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good info! :)
anonymous [10-30-2009]

gman [10-29-2009]

JIYA, 19,ny, [10-29-2009]

Aly! [10-29-2009] »»»

i think the sight would be better if you put more detailed pics and paragraphs.
michael kline, im13 live, in richfield,and i am eager about the history of the bell [10-29-2009] »»»

This site is exceptional. I shall spend many hours here! God Bless the U.S.A.
Dr. William Menz, Cincinnati, Ohio [10-28-2009]

brittney [10-27-2009] »»»

i really enjoy watching your show i really like when you guys put stuff bout the world its true
catherine duarte, miami florida [10-27-2009] »»»

i think you guys are amazing and you guys put interestinqq stuffs lyk thwe world
xena obregon, 13 miami florida lil havana [10-27-2009]

I am South Australia's first lady town crier, am the Consul for the Hutt River Province, and have an internet cafe in Goolwa, my www.gotalk.net.au/lionqueen1/
Honorable Maggie harding [10-26-2009]

you shuld have a George Wahington Biography, and if you do you should make it easier to find
Sean [10-26-2009]

Awsome information guys!
James Cole, age 45 Riverside, Ca [10-26-2009] »»»

i love that you have a great website so people can learn stuff.
cristina garcia, 18,san antonio [10-26-2009]

hey this is great-it helps me with YPA at school.....
Carrie, Florida [10-26-2009]

i love this site
lisa, 11 [10-26-2009]

Thank You US History!
josh danneman, georgia conservative [10-26-2009]

I appreciate your country. I respect your history your wonderfull country. I like the history specially the history of our founding fathers. I just wanna send to you my congratulations for your excellent web page!
Franklin González, 35 year old. Caracas, Venezuela [10-26-2009]

oscar camacho, 19,elizabeth,nj [10-26-2009]

john, 16 [10-22-2009]

i love this site it rocks
lizzy [10-22-2009]

Dante' Pittman [10-22-2009]

cool website
Jacob Kennedy and Dante Pittiman, Wilson NC [10-22-2009] »»»

Born near Philadelphia I came back to share some of the history I took for granted with my husband who was born and raised in Florida.
K Jones, 27, Florida [10-22-2009] »»»

I am looking forward to perusing this website. It seems very intrigueing.
Jan Ramsey, Missouri [10-22-2009] »»»

This website isnt good at all
Meg [10-22-2009]

woot woot hey julie
alkuha [10-22-2009]

i love this website! i used it for all my school papers andd now my kids use it!
sue seseme, 27. macon, ga [10-20-2009]

Yay Civil Rights!
Evan Arnold, Evansville, Wisconsin [10-20-2009] »»»

i am proud of what my family has done for the USA. my grandfather was a prisoner of war 4 1/2 years. during the depression my grandmother, aunt, and mother worked with the rest of the USA to keep it going. my mother was a welder! my older brother was drafted to vietnam. my younger brother was in desert storm. we all got thru everything great. i realize that there are many stories to tell. i just want to say the familes that are at home put in a service too. thank you, Jackie Fox Key
Jackie Key, i move to huntsville, al. in 1956 for my father to work at Redstone Arsenal. [10-19-2009]

Logan Waters, San Antonio Texas [10-19-2009]

Aloha, I think you've got a great website here. Very helpful! Thanks.
Deb, Honolulu [10-19-2009]

Dear Kristin you may come to my birthday party my B-day list littlest pet shop,math book,art book,makeup bag
Jordan, 8 Lynden [10-19-2009] »»»

thanks for the monroe doctrine!
anonymous [10-19-2009] »»»

hey dudes wat up
anonymous [10-17-2009]

hi im 13 years old and i go to martha washation school and i just wanted yo stop by and show some love
theresa [10-17-2009] »»»

Thank you for a Fantastic web site! I often reference it before coming to Philly to visit the sites.
Bob Marshall, Louisville, KY - 49 yrs. old [10-17-2009]

i like the website i am doing a reasearch project in school it is on one of the 13colonies
andrew t. dunkin, davenport iowa [10-15-2009] »»»

Joshua Bolt, Denton, Texas 17 [10-15-2009]

thanks!i needed this for an assinment
tess [10-15-2009]

Zachary Metzler, morgan town [10-15-2009] »»»

Love history. Also been a resident of the Philadelphia area for 51 years (I'm 54) and worked in Philly itself for approx 25 yrs. There's always something new to learn.
Jessica Kuhn, Haddon Heights NJ [10-14-2009]

jorge [10-14-2009]

Josephine [10-14-2009]

i liked helped me with my history homework good job making website i do think you should organize the info by dates tho other than that its rlly good thanks for the website love AGHS
Alyson Grace Hope Smith, 12 year old [10-14-2009]

i love this website cause they help me find out many more things about people that i never researched about or known about.
dominique, 16 years old [10-14-2009]

Thank you, I love the web site! God Bless America!
Jadwiga Rozewski, I'm 13 yrs. old [10-14-2009]

delila [10-13-2009]

This site shows the World, why we are "True Americans"
Raymond G. Redfern, Easthampton, Ma. 01027 [10-13-2009] »»»

We liked the content and the article. Worth the time.
anonymous [10-13-2009]

it was great! it sovled my troubles! i reccomemd it to everypne
cyn, 17, Los Angeles, CA [10-13-2009] »»»

