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Thank You........
jesse trujillo, California, 44 yrs old [07-28-2011] »»»

this is a wonderfuull and interesting website,ive always loved history.america is such a young country compared to the uk and most others. the american population is immigrant related and it was them who built that great nation. i dont know if i have american relations or not, my fathers family came from yorkshire england. that was the ringrows, and my mother is scottish. her maiden name was bell, and she came from dumfriesshire. that is southwest scotland,it would be interesting if i get feedback on this?, i wonder.
john ringrow, 50yrs old, bellshill, north lanarkshire, scotland. [07-26-2011] »»»

I am a student of Darton College and I had to write a paper on a website dealing with historical events covered by the course I was taking. I choose your site because of your creativity in its format and presenting history fun and exciting!
Maribel, Duluth, Ga [07-25-2011] »»»

Teresa Smith, 41 - Eureka Springs Arkansas [07-22-2011]

Beautiful visit to Independence Hall and The President's House today...
Tracy Robillard, East Hartford, CT [07-20-2011]

Want to prove a point to a Jehovahs Witness that the "Pledge" is not worshiping the flag or our great nation that many have faught for and died for. Someone hit a sore spot with me tonight as I am an Army Vereran, Disabaled at that from my time in the service. K.
Keith J. Kerr [07-20-2011] »»»

I found James Wilson was U.S. Supreme Court of PA. and Fort Wilson Historic of our great great great grandfather
Dixie Hull, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [07-20-2011] »»»

I have always loved the history of our nation and have debated on studying in school but I find that I just can absorb so much more by saturating myself with whatever I can find on the subject! Can't wait to visit your historic city...someday, Lord willing!
Celita K. Johnston, 39 year old, College Student, Mother of Homeschoolers, Shelton, WA [07-17-2011]

Larry Hale, sixty Orlando,fl [07-17-2011] »»»

Great place to study from.
Maria Gabriel, Burleson [07-15-2011]

I thank God for He has done great things. Im happy to be a child of God and to be part of the AME church and YPD. God bless the AME church.
Boipelo Lecoko, 24 years old, Bloemforntein, South Africa [07-15-2011] »»»

Todd Stone, Dallas, TX [07-15-2011]

I would like more citizens to know the history of the pledge that continues to generate heated debates!
Maureen Farlow, Teacher from Midlothian, Va [07-11-2011] »»»

The biography on Thomas Paine does not do justice to this great man. It is very negative and does little to convey Paine's importance.
anonymous [07-11-2011]

Luiz Augusto Lima e Silva, I love the USA, people and history of Nation [07-07-2011]

Thank you for a wonderful site, I was able to read all the signers of the Declaration of Independence.
Pamela McCall-Zielinbski, Manalapan, NJ [07-06-2011] »»»

Very pleased to find the work you have made available here. This is a wonderful support for our homeschooling adventures. Thank you, thank you! Eager to get the children back to visit Philadelphia again.
A Raif, Guatemala [07-05-2011]

i love your website.its as good as any history website.
bobby bartram, 49 [07-05-2011]

Happy 4th of July!
David W Kemmerer, Savannah, GA [07-05-2011]

Greetings from Polish.
Ryszard, Poland [07-05-2011]

If Americans were reminded and taught of who they are; the politicians would have to do their job without excuses. The enemies of God and america would tremble in fear and admiration.
anonymous, 61 [07-05-2011] »»»

It is amazing how the 'system' can, and more often does, ignore the 'Bill of Rights', to the point of deceiving persons into believing there is nothing a pro se litigate can do about it. Thank you for your, 'spreading the truth', enabling us 'common people' to stand up for our rights. Happy 4th!
Dave [07-02-2011] »»»

David Perry [07-02-2011]

Thank you for this website.
Lisa Martin, Arvada, CO [07-02-2011] »»»

Finally the real American history available for all to study
mike masse [07-02-2011]

Beth King, Hurricane, WV [06-30-2011]

The information contained within this website is very informative and valuable to society.
Lisa, Columbus, OH [06-29-2011] »»»

h. sabrina k. [06-29-2011]

I've been looking for information I needed for a long time, but only your site has helped me to find it. Thank you very much. I'm sure to tell my friends about you.
soft [06-29-2011]

I thank God, for you who maintain and make available this site for those who want to know about the people and ideas that with God's help, made this Nation the greatest Nation on Earth. The Bible says: "Righteousness exaulteth a Nation..." and I pray our great Nation will call on The God of Creation, to help us in our time of need.
Dottie Hardage [06-27-2011] »»»

