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Guest Book Archives: January-March 2010

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anonymous [03-31-2010]

hi! :) -love the website ;)
chanice johnson, 14 [03-31-2010]

I love us history and i think it is fun my teacher makes it fun
Kenny Trouten, 13, Burr Oak Mi [03-31-2010]

I've just emailed this address to several friends who always have questions, like I. I'm glad you're here.
martha donahue, f / 61 AZ [03-29-2010]

I like how your sites are set up
taylor, maine [03-28-2010]

Is good see, read and reflect.
anonymous [03-28-2010] »»»

I am a descendent of John Barry and am attempting to trace lineage.
Margaret Strom [03-28-2010] »»»

Emily [03-28-2010]

i love ur site
anjane', im 14 n i live in dayton,ohio [03-28-2010] »»»

i think that you should put some activeties in ur virtual tour
anjane' washington, 14 dayton,ohio [03-28-2010]

I came across your website while doing a little research on a hero of mine, Thomas Paine. This is an amazing site. My only wish is that more of us Americans would cherish the honored history we have. Please keep up the good work.
Joshua Voyles, 29yrs, New Mexico, PO1 USN [03-28-2010]

This is so cool for my project!
anonymous [03-27-2010]

i have a framed picture of what appears to be a congregation and a small schoolhouse. the caption reads ALLIANCE A.M.E. CHURCH, 9th St and Moyamensing Ave, Philadelphia, 1898. I grew up in the neighborhood, yet can't seem to find any record of this church or who these people were. any help you can provide is appreciated.
mike santini [03-26-2010]

cool site helped me talk about marijuana
brian, im doing a cba [03-26-2010]

hi just wanted to say thanks - great resource for my son who is doing American history at the moment sian
sian ellis, Harare, ZImbabwe [03-26-2010]

IZIANA, 9years old,tomasville,31757 [03-25-2010]

i love this site it is great for kids who are wanting to know about our U.S. History
vanessa moreno, im 15 and i live in mabton, washington [03-25-2010]

I "stumbled" upon this website while doing some research - didn't know it existed. I am glad I found it. I will return often and make sure my grandchildren are aware of this resource.
Warren Hibbard, Age - 64; Minden, NV; member NSSAR; USN vet; Patriot [03-25-2010]

History is beautiful, I'm gion to relearn everything I can
PRecious, rochester [03-25-2010] »»»

American History still shapes who we are as a nation today. It is time that that take a step back and remember the values that is this country was founded on and put all of the other nonsense aside.
Lori Showalter, age 34, Marysville, OH 43040 [03-25-2010] »»»

i love usa
anonymous, chad v shark [03-25-2010] »»»

Richard Krawczyk, age 59,Hampstead,NH 03841 [03-23-2010]

I believe now more than ever we need to be aware of our U.S. History because of what is taking place currently in history.
Janice Eppard, Webb City, MO. 64870 [03-23-2010] »»»

Just found this site, but I am impressed with it. I think this may prove to be a good source of reference.
Wayne Phillips, Male, 49, Alexandria, Louisiana [03-22-2010] »»»

love the website
ani, im 13 [03-19-2010]

Sheila Reed [03-19-2010]

I'm concerned for the delicate condition of the sovereighty of our nation. Our current economic situation raises red flags in every direction. The second bill of rights when read with an open mind serves as a reminder to us all we are no longer indivisible. In fact we are becoming vulnerable to a state of oligarchical kleptocracy.
Bernardo Bueno, Smithfield, VA [03-19-2010] »»»

Ashley Amanda Delgado [03-19-2010] »»»

Thank You for the information on mine DEC 15 1840 $1000 NOTE Been trying to find out the value of it, I believe mine in excellent shape . Everyone laugh at it said it did have any value, know whos laughing,again thank you
samantha [03-17-2010] »»»

Martha Denton [03-17-2010] »»»

Wonderful historical resource!
Annabel Alvarado, Lovington, NM 88260 [03-17-2010]

thadeus kosciuszko is to complicated just say k
Nadia Lee, 14 [03-17-2010] »»»

heyyy ! love the siteeee
Anna !! <3 [03-17-2010]

yo this is col
anonymous [03-17-2010]

ANN GRAHAM [03-17-2010] »»»

Tara [03-17-2010] »»»

my god father belonged to the vfw .last seen in the 80's his name is john brown the one on chelten ave . now closed. does any one know him? looking miss him one way or another. thank you
lorna cunningham, maple shade [03-16-2010]

marie [03-16-2010]

your the best
ashley<3, i like it wat u do lol :] [03-16-2010]

