Betsy Ross and the American Flag

Poetry and Art about the American Flag

These are contributions sent to us.

The Flag and Its Story
Submitted February 2012

You flow in the breeze,
And show glory in the wind,
Freedom, Justice, and Civil Rights,
And more you represent,
A beautiful flag,
To represent,
Our first thirteen colonies,
And all states you represent,
A flag we think of Betsy Ross,
When you are seen,
For your maker shall always be remembered,
You and so shall you,
So maker of our country's flag, remember on thing,
Though no longer you walk on this planet,
You shall be remembered,
As Betsy Ross,
Maker and,
Designer of our flag.

Melvin Leon (T) Henegar aka Poetman & T. M. Sergeant
Submitted November 2011

When I stand to my feet
To hear our Anthem played and sang
As our flag so beautifully flies in the wind
I no longer see our flag flying there
I see our soldiers on the battlefield being slain
I see their loved ones in the greatest of pain
In those beautiful stripes of red
Are Americans blood stains
I see blood stains

Great courage bought those stripes of red
Stripes white, hearts of purity
Created stars on a background of blue
A nation bound with common equity
In our hearts our anthem remains
Our nations song, a cherished melody
In those beautiful stripes of red
Are Americans blood stains
I see blood stains

As our Star Spangled Banner waves
Those red stripes stand out to me
Americans who trusted in God
Americans who fought valiently
Their sacrifice broke tyranny's chains
All I see in those beautiful stripes of red
Are blood stains, American blood stains
I see blood stains, I see blood stains

The Freedom Flag
Dedra Campbell, Pulaski, Tennessee
Submitted June 2011

In the classroom at his school,
A young boy spoke with such respect
“I pledge allegiance to the flag...”
These words to him had much effect.

His eyes upon these stars and stripes
Across his heart, his right hand lay.
Silent reverence filled the air.
A soldier he would be someday.

Every day for thirteen years,
He watched that flag, he knew her pledge.
He learned her history. He felt her strength.
To those who threatened her, he vowed revenge.

Then as a man, he signed his papers.
Packed his bags and hugged his mother.
He shook dad’s hand and off he went.
That flag was waving like no other.

Line ‘em up, nice and straight, Yes sir, no sir, and salute
Times were hard and he grew tired.
But then he’d look up to the sky,
And there she’d be-the flag he admired.

“A soldier I’ll make you!!” His captain would yell.
Push-ups he hated, but stronger he grew.
So down he would drop for fifty once more.
That flag still flying would get him through.

All too soon, those orders they came.
Off to war he was to go.
The time was now. He’d defend his flag.
He thought of heroes from long ago.

Blood was shed on foreign lands.
Others fought on common ground.
Lives were lost, he knew this well,
For this flag flown all around.

Death and destruction all seen in war,
He lost many men under enemy fire.
Through his grief he sought her out,
And then he would find her, his flag flying higher.

Then in a second his whole life changed.
It was bad, he knew, there was no pain.
But as he looked to rainy skies he smiled.
The flag above him caught the rain.

With final breath he bowed his head.
The sight of war too much to see,
He closed his eyes, began to pray.
Forever free please let them be.

Taps is playing in the rain.
Friends and family gather round.
Soldiers standing at attention,
Lift their guns up from the ground.

Shots are fired-a fierce reminder,
Of the price a hero paid.
They fold the flag providing cover
To the one who wasn’t afraid.

In the midst of all the sorrow,
A flag remains to fly.
A symbol of all those heroes
Who weren’t afraid to die.

Freedom’s Waving Shield
Michael McGlynn, Edison, NJ
Submitted April 2011

Our flag is more than just a symbol of a nation brave and free.
And it’s so much more than just an emblem proclaiming liberty.

Old Glory is truly a monument as its pillars rest on high ideals.
Dedicated to those who pass the staff of freedom’s waving shield.

We carried it proudly throughout history to wherever duty called.
From the dark days at Valley Forge to Yorktown’s thunderous fall.

Gallantly streaming over Fort McHenry through that perilous night.
Proved to the world we’re here to stay in the early morning light.

Fluttering in the fields of Gettysburg to engage all who would enslave.
Under its unfurled colors our full measure of devotion is what we gave.

Intrepidly leading the way in battle against oppressors' imposing will.
From the Halls of Montezuma to its valiant charge up San Juan Hill.

From the great crusade at Normandy to the summit of Suribachi it flew.
Waving out a clear warning to tyranny that the fight is coming to you.

It followed us ashore in Korea; over the skies of Vietnam it streaked.
Across Iraq’s sea of endless sand to Afghanistan’s mountainous peaks.

Guiding us clearly through the fog of war as we liberated many lands.
Defending man's inalienable rights and the republic for which it stands.

Flying over our heroes’ graves promising our mission will never cease.
As we wield our banner onward in the relentless pursuit for peace.

I'm Your Flag
Teryl E. Williamson, Pewaukee, Wisconsin on September 14, 2001
Submitted November 30, 2010

I was born of a people, who refused a corrupt king,
Instead they chose America to do their own thing.
I'm Your Flag
First put together from thread and old cloth,
I came into this world through Betsy Ross.
I'm Your Flag
Over the years I've flown so serene.
Yet I've served in the worst battles you've ever seen.
I'm Your Flag
I've been saluted, I've been burned,
Veterans have carried me, as all heads turned.
I'm Your Flag
I've served in the rain, I've served in the snow,
You've never asked twice, I was ready to go.
I'm Your Flag
I've flown at events where people have cried,
You've seen me drape the caskets of those who died.
I'm Your Flag
Now a new challenge awaits us all,
And a new generation must meet the call.
I'm Your Flag
As always, I'll be with you charging into the fray,
Take heart fellow Americans, we will not stray
I'm Your Flag
From the beginning until today, I've stood for freedom
without any sway, so grab the torch and hold it high,

Our Flag
J. G. Braddock Sr., Charleston, SC
Submitted July 2010

Our flag is not for selling cars,
No, not the one with stripes and stars
Which over countless dead has draped
In wars in which our land was shaped;
It’s not for stimulating sales
When every other gimmick fails.

It isn't for festooning bars,
Nor promoting fine cigars;
It’s not a cloak of righteousness
To dignify our selfish quests,
Nor just another piece of cloth
Unworthy of our ardent troth.

Our flag is meant to symbolize
America, God’s perfect prize
For loving freedom more than life
With fervor tried in toil and strife
While pausing not to count the price
That calls for awesome sacrifice.

Our flag is meant to eulogize
Her patriots before our eyes,
Those selfless souls who dreamed and planned
And prayed and toiled to mold this land,
Who fought to make and keep it free,
And every child of liberty.

Our flag is meant to dramatize
The heights to which mankind can rise
In making dreams reality,
In lifting up humanity,
In reaching out with loving care,
While breathing freedoms precious air.

Our flag is meant to advertise
To all who seek our land’s demise
That we who hold our colors high
Are trembling not but shall reply
With all our might when foes assail,
And with God’s help, we shall prevail.

Our flag is meant to solemnize
The stirred emotions that arise
From zealous hearts that swell inside,
No, not with arrogance and pride,
But with a thanks that makes us lift
Our praise to God for freedom’s gift.

