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Episode 2. I Have a Name! William Temple Franklin!

The Electric Franklin

May 8, 1775

While I was brooding yesterday, Grandfather was unanimously elected one of the delegates from Pennsylvania to the Congress soon to convene here. They waste no time in this country. He came back to supper tonight, looking exhausted. After he had finished eating, Aunt Sally asked timidly: "Father, what is it the upcoming Congress plans to do?"

"Oh, so much, Sally," he answered slowly. "We have to create a government, a brand new government with laws, and do it quickly. And at the same time, of course, we have to create an army. We don't have any soldiers at present. That army has to be organized; it has to be clothed, fed, supplied with war weapons that we don't have yet. We also don't have any warships. We'll have to build some. All these things take money — another thing we don't have."

After a long silence Uncle Richard ventured to ask: "You really believe it will come to that, Sir?"

And now I shall quote exactly what Grandfather said, because I remember it word for word. He said: "The greatest revolution the world will ever see is likely to be effected in a few years." And this man, who will turn 70 in a few months, seems ready to give every ounce of energy in his body and soul to that revolution.

And my father in all this? Not a sign of him, not a word from him. All I hear is that he is preparing a crucial speech to be delivered to the New Jersey Assembly on the 15th of May. I don't even know if he is aware of my presence in Philadelphia. If he is, he must be avoiding me. Is he ashamed of me?