This Year's Theme

National History Day Philly
at the State Contest

Junior Division

From St. Peter's School – Teacher: Marian Cronin-Connolly

Junior Papers:

  • 5th Place: “Power and Communication: The Influence of Elite Philanthropy on Higher Education During the American Eugenics Movement” (by Eleni Murphy)

Junior Group Documentaries:

  • 1st Place The Sting of the Wasp: Communication Through Political Cartoons During the Chinese Exclusion Era (by Jiaray Shi and Emma Giordano)

Junior Individual Documentaries

  • 2nd Place: Communication Through the ARPANET: The Key to Email (by William Kessler)

Senior Division

From Masterman School – Teacher: Liz Taylor

Senior Paper:

  • 2nd Place: “ ‘The World Was Thinking Wrong About Race’: W.E.B. Du Bois' The Philadelphia Negro” (by Alice Padula)
  • 5th Place: “ ‘I, Too, Am America ’: The Black Literary Revolution of the Harlem Renaissance” (by Maia Saks)

Senior Individual Website:

  • 1st Place: “An Urgent Appeal: Communication in W.E.B Du Bois' Work as Crisis Editor” (by Sophie Gala)
  • 3rd Place: “ ‘We Shall Do to all Men as We Will Be Done Ourselves’ : The 1688 Germantown Petition Against Slavery” (by Grace Padula)

Senior Group Website:

  • 4th Place: “James McCune Smith: Healer of Maladies, Communicator of Abolition” (by Nawshin Ahana and Luiza Sulea)

Senior Group Documentary:

  • 4th Place: Freedom Rides: The Protests that Paved the Road to Integration
    (by Maya Lindsey, Maizy Knoblock, and Angelina Li)

Senior Individual Documentary:

  • 4th Place: “Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired: How Fannie Lou Hamer's 1964 Testimony Changed Black Voting Rights” (by Jianwei Li)

Kudos also to Marian Cronin-Connolly for being named NHD in PA Teacher of the Year for Junior Division teachers. Marian is now in the running for the national NHD teacher of the year award.

Congratulations once more to all of our student participants and their teachers in this extremely challenging year! And thank you again to our judges, who evaluate students' work and offer essential feedback to our students about their projects!