Virtual Marching Tour of the American Revolutionary War

The Philadelphia Campaign: 1777

American colonies represented as pieces of a snake with the caption "join or die"


Valley Forge is about 6 miles to the west, Philadelphia, about the same distance southeast

The Continental Army spent six weeks encamped at Whitemarsh. From the hills at Whitemarsh, General Washington was able to both protect the supply cities of the west and monitor the British, who were occupying Philadelphia.

Early in December, General Howe tried to launch a surprise attack on the American position. But the British plan had been ferreted out by spies, and the Americans were well prepared for their expedition. On December 5, the British began a probe of the American position in the hills. Three days of non-decisive skirmishing followed, after which the British returned to Philadelphia. It was the last engagement in the campaign of 1777.

Both armies now turned their thoughts to winter encampment. The British would remain snug in Philadelphia. The Americans marched to a small Schuylkill River village called Valley Forge.