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Gladys, Wetumpka, AL [04-30-2009]

I am going on a feild trip here
anonymous [04-30-2009]

ethan [04-30-2009] »»»

amber, girl [04-28-2009] »»»

pierre ardouin, france [04-27-2009] »»»

pues, bien bien me gusto mucho hola mexico y todos hablan espanol
azerbajan [04-27-2009] »»»

I regretfully did not pay much attention to history as I was growing up. Now I feel the need to know our great country got to be that way, and why there is such a threat to its existence today.
Annette Gavit, 55 years old, Saginaw, Michigan [04-27-2009]

stacy [04-27-2009] »»»

this is amazin.Bob Saget
anonymous [04-27-2009]

Is there a way I can find out, who a Phila. street is named for? Did the naming of a street have to be approved by a City Council resolution? Do you know if there is a city agency that would have this info/
Mickey Flaville, Philadelphia, PA [04-24-2009] »»»

Mickey Flaville [04-24-2009] »»»

I have some dimes that were damaged in a fire, can I return them to you for refund
Jimmy G Boring [04-24-2009] »»»

Jimmy G Boring [04-24-2009] »»»

Great website! i love to learn more on here for school projects.!
Emily Smith [04-23-2009]

This is a great site.
Brianna [04-23-2009] »»»

Great website. Thank you for the great resources you provide.
mark anderson [04-22-2009] »»»

keishaHislon [04-22-2009]

i enjoy the independence hall it is a great prt of our nation
Tiarra [04-22-2009]

hi whats up hit me up on myspace jtmagbie11@aol.com
jt mags, 13 going to congress hall may 5th [04-21-2009] »»»

how old waz the preseident befor died do u think that this is all of bushies falt for making the econmey bad or is it just cause the prices we dont know but we do know that sept 11 2001 everyone was scaryed crying and hatded but bush saw that happen the how world dights to know one stop iot did they no r firefighters ambulances and all thought thats were there and died for some high jackers
andrew erdman, 13 going to congress hall may 5th [04-21-2009]

i like this website cause its easy fast and safe for not just kids but all ages i can not wait to come down may 5th to see congress hall my school will be comeing susquenitamiddle school it should be funthanks see you then
james magbie, 13 going to congress hall may 5th [04-21-2009]

lexi [04-21-2009]

Thank you for sharing the Constitution of The United States.
Lynn Vandiver, 42, Chicago, IL [04-20-2009] »»»

Emily [04-20-2009]

Very helpful sight. Thanks so much for making all of this information available.
Scott Watson, 25 years old, Wayne PA [04-20-2009] »»»

I had a front row seat It was a beautiful Sunday morning when the most violent act of treachery in the history of wars occurred. My friend and I were on a week-end pass in Honolulu after a strict month of security on bass. That Sunday morning,the Inn keeper awoke us,"Yelling the Japs are bombing Pearl Harbor". We hurriedly left searching for a cab to return to our base. On our way toward the harbor,we saw the second wave of the Japanese planes coming in for their kill. The main highway ran along the harbor which became unpassable with cars and bewildered people not knowing what was happening.While our cab also added to the confusion,we sat and watched the real enemy planes bombing the ships and strafing sailors in flaming water while the rescue boats were plucking sailors out of the water some survived others failed the last monet.The smoke looked so furious with flames licking the sky. Sailors on shore in horror with tears in their eyes unable to help their shipmates.Other sailors were fighting to save their ship and themselves. We could see sailors crossing hand over hand by rope from ship to ship,some dropped into the flaming water and never came up. The enemy planes continued strafing and they finally disappeared and the horror of destruction only remained. A few ships were still rolling over from the battering they encountered and the singeing smell was horrifing. I don't think any one who was there that is still alive will ever forget it,even tho they were on shore
Joseph Anthony Mieleszko, age 87, North Hatfield,MA. Pearl Harbor Survivor [04-18-2009]

nice site. thank you for the effort.
John [04-18-2009] »»»