What a great site ! I think that the only solution for USA is the creation of a United Jeffersonian Workers Socialist Front with the traditions of humanist, egalitarian, moralist ideologies of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King. In order for American workers, peasants and exploited americans victims of this capitalist system to take and reclaim the wealth of this country which is produced by them, but expropiated, and enjoyed by the top 1% to 5% of US citizens. We need to inform and teach US History, moralist values, Socialist values to american children in order to give them the weapons to protect themselves from tyranny and slavery like the US Founders warned us in their documents. God bless this website for being so good !
United-Jeffersonian-Socialist-Front, tn, usa [10-13-2009]

Jessica Blankenship [10-12-2009]

Thanks for having the fugitive slave act in the site. I really appreciate it
Bananero, i like ashley smith [10-11-2009]

I Love Rebekah(:
Amber(: [10-11-2009]

B [10-11-2009]

I loved this website it was so helpful :D
Hanna Jones, imhawtbabyyeah [10-11-2009]

The Portrait Gallery is one of the best I have ever visited. The way the portraits are displayed make it very viewer friendly and so interesting, especially with subjects that are not always so appealing, i.e. historical portraits. We have visited twice and I found people absolutely mesmerized while viewing the portraits and was happy to see that even the children took a great interest in seeing these exceptional portraits. Thank you for the pleasure!
Ellen Norton, I live in southern NJ, about 20 minutes from Phila. I am a watercolor & mixed media artist. Also, worked for 20 years at the Nation's 1st hospital, Pennsylvania Hospital. Love the City of Philadelphia! [10-11-2009] »»»

Kayla Host [10-11-2009] »»»

David Kohn [10-07-2009] »»»

Thank you for Patrick Henry's speech.
Linda Archer [10-07-2009] »»»

pretty cool helped me ace my quizes
cody, 14 [10-07-2009]

help whith social studies
JANAYZHA, 16 columbus ohio [10-07-2009]

Very interested in History. Please send interesting items. Thank you.
Darrell E. Klink, Lawyer at One Lincoln Professional Park, Lincoln, Ill. 62656 [10-07-2009] »»»

Hi Aha
Janeel [10-07-2009] »»»

I think this is a great website and I have learned a lot from it. MTravis [10-06-2009]

I like to see "American" made!
anonymous [10-06-2009] »»»

Great site. Discovered on C-SPAN. Do you send out daily text messages on cellphones about our history?
Mr. Kevin & Mrs. Brenda Cosse', Slidell, LA [10-05-2009]

I see now why Pearl Harbor attack was the starting gun for WW2.
Rodney Little, San Antonio, Tx. [10-05-2009] »»»

Keep up the good work. Fox News is wonderful.
Ione Thacker, Martinsville,Indiana [10-05-2009]

carolynnnicolemccune, nofffffiiiiin [10-03-2009] »»»

anonymous, spencer [10-03-2009]

jordan, you rock [10-03-2009]

harry [10-03-2009]

JJJJJJJJJJJJJ, 15 [10-01-2009]

Wat up?
Wiill, Euless TX [09-30-2009]

Charity Childers [09-30-2009]

parts of the city were immigrants migrated
Gamela Young [09-30-2009] »»»

Cool website!
Marie Gathings, 13, nc [09-29-2009] »»»

I have found newspaper archives to an establishment called The Palace Hotel/Restaurant which may have been operated by my GGG-grandfather J.J. Andrews, Prop., in the late 1850's. Advertisements said it was at the NW corner of Third and Stanley, below Shippen.
Suzanne B. [09-29-2009] »»»

Timothy Riggan Taylor, 19, Springfield Oregon [09-29-2009]

joseph sharum, 13 van buren [09-28-2009]

thanks for this website it really helped me with what i needed to know i have an ecot computer and it blocks google so your site was the last resort and it helped a lot thanks Brittany Stover
Brittany Stover, 16, Reynoldsburg,Ohio [09-28-2009]

I am visiting this website for the first time due to a History project I need to complete. So far, I have really enjoyed this webpage and plan to visit again in the near future.
Renee Moss, I am 28 yrs old, from Jacksonville Florida (Go Gators! [09-28-2009]

i love history its a great thing to learn...
daja prince [09-28-2009]

History is important to understand where we are and how we got there. But some books are just not true. History books in our schools are not always correct. I know the truth is not always a rosey look at our people and country but all facts need to be the true. ie- History written by people that were there and documents I have read states slavery became an issue two years after the civil war started......so why do our history books in our schools state the war began due to slavery? Maybe it wants everyone to think this, as it makes better sense to have a war over a noble cause, not because our politicians in Washington D.C. got into an argument over other things. This site gets you to the truth, even if it hurts.
Acy Akridge [09-28-2009]

I had to find a site to do some of my history homework and then report it to the rest of the class, I was the only one in my class who found a great site! Thanks! I got a 20/20(A) on my assignment and have a 97% in history because of this site I love it a lot!
Samantha, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Age: 14, Student of Sproul Junior High School. [09-25-2009]

this is a really wonderful site. I learn a lot about my history of Philly, and its a great source for my history projects. thankx ushistory.org!
Leah [09-25-2009] »»»

I think your websight is great and is helping me so much in my U.S. History class.
Janie Masters, 40 years old and first time college student [09-25-2009]

tasha anderson [09-23-2009]

Pretty good, I like the facts
Morgan Brown [09-23-2009]

I believe the Pledge should be said daily in schools.
anonymous [09-23-2009] »»»

i had afjortc homework
dominick yastrzb, 15,mesa az [09-23-2009]

Rosemary [09-23-2009] »»»

Hi there. I'm just letting you know that I'm extremely impressed with the many documents you have put together. I never realized that they went back as far as the 12th century. It just shows that people do change over time, but their message is still the same in some aspects. I am deeply honored to be able to use this site for my history work. I am a history fanatic and I do hope to read all of the documents in my spare time. God bless and keep up the wonderful work!
Patricia, 17 years old, NC [09-23-2009] »»»

