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National History Day Philadelphia Needs Your Help!

Please help National History Day Philadelphia support students by providing projects supplies!

Hundreds of middle- and high-school students will be competing in the National History Day Philadelphia regional competition in March. Help NHD give them the project supplies they need to succeed. NHD needs your help to reach their goal of $6,000 by February 2 for the supplies that many of the schools cannot provide.
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The Association of Philadelphia Tour Guides Lecture Series starts Feb 3.

Learn a lot about Philadelphia history!
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Contest of the Week

Historic Headlines

We invite you to enter this week's contest which is entitled Historic Headlines. We challenge you to create a headline for a newspaper of your choosing on a given day in history. The headline should be grabbing, pithy, ironic, or just memorable.

For instance, here are a couple we we thought of:

  • Valley Forge Times, February 25, 1778: Baron von Steuben Drills Select Troops at Valley Forge; Cold Comfort for the Americans?
  • Boston Herald, March 2 1862: Howe Releases Hit Hymn Arousing "Grape" Expectations

We bet you can do better. The winner selected by our judges will receive a little Liberty Bell so you can ring in your victory.

Submit your Headlines

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