Social studies teaches me a lot. And it's interesting about how the lives before us lived.
catie kienzle, 14 years old. [03-16-2010]

I love Social Studies.It's so interesting!
Selina Sanchez, 14 years old [03-16-2010]

Very useful site to continue my original 'signing of your guestbook'. Just wanted to know more about the origins of Philadelphia and found this site so very useful - thankyou!
Frances Vaughan [03-16-2010]

Mrs F> L. Vaughan, Interested following a history of Britain programme produced and narrated by David Dimbleby. [03-16-2010] »»»

Robert Wilson [03-16-2010] »»»

Melissa [03-16-2010] »»»

Amy Jones [03-16-2010] »»»

Im a life member with the history channel and always looking forward to learning more about my American history.
Amy Brokaw, 35 yrs old and huge history buff [03-13-2010]

I love your website!:)
Brooke [03-13-2010]

My grandmother was Hesper Clift Rivell and was Mystic, CT. She was related to all of the Amos Clifts of Mystic, CT. I am trying to track down information as I would like to become a DAR. I know my ancestors were all Amos Clift as my deceased father who taught at Temple University in Philidelphia and then retired as died in Daytona Beach, Florida.
Lynn Rivell, My grandmother was Hesper Clift Rivell [03-13-2010]

Sam [03-13-2010]

timothy tommasi [03-13-2010]

Philly is a great learning opprotunity for our students.
Sara J. Davisson, Teacher: Camanche Middle School [03-13-2010] »»»

anonymous [03-11-2010] »»»

hello i just wanted to sign because i love to write my name every where
d, 14 [03-11-2010]

I am writing a paper for school on the Declaration of Independence. The information provided here is phenomenal. I will be back (once my paper is finished) to read more. I have forgotten some of this stuff. Awesome website!
Jerry Murphy, I am 39 years old and I live in Indiana. [03-11-2010]

Very useful and concise. Thanks for the information. We will use it in teaching our students.
C. Cooper Bunn [03-09-2010] »»»

I love this web page
Serena Williams [03-09-2010]

yall r awsome
Karen, on the moon [03-08-2010] »»»

Gabriela Rodarte, Visalia, CA [03-08-2010] »»»

Danika Mann [03-08-2010]

Ted J. Kutz [03-05-2010]

History is ah-mazingg (;
Chelsea Vincent, 14 Altoona, PA [03-05-2010] »»»

thanks to this webpage ive gotten 100 on all my history projects
patty [03-03-2010] »»»

the perfect website for helping me study for my civics test on the Bill of Rights and other amendments. thanks. learned some other stuff as well
kate hayes, age: 16, city: Hickory, NC [03-03-2010] »»»

I am from Marianna FLA.Been in Greenville NC 1996 {possiable] find family I don,t know [My father John Gibson Williams from FLA.No longer living.I have half bothers& sisters I haven,t seen in a long time.Thank You
James Gibson Williams, age 73 Male Greenville NC [03-03-2010]

this is a great site, it really helps me out with my history homework!
curtis rose, irvine,ky [03-03-2010]

My latest find,Where is the body of Henry Bouquet? In the Pages of a Journal, He died aboard a ship in Pensacola Bay,was buried at sea with full honors,in the Bay
John P.Finnigan, I am a Forbes Road Research Historian [03-03-2010]

This is a great site to provide information & share it
McIrishKilliagan, Dallas TX [03-03-2010] »»»

Great website......... Really helpful Thanks!
Guadalupe Bermudez, 17 Saluda High School [03-03-2010] »»»

anonymous [03-03-2010]

In my 60's and back in college again to major in history
Jim Szakmary, Retired FAA/ATC, Long Island, NY [03-02-2010]

This is great!
anonymous [03-02-2010] »»»

I love this website. I wish I could help or volunteer for this organization, but I am all the way in Richmond, VA. I am a member of a historic church in Richmond, VA. It is the Sixth Mount Zion Baptist Church.
Walter C. Robinson Jr., 24, Richmond, VA [03-01-2010] »»»

i jus want to get sum info on meh damn hw
kit [03-01-2010]

Need info con.Declaration of Independence.Have one that is fron auction my mother bought long ago .Was in wooden back frame with Dr.s certificate from 1800s.Any info would help.
mhickel, ohio [03-01-2010] »»»

i was wondering what the education was like for the new england colonies i would like if you wold write back please your new friend Alysia
Alysia, I am a very nice girl [03-01-2010]

to deny reparations is to deny humanity...
lorenzo kibler, 56b yrs of age, Southbend,Indiana Resident, grandparents from ouachita, louisiana [03-01-2010] »»»