God Bless America!
Matt Haller, Marion, Iowa [04-18-2009]

What a great web site
Patricia P. Osborne, 54 Elkhart, IN 46514 [04-18-2009] »»»

jonaysha, 10 [04-18-2009]

Thank you for this website. You should try to advertise on Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity radio and TV shows.
Vicki Harvath, Maryland [04-18-2009]

Dude! dude dude dude dude dude dude
Dude, im a dude due!1 [04-18-2009]

Nite before Pearl Harbor Attack A rich Japanese business man on the Island threw a Saturday night party for the U.S.Naval brass at his night club,which lasted into the wee hours of the morning assuming that the officers would not be up early Sunday. In downtown Honolulu on that night free beer was served to all enlisted men assuming they would be in no shape to perform their duties the next day.(I know I was there) Young Japanese girls who regularly babysat on Saturday nite did not take any jobs around Ford Island or Honolulu that evening. And an ad in a Honolulu newspaper told of a Big weekend sale of fabric"by the yard" at a local store. That was a signal to the Japanese residents of the Island to stay away from Pearl Harbor yard.
Joseph Anthony Mieleszko, age 87, North Hatfield,MA. Pearl Harbor Survivor [04-18-2009]

Looking for an interactive quiz when we take our 5th grade class on a walking tour of philadelphia
Stacy McGuigan, School trip organizer [04-18-2009]

i think this is really cool to do.
corrine michelle casey, 15years old ionia michigan 48846 [04-18-2009]

I believe that none of the original rights of the constitution should be tampered with and they should for the interest of the people and the whole of America as one nation keep these rights as they are.
Catherine Turner, 25 Thomasville, Ga [04-16-2009] »»»

alexus ballou [04-16-2009]

erin, 5785 [04-16-2009]

I think that this web sight is one of the best web sights that has ever been created
lester evans, 14 ten mile tn 37846 [04-16-2009]

this is a cool web to visit thanks.
stephanie cortes [04-15-2009]

well i just wanted to sign a book so here it is, Hi mom hi dad.
Mason Nickoli, 13, marietta, Georgia, U.S.A [04-15-2009]

i love history!
shannon, hi,im in love with history,and i have a pasion for it! [04-15-2009] »»»

My grandmother was raised in Swarthmore in the early 1900's. One branch of her mother's family (Jan Luken) was on original founding family of Germantown, in the late 1600's. A branch of my grandfather's family arrived in New Jersey in the early 1700's. Isaac Quigley had 3 younger brothers and a nephew who all fought in the Revolutionary War. Isaac, who was in his 50's at the time, was in the Quartermaster Corp of New Jersey. My husband's family settled in Hagerstown, Maryland, in the 1700's, when they thought they were in Pennsylvania. My dad's parents both ended up in Idaho, where they met and married. My husband and I met in Idaho, where we met and married. I find it fascinating to think how closely our ancestors were to each other, and yet in doing genealogy research it doesn't appear that there were any early connections. Both my children graduated from colleges in PA, so we've had terrific opportunities to travel for visits, site seeing and genealogical research. What a wonderful, beautiful part of the country. I especially appreciate the thorough records the early settlers (specifically the Quakers) kept, and the care their descendants have taken to preserve and make available so many of them. Over the past several years of visiting and learning, I have truly come to appreciate the sacrifice our ancestors made in fighting for independence. The Founding Fathers were truly farsighted individuals with thoughful ideas for the foundations of our country. May we all be worthy of their sacrifices.
Lynda [04-14-2009]

clara, texas,15,dallas [04-14-2009] »»»

ad [04-14-2009]

This website has helped me on many history reports and I am thankful for this website.
Tyler Miller [04-14-2009] »»»

Put a THOMAS PAYNE box on your home page. I searched & found the 22 page document. GPK
George Kringelhede [04-13-2009]

