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The mission of Independence Hall Association, owner of, is to provide a forum for learning and discussing American history and values. Toward that end we offer these three courses written by a former Pennsylvania history teacher of the year as well as other historians as a resource to our visitors.

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Tracy Tarter, Bronx, NY [12-01-2014]

jamence jenkins, Annapolis, MD [12-01-2014]

Shaniqua, Baton Rouge LA [12-01-2014]

kendra, santa rosa California [12-01-2014]

I am preparing for my 11th grade US History course.
Eliezer P [12-01-2014]

i need to know what aspects of european life were influenced by encounters with native american cultures
Page, amanda ohio usa [12-01-2014]

willie johnson, bogalusa louisiana us [12-01-2014]

I think that this is an exceptional site for educators. Thank you!
Michael Van Brunt, West Milford, NJ [12-01-2014]

Deborah Dingler, Holly Hill, SC [12-01-2014]

HOPE CHAN, China [12-01-2014]

Research for class
Ms.Roberts, Oxnard, CA [12-01-2014]

Kirby Yoshii, Japan [12-01-2014]

isabelle, florida [12-01-2014]

I teach Sociocultural Studies at a Teacher Training Institute and I really welcome the opportunity of having these resources on line
Maria Lina, Cordoba, Argentina [12-01-2014]

Estella Padron, Houston, Tx [12-01-2014]

Olivia song, Texas [12-01-2014]

Dana Krassoi, Greenville, VA [12-01-2014]

Anthony, Richmond Va 23235 [12-01-2014]

Megan Hebert, Abbeville la [12-01-2014]

Karl Keene, Moorhead, MN USA [12-01-2014]

want to know history
Stephen nyarko, Greensboro nc [12-01-2014]

Ramiro Sequeira, Tegucigalpa, Honduras [12-01-2014]

I am teaching 8th grade U.S. History at my school. We do not have the funds for a text books. This is my first full year teaching and I am having trouble finding resources. I would love for my students to have a text book available to them and I think it would enhance classroom learning. Thanks Brittany Huneycutt Albemarle Middle School NC
Brittany Huneycutt, Albemarle nc [12-01-2014]

I came from China,so my English isn't good. I need want to learn American history .
JO Chen, Michigan [12-01-2014]

Anna Frazier [12-01-2014]

Stacy, Upper Marlboro, MD [12-01-2014]

I'm a brazilian law student, and I'm making a paper about The Virginia Declaration of Rights.
Ana Carolina Brito dos Santos, Teresina, Piauí Brazil [12-01-2014]

Shani Johnson, Irvington, VA 22480 [12-01-2014]

evelyn sandoval, el monge [12-01-2014]

the americans book
janice, houston texas [12-01-2014]

cole, Englewood [12-01-2014]

L.A. Brandon, Puyallup, WA [12-01-2014]

claire, Callaway MD [12-01-2014]

Tyra [12-01-2014]

matilda, austin texas [12-01-2014]

shaquila McDonald, Greensboro [12-01-2014]

to past highschool with a good gpa
brianna, Montclair,Californa [12-01-2014]

isaias, los angeles [12-01-2014]

Nyisha Marchan, West palm beach Fl [12-01-2014]

need a textbook to finish my homework!
jasmine, muscatine [12-01-2014]

George, Perris [12-01-2014]

I home school and would love to share your information in my teaching. Thank you.
Linda Laughlin, Franklinville,North Carolina [12-01-2014]

Brooks Crawford, United States [12-01-2014]

Dr James Lewis, Haines City, FL [12-01-2014]

Yaneli, Los Angeles [12-01-2014]

Chris Tran, Chatsworth, CA [12-01-2014]

ty, Phoenix [12-01-2014]

Leslie Banuelos, kennesaw, Ga [12-01-2014]

Takidia Jenkins, Grand Rapids [12-01-2014]

Maria Garcia, Garland,Texas [12-01-2014]

All three I have a high schooler that has to take these courses
tami salter, pe ell [12-01-2014]

Cherie, Baton [12-01-2014]

San Marie Thomson [12-01-2014]

I am teacher of American History our course has changed into American I and American II and our current text book does not cover before the American Revolution.
Mr. Andrew W House, Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States [12-01-2014]