Cool Website!
Julien Tagnon [03-01-2010]

hiii :D :D :D
kirsten <3, magnolia,tx [03-01-2010] »»»

hello evrybody
kitcassity [02-26-2010]

The photos are awesome.
Justin Holland, Madison, AL [02-26-2010]

we want your assitance to take action in our country Burundi
niyonzima pierre claver, Burundi [02-25-2010] »»»

this is for a school project
Candace Decker [02-25-2010] »»»

My great grandmother was Eugenie Keating Rittenhouse. My grandmother was Vietta Rittenhouse Lodwick. My mother is Eugenie Lodwick Armstrong. I am Eugenie Armstrong Lynch. I have a Portrait of my grandmother that was once desplayed in the Phil. Museum, titled "Portrait of a Woman" by Warren Ludwig. I, Eugenie A. Lynch, would love to learn more of my Rittenhouse history. A year ago I was enduring jury duty and someone named "_?__ Rittenhouse" was also there and he told me of reunions? Any information would be wonderful about anything Rittenhouse related! Thank you. Gigi Lynch.-Eugenie Lynch
Eugenie Armstrong Lynch, decendant of Eugenie Keating Rittenhouse [02-25-2010]

Great website.
Brandon Bridges, 16 years of age. Currently Locked up in Concord,NC. [02-25-2010]

Hi your stuff was cool i like you guys
Soapy [02-25-2010] »»»

Our community is bringing "The Moving Wall" to honor the fallen vietnam veterans. A citizen offered their father's casket flag (WWII vet) to fly over the Wall. IWe have tried to read thru the "Code", but can't locate anything specific regarding the proper protocol for burial flag usage. Any help?
Glen Veno [02-25-2010]

i love spaghetti
bob [02-25-2010]

okey dokey i'd just like to thank ya'll for helping with info on delegates for my cicvis project! =)! -tierra mechele<3
Tierra Mechelle Murray, 14, Georgia [02-22-2010] »»»

nice site
kaitlyn [02-22-2010]

this is a good place to find social study definitions for homeword.(bleah)
anonymous [02-22-2010]

i love betsy ross so far but i cant so far with my notes cuzz i cant find enough info about betsy ross but i'll try my best to find info bye.
Sabrina Yousuf, 11 [02-22-2010]

These are great stuffs you've got here. The site is quite helpful. Good Work
anonymous [02-22-2010]

ummmm your info was cool but i need an answer to what tools were used in philadelphia in 1793 so yeah.um thanks
sara, 16 [02-22-2010] »»»

I love cheese
Kylie, 11 [02-22-2010] »»»

the website was very informational. it gave me everything i needed for a reseach project. i'll glad i chose this website.
Sara Faye Dobbins, 15. Myrtle, Mississippi [02-22-2010]

Can the US flag fly above another flag on the same pole. The US flag appears to be slightly smaller than the other flag.
Mike Williams [02-22-2010]

anonymous [02-17-2010] »»»

i might get marryed.
lyric, i'm cute [02-17-2010] »»»

Thank you for helping me with my project!
Andie Morris, Santa Cruz, CA [02-17-2010]

Hello, I have bricks that have been passed down to me from my parents. I was told they were from Ben Franklin's print shop. My father was an inspector for PennDOT during the Vine street expressway demolition / expansion,and was fortunate to save a lot of antiquity before the wrecking ball moved in. Is there a way to authenticate these pieces ? Thank you for your help.
scotte ruth, DOB 12/3/1961 levittown, pa. [02-17-2010] »»»

May have gotten some interesting information
E. Delany [02-17-2010]

It was a bunch of crap and everything was too hard to find. I was studying for a bigtest but this stuff was too hard to use. :-(
DeMarcus Byrdsong, Albam, 21, attending Auburn Universty [02-17-2010]

frank [02-17-2010] »»»

joe [02-17-2010] »»»

bob [02-17-2010]

We use this link often, when discussing the great leaders of this country.
SFC (Ret) Mark Kalapp, JROTC Instructor Summerlin Academy, FL [02-17-2010] »»»

um i thank you very much for your help with my assiment but i would like to finally find a site were it could at least talk about the stamp officers and agents and effigy's of the stamp act but again thanks, and God bless
anonymous [02-16-2010]

