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Guest Book Archives: April-June 2010

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I think that the time has come to act upon some of these fundamental instructions and truths. Why does Christianity and the National Day of Prayer have to be abolished. Does not religious freedom and the right to persue happiness cover Christians too???
Lola Owens, 52, Female, Dublin, GA. [06-30-2010] »»»

I like to say thank you for all the hard work your team has done for us. i am back in school inorder to get my ged thank for the history
cecilia handsome [06-30-2010] »»»

I was curious as to what the real history of the wordig of Pledge of Alligiance really was, there have been so many debates among colleges as to whom was correct, now I know where to reference the correct information. Thank you for your website on history.
BLANCA, florida [06-29-2010] »»»

BLANCA [06-29-2010] »»»

Doyle Morrison [06-29-2010] »»»

This is an exciting web site that I happened to stumble upon. I am a current college student and am apalled at the number of students who know nothing about the history of their own country. Sites such as this certainly help!
Susan Hice [06-29-2010] »»»

Writing a book located in late 18th century Philadelphia, and came across your site via Google...have already found great information on taverns...hope to find info on the lives of other Nubians in Philly, such as indentured servants or...Err...slaves? Would like to read some letters or Magazine excerpts from the era to get an idea of how life was lived and what people wore or thought. Thank you for the hard work you all have put into this site. And a big hug for all the pics, they give me a sense of what the neighborhoods, architecture, and so on were like.
Penny Manning, Nubian sister from New Jersey [06-29-2010] »»»

In these trying times of Arizona’s dilemma, financial disasters, a Government that no longer listens, oil poisoning our Gulf, it is necessary to refresh our spirit at the fountain of our beginning. We need to realize that we can overcome these problems only if we have the spirit to do it. The Spirit of 1776.
Bud Parker, First Sergeant, US Army, Retired [06-29-2010]

Messina Smith, 22, Maryland [06-25-2010]

Would like to see your history of Philadelphia, go past 1899/1900 to 2010. Also more streets such as Lombard included.
Joseph Clark [06-23-2010] »»»

this side is good for the school
anonymous [06-22-2010]

These documents are awe inspireing. It make one more enamored with American History, especially that of the founding. Keep up the good work.
Mark Weirich [06-22-2010] »»»

Michael Meany, Great page. [06-22-2010]

Emily T Carlin [06-21-2010] »»»

Love American History! Love that I can see all of the important documents at once!
Ryan Murphy, 11, Mt. Dora, Florida [06-21-2010] »»»

Thanks for posting so much about historic Philadelphia. I like to play tourist in my own city. You have several places and their histories listed that I haven't visited. Thank you.
Tiffany, Philadelphia [06-19-2010]

A copy of the Constitution should be sent to each member of Congress and the members of the President's Cabinet with the requirement that they must read it before they can be put into office. Then they must support it or be recalled.
anonymous [06-18-2010] »»»

i do not like this website. i find it very insulting, i am a proud black woman, and this is very insulting to me.
Megan, essex [06-18-2010]

wow! great info... well done America!
Stephen Walton, australia [06-18-2010]

I love math
Ben Dover, 13/M/Miami [06-18-2010] »»»

adrienne walters, calumet city, illinois [06-18-2010]

a ok
julie wells, elgin,or [06-17-2010]

appreciate and acknowledge us history
behnam [06-16-2010]

Thank you for putting the pledge I even found more info than I needed ( a lot more info). Very useful sight thanks
Jessica S., age 10 [06-16-2010] »»»

fantastic site, great info, put together very well..You have a treasure trove that all must see...
JIM KELLY, web site www.patriotfreedom.org [06-14-2010] »»»

This nation belongs to God and everything He did for us should be celebrated! GOD bless
Krista Bryant, Texas [06-14-2010]

Hi just purchased a civil war token from 561 chestnut st philly. I love history and just wanted to check out the site to see what was happening in your Great country's history at that time. Will visit your great State soon thanks
Jim Keaveney, phx az [06-13-2010] »»»

I have lived in town all my life (61) and was just appointed as a Town Crier, there are two of us
Edward Gagnon, Town of Needham MA Town Crier [06-13-2010] »»»