Have Always Loved History,(all),Wall Builders, Good Source,Just Read Thomas Kindig's Page, Stumbled in Here.. Also Have Studied King JAmes Bible Since 1937,No I am Not a Preacher, Do n ot follow any Faith, All Brk the 4th Commmandment.except Jewish Faith, No I am not Jewish.Do Like to read and Listen to Rabbies,, So I suppose As Most CAll Me Strange, So Be It . I am as I am..For I am no Better then My Self, and My Self is Always worse then I am.. Amen also I am a Ham Radio operator. Jim Carender
James E. Carender, Age 80, Brn,Ind, Now San Manuel,Az, since 1960 [06-27-2011]

I like that we have this site available; and that I can share it with my kids. I am observing my local public schools teaching things contrary to these documents and twice I've called them on it. Keep this going folks!
Jeffrey S. Kline, Minneapolis, MN [06-24-2011] »»»

I like that we have this site available; and that I can share it with my kids. I am observing my local public schools teaching things contrary to these documents and twice I've called them on it. Keep this going folks!
Jeffrey S. Kline, Minneapolis, MN [06-24-2011] »»»

Marla McFarland, Beavercreek, OH [06-21-2011]

I will be sending this link to all I know. I hope my grandchrilden will look at this. Thank you.
John Nordlund, United States [06-21-2011]

well i totally believed from our fathers who designed our independence to freedoms of speeches
craig [06-20-2011] »»»

Ski Gorski, US Navy Retired Command Master Chief [06-20-2011]

merlin conner, 70+ [06-20-2011] »»»

Lilly [06-18-2011]

Happy Flag Day to all Americans!
Ioana Monica [06-15-2011] »»»

wonderful info we must keep knowing and pledging our unity
anonymous [06-13-2011] »»»

RAJPATEL [06-13-2011]

more people need to visit this site
Robert L Dimmick [06-13-2011] »»»

If there are any descendents of the Ganges Africans who would like to share family history, please write me.
Valerie Ann Tuttle, I am the great-great-great grand-daughter of one of the Ganges Africans, "Kitty Ganges." [06-12-2011]

As a current High School student i found tha this site is so helpful. I take more itnterest in learning more.
anonymous [06-08-2011]

Hi how are you?
Autumn, I am 10 and live in Hamilton [06-08-2011]

I was never very good nor interested in history while in school. Now that I am older history has become somewhat of a new hobby for me. It is wounderful that after a few type strokes our amazing history is right in front of me.
Stacy Connally, I am 33 live in McDonough Georgia [06-07-2011]

I am studying English and American studies and Im about to write a term paper regarding American values in American broadcasting. The reseach on this site and especially in what way historical documents shaped the actual American values really helped me. So thanks a lot!
Fran, Germany [06-05-2011]

I was looking up your flag folding ceremonies and wanted to correct you on one point. The Official AF one or #3 CAN be used in an official ceremony. It is not in conflict with establishment rules. You are not establishing any religion, you are just mentioning it. When folks like you continue to perpetuate a "rumor", it scares folks from exercising their rights to use God and beliefs in ceremonies. Thank you for your time. Denice McDonald
Denice McDonald, spouse of retired AF Col, mother to 2 AF officers, daughter of retired AF Col [06-05-2011]

This site is exceptional and a one stop-shop for all of my American History needs.
Greg F., San Antonio, Tx [06-05-2011]

This is a great site. I come here almost every time I have a history assignment.
Daniella, Age-18 [06-03-2011]

ABC was a calculator on a desk. ENIAC was a workhorse which performed for years for the US Government and the business world.
Christopher Moos [06-03-2011]

Collin WHitesall [06-01-2011]

becca tebor [06-01-2011] »»»

Thank you for being here.
Jerry Jones [06-01-2011] »»»

Philly, best city in the country
R.Brilling JR, Scotia NY [06-01-2011]

I think this website is very interesting. Too bad we didnt have the internet when I was in school may years ago. Kids today have it made useing the internet to help with homework
Jill Alexander, 46, Egg Harbor Twp. NJ [06-01-2011]

Thanks for having a site where the basics of our great nation can be shared for free and good use of pictures for people learning English.
Sheri E Patton, Member of PA Army National Guard, K-8th grade Phys Ed Teacher [05-30-2011]

Andrea Sutton, Fitzgearld, GA [05-30-2011]

Delana [05-30-2011] »»»

Thanks for the information about the flag (correct way to display)! Love the website!
Melissa Chavis Locklear, Female, age 36, of Parksley, VA [05-30-2011]

