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Wayne Leads the Charge!

Paoli Battlefield - Paoli Massacre

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pbhpVisit the site Washington's Army called The Paoli Massacre, where the British routed Anthony Wayne's troops on September 20, 1777. Just a few minutes from Philadelphia, it is the most pristine Revolutionary War battlefield in the United States — unchanged for over 230 years.

Visit the Paoli Battlefield Preservation Fund website for more information.

I with my own Eyes, see them, cut & hack some of our poor Men to pieces after they had fallen in their hands and scarcely shew the least Mercy to any...
Lt. Col. Adam Hubley, 10th PA Regiment
...more than a dozen soldiers had with fixed bayonets formed a cordon round him, and that everyone of them in sport had indulged their brutal ferocity by stabbing him in different parts of his body and limbs ... a physician ... examining him there was found ... 46 distinct bayonet wounds...
William Hutchinson, Pennsylvania Militiaman
The Enemy last Night at twelve o'clock attacked ... Our Men just raised from Sleep, moved disorderly — Confusion followed ... The Carnage was very great ... this is a bloody Month.
Col. Thomas Hartley, 1st PA Regiment
The Annals of the Age Cannot Produce such another Scene of Butchery...
Maj. Samuel Hay, 7th PA Regiment
British Light Infantry and Light Dragoons attacking the Pennsylvania camp 20th September 1777, painted in London by Xavier della Gatta in 1782