Cindy Williams, Rogersville, Al [12-01-2014]

garrett, sunbury ohio [12-01-2014]

S. Stroh-Cock, Rocky Mount, NC [12-01-2014]

Jose rios, El paso [12-01-2014]

Molly [12-01-2014]

heet thumar, bakersfield ca [12-01-2014]

deja jones, columbus, GA [12-01-2014]

julia huffman [12-01-2014]

Reinier, Boca ratón Florida [12-01-2014]

Bakhti, Oklahoma state OKC [12-01-2014]

Martyk, Porterville, CA, USA [12-01-2014]

godzilla, Porterville [12-01-2014]

Marty, Porterville, CA, USA [12-01-2014]

anonymous, Winston Salem [12-01-2014]

ed [12-01-2014]

Sankhyanil, India [12-01-2014]

I love history and want to research about the history method teach in America curiculum.
Phan, Hanoi, Vietnam [12-01-2014]

Good site
anonymous, ga [12-01-2014]

Ann [12-01-2014]

Marc Hurley, Riverside, RI [12-01-2014]

Emily Gray, Auburn, AL [12-01-2014]

i hope this helps me with this american history class.
Ladasha Edmond, Opelousas [12-01-2014]

Jordan, Corona [12-01-2014]

Can you, please, send me US History book?
DIana Seitova, Hiram, GA [12-01-2014]

Raymond Johnson, Houston, Texas [12-01-2014]

Nanor, Beirut, Lebanon [12-01-2014]

hey I love history of America
Jamario, ms [11-27-2014]

I am interested in studying American history as well as the revolution
Mohammed, uae [11-27-2014]

Nirmala, Mauritius [11-27-2014]

Brenda, Carrollton tx [11-26-2014]

I Like the American citizen ;so I want to know and study about culture and american democracy.
MONY KONG, Phnom Penh,Cambodia [11-26-2014]

anonymous [11-26-2014]

I am teaching an 11th grade American History course at a new international school in Antigua, Guatemala. I don't have a textbook, and I am English literature teacher, not a history teacher. I could use some help as I write and teach U.S. history and literature as a humanities class. Thanks, Liza
Liza Golter [11-26-2014]

Yohannes, Allen, TX [11-26-2014]

christina, greenville [11-26-2014]

Zhuo, Fl [11-26-2014]

hey hows history change
anonymous [11-26-2014]

Essence Harris-Douglas, 129 south k street Lake Worth FL,33460 [11-26-2014]

cuong [11-26-2014]

Bae Yeji, Republic of Korea [11-26-2014]

Maria, Miami,Florida [11-26-2014]

I need some información about a Guy named John Stephens hes in my history Book . This is for my class called us to 1900
shelby demidovich [11-26-2014]

Just need to borrow boom
anonymous [11-26-2014]

lhakpa, berkeley,CA [11-26-2014]

Rakeena B Barnes, East Lansing [11-26-2014]

jeffrey blake raper, fouroaks [11-26-2014]

John [11-26-2014]

Trisha Nicole, San Diego, California national city [11-26-2014]

Mark, Lexington [11-26-2014]

Tierra Morgan [11-26-2014]

Cristopher [11-26-2014]

Meklit Amenta, Lavergne, Tennessee [11-26-2014]

Nick Chingros, Dana Point Califnornia [11-26-2014]

us history textboob
Anthony, Lancaster,PA [11-26-2014]

brooke, bartlett tn [11-26-2014]

want to take your free course in US HISTORY
joseph mills, plant city, florida [11-26-2014]

Good Luck!
Maximilian Hill, Granada Hills [11-26-2014], Brazil, sorocaba. [11-26-2014]

nicky [11-26-2014]

Matt [11-26-2014]

Jeremy, Pearl city,hawaii [11-26-2014]

Noont [11-26-2014]

Heidis Alonso [11-26-2014]

Harry Hungerford, Port St Lucie Florida [11-26-2014]

Kellie Stone, Westfield, IN [11-26-2014]

Mazen Hassan, Albuquerque, NM [11-26-2014]

I wish to learn about the history of America
Veena Sharma, England [11-26-2014]

jess tan, monterey park [11-26-2014]

Thank you for the free online textbooks
justin Frantz [11-26-2014]