Thanks for preserving our heritage with primary source documents. You can't revise them!
Richard Ritz, History teacher at Summerlin Military Academy, Bartow, Florida [09-22-2009] »»»

Thank you for having such an accessible site.
Joe Serrano, Lynwood, California [09-22-2009] »»»

Do you have any information regarding an elite group of marksmen from Littlestown, PA which protected then General George Washington?
Allen Wayne Little, Descendant from the Littles of Littlestown [09-22-2009] »»»

i was here [09-22-2009]

Thank you for your well put toget information, as I am doing a report on William Penn. Your information will be very helpful.
Jean pick, Old Town, Fl [09-20-2009] »»»

SOLO DEO GLORIA To GOD ALONE be the glory. America and its president need to remember that.
Madyson [09-20-2009]

Tanner Dye, 12 [09-20-2009]

daisy [09-20-2009]

cheol wan jeon, pyungtaek in korea [09-20-2009] »»»

would like to spread the word.freedom is everything.read the constitution. thank you for the opportunity and the resources. much appreciated.
mark mackenzie, upper michigan [09-20-2009]

yulonda [09-20-2009]

I was very pleased to be able to cite this website in library! Thank you so much for letting me reliy on your information
Blake, Raytown Missouri [09-20-2009]

I love this sight.
Christopher, 28, Pittsburgh, PA [09-18-2009] »»»

Thank You!
Jeremy Cook, Colorado Springs [09-18-2009]

Christopher Martin was my 6th great-grandfather. I am very proud of him, and honored to be a descendant of his.
Cheryl Thomas [09-18-2009] »»»

I would like to know the extent of my family history
Jennifer Willings, family sake [09-17-2009] »»»

As a student of history I find your site to be a valuable source of learning and interest. I am amazed at the lack of knowledge young students have of our great country and tell them they should visit.
John Martinez [09-17-2009] »»»

jakeu, garland [09-17-2009]

thats awsome i loved the americans creed it is a good little thing
olivia, i am11 years old and live in tennessee [09-17-2009] »»»

mchlkeys, newark [09-17-2009]

Thomas Brown [09-14-2009]

Carol Anderson [09-14-2009] »»»

Candice Leske, Princeton, MN. [09-14-2009] »»»

Long Nguyen, La Salle Catholic Highschool [09-14-2009]

it is ashame that the name of your great city is now more cracked & tarnished than your famed liberty bell,thanks to micheal vick.
anonymous [09-14-2009] »»»

I am trying to find out out family tree and Ben Franklin is related to him, I wanting to find out more about his children and their children and go on from there
Pamela Breece, Anderson In [09-11-2009]

keep it up this site rules
liberty layne, 13 [09-11-2009] »»»

i think that philadelphia is soooooo cool. i am studying ben franklen in school, and i just figured out that if he was alive, he would be my most favorite person in the world!
brooklyn, age 9 [09-11-2009] »»»

Lived in philly,1956 to 1969.Had 3 uncle's in philly police force under Frank Rizzo.[Their last names were "Lewis"]Fond memories of "Connie Mack Stadium"Not so fond memories living at 8th &Lehigh.
John Coyle, Age 53-charlestown,n.h. [09-11-2009]

This is a very awesome site. I am proud to be an American. Good bless America and our Troops. Lest we forget 9/11.
John Pacheco, SRO Denver Colorado. [09-11-2009]

R [09-11-2009] »»»

hayden, 11 lawrenceburg [09-11-2009]

I happened upon this site looking for something on a general search and I really enjoyed the information that this site has.
Theresa, 54 from NJ [09-09-2009]

awsome website
anonymous [09-09-2009]

john gallagher, ive been to the alamo i live in san antonio [09-08-2009]

This website is very accessible in time of rush due dates of Assignment. Very informative especially in my History Class (in addition to my text & online library) thank you for updating me. God Bless America, our Troops and you who are here to support the good cause of God's glory Shalom
Mot Odel, San Diego [09-08-2009]

thanks so much for this great website
anonymous, teacher [09-08-2009] »»»

I love history
rebekah broadbent [09-07-2009]

T. Alexander Nero [09-07-2009] »»»

Tony Throneberry [09-07-2009]

I found this site by accident. I've printed many of the documents so they can be read again. Thanks for the history and keep up the good work.
Richard A. Baldes, 67, Michigan [09-07-2009] »»»

It is good to see that US History is still alive and well on this site.
Barbara, North Carolina [09-07-2009] »»»

this is alsome flag I like the red white and think the person who made this did a good good good job!
Kayla [09-07-2009] »»»

I really like this site, very informative. Thank you.
DON WOLLING, Age: 61 FRANKLIN, MINN [09-07-2009]

Thank you for an awesome website packed with useful information! I have a student who was homeschooled, so he did not know the words to the Pledge of Allegiance. I learned the origin of the pledge and got the words for him, too!
Kris White, Pensacola, FL [09-07-2009] »»»

i like his farewell address.
clarence harris [09-07-2009] »»»

this is a great site for schools and school boards,but i am afraid it is being buried in favor of something new
robert daly [09-07-2009] »»»

JTerycka, 15, fairfield, al [09-07-2009]

Emily, 13 [09-07-2009]

cool site
Caleb Holland [09-07-2009]

I love US history. My favorite president is Abraham Lincoln.
Aaron Eggers [09-07-2009]

looking for the origin of the name gibson
carol scheffler, age 50, [09-07-2009]