Our New Nation
Brittany Nichole, Oklahoma
Submitted January 2010

I lay softly in the dark and remember...
What all they fought for in our freedom
I remember “old glory”
I remember the “new” American flag
What has it changed? Our lives? Or just to spoil us?
The pipe represents peace but is it peace we want or material things?
They fought for our freedom not malls.
What has the world come to?
What is it going to become?
All these questions and who to answer them?
When is “Old Glory’s” time going to be over?
Today? Tomorrow? We will never know.
But while we're here we need to respect Old Glory for what she has given us.
Our freedom! The soldiers sacrificed for us and that’s what the American flag represents!

Our Flag!
D. S. Mullis, Savannah, Georgia
Submitted January 2009

We call her 'Old Glory', She rightfully sows
The seeds to Her story where ever She goes!
'The Star Spangled Banner' that blows in the wind,
Portraying Her power to foe, yes, and friend-
Our emblem of freedom, She's stood through the years,
And never seceded — by blood, sweat and tears!

Our Flag! We salute You on each special day,
We vow to be true and show others the way
To live in a world where our freedom abounds;
Each time You unfurl we hear victory sounds!
We pledge our allegiance with hand on our heart,
And dare to be different; not being a part
Of those who would burn You or cast You aside,
But highly esteem You and raise You in pride!

Indeed, She's 'Old Glory', and rightfully so,
Her story of freedom we'll never outgrow-
America, let us again take a stand,
For it is a must to accomplish our plan
In raising our Flag and proclaim with each wave,
'The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave'!

Billy Hanks, South Carolina
Submitted September 2009

The Flag that flew against the sky
that fateful September day
was ragged, burned and bloodied
But not defeated in any way.

The people who rallied around her colors
They fought and died and saved
many trapped inside the falling building
o'er which the flag still waved.

So remember, people, give thanks today
to our heroes everywhere.
All who risk all that they have
just to show they care.

This is My Country
Curtis J. Garrette
Submitted April 2009

This is my county that I am prepared to defend with my life.
I want to make this country a safer place for my children and my wife.

This is my country and on this soil, you have taken
the lives of innocent children, women and men.

I fear not for my life, but freedom, liberty and justice I will proudly defend.
This is a great country that God has blessed down through the years.

We may be slightly scared and hurt, but faith will dry away our tears.
Standing tall and proud, if we must sacrifice for our freedoms

than for this country let us give.
This is the home of the free and the brave and this is where we live.

These States United
Ron Ryan, Boynton Beach, Florida
Submitted December 2008

A watchful white Dove
patiently hovers high
slowly, high up above
as One
of the forgotten few
Look down from the Great Golden
Bird's Eye view
sigh sigh sigh
try not to cry
why why why
is there a teardrop in your Golden eye
try try try
try not to choke
on the clouds
or on the smoke
Fly on your heartbroken
Paternal Wing
so tried and true
not so fast
past the Golden King
that we once loved
that we once knew
there falls the red, the white,
and the beautiful blue
teardrop — so long
so long overdue

What a worthwhile journey
A poor Pilgrim's passage through
Blood-soaked stripes
taint pale me
and Americans of all types
of all shapes, sizes, and colors
and they also paint a colorful you
oh yes, you
yes, you too!
They Are Coming!
to paint you a somber more forgiving hue

Hear the Golden bagpipes
Play for us now
Songs of a Nation
that we cannot replace
The Star Spangled Banner
God Bless America
and Amazing Grace
Pray for us now
God, George, save our Golden Face
Save our Sacred place
On Earth
As it is in Heaven
Where dreams renew
Where our Golden Eagle
Once so gracefully flew

Soar into Heavens of unthinkable
unreachable heights
Through the fears
the tears
and for over 200 years
of a bloodstained
star struck
which is reflected in our
and our older brother's bloodshot eyes
yet still remains
a mystery

How someone like you
and me
could ever be
this forever free
Never say never
Oh say, can you see
this valiant righteous fight
of the tiny 13
against the giant gorgeous gallant might
of the Royal Crown
into that last gleaming
effortlessly seeming
as American soldiers fell
and died
and their women
and Lady Liberty
rang the bell
and cried
and the little ones
so sound asleep
nestled in their bed
so peacefully dreaming
whilst their King
while their King lay dead
Hear his deep voice echo over and over in your head
You remember what he said
You remember what he said
You remember what he said
You remember what he said
You remember what he said
You remember what he said
You remember what he said
You remember what he said
You remember what he said
You remember what he said
You remember what he said
You remember what he said
as you lay there
missing and yearning
teaching and learning
freezing and burning
and tossing and turning
battledrums slow and become tribal
Yes, you too, remembers what he said:
"It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible"

So trumpeters blew and told
their story
the drumboys rolled
out Old Glory
My God behold
Watch Old Glory
so dignified
Stars and Stripes
thus signified
an Independence newfound
on Sacred, Sacred, Splendid, Sacred, Holy ground
Kneeling at ground Zero
Never forget
My, your, Our forgotten Hero
Ole' Father George pause and take a good look around
Ole' Father George steal the stars
just this once
just in between
the glare of royal red rockets
and hand them to
the mighty 13
and the red stripes so soaked with blood
from our beloved Mother
across the pond
Sons no more, oh no, Mother
There isn't any other
It's me now — your new younger brother
Just passing through
the bright white rays of sunlight
into the big bold box of navy blue
into starry starry nights
Ole' Father George, our hopes ignited
Your legs so weary
Our dreams excited
Thank you, Ole' Father George
Thank you, God
God Bless These States United

How Bright Our Flag
James Kuehn, Rocky Point NY
I wrote this poem on June the 8th in 1992 when I was 9 years old.

Submitted December 2008

How Bright Our Flag
Against The Sky
Atop Its Flagpole
Straight and High!

How Bright The Red,
The White The Blue,
With What They Stand For Shining Through

More Meaningful
As Years Go By
How Bright, How Bright
The Flag We Fly.

The Fourth of July
Loyd C. Taylor, North Carolina
Written March 2008

Submitted July 2008

During this special time of the year
The corn is usually knee-high,
The watermelons are juicy
As flags wave proudly in the sky!

Families are enjoying picnics
Eating Hot dogs and Apple pie;
They are celebrating Freedom
On this day, the Fourth of July.

Birds are singing, freedom bells ringing,
June bugs are darting in their flight.
Folk gather wherever they can
To watch fireworks light up the night.

Worshippers gather throughout the land
Gladly sing patriotic songs.
Millions express their gratitude
For their families and their homes.

The smell of someone's barbecuing
Is carried on a summer breeze.
Hear the crack of the baseball bat!
Kids cheerfully play "hide and seek".

Hey listen, here comes the ice cream man,
He's making his way down the street!
Women wave, men tip their hats,
Children are filled with joyful glee.

Andy Griffith still entertains us,
The flag still brings tears to our eyes!
People walk a little taller
On this day, the Fourth of July

Colors red white and blue remind us
Of the great price of being free.
Thank God for the sacrifices
Made to purchase our liberty!

So, Happy Birthday, America!
Your flag we will proudly lift high!
Thank God for you, America
On this day, the Fourth of July

Story Teller Red
Loyd C. Taylor, North Carolina
Submitted July 2008

You could smell the unmistakable odor of a bathless body mixed with Jim Beam when you came within a few feet of him. His appearance was that of a street bum, straggly beard and uncombed hair, with ragged clothes to match. He was called "Story Teller Red," a title that grew on him from the unbelievable story he would tell. Passers-by who offered him change would be caught off-guard when he would say, "Mister, for a drink and a couple of dollars more, I'll tell you a story." He would stick out his unwashed hand to shake, and say, "You can call me Red."