I remember The Pearl Harbor Attack The Pearl Harbor Attack was in the Imperial of Japanese plan a decade before 1941. In 1932 ten years before the attack, a question appeared on the Japanese Naval Academy final exam,"how would you carry out an attack on Pearl Harebor?" With hundreds of various suggestions from young fertile minds,not one came up with the strategy used. In 1932,Admiral Henry Yarnell,Commander of the Pearl Harbor Fleet decided to demonstrate the vulnerability of the harbor. He slipped in two aircraft carriers in close from the Northwestern route to the Island of Oahu and launched 152 aircrafts which theoretically could have sunk most of the ships at anchor and destroyed all aircrafts on the ground. In 1938.Admiral Ernest King,Commander of the fleet then,also,demonstrated the vulnerability of the harbor. The Japanese Attache in Honolulu read of the exercise and were so impressed that they sent a dispatch to Tokyo. In the Fall of 1941,a Japanese cruise ship arrived in Honolulu.Four members of the crew were posing as stewards,they were really officers in the Japanese Navy,two submarine experts,two surface ship and air operation experts. If we were more suspicious at the time, we would have wondered why that ship had taken the icy Northwestern route to Oahu.Today, we know the four Japanese Navalexperts were testing a plan a plan the Japanese were counting on for almost ten years. The experts sighted neither aircrafts or ships in the icy Northwestern route. The experts disguised as stewards took plenty of shore leave,they saw the sights,took plenty of pictures,spoke to the natives and even took tourists plane rides over Pearl Harbor and more snapshots.The Japanese Consulates gave them maps of Pearl Harbor and military airfields and to make sure they purchased aerial pictures of Pearl Harbor,military airfields and views of the battleships near Ford Island. Returning to Japan the officers were confident the plan they had for a decade was the right one. And were we surprised! The Japanese clobbered Pearl Harbor in style,dropped their bombs and fled,leaving it torn and bleeding. It was not Admiral Yamamoto's brilliant strategy as known worldwide.. We showed them how to do it.............
Joseph Anthony Mieleszko, age 87, North Hatfield,MA. Pe arl Harbor Survivor [04-13-2009]

My great grand parents were married here in 1883. I am now living in the city a few blocks from the church.
Mary Logue, Philadelphia [04-13-2009] »»»

A wonderful site, indeed.
Ted [04-13-2009] »»»

Wow - I am impressed! This site definetley serves as a great resource for school reports or anything! GREAT JOB!
Cool Website! [04-13-2009]

good job
Quenneessee, 10 coveyville kansas [04-13-2009]

kayla, 10 coveyville kansas [04-13-2009] »»»

i love history
Cara, 9 years old [04-08-2009]

John Caserta, Shelton, CT [04-08-2009] »»»

i could not find the battle of ridgefield,ct.involving benadit arnold in the site, do small fights for indpendence matter? tell the truth! to the victors goes the truth!what has happened must be told,as it happened.leave nothing out of all evidence.changing events is historical murder!
dave commune, Prentiss Plt., Me. [04-07-2009] »»»

It is rightous
Henry Monahan Reaves, i am 11 years of age [04-07-2009]

are the $500.00 bills still in production? if so can u order them from just any bank?
JEFFERY BOATWRIGHT, manchester, ga [04-07-2009] »»»

Jacob Shrader [04-07-2009]

You are lame
Chianne, 13 [04-07-2009]

