Life Of Benjamin Franklin: Footnote 130

Madame du Deffand says, in a letter dated on the 18th of December; "The object of Dr. Franklin's visit is still problematical; and what is the most singular of all is, that no one can tell whether be is actually in Paris or not. For three or four days it has been said in the morning that he had arrived, and in the evening that he had not yet come." Again, on the 22d, she writes; "Dr. Franklin arrived in town yesterday, at two o'clock in the afternoon; he slept the night before, at Versailles. He was accompanied by two of his grandsons, one seven years old, the other seventeen, and by his friend, M. Penet. He has taken lodgings in the Rue de l'Universite." —Lettres de la Marquise du Deffand a Horace Walpole, Tonm. III. p. 343.

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