text: seven walking tours through historic Philadelphia

Samuel Memorial

The Preacher
Spirit of Enterprise

Further upriver we come to the Ellen Phillips Samuel Memorial of America's history. Mrs. Samuel, who died in 1913, left a sum of money for the memorial.

The South Plaza theme is the initial founding and settling of the nation: Birth of a Nation, The Puritan, the Quaker, the Revolutionary Soldier, Settling of the Seaboard, and the Statesman.

The Central Plaza theme is expansion, immigration, and hard work, with Spanning the Continent and Welcoming to Freedom on either end, Spirit of Enterprise in the center, and the Miner, the Ploughman, the Slave, and the Immigrant crouching at the corners of the side entrances.

The North Plaza theme is diversity and achievement of a mature nation, with standing figures of the Laborer, the Poet, the Preacher and the Scientist, and the J. Wallace Kelly relief, Hand and Eye, which shows a hand, an eye, and the tools of an artisan.

Fairmount Park