My friends and I were here for just a few days before they shipped us out, so we figured, why not, what could it hurt to listen to this crazy vagrant and help the homeless in the process? We winked at each other, bought him a drink and stuck a few dollars in his can, then pulled up some sidewalk as we made ready to listen to the old man.

He wore an old tattered military coat and had worn boots to match. We assumed he had been given these at a homeless shelter, but as later we found out, they would sure help make his story more believable.

The old man started by saying, "Young people were avoiding the war, dodging the draft, but I took it as an honor to serve my country, so I went down and signed up."

He drank a little of the whiskey from his cup and continued, "I kissed my Mom and Dad goodbye and headed off, willing to serve wherever I was needed. You see, I love this country, even though she's got her faults!

"It wasn't long before I moved up a bit in rank and was given a handful of soldiers with orders to infiltrate a location behind enemy lines. It would be dangerous, so I allowed any of my men who wished, without prejudice, to stay behind. There were twelve of us total. Four decided to stay behind as the other eight of us made our way in the direction from which we did not know if we would return. We made it to our target, took out the lookout and a couple more. We were able to successfully sabotage their communication lines and luckily came upon some highly sensitive papers. I stuffed them in my jacket.

He paused and opened his coat and pointed, "Right in here. It was about then, that we were spotted, that's when all hell broke loose!

"Mister, just one more drink?"

He had sure picked a good place to stop, so we poured him another cup.

He went on to say, "Boys, the bullets were flying. Me and Jones were leading the way when we found our little group surrounded. We began fighting tooth and nail. Wilson was the first to get shot, got him square in the chest, died instantly. I grabbed for his body and dragged it with me. Then, a mortar exploded and injured two other guys, making them unable to walk. In the dark it was hard to see and the noise was unbelievable. We were shooting at anyone that looked like an enemy and somehow managed to drag everyone back to our base of operation. I hadn't realized it but something warm was running down my face... it was then I blacked out.

"How about another one, friend?"

He drank a little and finished up..." I woke up in a military hospital, they all told me that I was lucky to be alive. Yep, seems I had a caught bullet to the head..."

He stopped and showed us what looked like a scar, then said, "They tell me I still have the lead lodged there to this day."

It was then the old man paused, hung his head. His shoulders shook a little. He pulled a dirty cloth from his jacket and wiped his eyes as he said, "I lost two of my men that night, two good men!"

"I was thankful we could fly their bodies' home to their widows. Amazingly, all of us had either been shot or wounded badly, but we survived, thank God!"

He continued, "O yeah, they gave us some medals and treated us real nice, but I have always felt responsible for letting my buddies die."

Teary-eyed he said, "I just can't talk any more."

What a great story. I took a hundred and placed it in "Red's" hand.

Walking away, I chuckled and said to my friends, "That ole man can tell some big ones, no wonder they call him "The Story Teller." We laughed and walked away — a few days and we would be headed for our own special assignments.

About a year later, while in preparation for Patriotic celebrations, I was in the barrack and happened to catch a story on the evening news. It was one of those special events in which they wished to recognize heroic acts of those who had been in service. One story caught my attention as they told about two soldiers and how through their heroic efforts had turned a part of the war around through one valiant trip behind enemy lines. It seems they were called the "Valiant Eight" and they had been led by Captain Fredrick Samuel Jackson. The report stated that two men had been killed and six others had been wounded, but miraculously, no soldier had been left behind. Captain Jackson, who led the mission, had taken a bullet to the head, it was a miracle he survived. Not only did he live, but the rest of their squad owed their lives to the Captain's actions taken that night on what was nicknamed "Miracle Hill." What's more interesting about this man, the reporter continued, as our research has shown, he has been signing his veterans pay over to the widows of the two fallen soldiers every month for the last 12 years. He also sends an additional money order of varying amounts to the Veteran's Charity Relief Organization, with a simple signature "A grateful soldier."

We would love to have him here today to show a special honor, but his whereabouts are unknown. If you were to see him, please let him know that there are many people who wish to thank him personally for his sacrifice for his country. By the way, he sometimes goes by the name "Red."

I couldn't help but sob like a baby as I bowed my head and prayed,

Dear God, forgive me for taking so lightly the sacrifices made. Thank you for the brave men and women who have given all And willingly answered when their country called. And God, forgive me for misjudging my fellow man And thank you for the privilege to serve my country, Amen.

As I wiped my tears, I couldn't help but shake my head, Lord, thank you also for what I gained through Story Teller Red.

Freedom isn't free... it costs BLOOD!

The Fourth of July
Loyd C. Taylor, North Carolina
Written July 2007

Submitted July 2008

My, what a lovely country,
Americans, we are blessed!
Any direction one turns,
Her great beauty takes your breath.

The tall majestic mountains
With glistening snow crowned heads,
Blue mysterious oceans
Waves of sparkling water spread.

Beautiful grassy meadows
Cool refreshing mountain springs,
The gorgeous golden sunsets,
The wild untamed rolling plains.

Kingly trees with arms reaching
To offer their treasures rare,
Gorgeous flowered decor
Of garden palaces fair.

The symphony of raindrops
Pitter pattering the ground,
Choruses of sweet song birds
Serenading where they're found.

Musicians of small creatures
From crickets to the jar flies,
Lightening bugs wink at us
Illuminates velvet skies.

Beautiful America,
God has shed His grace on thee;
Beautiful America,
Yes, far as the eye can see.

Beautiful America,
Blessed with strength and liberty,
Beautiful America,
Thank God, you are my country!

How Can They Burn You?
Lola Ann Harper, Jackson, GA
Submitted June 2008

Oh, how sad we are to see you destroyed,
to see you burning in the wind of a nation ripe with war.
can they not remember their friends that died
fighting to keep old glory alive.

Why do we watch our grand old flag die?
How do these people justify
the heartache, pain and turmoil they cause
for every human that has watched her wave in awe.

For every person proud that she waves;
for each tear that's shed for the land of the brave.
I would demand justice for the ones that desecrate
a great symbol of freedom; what a difference you've made.

How can we stand by and watch Old Glory disappear?
Who are the people that watch you burst into flames?
What are they fearing and what are their names?
Why do they want to live where their beliefs are not the same?

Let's unite all veterans, Let's put out the word.
That Old Glory's stained with American blood.
Protect her and keep her safe from the fire
That is smoldering while brave soldiers watch in despair.

Oh God, please protect her and perserve her fame
Let's fight for her once more and save her great name.
Unit with a vengence, stand up and salute
'Cause for everyone's problems, she can not be blamed.

Deanna C. Dilley, Ohio
Submitted April 2008

Lady Liberty stands proud and tall
for all of America to see.
Though the bell may be cracked,
it still rings loud and clear in our hearts.
Uncle Sam collects our taxes,
in hopes of a better economy.
Red, white, and blue flags
wave throughout the land.
We as Americans rise from our seats
at the sound of our National Anthem.
We are called a "melting pot,"
for immigrants around the world
have come to experience our wonderful freedom.
As our anthem states,
America truly is the land of the free
and home of the brave.

The Pride That I Have
Brandy L. Cinco (Riggs), Wakefield, Kansas
This poem was orginally written for my father when he was deployed to Operation Desert Sheild which became Desert Storm. I am an Army Brat by birth, VFW Auxillary Member, and Patriot by Choice. God Bless our Nation. God Bless our Troops and may God Speed.

Submitted February 2008

The pride that I have comes from people like you,
Doing the things they know they must do,
Dreaming the dreams all Americans do,
Dreams of peace and getting along,
A storybook life that flows like a song,
With a lifetime of mellow memories to share,
With all of the people that yet have to dare,
Ask us, "Just what's in America to keep you there",
"No Walls to hold you in , no laws to make you stay"
No it's the simple pride in the American Way.