In this Memorial Day Week-end, my need is to educate the ignorant (uninformed). My immediate Neighbor has a Flag Pole in his front yard. He flies our Flag of America during the day and ALL NIGHT (without following "The Code"). I will E-mail that page in your website to EDUCATE my neighbor. And to help prevent him from looking like - "A FRAUD LIVING AMONGST US". Thank you for your forethought to offer this Resource that is very much needed as part of the effort to educate. I will ask your permission (using forms) to include your link and Associated Links. I design all my "Give Credit" Links with images from the websites. You are a wonderful needed Resource I'd like to share through Facebook, blogs, and my personal Domain. Thank you again for providing the American Flag "Code" for those taking on the responsibility of ownership. Facebook: http://www.facebook/linda.broadchance
Linda Broad Chance, Involved in educating Americans of our American Heritage [05-30-2011] »»»

Thanks for your page. enjoyed it
Theresa Norris [05-29-2011] »»»

Love this site, just love it!
Ben Lopez, Alton, IL (FosterburgTownship) [05-27-2011]

Thinking of stuyding about history about our states.
Gabriella [05-27-2011]

it was nawt so helpful.
anonymous [05-27-2011]

Scott Heizman [05-27-2011]

you guys rox my soxs
voldemort [05-27-2011] »»»

Great site, but wish you had a page by page citation generator to make things easier! O:-)
Stacey Erbay, Pompano Beach, FL [05-26-2011]

hello how are you
anonymous [05-26-2011]

Alyssa Sturgill, Williamstown, New Jersey [05-25-2011]

Renee Emmy Angela Ariana [05-25-2011] »»»

An amazing treasure chest of invaluable information. I teach English conversation to Japanese students of all ages and find American culture and history of vital importance in language study. Thank you.
Mark Baribeau, American citizen residing in Japan [05-24-2011]

My 9 Books on the 1758 Forbes Roads are still available. OLDHIKEMASTER@hotmail.com Now is a good time to take a Tour
The Old Hikemaster [05-24-2011] »»»

OCC College student doing research on Philly history prior to 1865.
Linda Clark, Jackson, NJ [05-24-2011] »»»

William Manning, 57 y/o Baton Rouge, LA. [05-24-2011]

Michael J. (Andrew) Fox [05-24-2011]

Karlmyers [05-24-2011]

Rocio Rojas [05-22-2011]

I visited, and got tons of great info for my history project.Thanks so much!
Jacey, Age 11 [05-22-2011]

Robert [05-22-2011] »»»

I will use much of the information provided to learn and teach my children, Thank you, Kerry Sheldon 426 Ohio Ave Wilmington, De 19805
Kerry Sheldon, Wilmington, DE [05-20-2011] »»»

Nicholette, 28, Dallas [05-20-2011] »»»

Grateful for my country and my flag. Thankful for your work preserving the US flag's history.
Shellie L. Fontana, U.S. citizen, Patriot, Texas resident [05-20-2011]

i love studying the american revoloian love ya bye !11
irene cappuccino, boston walpole 9 [05-20-2011]

The site is wonerful! I love it. It's great for my American Government class. Loads of information here! I will definatly be coming back to this site everytime a history project needs doing!
Shayne [05-20-2011]

The site is awesome. It is wonderful to see a book online without having to purchase it. Everything that I need was here and was glad to help my son in high school complete his homework since schools today do not have enough books to send home but a classroom set that needs to stay inside the classroom. Great site!
Michelle Patten, assistant teacher/ell (english language learners) interpreter [05-18-2011]

Amazing, facutal Site (:
Malina Apri, 24, Los Angeles California [05-18-2011]

Rachel [05-18-2011]

well i need help but i dont know how to do this s i went here and i got a 100% A+
Ashtan Nichole Allen, i am 15 and i live in Russells Point Ohio [05-17-2011]

regina, 18 [05-17-2011]

I'm so mad my printer ran out of ink so now, i'm stuck what should i do?
Aubrey, 11,Indiana [05-17-2011]

Joey Kage [05-15-2011] »»»

I had no trouble finding what I needed 4 my S.S paper
Claire Geary [05-14-2011]

oh my god this website helped me get a A+ my my research paper
shiv mistry, 11 years old [05-14-2011] »»»

us history is weirddddd! haha byesss
Kenzie Rose! :) [05-14-2011]

Cutberto Angel Hernandez [05-14-2011]

in god we trust
Dale Ellis [05-12-2011]

I went on this site to see what i would see in Philadelphia when we went on our class field and the only thing that disappointed me was that I was looking to see if there were any rag doll type things or blankets and it didn't say. This one little Kindergartner wanted a doll from Philly but I didn't know where I could find one. That was my only problem.
Deidre Forney, 11 years old, New Cumberland, PA [05-12-2011] »»»

Very informative
Ronald Hennig, 16, m, nj [05-12-2011]

thanks i got to review the BILL OF RIGHTS
jamari myers, 11 jackson [05-10-2011] »»»

US History is my favorite wedsite!
Nelly [05-10-2011] »»»

