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ushistory.org focuses on e-educating people world-wide about the founding and growth of the nation. Are you looking for the right place to host your web content? We can help you. You can help us. The website, ushistory.org, is owned by the Independence Hall Association, a Philadelphia-based non-profit group founded in 1943 to facilitate the creation of Independence National Historical Park. Our mission today is to educate and interest people in American history. You can learn more about us by clicking here.

We are looking to host U.S. history-oriented groups in our "Congress of Websites" under the ushistory.org domain. Currently we receive over 2.8 million hits and a half million page views monthly. The number of visitors looking for American historical information at ushistory.org is steadily rising. Let us help direct them to you.

Who's Invited?

Specifically we are looking to form partnerships with the following groups:
  • Historic sites
  • Patriotic groups
  • Historic Museums
  • Individuals with important, quality historic information to share.

Why be on ushistory.org?

The IHA has been publishing historic material on the Internet since July 4, 1995. We have a passion for history. Our website is your gateway to a substantial number of interested visitors. Why work with a commercial web provider who has no interest in history? Why leave your information in the equivalent of Cyberia, where no one will find it?

Who's on ushistory.org now?

Here is a listing of ushistory.org partners. Some have live sites and some have sites currently under construction.
  • The Valley Forge Historic Society
  • The Franklin Papers at Yale University
  • The Brandywine Battlefield Park
  • The Betsy Ross House
  • Author John Barry Kelly
  • The Friends of Stephen Girard
  • Carpenters' Hall
  • Independence National Historical Park
  • Graeme Park Historic Site
  • Hope Lodge Historic Site
  • Paoli Massacre Site

How We Will Work with You

We can work with you in several ways, depending on your skills and needs. We will host your site (//www.ushistory.org/yoursite) and you ...
  • are responsible for all production and maintenance.
  • use our Interactive Publisher interface to self-maintain your site. NOTE: This is currently being constructed. It is scheduled for release the summer of 1999.
  • work with our web design team to create and maintain your site.

What Does It Cost?

Our fee for hosting your information is $250 annually. You get feedback forms and a listing on our front pages. If you need help developing your site, our development team is available for $65/hour. All fees received beyond salaries are used exclusively to further the mission and goals of ushistory.org and the Independence Hall Assocation. IHA Contract [pdf format]

Write to Us

Tell us about yourself and/or your group. We will respond shortly to discuss your needs and how we can work together.

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