Historic Valley Forge

Children during the era of the Revolution

Q.I am interested in any book that you could recommend, or information that you could provide, on the lives of children during the time of the American Revolution.
Ilana G. Hessing, Philadelphia, PA

A.There is a great lack of information in this area. Some of the best sources are from diaries of women from the time period , but very few exist, unfortunately. They give insight not only into the lives of the women who wrote them, but their families as well. One such account that you can read online is Sally Wister's journal, a true narrative; being a Quaker maiden's account of her experiences with officers of the Continental army, 1777-1778.

If you enjoy historical fiction, you might want to check out Winter of Red Snow by Kristina Gregory. It's written from the perspective of a young, Quaker farm girl from Valley Forge and discusses daily duties, clothing, chores and other aspects of 18th Century life. The author conducted extensive research and does a good job accurately evoking the time and place in which her novel is set.


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