Jim Osban [05-10-2011] »»»

Remember me to Eugenie Lodwick Armstrong. We were great friends as teen agers.
Jim Bradt, Retired Business Exec., Commercial Pilot [05-10-2011]

Dakotah, 20, Albuquerque NM [05-07-2011] »»»

It's 1'st time to post Philadelphia guestbook
jay [05-07-2011]

jimmy, 10 [05-06-2011]

I'm going to Philly for a school field trip and I hope it will be fun!
Caity [05-05-2011]

I'm all for the Pledge of Allgiance staying in schools
Desarea M Jackson [05-05-2011] »»»

betsy ross was a star among stars she will be remembered by all! betsy was more than just a person she was part of the united states becoming a country. betsy we will always remember u. in loving memory ur admier kelsey fleming!
kelsey [05-05-2011]

marin luther king
isaiah.s [05-05-2011]

I Wanna See The Thinqs . ?
Cecili, 14 orange lake [05-04-2011]

Thank You. <============== JP
Dittohead El Rushbo, az 85268 [05-02-2011]

This is an amazing site. I am a researcher and love sharing information with friend, the public and relatives. This will be a learning experience for me.
Linda Mullins, United States [05-02-2011]

May 1, 2011> a day in History as to a "Global Enemy" > Bin Laden G- O- N- E God Bless America!
Debra Kay Levi [05-02-2011] »»»

this really helped me a lot in my essay.
Ally Virtous [05-02-2011]

You Rock
anonymous [05-02-2011]

Hi I need a research paper topic :/
anonymous [05-01-2011]

Its good to see websites like these
Brent Greene, 22 Alameda CA [05-01-2011]

Great site! Thank you!
Rosalyn Barnes, Atlanta Ga [05-01-2011] »»»

Great to read the US Declaration of Independence here. What an inspiration! I hope that people around the world read it and are encouraged to fight for democracy and freedom.
Paul, From near London, England [04-29-2011]

Ha! im using this cite to get pictures for my history report! :D
anonymous [04-29-2011]

i really liked ushistory.org
anonymous [04-28-2011] »»»

anonymous [04-28-2011]

You forgot to mention: 10 May 1797; the launching of the First Flagship and First Ship of the United States Navy; commissioned 22 February 1797 by President George Washington under orders of Captain John Barry; built under the Acts of Congress of 1794, Provisions for Naval Armament.
Ed Zimmerman Jr, USS UNITED STATES; Barry's Flagship [04-28-2011] »»»

Jake [04-28-2011]

HI hitory
anonymous [04-28-2011]

melanie, almost 11 (may 1 ) [04-28-2011] »»»

i liked it ...
Halit, turkey 26 years old. [04-27-2011]

Thank you for showcasing the many contributions of African Americans who settled in Phila., PA especially between the 18th and 19th centuries
anonymous, Philadelphia, PA [04-26-2011] »»»

ryan bierman [04-26-2011] »»»

I like this site and I think its really helpful, because I'm taking history (American government) online and its really helping me get through it.
Melodie, 16 [04-26-2011]

Barry Montgomery [04-24-2011] »»»

Jasmine Ginoza, 21, Arizona [04-22-2011] »»»

Eileen M McGoveren [04-22-2011]

I see many people today that don't seem to respect the USA flag. I am concerned when we manufacture clothing with the flag emblem on it.I thought we were not supposed to wear it as clothing etc. So I am glad I found this site so I cvan read up on it and many numerois other facts that were so important when I went to schooland my grandchildren seem to learn nothing about these things.Thus my interest.
joan meeker, 70,female,680 Bidlack rd, Ulster,PA 18850 USA [04-22-2011]

I just want to say that I am proud of our nation but I am also disapointed in it. We are a strong nation and we have worked for our standing and who and what we are today but i feel there is too much viokence and hate we need to get over ourselves and stand up for others and take responsability.
Jquelyn Rose Barnett, i am 15, greenville ohio [04-21-2011]

love this website!
anonymous, 15 [04-19-2011]

I love American history!
Riley Dreyfus, Tuscaloosa, Alabama [04-19-2011]

Your site is such a wonderful place to find so much valuable information concerning Philadelphia's important and historic place in our Nation's founding. Thank you for all of your efforts!
Jacob O. Grear IV [04-19-2011] »»»

i need a boyfriend and i am a girl love aventura
johazelis [04-18-2011]

I love dis country sososososo much
Kooch, Islmabad, Pakistan [04-18-2011]

this is awsome! I LOVE IT!
kam [04-18-2011]

this is an awesome website.it helps me in my grade!
hannah bailey, 10 years old [04-18-2011]

l liked this content/ article. I would certainly recommend the same to others as well.
ruksana, http://www.mumbaiflowerplaza.com [04-18-2011]