The History of your great country must become an obvious example for the whole world - the pursue of happiness, the pursue of liberty and high devotion to your country and people for who it stands. I hope one day I will contribute to your country as I highly esteem and approve of everything you do for the world. I believe the Spirit of the Declaration still lives in the hearts of all American people. "...for greater Good".
Tim, 21, Tashkent city, University of World Economy and Diplomacy [02-15-2010] »»»

Jim Gates, 49, Tucson AZ [02-15-2010]

What a wonderful website! Never too old to learn. If I have a question about the flag code, who do I direct it to?
Joni [02-15-2010]

I always love history as long as I don't have to take those pesky tests. My daughter gave me a birthday present of a book called "The Intellectual Devotional American History" compiled by David S. Kidder & Noah D. Oppenheim. It inspired me to read the Declaration of Independence. We need our congresspeople to read some of that today, over and over. I feel a revolt coming.
Ralph Boyer, 71 years old, Fairfield Bay, Arkansas. [02-14-2010]

mick abbott [02-14-2010] »»»

Caitlyn Sapp, 7 years old [02-14-2010]

Wow awesome
Dylan rudinski, Blossburg [02-12-2010]

boggetersdumnburg [02-11-2010] »»»

anonymous [02-11-2010] »»»

Bob, Age 44, Lebanon, OH [02-11-2010]

i love your website.its as good as any website on the internet.keep up the great work.i know you will.
bobby, 48 [02-11-2010]

I love the U.S.A.
kiera parker [02-11-2010] »»»

Faurt [02-11-2010] »»»

I have the #8894 $1000 bank note wanted to see if it was worth anything.
danielle, age 33 [02-11-2010] »»»

I think that history is fun to learn about because you get to learn about different people that had history in their lifes. Most of them had hobbies that research shows what did they enjoy doing.
Yaires Maria Castro, I like to play Volleyball [02-11-2010]

i think that history is fun to learn about because its some much to learn about.there are people that like to learn more of what they already have learn.
charina rodriguez, i like to play volley ball [02-11-2010]

francis najarro, age24 city of airmont state of NY [02-11-2010]

I can not find maxims and i need help to find it.
Lakedra, Coulmbus [02-11-2010]

Blondyna Louis [02-11-2010]

its nice to know when your child have a history report or project to do about history.you are there for us.
tamala l smith, dumfries va [02-11-2010]

Great site. I am the 5th great-grandson of an early Philadelphia patriot named Colonel Sharp Delany. Thanks, Scott
scott campbell [02-11-2010] »»»

Born, raised, college grad in Philiadelphia, PA. This site is like coming home again! I will pass this site link on to everyone I can.
Ron Benvenutti, retired, Fishers IN [02-11-2010]

i thisnk that you should makwe your website funner
brendan [02-08-2010]

a, a [02-08-2010]

Gary Bauer, age 51 live in Kingsley,Iowa [02-08-2010]

victoria kurtz, 10 va [02-06-2010]

Title self: Sir Kilgore of Scotland, natural heir to NWO practioner of Scottish Rites ideological 10th century Scotsman.Hi, Unkle Sam. Just making History Too!
John R. Kilgore, 29, Riverside,, California [02-06-2010]

I appreciate the detail and information regarding the proper way to handle our flag. Thank you!
Rebecca, Garden Valley, CA [02-06-2010]

betsy ross was a very good person because in 4th grade we do a project called the big 6 and my famous pennsylvanin is betsy ross and i got on this website because i have to do reasearch on betsy ross to get a good grade
faith, york 17401 10 [02-06-2010]

minutemen rule
Sabriha Whyte, 12years old, NEW YORK [02-06-2010]

colin, 17 12/12/92 [02-06-2010]

this helped my a lot with my research and had a lot of true information!:)
RAGEN H., i am 13 [02-06-2010]

I think the web site is very informative. Rock on usa usa usa usa!
anonymous [02-06-2010] »»»

Jeremy [02-06-2010]

Mallorie wuz
Mallorie nicole Machen<3 [02-06-2010]

I have a #8894 $1000 From the Bank of the United States promised to pay. Does this property have any value. Melody Trewin
Melody Trewin, #8894 $1000 From The Bank of the United States [02-04-2010]

Am very disappointed in information available on the internet about early Cherry County, Nebraska homesteaders. Wanting to find where people who homesteaded our ranch land came from
Barbara Gale, Want to find names of homesteaders in Cherry County, NE in early 1900s [02-04-2010]

lookin for rahn history
JAMES M. RAHN [02-04-2010]

i think this website is perfect for my friends and i for school and my teacher to actually learn something.
anonymous [02-03-2010]