Gisele Boodoosingh, Trinidad [11-26-2014]

i wish this book can help so much.
Ronaldo, ga [11-26-2014]

anonymous, Phoenix [11-26-2014]

Drawhorn 106
christy [11-26-2014]

john, buena park [11-26-2014]

Charles de Jager [11-26-2014]

anonymous, Portland Indiana [11-26-2014]

Giovanna Centeno Barbalho, Brasil [11-26-2014]

alla akram, Algeria [11-26-2014]

Carelen, Broken Arrow, OK 74013 [11-26-2014]

asia edwards, los angeles [11-26-2014]

anonymous, windsor north carolina [11-26-2014]

anonymous, north carolina [11-26-2014]

Rajeev, Delhi [11-26-2014]

anonymous, Aurora, Co [11-26-2014]

Jazmin, King city ca [11-26-2014]

Dariane Huizar, Sunland Park [11-26-2014]

I'm a foreign exchange student from Indonesia and attend the Delphi Community High School for a year. I need some books about US history
nabila, Delphi, Indianapolis [11-26-2014]

Amanda, Puerto Rico [11-26-2014]

Tijzhunai Johnson, memphis [11-26-2014]

I am interested in the roll of government to its citizens and vise versa.
Roy Smith, Inglis, Florida [11-26-2014]

Andrew Coverdale, Louisville KY [11-26-2014]

Hanli Li, louisville [11-26-2014]

jo [11-26-2014]

I'm a person who prepare for admission to american university. So, before I go to the USA I want to know American history to understand American and American culture. This is why I want to have Free online textbook from this site. Thank you for reading
Justin Ji, South Korea [11-26-2014]

Gina Toscano, Phoenix, AZ 85205 US [11-26-2014]

julie torres, california [11-26-2014]

It better help me 👌😘
Carla, Chula vista San Diego [11-26-2014]

catherine powers, 20 summerfield lane fredericksburg va 22405 [11-26-2014]

xiaohanzhang, tn [11-26-2014]

Thank you
Matthew Rapp Driscoll, Niles, MI [11-26-2014]

Daniele Lynch, Hudson NH 03051 USA [11-26-2014]

najia kemal, Atlanta [11-26-2014]

Khristain, Memphis, TN [11-26-2014]

Amar [11-26-2014]

Daniele Lynch, Hudson NH 03051 US [11-26-2014]

Danielle Guest, Toronto [11-26-2014]

Laura, Royal Oak, MI [11-26-2014]

Jalin, Albany,Ga [11-26-2014]

Do you have online textbooks specifically for Iowa history?
Jennifer Harrington, Eldon, Iowa [11-26-2014]

Calrise Daniel, Smyrna, Georgia [11-26-2014]

My daughter went to school all her life in the philippines, where u.s. history or geography was not taught. Now she (Angelika) is going to school in Arizona as a junior and is taking u.s. history. is there a book online she can study to help her catch up with u.s. history in the classroom?
ronald chesley, 17926 N. Woodrose Ave., Surprise, AZ 85374 [11-26-2014]

anonymous [11-26-2014]

Leon Ashbrook [11-26-2014]

Malik Mayfield, Orlando, Florida USA [11-26-2014]

JIM WOHLGEMUTH, CONCORD, north carolina [11-26-2014]

Theresa Irene Armstrong, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada [11-26-2014]

marlene, florida [11-26-2014]

rena, weehawken,nj,usa [11-26-2014]

Darrell Moncus, Hoover, Alabama [11-26-2014]

Julia Etchi, Brookline, MA [11-26-2014]

I need to use and online 8th grade us history book for the lssd special school district
anonymous [11-26-2014]

Tracy Burmester, Carmichael [11-26-2014]

adriana garcia, indianapolis [11-26-2014]

Will Lasko [11-26-2014]

Kathy Hogan, Orange CA [11-26-2014]

v caldwell, fredericksburg, virginia [11-26-2014]

rj, georgia [11-26-2014]

anonymous, austin tx [11-26-2014]

Pat crosby, Signal hill, ca [11-26-2014]

bineta ngaido, Memphis TN [11-26-2014]

jasmine gell [11-26-2014]

anonymous, Newburgh, NY [11-26-2014]