Eric Langdon, 60 yrs Los Angeles [04-15-2011]

i love us history
raven shabazz, pine bluff, arkansas [04-14-2011] »»»

ALICE [04-14-2011] »»»

I am looking for an outdoor display of the Gettysburg address to place near my American Flag. A bronze type display on a pedestal. Any info would be helpful. Declaration of Independence would also be great.
Bob Prevot [04-14-2011] »»»

Even though the reason I came to this site was for a school prodject it actually intrested me. Thank You for making this site, Kaley Wendorf
Kaley Wendorf [04-13-2011]

History is a subject that has always intrigued me and I believe always will. When I grow up, I hope to become a history teacher.
Patrick L. Hegemann, 51, Lincoln, NE [04-13-2011]

This is a great way for students to learn about the declaration of independence and other stuff, like our first founding fathers, our first presidnt (and all ogf the others too).
anonymous [04-12-2011]

I love to learn about the United States past because its interesting to learn about what it was like to live in the old times and learn about all the hard times they had back then.
anonymous [04-12-2011]

This is the best History site I've ever seen on the internet thank you so much!
Jeffrey Skinner, Age: 23 --- City/State: Osceola, Arkansas [04-12-2011]

Great help for my sons school work!:)
Samantha [04-10-2011] »»»

I never realized we saluted the flag.
Kathleen Paglinco, connecticut [04-09-2011] »»»

it wouldve been nice to know the name of the person who created this site. i need it for a bibliography.
anoynymous [04-08-2011]

martha o. Martinez [04-08-2011] »»»

American flag
Christian, none [04-08-2011]

Great information, perfect for doing research for a project I'm working on.
K. Andrews [04-08-2011]

James T. Charlton [04-08-2011] »»»

Ewan Johnston [04-06-2011] »»»

jaylen ware [04-06-2011]

juan [04-05-2011]

Keep it up!
jim wright, Woodinville, WA [04-03-2011]

shnyia glaze [04-02-2011]

Matty [04-02-2011] »»»

really cool because it helped me with my social studies project on caeser rondey!
anonymous [04-01-2011]

Valley Forge Rules
Chris LaPortez [03-31-2011]

I asked an 8th grader last week if he liked learning about the development of the U. S. and learning the Constitution: His answer was "We haven't studied that yet". Wow,What has happened to our educational system????
Nancy Mc, I am a U. S. history buff and a 5th generation NORTH CALIFORNIAN [03-31-2011]

Meeshell, Bellevue, WA [03-31-2011] »»»

this is a innaproriate site. i tried to use this formy students quarterly research projects it didnt provide enough info
Nate, 24,Delavan Wisconsin [03-31-2011]

bob [03-30-2011] »»»

I really like this page it's very informative and I have learned so much about my city from this page it has truly been a educational experience I guess this website is proof that you are never too old learn to learn something new :-)
Carlton R. Manley, crltnmnly@aol.com [03-29-2011] »»»

God Bless America... may she return to the hope she once represented..
Deacon Channing Wooster Fell, Jr., 57, born Franklin, LA, living with family in Central Texas [03-29-2011]

Erika Martinez [03-29-2011]

Information ofn the career O General William W Atterb ury President of the PRR 1920 -1935 His dramatic carreer in VASTLY OVERLLOKED in Phial=- Ps history
raymond O. Leneweaver, 77, Oxford, Pa, 19363 [03-29-2011]

I was directed to this site by Google while I was searching for the text of Thomas Paine's "Rights of Man." So glad to find it here. The format makes for smooth research. Thanks so much.
Therese Filhiol, History Graduate Student [03-28-2011]

alex, 28 [03-28-2011]

Great site I have always wanted to visit here. This may be the only way I will see the Bell and gain so much information. It is very direct and to the point. I'm very impressed. Thanks for your hard work and especially for caring so much.
Persetta Bowsher, lima, ohio [03-28-2011] »»»

what a shame our students today don't have the honor of giving the Pledge to Allegiance in school to start their day!
brenda wetzel [03-28-2011] »»»

Would like to run through family histories and see the family's contribution to our history.
Steven J.Entwisle sr., Portland Oregon [03-28-2011]

Danny [03-28-2011]

Donald L. Dukart, Colorado Springs, Colorado [03-28-2011] »»»

This is a great site! Thank you. My family and I visited many of the places you highlight during a week in Philly for son's graduation from Villanova Law. We saw everything and it was wonderful!
Cathy, Findlay, OH [03-28-2011]

i think it is very cool
anonymous [03-25-2011] »»»

Impressively organized. Direct,to the point information. Excellent starting point for students and others of various interests. Five Stars.
Padretekh [03-25-2011] »»»