I plan to bring my granddaughter to visit next week. Your website has been very helpful
Carolyn Hamrick, Fayetteville TN [06-11-2010] »»»

I will be coming to your city. I would like some info and coupons.
ann wilcots, 55, plano, tx [06-10-2010]

John Franklin [06-09-2010] »»»

Thank you so much for this valuable information that is no longer being taught in our schools.
Celia L. Finochio [06-09-2010] »»»

this is a great wbsite to do re-search on. if any one needs help with biography's on founding fathers and the signers, come look here!
Alysia Frost, 13,molalla,biog.Thomas Stone [06-09-2010]

Rex A. Oldham, Lafayette, LA [06-09-2010]

Great, informative web site! Tax $$$$ well spent
Rex Henderson, Pawcatuck CT [06-09-2010]

destiny, iam 9 [06-08-2010]

mizz hands, hola [06-08-2010] »»»

olivia pedroff, 14 [06-08-2010]

Meagan [06-08-2010]

We need to get some of this History back into the school system. If we expect our children to defend freedom for the next generation, we have an obligation to teach them about our Republic.
Tim Pitzer, Age 59 Albany, OR [06-07-2010] »»»

I just knew the words were changed over time, and I had to see if it was true.
Lyn [06-07-2010] »»»

christian [06-04-2010]

i love history
Ricardo Uribe, 17,Washington [06-04-2010] »»»

Vicky' Markley' Berg [06-03-2010] »»»

i'd like to share this on my facebook but i don't see a share link. everyone keeps talking about a democracy,but i accually could not remember the pledge of alligence so i had to google it if thew goverment takes over thew internet we r in big trouble
anonymous [06-03-2010] »»»

yo creo que deben tner informacion sobre stnaford, el himbre qu fundo la universifad
Bob [06-03-2010]

well really i just wish the world could be a better place. A place where we can leave our homes with out worrying about being in danger
Nicole-Marie, Im 17 And is finishing school. [06-03-2010] »»»

Donna R> Kitt [06-02-2010]

Chris [06-02-2010]

Found you by searching for the Lazaretto Site. Will visit soon!
Joyce Ann Pressley Ph.D., Born, raised and E=ducated in Philadelphia [06-02-2010] »»»

victoria, 15 arizona [06-02-2010]

This site helped me decide to become a history major, and also showed me my love of history. Great collection, Thank you!
Beth McKinney, 19, Bryant AR [06-02-2010]

It is really cool i can't wait to see all of the paarts!
Daniella, york, Pa [06-02-2010] »»»

I think its cool that their is a website dedicated to the history of our country. I appreciate having a wealth of knowledge so easily accessible. Thank you.
Jacob Holmes, 15, Woodland, CA [06-01-2010]

Kimball T. Dickenson [06-01-2010]

I like the facts and information provided on this site.
Miranda Stockman, 20yr Great Falls MT [06-01-2010] »»»

Please recycle. Love all beings. Swing soft, cut hard.
John Doles, Word of Wisdom D&C [06-01-2010]

as a teacher major in english language and literature, i find your site very helpful.
kalayaan katarungan, 30 years old, philippines [05-30-2010]

In these trying times which plague our great nation currently, there is nothing much more important then our freedom to be well informed. That the importance of understanding the reason for our successes and our failures within the context of history is not denied, so to is it true that a source for gatherig the knowledge neccessary for understanding should exist readily despinsable. To you all who mantain the contents of this site, and contribute to it's wealth of information, God bless you, and thank you on behalf of all free people.
Murphey Candler Shaw III, I am 20 years old, i live in the small town of Orrville, Ohio. [05-28-2010] »»»

Megan Bonti, 11 [05-28-2010]

Sunny [05-27-2010]

I just visited Boston and this renewed in me a keen interest in events, personages and history of our country. This website has fueled this fire to know and reflect more so as to better our lives.
Joe Riley, Los Angeles, Scientologist [05-27-2010]

its good to be in school
akbar, i get girls n i have fun [05-26-2010]

KAK [05-26-2010]

I think that this website was very helpful with what I need for my project. This is probably the best website that I have used all this year for a project.Thank you for all your help and keep up the giid wirk. =]
Koriana Gorum [05-26-2010] »»»

this website is great
keven [05-26-2010] »»»