Oscar Strokosz, Huntingdon [11-26-2014]

Summer Banning, oswego ks [11-26-2014]

tiffany [11-26-2014]

layney [11-26-2014]

We would like to use US History .org as our primary textbook this year for a college prep us history class to 11th graders. I also use a lot of secondary readings and primary source as well. Any hints or resources such as vocabulary lists or reading questions that are available online would be a great help. Thanks
Carsten Franklin, Macon [11-26-2014]

Yan [11-26-2014]

Djazmina, 10977 [11-26-2014]

Knowledge is power, thank you for sharing education. :)
Megan [11-26-2014]

Carmen Welbon, Dade City [11-26-2014]

Leilani, Bethlehem, PA [11-26-2014]

I am interested to learn our history pls send me the soft copy
Devanathan, Monroeville, PA [11-26-2014]

julie [11-26-2014]

I want to get more knowledge about US history
Farhan Siddiqui, Romeoville, IL, USA [11-26-2014]

Peter Campo, Mandeville, LA 70448 [11-26-2014]

Are there any test, answer keys or workbooks to go along with these textbooks? Maybe for purchase somewhere?
Hazel, South Carolina [11-26-2014]

DeUndria Jefferson, Pattison [11-26-2014]

Managan L Johnson, Baton Rouge [11-26-2014]

Elina, cambodia [11-26-2014]

need it
Ray, cmch NJ [11-26-2014]

I want to get more information of US. Thanks a lot
Tatitata, Vietnam [11-26-2014]

Charity Benson, Spokane Valley Washington [11-26-2014]

Steve Hasenstab [11-26-2014]

Kristena Rollins, Norcross, GA [11-26-2014]

I love these books
danny eisenbraun, nemo sd 57759 [11-26-2014]

anonymous [11-26-2014]

elizabeth kmetz, pennsylvania, pa [11-26-2014]

Penny, Fort Worth, TX [11-26-2014]

Lime Jacuzzi, United States [11-26-2014]

US Experience in its Diversity [11-26-2014]

anonymous [11-26-2014]

Salome We, Columbus [11-26-2014]

What a great resource to find for teachers!
Lesley Fisher, Raleigh State [11-26-2014]

Kathy [11-26-2014]

Lindsay Foster, Albany, Kentucky [11-26-2014]

i would love to read more on the american history. especially the government
lisa drury, yorkshire, england [11-26-2014]

I want to know american history. hehehe
yanghyeonjin, korea [11-26-2014]

deepika kandilya, delhi [11-26-2014]

Shannon Jenkins, Bowling Green, KY [11-26-2014]

jacob, saginaw tx [11-26-2014]

Natasia, Marietta Ga [11-26-2014]

Sydney, Houston, Texas [11-26-2014]

Regina Erlenbuch, Carrollton [11-26-2014]

alex, canada, ontario [11-26-2014]

Cui Ming Lin, New York City Brooklyn [11-26-2014]

Hui Zeng [11-26-2014]

osman [11-26-2014]

Jose Guillen, Cumming,GA [11-26-2014]

Phan Huong, Vietnam [11-26-2014]

VERA [11-26-2014]

killerkellykk [11-26-2014]

jamie duncan, brooks ky [11-26-2014]

phuong pham, Hanoi, Vietnam [11-26-2014]

raoul, philadelphia [11-26-2014]

harshitha yenugula, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [11-26-2014]

I would like books on the American Revolutanary War and Colonial america and the events and accounts leading up to the civil war as well
Nathaniel Harris, 7700 clocktower drive kirtland ohio 44094 [11-26-2014]

Chris Capadona, Phoenix, AZ [11-26-2014]

David Sasseen, United States [11-26-2014]

Shelly, United state [11-26-2014]

mia liang, 19731 avenida deleitante, walnut, ca 91789 [11-26-2014]

anonymous [11-26-2014]

drue naquin, louisiana [11-26-2014]

anonymous, 9330 Caspian Way #101 Manassas, VA 20110 [11-26-2014]

leybi, bronx new york [11-26-2014]

anonymous [11-26-2014]

Paula [11-26-2014]

Nagla, Torrance ca [11-26-2014]

sierra, marshall, mn [11-26-2014]