We were interested in the "The Pledge of Allegiance" to find out if "under God" had been taken out? Most recently, we thought it had but did not find anything to confirm this. We did find lots of other interesting information we didn't know were here. Thank You for all the time you must take to keep everything available and current. We do want "under God" to remain in "The Pledge of Allegiance" FYI.
Dona and Brian Naughton [03-25-2011] »»»

Ronny Copper [03-24-2011] »»»

shea, 18, overland park, girl [03-24-2011]

i think this is a good page so i can git information to do my project
anonymous, i was born in honduras [03-24-2011]

it coooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllooooooooo
kayle [03-23-2011] »»»

.....minutemen.. i am doing science about minutemen
taylor lautner, im famous 21 [03-23-2011]

Kristen [03-23-2011] »»»

Caitlin [03-23-2011]

m b wilson [03-22-2011] »»»

I was only made aware of this sites existence a few moments ago when I was seeking information on the writings of Thomas Paine. My intentions are to use the material I find to both further my own knowledge and that of my conservitive friends and allies in the struggle to restore the constuitional democracy which we are gradually loosing to european socialism. I intend to give the name of the website to them so that that they may do the same.
Donald Chahrbonnet, Brandon Mississippi [03-22-2011]

History of the American Revolution is the very best source of insipration for all freedom fighters in the world. Thank you
Fereydoun Khoie, 62 Years Old, Dubai, Iran Pro Democracy Movement [03-18-2011] »»»

Penns Landing is a collossal failure of missed opportunities, bad management, bad design and poor planning. Whoever has been mismanaging the development of Penn's Landing should be sent on permanent vacation deep deep down into the stygian depths of the Gulf of Mexico. Look at the Hyatt Hotel as an example of the absolute dim-wittedness of the corporate leadership of Penn's Landing. I'll bet not one member of the board today even knows why the Hyatt itself exemplifies the crapulous management of the Landing. Can any of you tell me what Philadelphia lost as the Landing was developed post WW2 in terms of the city's connection to the river? Can even one of you tell me what historic artifact should be the symbol of Penn's Landing and where there is a replica of it today? Can one of you even understand what I am asking here? Do you have a clue about the history of the site? Let's see how long it takes you to respond to this challenge. I'll bet you're not up to it. Why don't you prove me wrong. Come on. Let's see what you've got.
Stephen Randolph Hammell [03-18-2011] »»»

you need better information than this like the inportant things other than that it is pretty good byt the information
anonymous [03-18-2011] »»»

i think this gives you very good information . good with projects i used this information for my projects and stuff and to learn more about my home town .!
brianna [03-17-2011]

Reinaldo Lopez, Ft Lauderdale FL, PR [03-17-2011] »»»

exitid happy bord
mattt, 15 [03-17-2011]

hannah, 10 seymour tn [03-17-2011] »»»

Great website. Interesting and helpful.
Aj [03-17-2011]

Michael R Stephenson, 37 [03-17-2011] »»»

Dan, Oregon [03-15-2011]

Hans Verbeten, age 57, Minneapolis Public Schools, 9-12 social studies [03-14-2011]

i have not been here yet but am planning a trip this summer.
joey terry, reidsville, n.c [03-13-2011] »»»

maybe an actual timeline of the events both by date and chronologically :)
Katelyn Pardue [03-12-2011]

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Not Bad, Not Bad
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nice to know what rights we have
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i should gain information with you
hamayun, my age 17 rawalpendi i am student [03-11-2011]

My relative/ancestor, James S. Earle had an art gallery, maybe the first?, in Philadelphia
Elizabeth Earle Miller, Piedmont, Ca [03-10-2011] »»»

i think indapendence hall is really cool anyway if i've never been there i've read about it and it sounds really cool i hope one day iget to vist independence hall
abigial jeronimo, 11709 crumpton dr balch springs tx 75180 age 11 [03-10-2011] »»»

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Angela Barry, 14,Detroit,Michigan [03-09-2011]

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I read the Declaration of Independence on the website
Brianne Schmidt-Carr, 30, Florissant Missouri, Female, Student [03-07-2011]

this is an OK - ish website needs detailed info.
anonymous [03-05-2011]

Thanks for sharing this wonderful information.
Butter [03-04-2011] »»»

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Hello, i am new in Philadelphia and i like to learn the history of Philadelphia.I hope the information here will take the request. Many thanks Best regards Altin Shatku
Altin, Philadelphia [03-04-2011] »»»

this socumentory was long overdue. Our chilsren need to know how we are perceived. to te rest of the world. They (our children and grandchildren of slaves need to know where they come from and what needed to acheive what they bleed and died for) We need to teach them to get of the corners and step into the halls of learning Thank you, V.B
verneida [03-04-2011] »»»