Deszi, i love history>! [05-25-2010]

I will recommend this cite . It gave me lots of information
anonymous [05-25-2010] »»»

The Battle of Edge Hill needs more recognition!
Michael Robert Jones, Glenside, PA [05-25-2010] »»»

My granddaughter and I will be visiting her other grandparents in Pine Grove, PA. We hope to get to Philadelphia on June 4 and spend part of the day before we began our journey back home to Nashville, TN.
Eunice Clickner, Nashville, Tenn [05-25-2010] »»»

I like history
summer [05-22-2010]

Antoinette, 13 [05-22-2010]

Very nice (:
Summer, 13 [05-22-2010]

email me thankks
dixie normous [05-22-2010]

this help me with my state report 5th grader
erick r., age;11 cal. [05-20-2010]

mmaza [05-20-2010] »»»

I have a Political type button of The Minutemen, it is small and it was from my Aunt & Cousins home after he passed away at the age of 85. Do you know anything about this button? Help me if at all possible. God Bless, Diana
Diana Smith, Political Button [05-20-2010] »»»

I love Adam Chappell
Jessica Marcella Brown [05-18-2010] »»»

kelly clark, age: 14 [05-18-2010]

looking for list of revoluntary soldiers from n.c.1766 would like to find my greatgreat father his name is john lee from stoney creek caswell county n.c.
dorothy lee [05-17-2010]

joaquin alicia [05-17-2010]

Chris Hicks [05-17-2010]

Thank you for keeping our history alive!
Monte Man [05-13-2010]

matt, 20 [05-13-2010]

This information is very helpful! I'm researching Alexandar Hamilton and it's somewhat hard to get information, but it's easy here.Thank y'all so much!:)
Isabelle, Texas [05-13-2010] »»»

kidding its cool i got a lot of good info for my us historey project
anonymous [05-13-2010]

hate the sight
anonymous [05-13-2010]

joey [05-12-2010]

I love American History. I think every person should know the history of the U.S. and what our values stand for.
Henry W. Clark, 59, Boise, Id. [05-12-2010]

I live in Wisconsin, but would love to someday visit your museum.
Christine, My father's parents came from Poland. I knew about Thaddeus Kosciuszko and the American Revolution before I knew about Thomas Jefferson! [05-11-2010] »»»

i like bacon
Ryan De Wolfe [05-11-2010]

Were going to Philly for our class trip!
A.W. [05-11-2010] »»»

shellysellers, 23 cheerios [05-11-2010] »»»

Kristine [05-09-2010]

Jim Rousch, 39, writer [05-09-2010]

i like this site cuz it helps me study.
Isabella, i0 years old [05-09-2010]

Bella, 10 [05-09-2010]

Superb resource; thanks
JAMES JAMES, 67, degrees in Econ, grad degrees in Education [05-09-2010]

Why does President Obama want to change what our forefathers put forth. America means so much to all those who live in it and we don't need anything changed when it comes to God, Prayer or how the constitution is written. God Bless America!
Kim D. McCulley, Huntington Beach, CA [05-09-2010] »»»

i love history.
alaijah, i live in piscataway [05-09-2010]

Mark Stokes [05-09-2010] »»»

brody crews [05-09-2010] »»»

What a great web sight! Thank You
Terri, Wapato, Washington [05-09-2010] »»»

history is so cool
mason, Candy Land [05-06-2010] »»»

I like history a lot. I think it is cool that there is a website about history that is so informational.
Autumn Mary Gail Johns!, I am 14 yrs old and I live in Macclenny Fl. [05-06-2010] »»»

this is a very cool site
jean-yves ortiz, 13 [05-06-2010] »»»

This is a cool website (: Full of history facts ; Also useful facts (: Hopefully Ill make history one day * !
Taylor, Somewhere sunny man ! [05-06-2010] »»»

What a wonderful site! This is an incredibly valuable service and a reminder of our heritage of liberty. "The price of liberty is eternal vigilance." T. Jefferson
Gina Nakagawa, New England native living in Georgia [05-06-2010] »»»

hey im brandi im african american and i love to dance
brandi burnette, 15 greensboro and im blackkkkkk [05-06-2010]

it was awesdome. who knew philly was so cool?!
Matthew McCool [05-06-2010] »»»