First of all this site and those like it are a gift to real history lovers...My mom got me hooked on history when I was younger by just listening to my different grandparents tell the stories of their parents and grandparents part of it all...The birth of this country and the Revolutionary War and founding government..The Indians... All the way to Texas and the "Original 300" and the "Texas Declaration of Independence". Then through the Civil War and on and on.. How the names McKinney,Walker,Armor,Stephens, Nixon,Gilpin, and Sollock including all various spellings of each are pasted page to page throughout this saga...In fact the entire " True Life Andventure " of people who really did not have a clue of what they were getting into but as my grandmother told me they did not want to "kill or be killed"... Being well educated and prosperous they attracted much envy as well as respect.. Being good christians they turned the other cheek and many times moved away even to another state just to keep the peace..But when finally backed into a corner they "Men and Womened up" and kicked some ass... Stories of people holding positions of great power and leadership.. But they were still just people..They had their own weaknesses like kindness and gullability and yes even their own skeletons of cousins with names like Jesse James and Bonnie Parker who conspicuously had empty places at the table during the familly reunion.... I remember listening to these tails and as I got older some just seemed so far fetched and were rebuked by those around us who say stuff like "that didn't happen, or you can't do that, or that won't work"...I feel they seem to be overly pessimistic or maybe they are just horses asses I don't know but I began to doubt my own heritage... I asked my grandmother how all of those tails could have been true and how they could have been in all those places of significance at those times...She just shrugged her shoulders and told me that was just what she had been told and that I should be careful about listening to those who always see only bad news... Over 20 years later my mom started researching geneology at the libraries..Here is history in the making.. What I mean is that in the old days 1980's and 90's you had to go to that particular library in that town in that state to find out anything...What she did find verified many of those mythical tails as being true and even more dramatic than we ever thought.. Now in full circle along comes progress and the virtual library right here...Again with the help of sites like yours I have not only proven that we knew only the tip of the iceburg and that my heritage is worth the pride I was taught to have..But what is really uncanny is that all of these individual families moved in and out of each others paths for 200 years living within a few miles at times but did not become one until now... Which allows people like me to wonder more and to share more of ourselves with others with the same thirst for knowledge that we have...I hope to add many of our history to here.. I found that my info on Col. John Nixon and the Continental Congress was posted, thanks.. Believe me like with the bible it is the stories of history that fascinated me long before I knew my family was inviolved... Also I have found that the bloodlines sre still flowing..I find that our various families are still "Men and Womening Up" and making our own history along the way...I know I am having my share of adventures... I can see it all so clearly now how those myths could have all been possible and why they even happened at all..We all are living it now and having to confront injustices and those who inflict them...What makes your character is not someone elses action but your reaction..I myself have had to make that decision of not wanting to kill or be killed...It makes me so proud to strive to follow my families legacy of guidence and values and to pass them on to my children... My youngest daughter says her history teacher won't let her answer questions anymore because he knows her family was always somewhere involved.. She told him that she could not help but be proud and her stories along with stories from scores of other families are what has made this nation great...
Phillip Sollock, Texas USA [04-07-2009]

Interested in setting up class trips for preschool/pre-K age children
Bob Borenstein, Age: 58 [04-06-2009] »»»

I was able to get a lot of information from this site. We are planning on visiting Philadelphia in April.
Lydia E Cassavaugh, I am from Hancock, Massachusetts and have lived here all my life. The town of Hancock was named after John Hancock and was incorporated July 3, 1776 [04-06-2009] »»»

this site is very helpful i am writing about the declaration of indepoendence in my history essay. this site helped me a lot with all of the major idea and inforation that i needed thankyou so much.
Danielle Beaini, i am 18 years old. i live in Melbourne, Australia. [04-03-2009]

Very interesting.
Wendi S. Harrington, Durant, OK [04-02-2009] »»»

hi i like the website
kaitlyn [04-01-2009]

Katie Conn [04-01-2009]

wow! what an excellent webpage! very impressed with the wealth of information here. im coming to visit historical philly this weekend, and cant wait to get started with diving right into the past! thanks for this wonderful site!
Vanessa [04-01-2009] »»»

cb, cb [04-01-2009] »»»

Thank you!
Phillip Gress, Age - 51, Prescott Valley, AZ [04-01-2009] »»»

McPoogle [04-01-2009]

hmm...i am slowly starting to like history.
Meaghan Kelli, 17 Locust Grove Oklahoma [04-01-2009]

