Pemberton House


This beautiful Georgian mansion today houses a bookstore.

Joseph Pemberton, a Quaker merchant, bought the property from the Carpenters' Company and built a fine Georgian mansion, reflecting the status and ambition of its owner. When Pemberton built his mansion, the First Continental Congress had just finished meeting in Carpenters' Hall in the autumn of 1774.

As you stand at the front steps of Carpenters' Hall (see photo above), New Hall is on your left and the side of the building at your right is the Pemberton House.

The Pemberton House was formerly a museum entirely devoted to Army and Navy history and is today a bookstore.

bullet Benjamin Franklin's grandson, Richard Bache used the house as a post office in the 1840s.
bullet Location: Chestnut between 3rd and 4th (Map)
bullet Built: 1775 (rebuilt in the 1960s)
bullet Style: Georgian Brick Mansion
bullet Commissioned by: Joseph Pemberton, merchant
bullet Cell phone tour: 267-519-4295, then press number 24

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