Having worked in Phila. 1948,1950 The mosiac at Curtis made a huge impression My sister and I were trying to remember the details of this outstanding work. Grateful to Pew etc who kept it where it belongs
anonymous, 76 years Glassboro,NJ [09-07-2009] »»»

Loved visiting this website, & learning about the First Bank. Very exciting:-)
Keasha M. White, Owensboro, Ky Age 34 8/27/2009 [08-27-2009] »»»

i watched public enemies film and i wanna talk with a adult american, about us history. for making some culture. like millions I LOVE US, mail to me plz kadirkocamanstar@gmail.com
berserk, from turkiye [08-25-2009]

I am trying to get some information on an old level that I just bought. It is 30" long & has a brass plate on top with Disston&Morss/Keystone Tool Works/Philadelphia/USA printed on top(in a semi-circle). I believe that the wood is birch. Would you be able to share any information with me about this PA. company and this lovely old tool? Thankyou so much for your help!
Holly Scheve [08-25-2009]

P Declet [08-25-2009]

member nmcb 62 66-67-68- Phu Bia,Hue,Dep then on to Deago Garcia,then to Guam,and Spain Ret.Dec.3 1986 Ph.# 352-551-5479 would love to hear from shipmates
Patrick Lyons Tiger, P.O.BOX 350815 Grand Island Fla 32735 [08-23-2009]

Thank you there is so much to learn about our country
Janet Jessup, Hopewell, Va [08-23-2009] »»»

Love history
Ismael Nieves [08-21-2009]

hannah [08-21-2009]

I am looking for information onthe Rev. Francis Doughty from Boston in linclnshire if anyone knows plese contact me thanks
Beverly Doughty [08-19-2009]

nice to know it is available!
Lela Lee [08-19-2009]

Currently in a US History class for my degree this site is great
Shawn Lawson [08-17-2009] »»»

I have lived in Philadelphia for 28 years and have never been on a tour of my own city. This Saturday will be the first, and I am very excited to do so.
Nicole Spitz, 28, Philadelphia, Pa [08-12-2009] »»»

I think the country is awesome! We just need to make some changes in how we help other countries. We help them one day and the next they hurt us
Tamara, 31 marysville ca [08-11-2009] »»»

your website is great and it helped me with my report
angel, 15 years old,Sylvania [08-10-2009] »»»

This is perfect for our readers (immigrants learning English) and our focus on citizenship. I will mention it in our Aug./Sept. issue. Thank you.
Betty Malmgren, Publisher, Easy English Times [08-09-2009] »»»

Lidia Castillo, age 24 I live in Antioch Ca 94509. [08-07-2009]

Two of the things I love most in the world are the United States and History, so a great site like this one that offers them both together would obiously appeal to me and others who feel the same way and want to learn more.
Abby M. [08-07-2009]

Tour was great, cann't wait to actually visit
penny arft, Virginia [08-05-2009]

Obama is working again History.
Kenneth Meyer, 37, Cleveland,Ga [08-04-2009]

i believe the whole paul revere ride was a conspiracy.when paul revere was captured by "redcoats",they were not really redcoats.they wre american friends of paul revere pretending to be british soldiers.
jose espinosa, new york [08-04-2009]

candi walker [08-04-2009]

i like black history i am black i find topics involving this as important as well as knowledgeable
lolita tramill williams [08-03-2009] »»»

I currently serving in Iraq as a Reservist, for the second time. I'm teaching my soldiers about the history of the WORLD WARS and how we are living today compared to yesterday.
zazelda pinder [08-03-2009]

Thanks for the historical lessons about Philadelphia and the US History and government.
Nilo, Canyon Country, CA [08-01-2009] »»»

A wealth of information all here for our eyes. Thank you !
Nilo, Canyon Country, CA 91387 [08-01-2009] »»»

Nekhl, 18. nasik [07-31-2009]

we miss you
Jen [07-30-2009]

Franklin Reid, Ogden, Utah [07-28-2009]

History is love.
Shanika Andrews, North Carolina [07-27-2009]

Looking for Rineharts of Franklin Co Greene
Stephen Rinehart [07-27-2009] »»»

William B Schinella [07-27-2009]

Am trying to find the name of the football stadium in Phila.Pa. in the 1950's - as a child, I was brought there for Cavalcade of Music or something of that sort - professional singers were driven around the stadium in convertibles and there were stages in the infield where the singers/musicians entertained the audience. Would appreciate a response and where on web I can find it's history and pictures if possible. Thank you.
anonymous, Bristol,Pa [07-24-2009] »»»

I want to be a CSI when i get older but i believe that the justice system is so mest up because the are lenyent on two many things i believe that everyone should be treated the same...i believe that every case or trial should be prolonged on evidence and no one should be treated badly or treated with hostility till they are otherwise proven guilty.....
Alicia York [07-23-2009]

This website helped me a lot on my CLEP exam for U.S. history. Great wealth of info to be found.
PFC Michael Farwig II, United States Army [07-21-2009]

Tammy [07-20-2009]

anonymous [07-16-2009]

