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Children during the era of the Revolution

Q.I am interested in any book that you could recommend, or information that you could provide, on the lives of children during the time of the American Revolution.
Ilana G. Hessing, Philadelphia, PA

A.There is a great LACK of information in this area. Some of the best sources are from diaries of women from the time period — very few exist, though. They give insight not only into the lives of the women who wrote them, but their families as well! Here are a couple I am familiar with: Sally Wister's Journal and Elizabeth Drinker Bowen

Both are published in some form or another. Another fictional book was written in the last couple of years — the author even did some research with us. It is called the "Winter of Red Snow" by Kristina Gregory. It is written from the perspective of a young, Quaker farm girl from Valley Forge. It is very enjoyable for young-teenage girls and others as well! It discusses daily duties, clothing, family life, chores and all sorts of 18th century information.

Material culture information on the time period will also give you some details about children during the Revolutionary Era. There is a series "Sourcebooks on Colonial America" by the Millbrook Press on various subjects from the 18th century, including "Governing and Teaching" "The Explorers and Settlers" "Daily Life" and so forth. I have the set, however, I only have The Revolutionary War volume handy...its ISBN number is 1-878841-69-6 (You can track down the others via this title and number).

SAS, Courtesy The Valley Forge Historical Society

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