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Ed Mauger walking through the historic district

Ed Mauger (pronounced "major"), founder of Philadelphia on Foot, has fashioned unique tours based on his in-depth knowledge of city history and architecture and of the streets and byways of old Philadelphia.

His wit, warmth and storytelling abilities have earned him praise as "Philadelphia's favorite colonial guide," as well as plaudits by critics from coast to coast: "Amusing and Informative" (Seattle Post-Intelligencer).

Philadelphia Then and Now
Ed Mauger is the author of Philadelphia Then and Now

Dubbed a "genial campus legend" when he left his position as Associate Dean at Rutgers University — Ed specializes in tours for active travelers who often shun guided tours.

James Whitmore, the award-winning actor, avoids group tours wherever his performances take him around the globe. Still he wrote that his walking tour with Ed was: "A delightful experience... like an informative walk with a knowledgeable friend."

Ed's true stories of Old Philadelphia range from Ben Franklin's kissing machine and the inside story about Betsy Ross to tales of the colonial city's lurid "Helltown" vice district.

In addition to "Philadelphia Then and Now," Ed Mauger has authored several articles on Philadelphia history and colonial high life.