Dinks genealogy is still researching family as of July 2009. Some obits and marriage records have yet to be found . a lot of Whelchel related family photos have been sent from various family members. I will not put unverified family in my book. I have found the original papers of The Whelchel family history prepared by Lula Pettigrew Whelchel and published by Mary Helen Whelchel 1959. A book was made and I have a copy of it from Fort Wayne Family members. I'am still researching the in-laws of Welchel/Wilkey/Whetchel/Welcher/Whelchel. I have obits in Welchel/Whelchel spelling. I have marriage records of Whelchel/Welcher/Whelchell spellings. I have birth records of several family members. I have been to many cemeteries in Indiana. I have correspondents from Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Georgia, Florida, Arkansas. I have found relatives from newspaper articles in Tennessee on Shields family. I have found historical clippings of Goudelock house in South Carolina . I have found Pettigrew marriages from 1803 in Virginia. Land deeds in Samuel Whelchel 1820 Indiana. Wetchel reords in 1800-1809 Kentucky. Many of the Whelchel / Welchel families married in Indiana as early as 1815/1824. The military records of Whelchels are in the Revolution, Civil War, World War 1 + 2, Vietnam, Navy, I have found famous persons in Illinois related to Whelchel families. I have pictures of these families. I have found Shields family from Lewis and Clark expedition in the in-laws. I have found several Revolution Soldiers in the family in-laws. The history collection is growing. Dink
Dink, Welchel/Whetchel/Whelchel/Wilkey/ Wiechel/ Welcher [07-14-2009]

Thanks for making so much good material available to us. You've done a great job.
Neftaly, 29, army [07-13-2009]

ronald reagan-what a president(a great man)
cal p. shummon, honolulu.hawaii [07-12-2009]

T. Manges [07-12-2009] »»»

Have been searching for mention of the Mandersons - John Manderson came to Philadelphia in early 1800's from Crumlin, County Antrim, Ireland. Your entries are helping me. I have his 'fmily bible', bought in Phila, but with births and deaths.
Sara Pilling [07-10-2009]

sabrina, that barack obama is a very nice president and i saw he in washington d.c. [07-09-2009] »»»

I am back for another History Lesson... The Nixon side of my family has made its mark hard and deep in U.S. History... Without going through the line tying back to Clonial times or Civil War accomplishments, my great grandfather Frank Nixon and his brother Allen Nixon were peace officers near Ozark Arkansas circa 1915-1916... The story of the "Titanic" was still fresh on everyones lips... Allen was also a congressman for the State of Arkansas at that time... After a prolonged fued with another family named McLaughlin, Allen was assassinated at his home there in Arkansas... My grandmother related this story to me... She was 15 and she and the family were over preparing lunch when the shot rang out... Allens' son Dennis called out "That shot killed my daddy"... (I still tear up everytime I repeat that, knowing the needless sorrow that followed)... Dennis ran through the woods and found Ki McLaughlin standing over the body, tying Allens' horse to a tree so it would not run back and give him away... He had burlap bags soaked in kerosene tied to his legs to throw off any bloodhounds that might try to trail him... He was seen by another man on his way home and told him, "I got one them and now I'll get the other"... (Meaning my grandfather)... And for that man to forget anything he saw... (I don't remember his name)... Ki went to trial over it and had over 60 people sign a character reference petition... These were powerful families... Dennis was only 10 and was not allowed to testify... Since the hounds could not find tracks and the other man mysteriously went silent at trial Ki was aquitted of the murder... He soon let it be known he would be coming for my grandfather... (A lot of nerve I guess)... My grandmother told me her daddy said "I don't want to kill or be killed" and put her on a train to Texas for her to come find work and ready a place for the family... Quite a load for a young girl but with younger siblings at home she had to toughen up and take care of business... She was tough... I never saw her get angry or cry in all the years I knew her... She died at 95... From what I understand she stayed a little while with our Mckinney relatives here in Texas... (Collin Mckinney, one of the drafters and signers of the "Texas Declaration of Independence" was my great, great, grand uncle)... Baack in Arkansas Dennis swore he would avenge his daddys' death... When he turned 18 he was mysteriously found dead... No witnesses... He is buried next to Uncle Allen in a little plot near there home... I have been there and seen them and wrote a book on this subject but don't know any publishers, but hey I have you guys and now it is part of history... I have a newspaper article of the time that confirms most of this story... It adds that prior to the murder Uncle Allen had met Ki in town to resolve things... Ki stabbed him with a Bowie knife and as Uncle Allen fell backwards he shot Ki five times in the chest and stomach and he lived through it... These were men... When I went to the newspaper office for further information I found it had burned down shortly after this all took place taking all the evidence with it... Hmmm... The irony was the ending of the story which showed it was all caused from the lies of another little girl... She was afraid to face her daddy and admit she was sleeping with Ki's brother Neil... Neil was charged with raping her and went to prison... Since my faimly was the law Uncle Allen and my grand daddy had to arrest him... Everyone knew Neil was innocent, including Uncle Allen... But that was part of his job... He told them Neil would get a fair trial and for the girl just to admit what she had done and he would go free... She would not do it... She was under age but was not forced in any way... Ki told Allen if Neil went to prison he would kill him and my granddaddy... He was man of his word... Here is the kicker, when Neil got out of prison he married that little girl, they had been in love the whole time... I guess there is a moral in there somewhere too bad so many good people had to suffer for lies... I guess that is why honesty is so imbedded in my family... The truth does set you free... Now my grandmother and I are set free... Phil Near Somerville...
Phillip Sollock, Somerville, Tx. [07-09-2009]

I was trying to find out the history of when Philadelphia started going downhill crimewise;
Joe, Philadelphia,PA [07-07-2009] »»»

Duty, Honor, Country, the 3 things I was taught by my father that have meant the most in my life. These are brought out in these pages.
SFC Timothy A. Collins, US Army (Retired), Texas [07-07-2009]

