Betsy Ross and the American Flag

Betsy's Bedroom

Betsy Ross House Bedroom
Betsy Ross House Bedroom
Betsy Ross House Bedroom with American Flag

Here is Betsy's bedroom. This is the room she'd use to entertain her friends when they visited. More importantly, this was likely the room where she made her flags.

Some visitors may be concerned that having the flag on the ground is in direct violation of the Flag Code and might think the folks at the Betsy Ross House ought to know better. Actually, they do.

A sign posted nearby explains:

In Betsy Ross' time, no United States Flag Code existed. we chose to display the flag in this manner to give an accurate representation of what it would be like to stitch a large, bulky, 10-foot flag, a common size in the 18th century.

In compliance with the modern Flag code, there is cloth underneath the flag keeping it off the floor.

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