Continue the great work of preserving Our country's history.
Robert Kazebee [02-02-2010] »»»

hey there
anonymous [02-02-2010]

this is a good site
anonymous [02-02-2010]

I did not see as much as I would have liked but what I did see puts you "There" and for history of any kind that is important. This site gives its viewers a pictorial idea of How it was, Where it happened and Who was there.
Beverly A. Gaines, Residence of New York [02-01-2010] »»»

Edward S Hanson [02-01-2010] »»»

I am writing well researched piece using Tun Tavern as a central hub for unfolding activities in the American Revolution. Your old city tour information keeps me nearly free of embarrassing errors. The manuscript is now 1/2010 on Scribd.com and remains in the draft update process. Mike Malsbary The Search For Tun Tavern USMC-1963-1967
Mike Malsbary, Paoli, PA - Thank you for a very nice resource on Historic Philadelphia... [02-01-2010]

My husband and I watched a program on PCN last night which introduced us to your women's Quaker clothing displays. We thoroughly enjoyed learning just how Norman Rockwell contributed to the WW II financing and moral building efforts.
anonymous [02-01-2010] »»»

hellen mccollum, Philaelphia, pa [01-30-2010] »»»

caleb ehlers [01-29-2010]

Ludwig Von Koopa, Anchorage Alaska / 11 [01-29-2010]

hi im teach science
ammy, sterling heights [01-29-2010]

This is an excellent website! THE information is very accurate and up to date. I recommened this website to anyone who takes a history class or for anyone who's in college.
Dazhane, Springfield, Massachusetts 15 yrs.old [01-28-2010] »»»

this is a great site it helps me in my college history class
bret grouse, gardnerville nevada [01-26-2010] »»»

hbbvg [01-26-2010] »»»

el padro [01-26-2010]

violet, 13,il [01-26-2010]

love usa
courtney, anacortes wa [01-25-2010] »»»

this website is very helpful to my educational needs on thomas jefferson!
veronica, 12 [01-25-2010]

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful information. This site is amazing.
Juanita Walker, 35, Casper, WY [01-25-2010] »»»

i love this site! i used it to finish my bill of rights homework. and its really helped my understand.
smiley :), 14, jackson wyoming. [01-25-2010] »»»

I wish that some of your documents were printable.
Darrell Ewert [01-25-2010] »»»

this website is vry useful
christine, mansfield [01-25-2010]

thanks for the excellent information...I was surprised to read the Economic Bill of Rights. Seems like it was an attempt to change the Constitution...I will be back.
Sharon, Philadelphia suburbs [01-25-2010] »»»

the revolutionary war is weird
anonymous [01-22-2010]

cool and informal
anonymous [01-22-2010] »»»

I love history. Thank you for making this available to us in Southwest Virginia.
Allise, 24 Years Old Bland, Virginia [01-22-2010]

finbar, i love cottage doubles!11 [01-22-2010] »»»

Alexus [01-22-2010]

Karen Timber, Florence, KY [01-21-2010]

bob [01-21-2010]

are as blank as this was, this is why I am here. thank you very much
Mitch, California [01-21-2010]

HH [01-21-2010]

Paula [01-21-2010] »»»

The site was very interesting. I have lived in Philadelphia all my life and did not know half the information that was contained within the site. Thank you, the site is great.
Kia Ragsdale [01-20-2010]

nice lol
anonymous [01-20-2010] »»»

Just checking out your website to see if I can use it for my classroom.
Braulio Castro, El Paso, Texas [01-19-2010]

i never had a chance to skate here but this year i will no matter what they say and pay the fine
matt aka dave danger [01-19-2010]

Chock full of information every American should know!
Robin McCurdy [01-19-2010] »»»

looks good so far 1st, time at the site
anonymous [01-19-2010]

ash, 16 [01-18-2010]

My thoughts would not be proper to post here..But, If I can understand these precious documents, and I'm not an educated man, then how is it that OUR elected officials don't gwt it..I think that whereever it is they got their educations { aside from Marx } they should go and ask for their money back and get their education from WE THE PEOPLE...!
Jeffry Watts, Constituionalist from Kansas [01-18-2010] »»»

kyle narovich [01-18-2010]

I hope you get all the backing you heed to stay open for a long time.
james mcvey [01-16-2010] »»»