Ron Weasly [11-26-2014]

doing homework
luigi, California [11-26-2014]

Amy, concord, nc [11-26-2014]

anonymous [11-26-2014]

HAORAN ZHAO, Mountai View City [11-26-2014]

ann, aruba [11-26-2014]

You have no idea what a blessing it is to find this website! We have decided to homeschool our 9th grader, as she wants to finish highschool in 3 years and step out of the "box" in which public school places her. We've looked at many textbook options and could not decide on the right one. We found your website and the free online textbooks. This is a wonderful wealth of knowledge, where we will be able to expand on any of the topics in the lessons you have that interests her. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!
elizabeth, Corydon, Indiana [11-26-2014]

I'm interested but have no e-mail name
Max S Woodhouse, Idaho Falls, Idaho [11-26-2014]

Vincent yannella, Milford [11-26-2014]

These books are pretty awesome!
Secret, Kansas [11-26-2014]

Thank you,please.
Komkrich Chalermwat, Thailand [11-26-2014]

Zane Schichtel, Cortez [11-26-2014]

amy becker, cincinnati [11-26-2014]

Ted Garland, Flagstaff [11-26-2014]

Levi Draper, 59 east andrews hill rd. otisfield Maine [11-26-2014]

Hi need books
gouthami, texas [11-26-2014]

Keely Lambert, Memphis [11-26-2014]

Just thought it would be fun to brush up on my knowledge and learn some new things about the USA.
Krista Harmon, Parker [11-26-2014]

I need to study for my retake
Dyanne Carrillo, El Paso Tx [11-26-2014]

Bugra KURAN, Ankara [11-26-2014]

checole, savoy texas [11-26-2014]

Homeschool High school curric. Does this have any questions or quizzes?
Deanna Jones, Hephzibah, GA [11-26-2014]

Hello, we are a homeschool family and will be studying US History this coming year. We are excited to have found this website and would love any curriculum you have to offer. Thank you. Kimberlee
Kimberlee Biddle, Odessa, FL [11-26-2014]

I have always been a fan of hx. I work at a retirement community and am thinking of teaching US hx during august or sept. Thank you
Lynn, greensboro [11-26-2014]

Briana [11-26-2014]

donald, whitehall ny. Washington [11-26-2014]

Kevin L Johnson, Seattle, WA [11-26-2014]

Alicia Henriques, Mt. Vernon, New York [11-26-2014]

anonymous, Colchester,CT [11-26-2014]

Jennifer, Dalton, GA [11-26-2014]

I am interested in the free online textbooks. Thank you.
Tiffsny Campbell, Tucker, GA [11-26-2014]

anonymous, lancaster california [11-26-2014]

hameed almubarak, omaha ne [11-26-2014]

Sara Petrocelli, Phoenix [11-26-2014]

tim, alabama [11-26-2014]

anonymous [11-26-2014]

anonymous, Greenville, MS [11-26-2014]

Nancy Kingery, Ripley WV USA [11-26-2014]

Quanda Drummond, Dover Delaware [11-26-2014]

anonymous, 401 Talcottville Rd. Apt.80, Vernon, CT, 06066 [11-26-2014]

anonymous, wv [11-26-2014]

Ken Hoin, Fairfield, CY [11-26-2014]

I taught American History in 1968-'69, but discovered teaching would not afford the living I wanted to provide for my family. I then became an investment adviser. Wanting to review history, I began giving lectures at an independent living center in Jan. 2010. I continue to do so each Tuesday evening as a service without pay. My interest is in the facts, not a political bias. I hope your effort is neither to promote the political views of the right or the left.
John Barnett, Bexar County TX (San Antonio) [11-26-2014]

anonymous, Chandler [11-26-2014]

i wonder if these textbooks are given to me. i hope that it would be
paullee, #202 -403 ssangyung apt. yangbyul ri, opo up kwangju city kyungki province, korea [11-26-2014]

I would enjoy reading your free books on us history as well as american government
Aaron, 533 Weston canal road Somerset nj 08873 [11-26-2014]

daniela aranda, texas [11-26-2014]

Briyce, Port Harcourt, Nigeria [11-26-2014]

Sangtae Ahn, Seoul, Korea (ROK) [11-26-2014]

