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Episode 6. War or No War?

The Electric Franklin

November 9, 1775

Indeed, sharing that memorandum with the other boys has suddenly made me popular. I'm no longer "the English one, with his foreign accent, the possible spy," the one who only talks to George Fox. I am good old Billy who knows a thing or two. I really feel great.

Library of Congress
King George III

Don't rejoice too long, Billy. The latest news is that, as Grandfather predicted, King George III has refused to receive, let alone answer the Olive Branch Petition. He has proclaimed the colonies in rebellion and started to take the "appropriate" measures. And this while we keep receiving optimistic letters from London, detailing reconciliation plans that save face for everybody — but in the next mail we hear that Parliament has taken no note of them. Some Congressmen still hold out hope for peace but England, alas, is in an obstinate mood. Shall I find myself facing Caldwell, someday, in a battle?