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i want to get online to read the american text book
wallace shelton, 19 lake providence la [03-04-2011]

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i love us history even though everyonw in my class think im weird because they think i know too much. But u can never know to much about our history. history is never endding. and thats why i love it.
McKenna Snow, 12 years old [02-26-2011]

this website is very awesome i did my project and looked info here and i got an a
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Thank you, what a great site for overviews of important events in US History! I will return again for additional information.
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Would like to visit with grandsons
Connie, Chicopee Mass [02-20-2011] »»»

hoping you have accurate info on the people and events surrounding the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, for a school essay.
Mike Barnard, Central OR [02-18-2011]

brandy, age: 17 [02-18-2011]

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I love ushistory.org!I always go there to find information on my hero, Martin Luther King JrPr
Carry, 22, Kansas City, Gardener [02-18-2011]

Cora [02-18-2011]

I am a Haitian American woman living in NYC, I am so pleased to see the mention of Haiti's freedom as the stepping stone to African American Freedom and abolition of slavery everywhere. I am fueled with passion for equality, racial unity, and financial freedom for all. Thank you for keeping History true for the next generation.
Golda Romelien, I am 38 yo woman living in NYC [02-17-2011] »»»

Verry nice i like it.
Caleb N. Ginyard III, age 70, Hanover Twp, Pa. [02-17-2011] »»»

this site brought me a lot of information that i needed to do my essay on this topic. thanks so much
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Neede information on the Bill of Rights for college.
Doug Sand, Fayetteville, NC [02-14-2011] »»»

this is a great web site for all my school stuff
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Doing research on Religion and the USA being a "Christain" country
Tim Venema, Tim Venema, Zeeland Mi [02-12-2011]

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john, west chester,pa,57 [02-09-2011] »»»

I am from Wexford Ireland and wondered why you didnt mention that there is also a statue of Commodore John Barry looking out over Wexford Harbour.
Michelle Owens [02-09-2011] »»»

I think this is a great website this is where i can get all my information for school!
lupita, 12 [02-09-2011]

ummmm...........there is no real info about the signers of the constitution.........like nathaniel gorham it might be better if you did put in some info on people
anonymous [02-09-2011]

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aye mane, this stuff was gey
Zack Greco, Hazlehurst [02-09-2011] »»»

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good place to go to show my kids some important documents that made up our country and made it what it is today.
Sheri [02-07-2011]

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i think you guys are doing a good job and should join up with the tea party to restore America to what she once was
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i have gone through this site and dowloaded benjamin franklin bio & autobiograpgy with other relevent infomation about him.i am very delighted to brouse the site this is very informative.america has very vast legacy of learned,inpirational & path breaking personalities. thnks
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ushistory is heard class to learn but we all need to try our best......
chue [02-01-2011]

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Go Phils
Benjamin Appleton, ny [01-31-2011] »»»

I love history so this is a great website.
Enya B.Neris, 21 Santa Bernardino, CA [01-29-2011]

I can't speak to the neutrality concerning Philadelphia's history, but as to the American History on this sight, I find a very strong progressive bias. As always, when reading surveys of matters historical, do your homework by going back to read the primary sources from the time period being studied. Does what you are reading as "history" line up with what you read from the time period? "Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear." -- Thomas Jefferson
MMCasi, 45, Houston, Texas [01-29-2011] »»»

An extremely revealing website into the histories of our great nation and what it stands for! God Bless!
Michele Brower, Florida [01-28-2011] »»»

Chelsey Rowe [01-27-2011]

this website needs more things about our country on it like history
james [01-26-2011]

have several youth companion news papers dated 1892what are they and are they of any value to any one
susan conn [01-26-2011] »»»

Erinn Gordon, I am 11 and live in Spokane Washington [01-25-2011]

love this sight
nathanile rader [01-25-2011]

What a great site. Hope to visit Independence Hall this summer for the first time,
Bobbi Schultze, Tacoma WA, age 59 [01-25-2011] »»»

Hello, this website was a lot of help, thanks.
Taylor [01-25-2011]

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I love history and this is a great site for information.
Charles Ruzicka [01-22-2011]

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Robbin Scuras, 43 years old, State of Illinios [01-22-2011] »»»

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jasmine brue [01-22-2011]

Thank you for the great site.
Karen Watt [01-20-2011] »»»

Checking out historical sites. We're starting to design out Society's web site at this time.
Ruth de Sola Mendes, Pound Ridge Historical Society, Pound Ridge NY [01-20-2011]

Have a great decade.
Brenda Moultry, 34 [01-20-2011]

Visited Independence Hall during MLK holiday. Our guide, Larry McClellan is to be commended for his fine and professional rendition of the facts surrounding this important period of history.
smh, fair lawn,nj [01-20-2011]