The fading of our flag

Dr. Wm. Scott Magill (photo also provided by Dr. Magill)
Submitted Novmeber 2007

Upon the stalwart cobblestones of history
A glorious symbol, faded but gallant stands.
Faded by those unknowing,
lead by those with malice in their hands.

Stars upon a blue, as if a constellation new.
A constellation, by Divine Providence, Divinely driven.
Pales of red and white, in number are thirteen.
Pales of red and white, alike meaning they are given.

Red intends the strength of valor,
By so many sons and daughters bled.
White, unconcealed, our nations purity,
Which in the fading of the flag is first to shed.


In the distance I see her
Ronald Crites, Missouri
Submitted October 2007

In the distance I see her, as she stands and waves,
As I sit and watch her, at the dawn of day.
As the sun arises, from our eastern shores,
I see Old Glory, she is battered and worn.
Her colors are faded, and her edges are frayed,
A symbol of our Nation, in its current stage.
I shed a tear, for my dear old friend,
As I remember what she's seen, and the places she's been.

She was there in the beginning, as she led in the fight,
As brave men and women fought, to defend what was right.
Washington, Sherman, and for Lincoln she flew,
Over blood soaked grounds, as our freedoms grew.
She made the journey, unto foreign lands,
Through both World Wars, Korea and Nam.
Against oppression, tyranny, and terror by night,
She stood for freedom, as a beacon of light.

But now she's here, in our present age,
As I look at her there, all tattered and frayed.
I can't understand it, where we are,
From where we've been, it seems so far.
She's been spit upon, trampled, burned and torn,
Dishonored, discarded, right here at home.
A House of cards, is where our liberties lie,
While a nation stands silent, as our freedoms slip by.
Where integrity, honesty and values are lost,
Where marriage is forsaken, the unborn pay the cost.

The word of God is silent, on Congress hill,
Even from our schools, it is silent still.
The Lord of heaven, of earth, and of man,
Says "return to Me, and I'll heal your land."
We must go to Him, on bended knee,
Give all unto Him, and He'll give unto thee.

As I watch my dear friend, as she starts to fly,
I hear her plea, I hear her cry.
As she sends out a call, across the land,
"To do what's right, make a stand!"
"Liberty, Justice and Freedom" she sounds,
"Do not compromise, or cross the bounds."
"We must stand together, though some may fall,
For freedom we'll lose, if we don't stand at all."
"To laugh, to play, to worship and live,
How much is freedom worth, how much will you give?"
"Like those before us, in wars fought and won,
Our fathers, brothers, daughters and sons."
"Who fought for freedom, they gave it all,
That our country may stand, and never, fall."

As the sun descends, beyond the western view,
And taps is played, in a lonesome tune.
Old Glory is lowered, in the last bit of light,
For on this day, was her last flight.
She gave all she could, she gave all her might,
She fought to the last, she fought the good fight.
For in the breaking, of tomorrows new dawn,
New hope shall arise, as Glory lives on.
She shall arise again, bright shining and new,
As she continues the call, to me, and to you.
From sea to sea, and mountains of white,
Our land, our home, we must defend and fight.

How much will you give, as Gods own Son,
To bring us back to Him, so we can live on.
Will you join with us, hand in hand,
In prayer and fasting, to heal our land?
Though our country's not perfect, this much is sure,
But it's still our county, and it's worth fighting for.

I Am America
Sheena Kennedy, Virginia, written May 20, 2003
I wrote this poem during my senior year of high school. Everyone around me was talking about how much certain religions/races should pay for what happened on 9/11. And I just felt it was all useless considering we all live in America and that should mean we can live free of judgement and hatred.

Submitted April 2, 2005

I am the class clown
Everyone said one day I would wear a frown
Well who would have guessed me to wear the big business crown
Though quite a character
I am America

I am the teenage unwed mother
Rather than talk to me, you would talk to all the others
Now ten years later I have a loving husband and my little girl has a baby brother
Though quite a character
I am America

I am a Baptist preacher
Every Sunday I become your life's teacher
From ants to eagles, I value every living creature
Though quite a character
I am America

I am a rock n roll singer
When life gets tough I solve my problems by ordering a "stinger"
People love my songs but all the tabloids have labeled me a "career drinker"
Though quite a character
I am America

I am the journalist who writes the news you read
"Just tell the story" is my life's creed
My main goal in life is to help erase all the greed
Though quite a character
I am America

I am the soldier who helped save your lives
I always said I wasn't afraid to die
But when my Heavenly Father called me home, I had to force myself not to cry
Though quite a character
I am America

I am black, I am white
One is dark, the other light
I come from Italy, France, Japan
My parents sent me here from Afghanistan
I am among the first people to walk this great land
Most of my ancestors have been washed away like the sand
Though quite a group of characters
We are ALL America

A Tribute To Veterans
Jerry Calow (copyright 2003)
Submitted September 2004

In Vietnam, Korea and World Wars Past
Our Men Fought Bravely so Freedom Would Last
Conditions Where Not Always Best They Could Be
Fighting a Foe You Could Not Always See:

From Mountain Highs to Valley Lows
From Jungle Drops to Desert Patrols

Our Sinewy Sons Were Sent Over Seas
Far From Their Families And Far From Their Dreams
They Never Wrote Letters Of Hardships Despair
Only Of Love, Yearning That One Day Soon:

They Would Come Home, They Would Resume
And Carry On With The Rest of Their Lives

The P.O.W.'S Stood Steadfast
Against the Indignities And Cruelties Of War
They Could Not Have Lasted as Long as They Did
If They Had Relinquished Their Hope That Some Day:

They Would Come Home, They Would Resume
And Carry On the Rest Of Their Lives

Medics, Nurses, and Chaplains Alike
Did What They Needed To Bring Back Life
They Served Our Forces From Day Into Night
Not Questioning If They Would Survive:

They Mended Bones And Bodies Too,
They Soothed the Spirits of Dying Souls

And for Those M.I.A'S, Who Were Left Behind
We Echo This Message Across the Seas
We Will search For as Long As It Takes
You're Not Forgotten And Will Always Be:

In Our Hearts, In Our Prayers,
In Our Minds For All Time

A Moment of Silence, a Moment of Summons
Is Their Deliverance of Body And Soul
To a Sacred Place That We All Know
Deep In the Shrines of Our Soul:

In Our Hearts, In Our Prayers
In Our Minds For All Time


These Immortalized Soldiers Whose Bravery Abounds
They're Our Husbands, Fathers, and Sons
They Enlisted For the Duty at Hand
To Serve the Cause of Country and Land:

They Had Honor, They Had Valor,
They Found Glory That Change Them Forever

Men Standing Tall and Proud They be
A Country Behind Them in a Solemn Sea
So Let the Flags of Freedom Fly
Unfurled in Their Majesty High:

In the Sun, In the Rain
In the Winds Across This Land

Years of Tears Has Brought Us Here
Gathering Around to Hear This Sound
So Let the Flags of Freedom Fly
Unfurled in Their Majesty High:

In the Sun, In the Rain,
In the Winds Across This Land


In the Sun, In the Rain,
In the Winds For All Time

Acrostic Poem
Submitted December 2003

All should stop the disrespect
My home of the safe just doesn't feel safe anymore
Even though we say, "God Bless America," do we really mean it?
Rivalry just won't stop between everybody
I absolutely love this land of freedom, and I don't want to lose the freedom
Can't we all just get along with one another
America, it's where I live and it's where I'm staying for my entire life, and it will never change!

