National Liberty Museum

Glass art representing the fragile qualities of freedom

The National Liberty Museum was founded to help "combat America's growing problem with violence and bigotry by celebrating our nation's heritage of freedom and the wonderful diverse society it has produced." The museum is located at the foot of Franklin Court, across from Carpenters' Hall. It has four floors of wall displays, interactive touch-screen computers, and an abundance of glass art.

  • See "The Flame of Liberty," a 20' glass sculpture designed by Dale Chihuly, along with a hallway containing more of his works.
  • Watch a film of the Philadelphia Liberty Medal winners, featuring former President Jimmy Carter, Vaclav Havel, Lech Walesa and others.

  • Location: 321 Chestnut St. (Map)
  • Opened: January 12, 2000
  • Tourism information: Tu-Sa 10-4:30, Su 12-4, 215-925-2800
  • Facilities: Gift store, resource room and education center
  • Official website:

Thank-you to Denise Friedland from the National Liberty Museum for reviewing the information on this page. (January 2000)


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