Victoria Dolan [05-06-2010]

I wish all Americans had a copy and would READ it!
Alana Skylar [05-06-2010] »»»

josh, omg! your website off the chain [05-04-2010]

i love this site great job guy
amanda homan, 13, mineral city, ohio [05-04-2010] »»»

better webstation,better kownledge for the USA
sunguoli [05-04-2010]

i love this website this website helped me a lot on many of my history projects and now scince the beginning of the year i know so much more history!... thanks ushistory.org!
Tiffany Gonzalez, n/a [05-04-2010]

Sup historians??
Ariel, El Campo [05-04-2010]

I have just joined The Heritage Foundation. I am very concerned with the direction of the country. EWe are losing our individualism and the things that made this country GREAT. Yeah, we weren't perfect, but we were freer to do things. THE GOVERMENT SHOULDN'T RUN OUR LIVES! We must teach/train our young people to aspire to be superior, not arrogant, and humble. How do we do it? I'm not sure, but it can't be the government. Private citizens or groups must ban together and develop plans to accomplish these goals. Thank you. I'll get off my soapbox. Vince Lorenz
Vince Lorenz, age 78; Crossville,TN; originally NYNY. [05-03-2010] »»»

Andrea Felder, Neptune, NJ [05-03-2010] »»»

This website is so helpful for schoool projects and evrything else that you need to find information about a historic person
Anna Jordan, 14, p.a. [04-30-2010]

I want to know so I only repeat the good stuff.
William Courter [04-30-2010]

Austin Heath [04-30-2010]

barbara [04-30-2010]

I have for the past year realized how much I love my country and how we need turn to our history and writings as a nation of liberty and freedom to find our way. We seem lost and confused these days. God Bless America!
Jeff Lane, Youngstown, Ohio [04-29-2010]

Great site! Easy to get around. Contains all of our wonderful history, the eloquent writings of our forefathers! Thanks!
Susan [04-28-2010] »»»

i like it
daijon, hi [04-28-2010]

To Brian, my wonderful belated husband. I never met another person so in love with history. I wish any of my teachers in school could have weaved such stories instead of listing facts and dates. I want to pass that love on to our daughter who is now only turning 4 years old and in nursery school, but she already knows part of The Pledge of Allegiance.
PattiAnn Molloy, Brooklyn, NY [04-28-2010] »»»

FANTASTIC WEB SITE! Use it before almost EVERY trip to Philly!
Robert Marshall, 50 yrs old, Louisville, KY [04-28-2010]

i have not looked at your site before, i just got on to use the declaration of independence as a source in my research paper. the only problem i have run into is that i do not know how to site it now. can you fix that and maybe post how to do it in large letters or have a link.
A Student, nothing to say [04-28-2010]

Danielle, 10yrsold [04-28-2010]

MARC STEINER, g.c. class 1966 [04-27-2010] »»»

ohaiu, im 12 [04-27-2010]

i love salem,massachusetts. i have been there twice. i can't enough. my favorite street is essex. i loved it. (: thank you. Reina.
reina, 16 [04-26-2010]

Guess where Col.Henry Bouquet remains are buried? My Books on Forbes Road are now on CD s
John, The Forbes Expedition of 1758 [04-26-2010]

I am a proud American,that is watching my country go downhill....and it makes me want to cry.Every one of us need to go back and READ AGAIN, the Constitution of THE Uninted States of AMERICA,THE BILL OF RIGHTS,and the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE...IT IS REMARKABLE HOW FAR WE ARE FROM OUR TRUE BEGININGS.....AND WE SHOULD SEND AN IDIVDUALLY SIGNED COPY OF ALL OF THESE DOCUMENTS TO OUR SENATORS AND CONGRESSMEN. HOW FREE ARE WE??????????
Valorie Robinson Zook, Kansas City,MO. ;51 yrs .old [04-26-2010]

Its is very helpful for history report and other thing and I visited The Declaration of Independence! Thanks very very very much for your help so I can find the things that I need.
Kelsie Johnson, Blountsville, Alabama [04-25-2010]