I am loved
Jackie Atwell, ©April 2001
Submitted June 2003

I am loved, I am hated, I am spit on,
I am burned. Regardless, I am proud of
my country and her people. They say
that love is the greatest gift but the true
greatest gift is FREEDOM. May my
country and her people always have this
great gift. I ask the blessing of God to
be with my people now and forever.

Nicci Veltri, Age 14
Submitted May 19, 2003

This poem was written to thank all of the soldiers who have served in the military in the past and those who are currently serving in the military, like my sister. Thank you!

Soldiers in war sacrificed their lives,
Leaving behind their children and wives,
The thought of never coming home again,
Kept them going from beginning to end,
Fighting for freedom was the purpose of the war,
Many gave up their lives for us to have more.
One time a year on Memorial Day,
We each thank them in a special way.

American freedom is a mystery to me,
Without it what would the next day for me be?
When we are eligible we vote for who's right,
We have a say in who rules if we might.

Living in America as you can see, is
A place where I can grow up to be free.
Freedom to laugh freedom to cry,
Freedom to ask and answer why,
Freedom to believe in whatever you do,
Freedom to dress, and just to be you.

To me our freedom is a dream come true,
But I wish that it was shared with everyone, not just me and you
A soldier is brave, a soldier is true,
To his or her country and protects me and you.
Memorial Day is not once only a year,
But we can remember everyday, to be sincere.
Remember those who died, and keep those who lived in thought,
But never forget the reason why we fought...

Brandy Slicker
Submitted April 16, 2003

You're the thing that represents what we believe in.
You tell us we're all next of kin.
That's only because we're Americans and we're the best,
If anyone doesn't believe that you-say put it to the test!

You're the thing that reminds us each and every day who we are,
We might be on the home-front or maybe afar.
But the one thing we know is that we're free.
We won the war because we knew it had to be.

We gained our freedom and our symbol was you.
Our nation was very new.
Other countries didn't think we would last but you stood tall.
You proved that we're the best to all.

You mean the world to me for all that you stand for.
You will never fall on my watch,
That's because I'm proud to say that you're my American Flag!

The American Flag
Chelsea Racovites
Submitted April 4, 2003

You are the symbol of our country,
Who shines oh so bright,
Who carried the soldiers to win the fight,

Your warmth and independence keeps our spirits up,
When you fly through the air oh so happily,

We pledge to you with loyalty and trust,
As we are one nation who stands tall,
With liberty and justice for all.

Martha Rozmus
Submitted April 1, 2003

streets filled with protesters saying we should come home so there would be peace. But I say peace could be better obtained if we kneeled in prayer.

Tannaz Farnoudi
Submitted March 10, 2003

She made the American flag
but she didn't brag.
When I view the flag
I think about freedom and pride.
Proudly she sowed the colors red, white, and blue
then she added the stars so proudly worn by you.
I always say we should hold the flag near our heart,
hold it high above our heads and never let it fall
when i look at the flag i can see my freedom wave in the air
always stand tall and pride and don't forget GOD BLESS AMERICA

Spirit of a Nation
Deborah Whipp
Submitted January 3, 2003

I proudly wave across the land,
stately emblem in the breeze
Patriotic declaration
of a nation's liberty

White purity and innocence
Red hardiness and valor
Blue vigilance and justice
preserved within my colors

Over hallowed halls of knowledge,
of government, of law
I stand watch over principles
to earn my nation's awe

And like the stars so proudly worn
upon my breast of blue
I transcend the bonds of earth
to stand majestic on the moon

Dauntless onto battlefields
I lead my country's brave
And with solemn dignity
escort the fallen to their graves

I serve as dressing for the wounds
of injured men and towers
Bestowing hope and solace
in my nation's darkest hours

When my loyal, revered servants'
last heartbeats come to pass
I join my mourning nation,
flying somberly half mast

Flames of hatred and dissension
may reduce my cloth to ash
Yet with the smoke my liberty
still rises unabashed

My strength lies not in stars or stripes,
in fabric nor in thread
But in the hearts of citizens
who hold my values sacred

For those who would destroy
America's noble decoration
Will come to find they shan't destroy
the spirit of a nation

Old Glory
Vic Fowler, Jones, Oklahoma
Submitted December 14, 2002

Old Glory, the Stars and Stripes, or the Red, White and Blue.
Whether made of silk or of rag, she is the symbol of our country,
The American Flag.
Visible to millions of American men, women and children's eyes,
this glorious Lady of Liberty for them every day flies.
For over two hundred years, no matter where Americans were,
we always knew in our hearts that we were still within reach of
From the battle of Fort Sumter to the sands of the Persian Gulf,
she has gone with our American fighting forces to let those of
aggression know that contesting our freedom can really get
Above the decks of the Saratoga, on the Mediterranean Sea, it
was she who sent a few of our men to pay a visit on a place called
The burdens of this lady are many, she really depends on us, she
shall never have to worry, for she will always have our complete
love and trust.
Today is the time to remember, and everyday for the rest of our
lives. It is for us, our children and all others that for freedom
cry, that this wonderful flag of ours, "OLD GLORY" shall
forever overhead fly.

Let Stand the Flag
Bettye Wittenmeier, Nashville, TN
Submitted July 1, 2002

Let stand the flag of the
home of the brave and the
land of the free

Let it fly over all the land
Let it fly ore every sea
Let stand the flag

Hold it near to your heart
Hold it high above your head
Never letting it fall
Let stand the flag

If you close your eyes you
can see each drop of blood
each bullett and sword
that pierced the flesh
of a nation who fought to
Let stand the flag

Now more than ever
in our time of trouble
in our time of lives lost
lets fight even harder
to Let stand the flag

The Flag
Kelly, age 10
Submitted June 26, 2002

The Flag that waves through hard tough times,
the flag that sparkles with light,
and hope flows through that flag
in the sun rain or at night
that is our flag shinning bright

Old Glory
Jon Townsend, Former Green Beret Captain
Submitted June 16, 2002

I have seen "Old Glory" unfurled and waved,
Moths flying everywhere.
It has been put away too long
Well , since last there was a scare.

I have heard "God Bless America"
Being sung strong and loud,
Why must there be a tragedy
To make us finally proud?

I have heard the people sing
"The Star Spangled Banner"
Who never sung before
With hands placed over hearts ,
They let their voices soar

As tears run down our cheeks
And shivers up our spine,
We honor how freedoms were won
And paid for, time after time

We've sent our young soldiers into harm's way,
When freedoms were in doubt,
To battle evil in the world
And to help the victims out.

Korea, Vietnam and Iraq,
World Wars 1 and 2,
American blood was shed to combat evil,.
That's what Americans do.

Now we were the targets of terrorists,
And, as time will surely tell,
Whether you are for or against us, know this!
America will prevail!

When terrorism is defeated
And wrongs are ultimately righted,
I pray that moths don't again get Old Glory,
And again the soldier slighted.

"Old Glory" is my flag
And I am filled with pride,
I choke up when I see her wave cause I know
She waves o'er heroes who died.

God bless America.