Debra L. Bowers [07-07-2009]

america,love it respect it and protect it from all enemies of the light. MISSIONNAIRESpourlesSAINT-ESPRIT
SEA FALCON, the U.S. NAVY BLUE ANGELS RULE ! [07-06-2009] »»»

good laws under a free government indeed you were no.1 sir
SEA FALCON, uplift the artistic expression of all the world-AMERICA [07-06-2009] »»»

my service to america is based on what president lincoln has expressed in the emancipation proclamation;all americans hold true!
CAL SHUMMON, veterans representative/ congressional [07-06-2009] »»»

That we should not ever forget The American Creed
Diana Nevers Mooney, Placerville,Ca 65 years young [07-06-2009] »»»

Ahmed Elsherif, Highland [07-06-2009]

Thank You for providing a very informative and valuable website. I will look forward to my continual exploration of your website for my educational purposes and to share this website with others.
Weezie, nj [07-06-2009]

Independence Hall and Valley Forge are on America's most "sacred" ground. God Bless America!
David & Kate Zacker, San Marcos, CA (native of south jersey) [07-05-2009]

Respecting the US Constitution
Greg A Angulo [07-03-2009]

I have confidence that my wife Teresita will pass.
Mr. & Mrs. Randall Canter, My wife going for her citizenship for the U.S.A. [07-02-2009] »»»

I served our country and flag proudly in the United States Coast Guard. My two brothers were also in the military. Frank, 101st. Airborne US Army, Korea. Karl, US Marine Corp. Viet Nam. My son Jeff, US Marine Corp. Nephew Karl, US Air Force. I guess my pride in our country and my family shows through.
JOHN A. MANDL, Age 67, San Jose, Ca. Born and raised in Philadelphia Pa. [07-02-2009] »»»

Ted Sagester, Columbus Ohio Age 42 born in Boston Mass [07-02-2009]

anonymous, We love history! :-) [07-02-2009]

maria [07-01-2009] »»»

Is it possible to make regular access to this site mandatory for ALL public school students, grades 6 - 12?
James Bratten, Evansville, IN - age 60 [06-29-2009] »»»

I would like to know more about the passengers of the Betsy whom came Rotterdam to PA.
Dink, RE: Family history [06-29-2009]

I belive that the people of the USA should understand that this nation was founded a Republic and that is what it still should be.
LarryMcClendon [06-29-2009] »»»

Ralph Campbell, age 49 albion mi. [06-27-2009]

susanna, age 8 [06-26-2009]

Arie Ritchie [06-26-2009]

i love american histpry and our nation!
Jonathan Harry Montanez Sanabria Texeira, 15,male,philadelphia,pa [06-23-2009] »»»

Very well done. I am going to use this for a writing class--"American Identities" Thank you so much for the website!
Mary Schiltz, 60 year old patriot! Wausau, Wisconsin. English professor [06-23-2009] »»»

Several years ago I read thatPennsylvania's copy of the BILL of RIGHTS was Lost or Misplaced. Has it been located as yet?
anonymous [06-21-2009]

common law interests me
anonymous, citixen of the State of Indiana [06-20-2009]

This site is listed in one of the textbooks that I use in teaching. We have enjoyed this site. Thanks,
Linda Muth [06-20-2009] »»»

This is a wonderful and useful website. I visited Thomas Paine's Common Sense, The Declaration of Independense, The US Constitution, The Gettysburg Address (please excuse me if misspelled), thanks.
Melvin W. Spicer, Jr. [06-20-2009] »»»

Needs WWI and WWII info
Mac, godzilla was a girl [06-19-2009]

LISA JACKSON, Resident [06-19-2009]

God bless the U.S.A.
Aaron Wilcox, Age 35, Hampshire Illinois, Mason [06-18-2009]

about the church in cookstown, it is still having service ever sunday at 11:00 a.m. as far as i have find out the church is 190 years old now. come see us.
anonymous, cookstown church on cookstown and new egypt rd. [06-18-2009]

My grandfather, Tito Ianni owned(or rented) a bar called "Tito's Saloon" around 2nd & Chestnut in the late 1800's or early 1900's I have a matchbook showing this and also the exact address. I've been doing research but can't find any info. If you are interested in what I have let me know. Perhaps you have some info. thanks.
Rita Ianni Vassalotti, Grandfather came to Phila. as a boy in 1859 [06-18-2009]

Ann Willis [06-18-2009] »»»

Albert Fernandez, high school history teacher florida [06-17-2009]

The new E-Address for The Hikemaster' Guide to the Forbes Road is Oldhikemaster@WMconnect.com There is now 9 Books to the series $ 8.00 per Book + S & H
John Finnigan [06-16-2009]

It tells me many information about the person
anonymous [06-15-2009]

I've not always been intrigued by history,but now I enjoy it much. I noticed you have information on Lincoln, but what about the Civil War? I believe one of my ancestors was a General in Lincoln's army and would be interested in knowing more of the Civil War.
Patricia Bridgeman, Evansville, IN [06-15-2009]

thank you for the time and efforrt on this site. we will be using it over and over as a refreance site for our new cub scouts achievment points.
GERALD H. GRISWOLD, suffolk, virginia [06-13-2009] »»»

I liked you site. Brief and to the point
gerald hege, sixty years old [06-12-2009] »»»

Just Passing Through, checking up on the DeLancey History Files. 4:25 P.M. E.S.T. Hyannis Ma
David George DeLancey, Art Economics History [06-12-2009]

What i want to say is,it's definitely an awesome site!
Hong Li, Shanghai,China. [06-10-2009]

Thank you this was a great tool!
kelly, Miami, Florida [06-10-2009] »»»

this site was very good; I was working on a school project, and found nothing until I clicked on this link. It was so helpful!
I.L.A., I live in CA, and love playing my brother's video games [06-09-2009]