Great website. I am a colege student studying AM History. The textbook I am using refered me to this site for some extra resources. I saw the Birch presentation. Thanks so much for all the information. I will pass it on to others.
Lisa, Phoenix,Arizona 46 [04-25-2010]

History has always fascinated me. Durants History of Civilization is one of my favorites.
Darrell E. Klink [04-23-2010]

I love History! When I grow up I want to be a historian studying in U.S. History!
Olivia Johnson, Age:11 City:Minneapolis, MN [04-23-2010]

i need help finding imformation on sarah mcginn! plz. help me.
cassie, indianapolis, indiana [04-23-2010]

I am proud to be a U.S. Citizen, but what is going on today has taken us back a step. I like to see people protesting in the street because I grew up in the 60's but there are otherways to protest. Jewels_44_98
Julie C. Clark, Overland Park, KS USA [04-22-2010]

MALAIKA! [04-22-2010]

im the coolist and im hot
anonymous, im the coolist [04-22-2010] »»»

anonymous [04-22-2010]

geustbooks rock
robert england, 11 nj 08807 [04-22-2010] »»»

I just found this web site and know I will visit many times for historical infomation. My mother was from Philadelphia, so I feel a stong connection. I have a love for the Revolutionary War period, and love to learn as much as possible. Thank you for keeping such wonderful history alive.
Jeannie Gallagher, Indianapolis, Indiana [04-22-2010] »»»

I thought that you people had everything that I had need thank you very moch
Jenny [04-22-2010] »»»

I teach middle school in NH, and wanted to thank all those responsible for this website. It has been a wonderful resource for the children at our school, who have never been to Philadelphia. The information that is delivered regarding Commodore John Barry is priceless. It gives the children a clear understanding of who worked not only to achieve freedom for this country, but who unrelentingly strove to create a U. S. Navy. Thank you.
AnnMarie Barry Legg, Concord, NH [04-20-2010] »»»

This is the best website.
Preston, Fort Lauderdale Florida [04-20-2010] »»»

in god we trust> usmc 1952 / 1955
Don Schie, pahrump.nv. [04-20-2010]

carrie reynolds, 15 [04-20-2010]

My Books on Touring the Old Forbes Road are now available on CDs. Carlisle to Pittsburgh
The Old Hikemaster [04-19-2010]

i am doing a project on the pledge of allegiance
michelle, 10 humble [04-19-2010] »»»

God bless America!
Sgt Brooks, Afghanistan [04-19-2010]

good to know!
abailalfar [04-17-2010] »»»

You may now obtain any one of the 10 Books on Touring the remaining locations of the first Road across Pennsylvania. Any of the 10 segments will be placed on a Cd for $ 6.oo Donation + mailing. Oldhikemaster@wmconnect.com
The Old Hikemaster, The Forbes Road Expedition to the Forks of the Ohio [04-17-2010]

great website. I love Us History, I hope I'll have the time to visit Philly soon.
Marco, Italy [04-17-2010] »»»

Liz, California [04-17-2010]

<3 thank youfor your sites on the Decleration and Constitution!
Elyse [04-17-2010]

John F. Reeder Jr. [04-17-2010]

I think that this site was very helpful for what I needed it for:)
Brianna Bittinger, 14, Shippensburg [04-17-2010]

I research and have a website about Baton Rouge Louisiana. I love history. I just happened upon this site my luck and I will be exploring it.
Ronnie Owens, 62, Baton Rouge, LA [04-15-2010]

good for home work
tb [04-15-2010]

I was looking for copies of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Found both. This site was for the Bill of Rights.
Susan Boyette [04-15-2010] »»»

Wow! Loads of information! I can't wait to come visit Philadelphia so I can take your iPodwalk. :)
Leslie Smith, Seattle, Washington [04-15-2010]

Glad that you are one of the few sites that a student can visit while doing researching their homework assignments at home online.
Danielle, 18, Milwaukee [04-14-2010]

Awesome site love its the coolest it really helped me with my studies and projects!1 Thanks!
LGG [04-14-2010]

Justin Bieber, Canada [04-14-2010] »»»