I would love to see History in philadelphia in the years 1950's to 1960"s. Maybe pictures of center city Gimbels Christmas village ext. My Parents were born and raised in phila. I moved from the city of philadelphia when I was 10 years old. But I still have so many wonderful memories.
Barbara, DOB 3-23-1957 Felton, DE [01-15-2010] »»»

I Like This Website You Hear Meeeeee'Ka??? It Teachs You a lot
ashley mcghee [01-15-2010]

Thank you! It took me a while to narrow it down, but this was exactly what I was searching for. My homework assignment requested information about specific amendments in the Bill of Rights. To be sure I will mention this site to others when they are looking of U.S. History information.
corina sue wong, Lemon Grove, CA [01-14-2010] »»»

Twitney [01-14-2010]

Has anyone argued that the revivalist movement (Second Great Awakening) from 1800-1848 inspired the abolitionist movement and empowered women in other reform movements.
Jonathan Albrecht [01-13-2010] »»»

Elizabeth [01-13-2010]

yo yo hi
bro [01-13-2010]

why is therwe no sites on abigail adams?
CALLI MCFARN [01-13-2010]

cool. not to interestin but ya
Susan Black, age:52 [01-13-2010]

hey dudes and dudets
ethan [01-13-2010]

I <3 America's Creed very much
Samantha Jane, 15 and i live in California [01-10-2010] »»»

I really like history and things like that, so this is really nice to look up, say, the Declaration of Independence, and learn so much about it.
Melanie [01-09-2010]

luv history and would luv to go see the capitol building plus the u.s libery luv ya p.s. 'i have not yet begun to fight' quoted by john paul jones 'and neither have i' -carter
cater white [01-09-2010] »»»

good info..thanks
jesus gonzalez [01-09-2010]

you guys are so boring but fun! bye bye
CARLA, 18..miami florida [01-09-2010]

tajane' [01-07-2010]

isaiah jackson, great site! [01-07-2010]

you are ok ! goooooooooooddddddddddddddd
verenice hernandez, no [01-04-2010]

shaqushia, 15-years old, brooklyn ny [01-04-2010] »»»

Then, on the tenth day of the seventh month let the trumpet resound; on this, the Day of Atonement, the trumpet blast shall re-echo throughout your land. 10 Honor the Jubilee! This fiftieth year you shall make sacred by proclaiming liberty in the land for all its inhabitants. It shall be a jubilee for you, when every one of you shall return to his own property, every one to his own family estate.
Mitchell Allen Guilliatt, http://www.facebook.com/MitchellAllenGuilliatt?ref=profile [01-04-2010] »»»

Lee [01-04-2010]

Jon D Marsh [01-04-2010] »»»

I was really impressed with my visit here. It was also enjoyed by my children with lots of hands on things to keep their interest.
Sue Owad [01-04-2010] »»»

RenewAmerica.com "There is no doubt left in the minds of many Christians. They acknowledge the fact that America will not survive the political and social travails that are imminent if they are not engaged in protecting our country from tyranny. The righteous and humble understand that The Almighty has given them spiritual gifts and unique weaponry. We will wear the whole armor of God, and use it to take back America. The Constitution of the United States was written based on the "Word" of God. Forthright citizens will restore its power and meaning. Patriots will not allow aggressive and arrogant "progressives" to continue having their way while ruining our country. Christians will put their faith into action. For without a "Spiritual Renewal," America will continue to fail in every aspect possible. Without God's intervention, our economy will not bounce back, nor will jobs be created. The American dream will be destroyed by those who want to create an entirely different nation out of the ash heap of this historic land."
Sharron Branco [01-04-2010] »»»

My grandson, is 13 and today he told me that he hated the pledge of alligance as it made pple who didn't believe in God feel bad, and he wished we would abolish it. I was totally in shock I told him that there was only a very small percentage of pple who didn't believe in God. This is so unbelievable that they are teaching children in school to hate the flag. Pray, that we can turn this country around so that our children will really know the history of this great nation. Thank you for this website!
Goldie Langlitz, 68 [01-04-2010]

what is independence hall made of????????important questions
himalaeyes [01-04-2010] »»»

My father was a Steward/Guard at Eastern State around 1959-1968.I still have some items that belonged to my dad like his ID card and some pictures etc. Also my dad took me there when I was a boy to show me where he worked and about the prison.
Steven Freemer, Abington, PA [01-04-2010] »»»

Robert Arnow [01-04-2010]

I'm proud to be an American I'm blessed to be a Christian
Cindy Cline, Atlanta,Georgia [01-04-2010] »»»

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