Red, White,and Blue So True
Submitted June 12, 2002

Those colors wave so gallantly and true.
The colors of freedom; red, white, and blue.
Those 13 stripes dance so bright.
Those 50 stars what meaningful sight.
All for one and one for all
That American Flag stands so tall
I stand so proud as tears fall from my eyes
And watch as my nation begins to rise.
The star spangled banner flows through my ears
My eyes fill up with big, blurred tears
I can see my freedom wave in the air
As all gather round from here and there
Red, white, and blue for all to see
For the home of the brave and the land of the free.

Forever Our Flag Will Fly
Alexandria Moseley
Submitted May 23, 2002

Forever our flag will fly,
Hues red, white, and blue.
The symbol of our nation,
Strong, proud, and true.

Forever our flag will fly,
A united nation we stand.
Helping and loving each other,
Side by side, hand in hand.

Forever our flag will fly.
Freedom and justice it shows.
All fifty stars united together.
This is the America I know.

The Twin Towers
Abbie Lambusta
Submitted May 9, 2002

The twin towers standing high,
Almost as they were going to reach the sky.
They looked beautiful in every way,
But then came that sad day.
Tears of water would come down your eyes,
Every one had a big sigh.
That's why we stand tall,
So be united one and all.

A banner waving in the wind
shannon spengler age 16
Submitted March 31, 2002

That banner waving in the wind
So careless and so free,
Once was just a common sight,
Not so unusual to me.
But now I can understand
The lives lost just for her.
The men whose blood makes up those red stripes;
The toil and sweat those folds incur.

That flag, it stands for freedom,
And everything just and true.
That flag, it stands for honor,
The Red, White, and the Blue.
That flag it stands for tragedy,
And yet it stands for hope.
It means that we can live in peace,
That somehow we can cope.

That banner is anything but ordinary;
Anything but bland,
It symbolizes freedom,
And the brave throughout our4 land.
It waves proudly day in, day out,
Silently our flag can shout,
"America the brave the true!"
"America how we love you!"

Ashley Paston
Submitted March 31, 2002

america what a great place to be
America what you can see
Like the poor twin towers
There are also pretty flowers
America is the best place to be!!!

Our Flag
Brittany W.
Submitted March 21, 2002

Hold our flag, high and proud,
Never let it touch the ground.
It's all we have when our hope is gone,
We catch a glimpse,
Our hope revived,
And we go marching on.

Sarah Newton
Submitted February 22, 2002

Dedicated to all those who have lost lives or family and friends in this awful time in our lifetime. To many of us this is such a shock, never could a new page in history be created in the time we lived in the world. I always wondered how it felt to be part of history, to be part of the word going down in books. To expect one day, hear your grandchildren coming up to you with wondering eyes, yearning to hear of the details of the most terrorists act ever known to America's history. This, no doubtedly is the worst thing to occur, but it will prove fruitful to the never-ending knowledge that's bound to brought upon the next generation and beyond.

P. S. This poem has not been edited by anyone higher in education than me. I am a junior in high school and decided to write this and dedicate it to those less fortunate in the September11 attacks. So if you would, I would like to see it on your site. Thanks again.

Freedom has been deprived from our nation, the strongest one known
And has sparked many fears of being alone
No longer can we speak out so freely as before
For we have no clue of what's in store
No one can heal our wounds until we join as one.
And even then, this tragic process has just begun
I wish I could be with all the families there
and show them just how much we actually care
How would you feel with no daddy to kiss you goodnight?
To reassure you he's there to scare away all the nighttime fright
Where would you be without that warmth beside you in bed?
The warmth of love, and security, that's all to be said
America, the land of freedom, what's our justification for being a target of war?
One united nation attacked so brutally is now broken and tore
I sit here with fears amassing my head
For if I happened to be there I could be dead
I can't be thinking of these things, no way
I'll have to cope with this day by day
With our flags hung half low
America is confused on where we'll actually go
Will we make peace with the terrorists for some sense of security?
Or will we revolt, because of the pride we possess, the American purity
So as Eagles soar in our broken sky
Don't lose hope because soon you'll fly
You'll come to means with how tragedy has struck
But there's many out there to help, so don't worry you won't be stuck
Just always know that were in American the freedom land,
They'll figure this out, it'll take time though I'm sure you understand

What Do You Look Like?
Thomas Shoupe
Submitted January 12, 2002

It really doesn't matter what people look like here.
Whether you're green, blue, red, black, purple, orange, or yellow my dear.
It only matters if you have a home.
Especially in the U.S.A!

Always Stand Tall
Becca Walker, age 13
Submitted December 15, 2001

Always stand tall with pride
pride knowing your American,
that you live in America.

Always stand tall with pride
that the flag is a symbol of your country,
waving in the wind saying,"United We Stand."

Always stand tall with pride
that we'll always be willing to help others,
even when others aren't willing to help us.

Always stand tall with pride
that no matter what other countries do,
we can always get through it together.

Always stand tall with pride
and remember,
"God Bless Us All!"

Ol' Glory
H. Fred Jackson
Submitted December 1, 2001 (Written September 14, 2001)

Ol' Glory she is called, by those who know her best
She stands head and shoulders above all the rest
Ol' Glory she is called, by those who know her best
Because down through the centuries she has with stood the test

From the earliest of battles she has stood proud and tall
Always ready and willing to go when given the call
From the shores of America or to the shores of foreign lands
Her stars and stripes waving in the breeze always remind us of our free land

She may get knocked down, dirty, torn, worn or soiled
But She will pick herself up and knock off the dust and continue to toil
She is the symbol of our great land, freedom and liberty we all hold so dear
A symbol of strength, courage and a spirit that will not disappear

When all the dust and smoke has cleared and even the shedding of a tear
Then we look up and see Ol' Glory, the One, we all hold so dear
She's standing prouder, taller with more spirit then ever before
She's called Ol' Glory for all of us to love and adore

Where you from?
Ka Youa Her
Submitted November 22, 2001

Where you from? Ours is the New Land, the roots of our family trees criss-cross beneath continents and seas.
We're a hyphenated people, blends and shapes.
Monolingual on the surface, we speak varieties of English -- or should that be American? -- with tendrils in Africa, Asia, Europe. We speak our own versions of Spanish and Tagalog and Cantonese and French, praise the land in Tlingit and Cherokee, watch TV shows in Hmong and Japanese. We are from the world, a condensation of cultures in a large and generous nation. We come together in the way that a poem creates a new vision. All based in languages, in thought made real, in the invisible connecting web of words, deep in the American grain.

United We Stand
H. Fred Jackson
Submitted November 1, 2001

No matter what may come our way
We are Americans and will not be swayed
Some have tried to do us harm but all they did was sound an alarm

We are Americans and united we will stand
Some have tried to destroy our spirit and divide this free land
But we are Americans brave, courageous and united we will stand

We are Americans who have honor and pride
Some may think that we'll run and hide
But we will stand united and not be denied

We will mourn and tears will be shed due to the loss of life
And our wills will be tested through all the strife
But we will stand united through the toughest of plights

We are Americans and united we will stand
We are Americans who count it a privilege and honor to be
To live in such an land of freedom and liberty

Click for enlargement
Click for

Thank you for your wonderful web site! My sister used the illustration of Betsy Ross to make a Betsy Ross costume for her six year old daughter Alex Stirpe of No. Syracuse, NY. When her mother couldn't find a replica of the legendary flag, she made it herself, sewing each star in place by hand!
(Submitted by Joey Nigro-Nilsen)

From the stars above us
Kiley Shields

From the stars above us down to our hearts
We hold our heads up high,
We pray for the mother country to believe in our hope,
Yet something still bothers us but our head is still up high,
Our allegiance has brought us far so please don't let it fail,

