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What is "Women's Lives/American History Time Traveler"?

hand holding phone displaying the women's history app Here's what educators have told us: "We need a diverse, inclusive view of women." "Textbooks aren't doing what they need to."

That's why we're developing A UNIQUE MOBILE APP to make the history of all American women come alive for students. And we're calling it: "Women's Lives/American History Time Traveler".

We'll employ 21st century technology in order to give a voice to women, from all walks of life, who've helped build this country. And this will give students multiple perspectives on the people and events that shaped America.

A New Way to See History

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Who YOU Might Have Been

We asked students and teachers: How can we make learning history more interesting? They answered: If we could picture who we might have been at another time in the past, that would be interesting! And so now, using a smartphone camera with the photography filter in our "Women's Lives/American History Time Traveler" app, students will be able to do just that. Every student's photo will morph into a representation showing the clothes they might have been wearing and detailing how they might have lived if they'd been alive during different times in American history.

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Seeing A New Representation

Next, each student's screen will transition into a wealth of diverse historical images, videos and stories, many that have heretofore been missing from traditional history lessons. Information will be drawn from many different sources. Some from primary sources. Each student will be encouraged to discuss what they're seeing and to then develop their own points of view.

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Creating History

The young women in our research told us how important making their own videos has become. Our mobile app will include a "Make Your Own Video" feature so students can add and share their reactions and original creative contributions. It will encourage the kind of involvement that will keep "Women's Lives/American History Time Traveler" vital and growing.


Independence HallWe are The Independence Hall Association (IHA), founded in 1942 to spearhead the creation of Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia. Now our mission is to tell America's stories. Through our website UShistory.org we are one of the preeminent providers of online US history, from the pre-colonial era to the present with additional online educational presentations on American government, Ancient Civilizations and other people, places, and events in US history.

Our original website UShistory.org continues to be recommended by thousands of classroom teachers and home schooling parents due to its unparalleled content. The site receives 40 million visits annually. But the format is outdated. Therefore, we are now seeking to build on our past success by developing this new innovative learning platform — Women's Lives/American History Time Traveler — to present diverse stories with an inclusive view of women in US history.



We seek supporters to help us bring this engaging new app to smart phones and classrooms across the country. To date we have completed research about the format and the content desired by students and educators. Now we are looking for supporters to get involved as donors, advisors, content creators, educators and writers.


It begins with a virtual mirror …

Students begin by seeing their own photos morphed into representations of who they might have been at various times in history. (This is the mode that most excited the students we surveyed.)

It continues with a colorful virtual timeline

Then we transition into our women's history timelines where students can scroll down and find links to diverse images, videos, podcasts, articles and stories.. .

Then search by topic using our "Movie Posters" …

From "Immigration" to "The Arts", each of our "Movie Posters" will become the entryway for students to see women's history in specific themed videos.

And share your own points of view …

As a 9th grade teacher told us: "Students are engaged by taking ideas and DOING something". So, in our "Make History" mode, students will produce and share their own creative videos.

Our new approach will have multiple perspectives to stimulate and influence the next generation.

To deliver history for the mind and the heart.

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