Enjoyed the excellent resources on your web site.
Robert D. Wroblewski, Teacher in Dearborn, Michigan [06-09-2009]

Well done, and highly interesting. When donw loading a number of notes on Thomas PAINE, I was surprised about the many, and grave orthographical errors. This appears to be clearly due to poor scanning - as I feel well versed enough with the English language to distinguish the ancient vocabulary of TP's time.
Hans von SCHACK, Konstanz, Germany [06-08-2009]

Pa is such a beautiful state--I've fond memories of visiting here--several times.
ruth zwilling [06-08-2009]

Thank you very much for this site. I especially enjoyed the timeline, as I am working on a history of Nicetown for my grandsons, and it filled in some dates I needed. Keep up the good work. Please get that Pearl Harbor interview from Mr. Mieleszko as he is the kind of treasure that people will love reading 100 years from now.
Mary S Nicholas, Philadelphian by transplant and loving it for 36 years. [06-06-2009] »»»

hi guys
DEMI, none [06-06-2009]

i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee yarrrrrrrrrrrrr siteeeeeeeeee
tera, 17/toano/va/23168 [06-05-2009] »»»

loving the page
leoyonia, 17 la [06-04-2009] »»»

This is a wonderful cite! I am a history major and I wish I would have found this cite sooner! Thank you so much!
Chelsea Schulz, From Washington [06-03-2009]

Without the seperation of church and state we would be a theocracy and our life dictated by the Pope. Thank got for the founding fathers.
anonymous [06-02-2009]

I just printed out the translation of the Magna Carta prior to seeing the original at the R. Reagan library in Simi Valley Ca. Thanks for making this stuff available.
Frank Aylesworth [06-02-2009] »»»

Barbara A. Rivera, 3511 W 13th Street, Trainer, PA 19061 [06-02-2009] »»»

Lynn Phimsoutham, St. John AMEC River Rouge, MI [06-01-2009] »»»

It's a very good website to know about the US, I really like it. I think people in the 21st century should be citizen of the world, and know and respect culture of other country is the best way to keep peace and understanding of each other. Thank you.
Jie, Changsha, China [05-31-2009]

I am looking for information on the history of Lakewood school in Carpentersville, Illinois built sometime in the 60's I think.
anonymous [05-31-2009]

Schools should teach the Constitution better. The separation of church and state should not be in existence.
Sandi C. Bain, Maryville, Tn. [05-31-2009] »»»

I wish more was taught about the Constitution in schools. Everyone should know how the Constitution starts and about the Bill of Rights that our country was founded upon.
Joyce C. Brown, Maryville,Tn. [05-31-2009] »»»

bob, nothing [05-31-2009]

amazing site dog!
anonymous [05-31-2009] »»»

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nena, fl [05-31-2009]

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el dude, i am awesome [05-29-2009]

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Lance Pitman, 14,Gilmer Texas [05-29-2009]

This website freaking rocks
anonymous [05-27-2009]

Thank you
Catherine Vilburn [05-27-2009] »»»

sir / madam - greetings from Ireland. May i draw your attention to a recently published book about Quakers in Ireland. P.R. Jacob originally wrote "A Jacob Family - Tramore in the 1900s" for his own relations and his own enjoyment. now, you can read many aspects of this Irish Quaker family for yourself. This book is not for sale online but there are some purchase options below that you might like to consider. Thank you for reading this all the best - louis hemmings "A Jacob Family - Tramore in the 1900s" by P. R. Jacob ______________________________________________ The story of an Irish Quaker family, and memories of Tramore and Waterford from the late 1800s to the 1950s. The family business in Waterford included Harvey Travel, a house agency, an insurance agency, stockbroking and the Waterford Working Men's Penny Bank. There are also reminiscences of the related Clay and Skelton families, and of Newtown School, Dunmore East, sailing, the Comeragh Mountains and much else. The numerous archival and family photographs are a fascinating window on a vanished time in Ireland. __________________________________________ Published by Jacobooks, 6 Sharavogue, Upper Glenageary Rd., Glenageary, Co Dublin, Ireland. _________________________________ price:- €12 + p&p €3 to Ireland. worldwide price:- €12 + p&p € 4.85 cheques payable to P R Jacob. please mention samovarbooks. email contact: louis@samovarbooks.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------- Proceeds go towards building a training centre for the disabled in southern Ethiopia.
louis hemmings, The story of an Irish Quaker family [05-27-2009] »»»

Richard Martin, Ret. USAF (20yr.) & USPS (20yr.) [05-26-2009]

tazz [05-26-2009]

hi do you have images about samuel Adams and the important thing he did. I LOVE THIS WEBSITE
alexa, 8 la [05-26-2009]

Hai ;D
anonymous [05-22-2009]

u helped me with a test in social studies!
working on a take home social studies test [05-22-2009]

its the best city ever.we have everything like the ave of the arts
alyssa grier, 17 year of age live in philadelphia [05-20-2009] »»»

I came to this website because right now I'm in school and we had to do a reaserch, but this website is really good and has lots og great information.
Brunna, age-11 city-phliadelphia [05-18-2009] »»»

Our ancestor, Frederick D Mancourt was principal of the Allentown Academy until his death on July 2, 1835. I am looking for information of his marriage to Mary Wise and also of his burial site in Germantown. This is a lovely site.
Barbara Johnson, Mishawaka, Indiana [05-18-2009]

Bring back the pretzel museum! We were planning a trip to Philadelphia just for the museum and to our shock and disappointment IT'S CLOSED! We want the museum! Wahhhhhhh!
Frank and Eileen, Pretzel aficiandos from CT [05-18-2009] »»»