Mr. Fazios class
alex, Sharon High School [01-20-2011]

mid aged 7th generation [welch,scotish,irish-UK maternal. 4th generation germanic/nordic-austria,germany,norway,sweden.
diamond jim, a copy of the constitution&bill of rights should be in all federal & government buildings! [01-17-2011] »»»

Owned and operated the Shippen Way Inn from 1990 through 2007 between 4th and 5th streets on Bainbridge St and though had a fairly thorough knowledge of the Southwark neighborhood, found the site fascinating and exciting. It continues to make me proud to live in this great city and this historic area!
Ray Rhule, Bainbridge St Phila.PA. [01-17-2011] »»»

Ciocodeica Danescu Dan George [01-17-2011] »»»

your website rocks but u need more games.
tamara [01-15-2011]

Your Website Needs More Games!
CRYSTAL [01-15-2011]

I had the opportunity of visiting the friends' house in November and wanted to express my appreciation towards your staff for their informative presentation. One gentleman stands in my mind, I wish I knew his name, but he offered us a profound overview and history of the religion and a history of the building. Thank you for a wonderful experience.
Sara Oliveira, Old bridge nj [01-13-2011] »»»

Tinicum is the best kept secret, but now it is time to share that secret with the world. This is an awsome town. take a walk and "see". stop. and, "see" its beauty in history. Tincicum needs people help to help with all this. for Who can Help?
Barbara Payson, Tinicum [01-13-2011]

Stories based in the late 1800's in the Philadelphia area would be of interest to me.
Billie Lee Orenbuch [01-12-2011] »»»

i am learning about betsy ross
jordan, sc [01-12-2011]

Holly, 16, Walnut, CA [01-12-2011]

Christina Pierce [01-12-2011]

I had to read this at least one more time in my life. It inspires me and get's me pumped. I am a recruter on Facebook for the Cause, to leave our Flag alone a let the Pledge of Alleglance stay right where it belongs. If the non-beleivers can't handle it "LET THEM GET THE HELL OUT" and go somewhere else where they do not have a flag. And where might that be? The only place I can think of is the devils house!
carla [01-12-2011] »»»

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John Finnigan, My Hikemaster Forbes Road Tour Books [01-11-2011]

This site is an inspiring resource.
Most Rev. Dr. Evelyn M. Hill, 73 Yrs old. Orlando, FL [01-11-2011] »»»

I have a great desire to learn all I can about my country's true histoy.
annie greywolf [01-10-2011]

The 9- Hikemaster's Guide Tour Books for the 1758 Forbes Roads are again available from the Author OLDHIKEMASTER@hotmail.com A Great Web Site,for the Historian
John P.Finnigan, New E-Address for Forbes Road Tour Books [01-10-2011]

Reading this document provides hope for the nation. Men of his caliber are, unfortunately, now few and far between. This document shall be framed and placed on my wall.
Jolene Rogers, Texas [01-10-2011] »»»

cindy [01-09-2011]

love your site!
anonymous [01-08-2011]

i went to independence hall when i was 8 and i took a picture of every chair even though they were all the same
lei, 13 years old,NH [01-07-2011] »»»

i lov it here wow a lot of thingz to learn about
anonymous [01-06-2011]

I got lots of useful information for my essay on Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka!
Gracie, 13 years old [01-06-2011]

i like this site it keeps me from doing work on apex
caleb laster, im 12 [01-05-2011]

i think that the amendments were well organized, but i was wondering if you could add more details to the amendments, like the parts that the country that the amendments affect. I need more details than that in order to complete the 30 page project that i have to compose for S.S. and L.A. class. Thanks!
anonymous, 13 years old [01-05-2011] »»»

your website ROCKS. home-shcooled Amy lane 9 years old carthage mo, 64836 thanks.
Amy Lane, 9 carthage mo,64836 [01-05-2011] »»»

Amy lane [01-05-2011]

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I love history.
M. Ptomey, 50 [01-05-2011]

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I think this is a great site.
caleb, Marion SC [01-03-2011]

Philadelphia was founded by George Lamberton in 1642. See; The New Haven Colony by Isabell McBeath Calder, published by Yale University Press copyright 1934 SBN; 208 00863 5 Library of Congress Catalog Card no. 71-95022 Page 64; To the original purchase, Lamberton added, on April 19th, 1642, land at the junction of the Delaware and Schuylkill rivers, opposite the Dutch fort. - Ref; The Swedish Settlements on the Delaware, 1638-1664 by I Johnson " Page "
eric lamberton, living in The "Original" Washington, England [01-03-2011] »»»

i love history
deauvionne thomas, nothing [01-03-2011]

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