Temple's Diary Temple's Diary
Episode 5. College!

The Electric Franklin

October 21, 1775

The College is buzzing today about Dr. Kearsley, the old gentleman I saw being paraded and humiliated along the street. It seems that he was arrested yesterday and thrown into jail. And why? Because he sent a letter to England describing the abuse he suffered. The letter was intercepted and judged treasonable. Is that the use that the famous new postal system I just heard described is put to? To spy on people? Weren't Kearsley's complaints justified, anyway?

Some of my fellow students feel sorry for him because he is old, because he has played a great role in the history of Christ Church, in medical education, and in medical research. But the most ardent among the Patriots proclaim that he only got what he deserved. How will they treat him, those zealots? I keep silent and once again I wonder about my father's fate.