The Rights of Man footnote 39

When enquiries are made into the condition of the poor, various degrees of distress will most probably be found, to render a different arrangement preferable to that which is already proposed. Widows with families will be in greater want than where there are husbands living. There is also a difference in the expense of living in different counties: and more so in fuel.

Suppose then fifty thousand extraordinary cases, at the rate of ten pounds per family per annum £500,000
100,000 families, at £8 per family per annum 800,000
100,000 families, at £7 per family per annum 700,000
104,000 families, at £5 per family per annum 20,000
And instead of ten shillings per head for the education of other children, to allow fifty shillings per family for that purpose to fifty thousand families 250,000
140,000 aged persons as before 1,120,000

This arrangement amounts to the same sum as stated in this work, Part II, line number 1068, including the £250,000 for education; but it provides (including the aged people) for four hundred and four thousand families, which is almost one third of an the families in England.

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