Very good information. thanks
paul Elischer, gary, In USA [11-26-2014]

chandra mugunnda [11-26-2014]

donald, whitehall ny. Washington [11-26-2014]

I love history
Kirk, Riverside [11-26-2014]

Yong Mao, Beijing,China [11-26-2014]

Nalah Elliott [11-26-2014]

History fun summer course for children ages 9 - 13. We had a great turn out last summer but very little resource to work with. Any material you can send will be very much appreciated and put to very good use. Thank you Gaye Martin
Gaye Martin, 413 deer track trail kansas oklahoma 74347 [11-26-2014]

Megan, Greenville NC [11-26-2014]

Noah, New York [11-26-2014]

Allison Gill, Arcadia, MO [11-26-2014]

Thank you for providing this free material. I'd like to learn the American History.
Nicole Wang, Georgia [11-26-2014]

anonymous, Maricopa, AZ [11-26-2014]

I want this book because i want to learn more about the history
Ruby connie burgos, Av aguascalientes 2867 col madero sur 22046 tijuana BJ [11-26-2014]

What 9 grader should know about history
Mali, fl [11-26-2014]

sayyes, Thailand [11-26-2014]

Pranav, North Carolina shallotte [11-26-2014]

Thank you for giving people the chance to learn about their country's history freely.
anonymous, PEabody, Massachusetts [11-26-2014]

steve steinhardt, royal oak, mi [11-26-2014]

hermann kayim, tucker ga [11-26-2014]

I love history and I wish to teach myself what my US History II teacher could not
Nicholas Moore, Plymouth MA [11-26-2014]

I would like to study the US history
Farnaz, l.a [11-26-2014]

braxton mullen, falmouth [11-26-2014]

Steven [11-26-2014]

Great resource. Thanks!
Deborah Williams, Albany, NY [11-26-2014]

elyas, buffalo ny usa [11-26-2014]

Sacha Martinez, Cottageville, Sc [11-26-2014]

Brandy, mount juliet tn [11-26-2014]

My wife is trying to study for her citizenship. While she has memorized the questions, they don't have much context. I am looking for simple overviews of US history. Ideally it would be in Vietnamese & while there is a Vietnamese collection at the King County Library, we have no way to search. Certainly something must exist to help our soon to be citizens get a better grasp. Do you have any suggestions ? Thanks
ANDREW, Kirkland Wa [11-26-2014]

i would like to know more about us history
KAREN RIVAS, 102 washington ave mastic beach ny 11951 usa [11-26-2014]

Michael Crawn Jr., United States of America [11-26-2014]

I need to read on the history of the modern world
ISAAC OTOO-MENSAH, Bronx [11-26-2014]

ISAAC OTOO-MENSAH, Bronx [11-26-2014]

Guohao Wu, 82 College Circle 5184#PO box Dahlonega GA 30597 [11-26-2014]

ramiro, fremont ca [11-26-2014]

Great online textbooks! I use them daily in my studies. I also refer many to the site.
Melody Hinds, Valrico, Fl [11-26-2014]

jordan [11-26-2014]

Ryan Ma, China [11-26-2014]

I would like have one advanced USA English textbook and one advanced USA History textbook. I think this will be great indeed, if this results in American citizens can get Free Online Textbooks Thanks America Melvin
Melvin H. Robinson, 2413 Annglen Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76119 [11-26-2014]

Alaa, Allentown, pa [11-26-2014]

katie, patterson [11-26-2014]

pual johnson [11-26-2014]

Calandra, Montgomery, Al [11-26-2014]

ladre, tampa, florida [11-26-2014]

Azucena E, Arredondo, Laredo, TX [11-26-2014]

I would love to learn more about US history as well as World history in my free time. I'll be grateful for any materials you can offer! BJ
BJ, La Grange Park, IL [11-26-2014]

Angela Belrose, Birmingham [11-26-2014]

Mary [11-26-2014]

Ana Bucic [11-26-2014]

Brian Roth, Chicago Illinois [11-26-2014]

I' m realy interested in learning us history . Thank you for helping.
Hassan Tahbaz [11-26-2014]

5th grade US History is what I am looking for
Yvonne DaSilva, Salinas,Ca. [11-26-2014]

Amin, New York [11-26-2014]

brandon, staten island ny [11-26-2014]