I Can't Believe This Happened
Samantha, 11 years old

I can't believe this happened
To our faithful 50 states
For all those 5,000 people
Did not deserve this fate

What happened to the people
What happened to the Pentagon
What happened to America
No pros just cons

For no exact reason
Evil people did this
America will find them
And bring them to mighty justice

And Camp David almost gone
But there were heros on that plain
That stopped those terrorists
From crashing it in vain

And as I woke up
To my mom yelling at me
To get down here,
And watch the tv

What I saw,
Took my breath away
It was so horrible
I cannot say

In the bible it clearly states
To turn the other cheek
But this was no slap
It was planned by a freak

And when the people heard the news
In whatever way
People saw what happens
In this messed up world of today

We will find Osama
And finish him off
Whatever it takes
He's not that tough

This is our land
Its not his turf
He should stay away
The stupid jerk

And as I sit here
Writing this
I hope and dream
Of him meeting justice

Its a scary world
Its so big so tough
I cant stand it
I've had enough

So Lord I pray
That you bless our souls
And let the heat die down
As if burning coals

So bless America
And those who died
May they go to heaven
And live eternal lives

The people who died
Are lucky to be away
No harm can come to them
In any way

I cant believe this happened
To our 50 faithful states
None of us deserved
This eternal memory of hate

Elizabeth Horchler

Our Flag stands for Freedom, at least that's what we say.
But, on that one dreadful day someone tried to take that freedom away!

Our spirits were held high, our friends we held so dear, together we all destroyed that fear they put inside and would not let them take that freedom, "NO WAY!"
But, no one person or persons would ever make us the USA run and hide!
For on that day they just brought our country, friends, family, even strangers in a land that was once filled with violence together and fighting it better than ever before.

We will rise to the occasion, make the enemy pay for what they once destroyed, and we will find all of them and fight for the land that we all adore!

Our Soldiers, Firefighters, Policemen, Doctors, and Nurses our just a few of our HERO"S whom helped through the roughest of times that we all have had.
Together they faced the horror of what had just began, but they all pulled together and made it better and for that we are very glad!

America will rise and be stronger than it ever was before, its men, women, and children will all join together and we will fight the battle which was thrown upon us.
We will not let them destroy what we once had, we will rebuild our families, our buildings, and our strength and together we will overcome!

Flag picture
Mark Johnson
Submitted October 20, 2001

Click for enlargement

"My name is Mark Johnson I'm a graphic designer, and I thought that you would like to see this jpg that I made days after 9-11-01." Click picture for enlargement.

The Towers
Submitted October 17, 2001 by Steven M. Gargano

This is for all the people
Who risk their lives everyday
For our freedom

They ran to help us
In the boldest way
They couldn't decline

Their souls go to heaven
Where all the good people go
Who risk their lives

The firefighters
And Paramedics

All worked together
For the survival of many

We must thank the people
That risk Their lives for ours
And we can never forget
Our neighbor the hero!

Based on My Name is Old Glory
Howard Schnauber
Submitted Don Miller October 13, 2001

"I am the flag of the United States of America"
My name is Old Glory.
I fly atop the world's tallest buildings.
I stand watch in America's hall of justice.
I fly majestically over great institutes of learning.
I stand guard with the greatest military power in the world.
Look up and see me!
I stand for peace, honor, truth and justice.
I stand for freedom.
I am confident and I am arrogant.
I am proud.
When I am flown with my fellow banners my head is a little higher, my color a little truer.
I bow to no one.
I am recognized all over the world.
I am honored.
I am saluted.
I am respected.
I am loved and I am feared.
I have fought every battle of every war for more than 200 years: Gettysburg, Shiloh, Appomattox, San Juan Hill, the trenches of France, the Argonne Forest, Anzio, Rome, the beaches of Normandy, the desserts of Africa, the cane fields of the Philippines, the rice paddies and jungles of Guam, Okinawa, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and scores of places long forgotten by all, but those who were with me.
I was there.
I led my soldiers.
I followed them.
I watched over them.
They loved me.
I was on a small hill in Iwo Jima.
I was dirty, battle worn and tired, but my soldiers cheered me on and I was proud.
I have been soiled, burned, torn and trampled on the streets; streets of countries I have helped to set free.
It does not hurt, for I am invincible.
I have been soiled, burned, torn and trampled on the streets of my own country, and when it is by those whom I have served in battle, it hurts, but I shall overcome for I am strong.
I have slipped the bonds of earth and stand watch over the uncharted new frontier of space from my vantage point on the moon.
I have been a silent witness to all of America's finest hours.
But my finest hour comes when I am torn into strips to be used for bandages for my wounded comrades on the field of battle; when I fly half mast to honor soldiers; and when I lie in the trembling arms of a grieving mother at the graveside of her fallen son.
I am proud.
My name is Old Glory!
Long may I wave .. Dear god long may I wave!

United America
Jamie Corey
Submitted October 10, 2001

America land of freedoms untold.
The land in which we were given by God,
to always have and hold.

We stay to our independence until an
act of war takes place. Then we put on our
army hats and a solemn face.

United we stand to defend our nation,
all of us in this generation.

America land of friends,
where unity never ends.

We are a land that is united.
Everywhere it can be sighted.
We stand and fight with strenth and determination,
We fight to win, in every confrontation.

America united we stand,
to fight with cause,
at the first command.

Old Glory
Arlene Murray
Submitted October 7, 2001

Here I stand proud and tall,
My name is 'Old Glory' by most all.
Some take me for granted
And think I'm a toy,
But I'm a symbol of freedom
That we all enjoy.
So show me with pride
And love in you heart,
As so many have died
By doing their part.

Sky of Hope
Laquelle Keller

Today when I got out of bed
I knew I had taken a risk
Of among the many people out there
I had gone without a kiss
I looked up high to the sky of hope
To live the dream I dreamt
If I knew I wouldn't return today
I would say to many this:
Show your love to the ones you love
And care for those who care
God bless this land America
I will miss the uncaged mare

Washington said to Betsy Ross
Betty KLLC O'Brien - 1984
Submitted October 2001

Washington said to Betsy Ross,
"Make a flag for me.
Red and white stripes and thirteen stars -
A beauty she will be."

So Betsy sat and stitched away
And made Old Glory Grand.
And to this day, on June fourteenth,
For freedom it does stand.

America Is
Constance Marie Wixom

I'm the red clay canyon of the Colorado River,
I'm the old dominion in the rain.
I'm a wind-swept battlefield at Vicksburg,
I'm the last two minutes of the game.
I'm an Indiana cornfield on a hot summer's day,
I'm a Popsicle and the popcorn at the park.
     I'm suburban,
     I'm a slum,
      A forgotten fife and drum.
     I'm underground Atlanta, after dark.
I'm a street fight and a crap game up in Harlem,
I'm the Rams and I'm your old Kentucky home.
I'm a politician's cheater,
I'm a two cheese-burger eater.
     I'm a couple,
      I'm a crowd,
     And I am alone.
I am Jack and I am Bobby and I am Martin Luther King.
And with sorrow I have watched these young men die.
From riches and from rags,
I have buried them in flags,
And I have loved them for they cared enough to try.
I have had my brothers beaten in the jungles
And in the cities.
I have seen them raped and pillaged on the Plains.
I've made mistakes, but that's the breaks
And I'm willing to accept my share of the blame.
     I'm Abe Lincoln, I'm a slave,
     I'm a coward and I am brave.
     I'm a wino; I'm a lid,
I'm the Coca-Cola kid; I'm 5 lemonade,
     I'm the fireman's brigade.
     I am country, I am soul,
     I'm the blues and I am rock-'n'-roll.
I don't stand for everything my country is about,
But I am willing to stand up for my country.
I am damn glad to be an AMERICAN.

c.k. roshong rev.1
Submitted Sept. 30, 2001

Wave on high grand old flag
For the sake of all who care;
You're the symbol of our freedom,
The answer to our prayer.