I have entered the site for the first time. so, I have no comment so far.
anonymous [05-18-2009]

Jessica, Dayton, Ohio [05-18-2009]

history is my favorite subject
anonymous [05-18-2009]

you helped me with homework
jazzy, philly [05-18-2009] »»»

james White [05-15-2009] »»»

mike ward [05-15-2009] »»»

I just wanted to express my thanks to your site. I was laid up with an injury and decided to CLEP US History I. By cramming in two weeks, your easy to read book online, I managed to pass the CLEP with a good score. The procter stated that the pass rate for this test was about 33%. Now I'm going for US History II using your book. Thanks
Jose Carrillo, Active Duty [05-15-2009]

Dear Kristin I hope you are my best friend. LOVE Jordan
Jordan, 8 Lynden [05-14-2009]

Sierra [05-14-2009]

I was wondering if maybe I was related to Ethan Allen. My name is Annabel Allen and I think Ethan might be one of my ancestors.
Annabel Allen, 10 yrs. - Haslett, MI [05-14-2009]

I have no thoughts other than finding out on puerto rico
Eva, 15 years old, Greensburg Pennsylvania [05-14-2009]

Mets and Cavs and Lebron Rule!
Jake Eig [05-14-2009]

fredick douglas [05-14-2009]

Collateral line Mayflower descendent 912'er Conservative & Christian
Sally Baker [05-13-2009]

i tink ur website is coolz!u guyz rock!I actually was expecting my s.s grade.i like this web
anonomous, Houston,texas 16 [05-13-2009]

michelle [05-12-2009]

Good mom and dad wait for dad to come home.
Caitlin Andrews, 8 ia [05-12-2009] »»»

very good infomation. I found everything I needed
Ashley, 13 [05-12-2009] »»»

i think you should provide links to makeover and dressup games
cooldude, blahblahblah [05-12-2009]

I once had a copy of the "reason" for the 13 folds of a coffin draped flag...where can it be found? I would appreciate info from anyone
Patricia Chamlee [05-11-2009]

the histiry i have learn so is so amazing about Indepedence Hall
anjelica lemons [05-11-2009] »»»

This is a great site.
Walt Kopicko [05-11-2009]

nateesha mendiola [05-11-2009]

My grandfather Edward Gaffney and his brother Philip Had a saloon on the corner of 2nd St. and Spring Garden. It was called Gaffney Bros. They opened around 1904 and closed in 1919. Their father immigrated from Ireland in 1871. Lived at 88 Wister St. in Germantown. Both became wealthy in just a decade.It was a tough workmans bar with a free lunch,nickel beers and a few working girls on the second floor.
Edward Sutton [05-11-2009] »»»

i really like the website. do you know anything about social studies praxis tests in sc? help me please.
WAYNE BAILEY, i am trying to get certified in sc and i have to take a praxis social studies content test. i am reviewing using us history.org. [05-10-2009]

Great SOL review! thanks!
Reyna, 12 [05-09-2009]

A very educational site,I'm enjoying paging through it. Thank you!
Carl E. Diffenbaugh, Age 58, retired painter, my family orig. from Lanaster,Pa [05-08-2009] »»»

this was very accurate and helpful...thank you
kayce Tadlock [05-08-2009] »»»

I grew up in Philadelphia and have always enjoyed its history. This site looks so interesting. I look forward to spending sometime on it. Today, I am was looking for information on the history of the Transportation Workers Union specifically a John M. Hagan who was suppose to be a union official around the 1930's. No luck yet.
Patricia Mathis, Houston, Texas [05-08-2009]

I had to do a project and this website helped me sooo much! I got a 100!
Sarah [05-07-2009] »»»

candace, pittsburgh, PA [05-07-2009] »»»

i want to american history. i.e. original history. we r reading only after uorope invation. let me know indians reffered in your history.
bsn moorty, 50 years, hyderabad,india [05-07-2009] »»»

santiago mccahey [05-07-2009]

anonymous [05-07-2009]

i really like this website it really helped me on nmy work at school thanks
Stephanie, renton WA [05-06-2009]

katie [05-06-2009] »»»

Amar [05-06-2009]

this is the most informachanal
ashley hitchcock, 11 bradford [05-06-2009]

Adam [05-05-2009]

Lets win America back!
Barrie Roquemore [05-04-2009] »»»

I am interested in the history of Polish Jews in America. Thanks
Joanna, Poland, Bialystok [05-04-2009] »»»

I hope to see this site remain to remind us of our victory over tyranny.
Duane A. Linn [05-04-2009]

Fred Christiansen [05-04-2009]

HEYY! Cool Guestbook
Jennifer, 14 [05-04-2009]

Sabrina Hendricks, age-25 [05-04-2009] »»»

michaelrdavis, 7735 windchime cir. knoxville,TN. [05-04-2009] »»»

This is a great site!
Jamie Lawrence, Washington state, the dry side [05-04-2009] »»»

Thank you for a beautiful site; r site is a beautiful resource for,at this time,leasrning about the Bill of Rights... Middle School Teacher in NY city(really!)
sherrie, new york city ! [05-04-2009] »»»

Such a beautiful and helpful site. I truly appreciate all the hard work you put into it and all that is required to keep it up and running. Thanks
ruth ann zwilling, olney, illinois [05-04-2009]

Megan, Millbrook, Alabama [05-04-2009] »»»

this site is good but id like to know more about tomas paines peronal life
Ali, 11 [05-01-2009]

history buff
gene lieberman, phila native [05-01-2009] »»»

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