New history teacher.
Karen J Nixon, 16424 Desert Sage Dr., Fountain Hills, AZ 85268 [11-26-2014]

I need. history book for preparing for college.
Kenneth heckler, Montgomery Tx [11-26-2014]

I'm a Philadelphia born man and I am looking for the fact driven answers to proper American history. The stuff they don't tell us in pre-school (K-12) but the stuff we as the collective World have a right to know. Knowledge is power after all.
Brandon Downey, West Hollywood, CA [11-26-2014]

Tony, Hong Kong [11-26-2014]

esraa, Egypt [11-26-2014]

Eleni Anastasova, Kingsville [11-26-2014]

been seeking a u.s. history textbook in stores and on-line to buy.. can't find text book
mike, whittier, calif [11-26-2014]

Laura Roesener, Kingston, WA [11-26-2014]

piejtaln, 1 [11-26-2014]

Thank-you for free information on American Government.
Derek Baker, 45 Fairview Ave. Randolph, ME 04346 U.S. [11-26-2014]

bingli [11-26-2014]

anonymous, Franklin New Jersey [11-26-2014]

Gavin Scarantine, California [11-26-2014]

diana [11-26-2014]

Aj [11-26-2014]

wey, reno [11-26-2014]

Tyler Allen, Topeka [11-26-2014]

I am interested in the material from this website.
Jeffrey, Fort Worth, Texas [11-26-2014]

I am teaching History A level.The new cambridge syllabus 9389 has USA history so I need resources which are not readily available
wilson chitega, zimbabwe,harare [11-26-2014]

Wagner Beig [11-26-2014]

brenda barnett, Decatur, georgia [11-26-2014]

Fernanda, Louisiana [11-26-2014]

I want to learn and understand American history deeper
suong mac, graham, texas 76450 [11-26-2014]

i have to prepare to retake my eoc us history test so tht i can graduate in august.
jayla wheeler, baton rouge,la [11-26-2014]

Chante Hendrix, mobile [11-26-2014]

varlina fomby, 5370 East Craig Road apt 1299 las vegas nv [11-26-2014]

billy [11-26-2014]

Ale mills, wilmington de [11-26-2014]

anonymous, Greenville, NC [11-26-2014]

tyler, North Carolina [11-26-2014]

jessy jasmine harrison, Waterbury [11-26-2014]

kora armstrong, ireland dundalk [11-26-2014]

laaaceeyy [11-26-2014]

Thanks for a great website.
S. Ruggiero, Lititz, PA [11-26-2014]

I am an elementary ed teacher, out due to health reasons. I am looking into an MA in American History and hope to return to work as a secondary ed teacher.
Diane, Cape Coral Florida [11-26-2014]

karla vazquez, national city [11-26-2014]

Juan, Charlotte [11-26-2014]

thank you
kenny maroney, livermore ca [11-26-2014]

I learn US history for SAT subject test
Dinh Chau Minh Phuc, Viet Nam [11-26-2014]

Luis [11-26-2014]

i need to study
ashley jones, campbellsville ky [11-26-2014]

Mariangelbojorquez, 90daphnest [11-26-2014]

Catherine, Brooklyn ny [11-26-2014]

Eileen Hynes [11-26-2014]

Hamza Lazrak, usa [11-26-2014]

Judy Vance, Wichita Falls Texas [11-26-2014]

Julie [11-26-2014]

i need it now
Bilee Diallo, Brooklyn, NY, 11225, USA [11-26-2014]

anonymous, Caledonia MI [11-26-2014]

anonymous, los angeles ca 90015 [11-26-2014]

Paige, Union City Mi [11-26-2014]

anonymous, California [11-26-2014]

kiran, texas [11-26-2014]

Joseph Enge, Tartu, Estonia [11-26-2014]

Thank you!
Tiffany, Arkansas [11-26-2014]

I would like to know more about US, as I'm dealing with Americans most of the time at my work. I highly appreciate that. Thanks.
Neveen Sharkawey, Abo Qurkas, El Minya, Egypt [11-26-2014]

jean feng [11-26-2014]

anonymous [11-26-2014]

Justin Kouba, Deer Park, Texas [11-26-2014]

Penny, RockyFace Ga [11-26-2014]