An OIF Veteran, U.S. Marine, and patriot. Thank you for presenting the basics for the world to see us, as Americans and what we set out to do in the first place.
Alvaro R. Brenes, A native of Los Angeles [04-14-2010] »»»

jonathan rivera, 26YO 108 Julia st apt2 johnsonburg pa 15845 [04-14-2010]

anna [04-14-2010] »»»

Great information. Thank you.
Mary [04-14-2010] »»»

I like your site, but I am still not able 2 find out information on one of my ancestors. His name is Joseph Hackney and he was a captain in the NC Militia in the Revutlionary war from 1777 until 1788. If you could help me in any way it would be very appreciated. Thank you, T. Ferrell
Tammy Ferrell [04-14-2010]

all pics for nathan akiona and sandy benson in kauai 2009
nathan akiona, kauai and oahu [04-14-2010]

i hate everyone
cherokee walkingstick [04-14-2010] »»»

Good site. will "visit" again sometime.
Mr. Donnie Gray, Barbourville, Ky [04-14-2010] »»»

Mark Ruzicka, Anchorage, Alaska [04-14-2010]

I'm an avid genealogist and as I approach retirement the more excited I get at tracing parts of my family to thee Civil War and Revolutionary War. My 3rd great grandfather fought with distinction in Ohio and in the Cayuse Wars of the virgin Oregon Territory. He was one of the first settlers. His grandfather served in the War for Independence. Another side of my family did the same thing. My 2nd great grandmother was approximately 2 when her father (mentioned about) packed up their goods with long established friends and headed west. His letters on the trail said her health improved with the activity, sun and open air.
Virginia L. "Jini" Scammell-Tinling, Old enough to have some white hair, Davis, CA [04-10-2010]

AWESOME SITE! We use this everyday during class! Hey, Mr. U!
MacDougal, St. Louis, MO! [04-10-2010]

I feel so sad in this amarican history yaul rule and thanks for gaurding the tumb
hannah [04-10-2010]

The beautiful stone lions on the 1837 Merchants Exchange were made here in Philadelphia, not in Italy as you and many other misinformed guides assert.
Richard Frey [04-08-2010] »»»

i am ten years old and i just wanted to let your website know that i am related to Josiah Bartlett ( one of the signers of the Decleration of Independence)
robert Irwin, farmington hills . Michigan [04-08-2010]

I am concerned about our Country and the direction I think it is headed.. I'm not a ''Kook'' ... just concerned that our roots be preserved for our following generations...
Chet Smith, Old Louisvillian [04-08-2010] »»»

I like your website and your fast facts
brandon darr [04-08-2010]

We have unfortunately just cancelled our 5th grade class trip to historic Philadelphia due to costs of busing. I went on your web site because I wanted to find a "virtual tour" that the kids could enjoy and learn. Do you have special programs that would be informative and exciting - so they would really get the true experience of beautiful and worderful Philadelphia? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks, Susan
Susan, Randolph, NJ [04-08-2010] »»»

maiah [04-08-2010]

Just dropping by to read up on a few things...
Sean David Ools, 40, Eufaula, Oklahoma [04-08-2010] »»»

like reading the history that the schools left out
gene, alaska [04-07-2010]

James johnson, 18 Pflugerville Texas [04-07-2010]

I really liked this website! It has a lot of good information and I can use it for school projects.
Karrie, 13 [04-07-2010]

lylah, 10 yrs old california [04-07-2010] »»»

Well u guys r great cause u give good information...THXZ
Emzy [04-07-2010]

Sadie Minor [04-06-2010]

Since I have been searching my family, who came from MAss. and were members of the Bay colony, Brian Pendleton, I have often wondered if there is a list of the minutemen, by name, and or a list of the soldiers that were part of the militia. Thanks
Frank Crocker, 80 Years old Biloxi Ms. [04-06-2010] »»»

i love this site its so useful
elaina, im 14 and i live in ontario,CA [04-06-2010] »»»

Kristin Haworth, Oklahoma City [04-06-2010]

ziba türk, 19 turkey [04-06-2010]

Thank you for the photos of Washington's actual chair. It does the heart good to see what it really was like. Carved not painted as in other explanations I've read.
Carol Anderson [04-06-2010] »»»

callie, ok,12 [04-02-2010] »»»

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