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Changing Exhibition Gallery
Betsy Ross Memorabilia Betsy Ross Memorabilia

This room contains, both in display cases and hanging on the walls, all sorts of Betsy Ross memorabilia. There are pictures of flags, post cards of this house over the years, popular images of Betsy (note that we have no authentic record of what she actually looked like), and one entire display case devoted to commercial products which bear Betsy's image.

Betsy Ross Memorabilia Betsy Ross Memorabilia Betsy Ross Memorabilia
Betsy Ross Memorabilia Betsy Ross Memorabilia

The first picture is a hand-colored silk-screen of a woman posing as Betsy. The second is William Diver, who coined the phrase "Old Glory" (see the Frequently Asked Question on the Betsy Ross homepage). The third is a display case of Betsy's image in popular usage. The fourth is a patriotic organization celebrating Flag Day at the Betsy Ross House (note the house standing where the courtyard is today). And the fifth is a hand-sewn Betsy Flag.


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