Jeff West, Weymouth, MA [11-26-2014]

Hope this helps me for a head start next year
Amber Nicole, United States [11-26-2014]

johnzhao, arcadia, CA, us [11-26-2014]

Marvy, parsippany, New Jersey [11-26-2014]

cedric, texas [11-26-2014]

John, San Antonio,TX [11-26-2014]

Cindy, Las vegas [11-26-2014]

Keyonia Roberts, hopewell [11-26-2014]

Murielle Telio, Los Angeles [11-26-2014]

Sima Succar, Beverly Hills, MI [11-26-2014]

anonymous, Maryland [11-26-2014]

Antonio, Waxhaw, NC [11-26-2014]

Need the textbook for homework
Hau, San Jose CA [11-29-2012]

Jazmine Burson, Georgia [11-29-2012]

Ko Reh, milwaukee, wi 53221 [11-29-2012]

Jasmine Jones, Kankakee, Illinois [11-29-2012]

anonymous, cazenovia [11-29-2012]

MARIA SILVA, North Fort Myers [11-29-2012]

Thank you for providing such a rich site. This is been my one stop source for all my history papers and help in my courses. It makes learning history more enjoyable. I'm now studying to become a history teacher and recommend this site to any one who needs help in history. Thank you.
Conny, Florida [11-29-2012]

Peter davis, Friday harbor wa [11-29-2012]

terri bailey [11-29-2012]

I would like to read online about Government control in the United State.
Samira Cordova, Bronx, New York [11-29-2012]

lena, Tulsa [11-29-2012]

tere ortega, killeen, texas, [11-29-2012]

Michael, 60639 [11-29-2012]

kimberly, United States [11-29-2012]

dylan [11-15-2012]

Derrick Bernard, Collierville Tn. [11-15-2012]

Miguel, French Camp,CA [11-08-2012]

angela thomas, renton, wa [11-08-2012]

ryan mcgowan, manchester ct [11-08-2012]

Thank you for this site and what you are offering. A super resource.
Chris Sequeira, Salem, OR, USA [11-08-2012]

Du'Dirty, raleigh NC, wake county [11-08-2012]

anonymous, Austin tx [11-08-2012]

Morgan, Lyons ny 14488 [11-08-2012]

K King [11-08-2012]

Eileen, Marietta, GA [11-08-2012]

Thank you for this website. I have a feeling it will help me with homeschool (:
anonymous [11-08-2012]

Website is awesome. I am a high school history teacher. Thanks for the website.
Bryan McDonald, Columbus,Ga [11-08-2012]

I want to study to a US history because I want to became US Citizen,and I want to know about the history .
susie solomon, Maine [11-08-2012]

Karen Twiss, Murphy NC [11-08-2012]

thanks for the great historical information.
BARBARA VASSAR [11-08-2012]

recently I read some part of the history of the United States.I want read more,so pls sned me a free on line text book about U.S History.
Rasoolsha, France [11-08-2012]

Tammy, Charlotte, NC [10-24-2012]

Tammy Napier, Charlotte, NC [10-24-2012]

Anthony mendez, tn [10-21-2012]

i really need a online textbook, thank you very much !
lynn shiung, Riverside CA [10-15-2012]

Melissa Vu, Taylors [10-15-2012]

anonymous [10-15-2012]

tiffani, anaheim ca [10-15-2012]

my daughter now is a us citizen,living in San Francisco for more than a decade.maybe i will go to us living with my daughter in a near future since i am retired .i need know more us history and us culture which will help me understand us people thinking and action. thanks
david lu, shanghai,china [10-07-2012]

pjsanchez [10-07-2012]

Kelly, Montana [10-07-2012]

Thank you from a teacher.
Don Campeau, Wyckoff, NJ [10-07-2012]

I immigrated to USA in 1991. Finally, I will be able to apply for the naturalization... It urges me to learn more about USA History, American Government, Geography, etc. Because I'll be an American Citizen. Thank You.
Magno Guillen, 9530 Jumilla ave. Chatsworth Ca. 91311 [09-30-2012]

This is a brilliant idea
Debbie, Atlanta,Ga,USA [09-30-2012]

Helen Kavapalu, Portland, OR [09-30-2012]

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