Betsy Ross and the American Flag

The Storage Room and the Cartridge Room

Betsy Ross House storage room Betsy Ross House storage room

Look right... Like the other boarders, Betsy stored her things in this room. Shown are boxes containing fabrics — some commonplace and some valuable. We can tell that Betsy had some well-to-do clients who could afford more expensive fabrics. Let's not forget, though, that during the Revolution, times were hard and business was difficult to come by.

Betsy Ross House cartridge room Betsy Ross House cartridge room

Look right... Here you see a table containing gunpowder and strips of fabric. During the Revolution powder was stored in paper cartridges. Soldiers ripped open the fabric with their teeth and poured gunpowder into their rifles. There is a record that states Betsy was paid to make cartidges for the Pennsylvania militia.

Betsy Ross House stairs

Now we climb the staircase to the first floor...

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