphia History Museum) PHNC

bullet Bartram's Garden  

bullet Betsy Ross House PHNC

bullet Bishop White House INHP PHNC

bullet Bourse  

bullet Carpenters' Hall INHP PHNC

bullet Chinatown  

bullet Christ Church INHP PHNC

bullet Christ Church Burial Ground INHP PHNC

bullet City Hall (Old) INHP

bullet City Tavern INHP

bullet Congregation Mikveh Israel PHNC

bullet Congregation Mikveh Israel Cemetery INHP

bullet Congress Hall INHP

bullet Constitution Center  

bullet Contributionship  

bullet Curtis Center  

bullet Declaration (Graff) House INHP PHNC

bullet Dream Garden  

bullet Eastern State Penitentiary  

bullet Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site  

bullet 18th-Century Garden  

bullet Elfreth's Alley & Mantua Maker's Museum House PHNC

bullet Federal Reserve Bank  

bullet Fireman's Hall PHNC

bullet First Amendment - People's Plaza INHP

bullet First Bank of the United States INHP

bullet First Reformed Church, Old  

bullet Franklin Court INHP PHNC

bullet Franklin Square  

bullet Free Quaker Meeting House INHP PHNC

bullet Garden, 18th-Century  

bullet Gilbert Stuart House  

bullet Graff House INHP

bullet Headhouse/Shambles  

bullet Hill-Physick-Keith House  

bullet Historic Bartram's Garden  

bullet Independence Hall INHP PHNC

bullet Jewish Museum PHNC

bullet Kosciuszko National Memorial INHP PHNC

bullet Liberty Bell INHP PHNC

bullet Library Hall  

bullet Living History Center INHP PHNC

bullet Man Full of Trouble Tavern  

bullet Merchant's Exchange  

bullet Mikveh Israel  

bullet Mikveh Israel Cemetery INHP PHNC

bullet Mint  

bullet Mother Bethel A.M.E. Church PHNC

bullet National Constitution Center PHNC

bullet National Liberty Museum PHNC

bullet National Museum of American Jewish History PHNC

bullet New Hall Military Museum INHP PHNC

bullet Norman Rockwell Museum  

bullet Old City  

bullet Old City Hall INHP

bullet Old First Reformed Church PHNC

bullet Old Pine Street Presbyterian Church PHNC

bullet Old St. Joseph's Church & National Shrine PHNC

bullet Old St. Mary's Church & Cemetery PHNC

bullet Pemberton House INHP

bullet Penn's Landing PHNC

bullet Pennsylvania Hospital PHNC

bullet People's Plaza INHP

bullet Philadelphia Contributionship  

bullet Philadelphia History Museum PHNC

bullet Philadelphia Merchant's Exchange  

bullet Physick House PHNC

bullet Poe (Edgar Allan) National Historic Site  

bullet Polish American Cultural Center Museum PHNC

bullet Powel House PHNC

bullet Presbyterian Historical Society PHNC

bullet President's House  

bullet Pretzel Museum  

bullet Second Bank of the US/Portrait Gallery INHP PHNC

bullet Signers Park / Gilbert Stuart House  

bullet Society Hill  

bullet Society Hill Synagogue PHNC

bullet South Street  

bullet St. Augustine Church, Olde PHNC

bullet St. George's PHNC

bullet St. Joseph's Church  

bullet St. Mary's Church  

bullet St. Peter's Church PHNC

bullet Gilbert Stuart House  

bullet Todd House INHP

bullet Tomb of the Unknown Soldier  

bullet United States Mint  

bullet Visitor Center INHP PHNC

bullet Washington Square Park INHP PHNC

bullet Welcome Park INHP

bullet West Wing of Independence Hall INHP

INHP Listings with (INHP) are part of the Independence National Historical Park.

PHNC Listings with (PHNC) are members of the Philadelphia Historic Neighborhood Consortium.


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