You give us strength to hold our ground
Against the brazen few
Who would test our mettle,
Our fortitude, dedicated to you.

Your colors stand for more
Than what we learned in school;
They blend together,
Form a wrapper, for the golden rule.

You guide the way we carry on
When faced with a mighty test;
Each minute and hour of every day
We resolve to do our best

To stand as one before the terror
That violates natures laws,
To protect the rights of all
Who pledge allegiance to your cause.

Wave on high, grand old flag,
It's you we loudly cheer;
You radiate a wondrous spirit,
That helps us conquer fear.

When hope, care and promise
Are the world's greatest need,
You shine bright from way on high --
A banner to take the lead.

My Flag, My America
V. S. Pike
Submitted September 16, 2001

She is My Flag, My America
My Red, White, and Blue
She was born of Freedom, by Blood
That was Shed for Me and You.

She is Grand and Beautiful and Brave,
The Symbol of Blood that Soldiers Gave.
She is My Flag, My America
Forever She'll Stand and Wave.

She is a Brotherhood of Nations, My Flag,
And She's Stronger Than She's Ever Been,
My Fighter of Justice and Peace
For All Women and Children and Men.

She is Old and Tired and Worn,
She is Soiled and Tattered and Torn
But She is My Flag, My America
Never, No Never, to be Forlorn.

I'll Never Give Her Up, Not My Flag,
My American Stars and Stripes,
Not My Home, My Freedom, My Hope.
For These I'll Always Fight.

No, No One Can Take Her Away.
She'll Stand Strong Forever and A Day,
Because She is OUR Flag, OUR America
And No One Can Take That Away.

Thread and a Thimble
Pam Howerton

Needles and thread, cloth a deep red,
Scissors cut stars, which she would embed;
Muslin bleached white with cotton dyed blue,
All for the war that was about to ensue.

She tackled the job without heed or dread,
A future heirloom for our country & men;
Unknowingly birthing a star spangled symbol,
All with just needle, thread and a thimble.

She created a flag so true with respect,
Did Betsy know, did she even suspect?
The design she created would be so profound
That to this day it has never touched ground.

Our Flag
Sarah Hayes

Our flag is blue, red, and white
Our flag is glowing in the night
Even in the British War
But we've had much, much more
Our flag always stands
Because it's in good hands

Patriotic submissions
Submitted December 1997

Our Flag

Desert Storm

Art & Poems
Chappaqua Central School District, Chappaqua, New York)

The flag is designed to represent the class. We tried to capture the essence of the class, their sense of being a cooperative unit made up of individuals working together. -Sel Shimmerlik




Red, White and Blue
by Ali (Third Grade - New York)

The mighty flag stands in the sky
Waving its colors proud with pride
Its colors stand true
Red, white and blue
Showing our gleaming past.
Red is our courage
Blue our justice and
White our liberty.
These are the colors
That beautifully show our country.
Flags fly, people die
Half mast is the way we honor.
Our country needs us
To lead them
In the right direction.
And when we do
Our colors show true
Red, white and blue.

by Adam (Third Grade - New York)

I like flags
They're really, really neat
You should never place a flag
Underneath your feet.
It's disrespectful to our country
And really really bad
If anybody saw you
They would get pretty mad.
Our flag has fifty stars
For all the fifty states
We even choose our President
After they debate
Our flag has 13 stripes
For the original colonies
When I see a flag
I jump with jollity.
Flags, flags
I wish our nation had two
But we only have one
And the colors are
Red, white and blue.

The Meaning of Half Mast
by Jackson (Third Grade - New York)

When the flag has not yet
Reached the top of its pole
It mostly means
That someone has died.
That is called half mast.
To fly the flag at half mast
Means a special person died
Like the President.
Flying the flag at half mast
Is a way of showing
Our unhappiness.

by Chelsea (Third Grade - New York)

If you go up high, what will you see?
The flag which is meaningful to me.
High up waving proud, just like a happy cloud
Proud to be waving at this country
States all over come in one piece
To create the 50 states.
Every state is on that flag
Proud to be there
Red, white and blue make three colors
Creating the American flag.
I hold the flag in my hand and
Realize the American flag is in my heart.

by Franke (Third Grade - New York)

In the big blue sky
I see a flag wave by
I love our flag
It makes me cry.
On June 14th
Our flag stands out with pride
It shouldn't touch the ground
But should be held high
By my side.

The Flag
by Zach (Third Grade - New York)

When I look up
I see a tall pole
Flying high in the sky
I see red, white and blue
I wonder why.
Then I remember
What soldiers fought for
They fought for our freedom
So now in America
We fly our flag very high.

by Rachel (Third Grade - New York)

The flag waves up high
Loyal and true
Shines in the sky
Red, white and blue
Every day say the pledge
While the flag
Flutters above your head.

The Flag
by Jeremy (Third Grade - New York)

It flies high in the sky
I like to see the flag
Fluttering in the breeze
Red, white and blue
I'm thinking of flags

The Flag
by Mitch (Third Grade - New York)

High in the sky
It stands on the moon
Its day is in June
Used on the Fourth of July
It stands up high
I know it's our flag

Our Flag
by Lauren (Third Grade - New York)

Up, up, up
I see red, white and blue
Could it be our flag?
Is it true?
Up, up, way up in the sky
Fifty white stars on a blue square
Seven red stripes and
Six white ones too!
Fifty white stars for the fifty states
Thirteen red and white stripes
For thirteen original colonies
Up in the sky
Way, way up in the sky
That's our flag I see
It's true.

My Flag
by Laura (Third Grade - New York)

I love to see my flag flow
When you hear Mr. Wind blow.
Jamaica has a flag
Other countries, too.
They all have colors
Mine has red, white and blue.
It's the one I look up to
It's the one shows freedom.

The Flag
by Didi (Third Grade - New York)

It stands up high
In the blue blue sky
It waves when the wind
Blows on it and
When it does
You know it's the flag
With us during the war
Helping men and women serve
Part of our country
We give it honor.

by Kathryn (Third Grade - New York)

Our flag is red, white and blue
Our flag is really cool
Like yellow, orange and black too.
Every day our flag is at our school
But the only one that I can look at
Is red, white and blue.

American Flag
by Billy (Third Grade - New York)

I see our flag that flies so high
In the bright light sky
How elegant it flies
On the cool breeze
Oh, look at that banner
Way up in the sky
That star spangled banner
Way up in the sky
I look at our flag and
I see our country.

by Sean (Third Grade - New York)

In the sky
A flag hangs high from a pole
Representing our fifty states
Fun to look at
Red, white and blue,
Standing for Independence Day
Standing for freedom.

The Flag
by Zach (Third Grade - New York)

The flag is red, white and blue.
It stands proud and true
In the light blue sky.
The symbol of freedom and honored
By those who died in the war.
Fifty stars and thirteen stripes
Indeed, what a wonderful sight.
The flag is red, white and blue.
It stands proud and true
In the light blue sky.
The symbol of freedom
Honored by those
Who died in the war.
Fifty stars and thirteen stripes
What a wonderful sight.

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