Abby [04-01-2009]

ALLAN SESSIONS, 50 grandview, mo [03-31-2009] »»»

This is vey interesting
Shithi Chowdhury, New York, NY [03-31-2009] »»»

this site is off the cizzan dawg
Emily Walters, Omaha [03-31-2009]

george, no [03-31-2009]

you shold make some skate spots
nick reynolds, i am a skate boarder [03-31-2009] »»»

Joseph D. Gragert, 36, Columbus, Nebraska [03-31-2009]

You are a great American! Thank you.
Donna, New York [03-31-2009] »»»

Barbara, Seattle, WA [03-31-2009] »»»

Got some good stuff. I wish is was all layed out in short form like the Tea Act, Currency Act, Thwnshend Duties, ect...very happy with the info I got, Thx!
Mark Bennett, 30 y/o Male Ocean Springs, MS [03-29-2009]

This is a great site, thank you. Sure hope many young people and students of US history find and use this site. I have given the information to our local school.
Nancy Hatcher McCullough, I am an avid history buff [03-29-2009] »»»

Richard Verdoliva, Thompson Falls, Montana [03-29-2009]

Im a big history buff...
Joe E Ramos [03-27-2009]

I am fascinated by the US. I always thought it was the best country in the world. I still did not have the chance to visit any of the 50 states nor the federal district. I hope that one day I can visit the most important and beautiful places in the USA. But what I would really love to visit is NYC, L.A., L.V., San Francisco, Miami, Boston, Hawaii, San Diego, Huston and Dallas. I always hoped that Italy (my country) and the US could be best friends or allies for eternity and forget what happened during WW2. I hope that Italy and USA become the biggest international cooperators if all times. I hope that the number of Italians in the USA increases reasonably and that the number of Americans in Italy increases so that both Italians and the Americans recognize how incredible both of the countries are. Best wishes for Mr. Obama for facing with courage this terrible period of economic crisis.
Emanuele, Naples, Italy 15 years old [03-27-2009] »»»

We need these laws more than ever!
Linda Thompson, mid 50's [03-27-2009] »»»

May live in Phila. in near future
ellen k, SJ Res. Loves Phila. area [03-26-2009] »»»

This is a great website! Thank you, Independence Hall Association
William McDaniel, Clinton, NC [03-25-2009]

dreanna [03-25-2009] »»»

good site
Joey Briones [03-25-2009] »»»

i love History its my favrite subject
Alexandria Rogers, 14 [03-25-2009]

this is a very cool website
steph [03-25-2009]

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steven brown, i am 14 and live in bremerton [03-25-2009] »»»

fantastic web site. its as good awebsite as there is on the internet. ilove the history. keep up the great job.
bobbybartram, age 47 northridgeville,ohio. [03-25-2009]

this is a cool website
shyanncole [03-25-2009]

This website is very interesting, i couldnt stop reading about Stephen Girard and how he became so famous and wealthy!
Courtney Fergusson, 14, North Carolina [03-24-2009] »»»

i am doing a project for my teacher & this website was very helpful
kadie, im in fifth grade [03-24-2009]

I am looking for information on my family. The family of Virginia, Hannah and Anna Edmunds. Philadelphia and Cape May, New Jersey.
Anne Musial [03-24-2009]

i love this website it is so cool i go on it ilke every day!
madicyn [03-24-2009] »»»

your site was absolutly not helpfull with any of my research. Your site sucks
Phillip [03-24-2009]

I live not far from the original settlement of "Plimoth" and have enjoyed reading about the brave men who took muskets down off the mantle piece and stood up against an overwhelming force of British regulars in April of 1775. I am one of the fortunate veterans who came home mostly whole (physically, at least . . .), and with all the madness going on in America around me now I feel that much closer to those who could finally take being trodden on no more. Bless them all, and may we find their incredible strength and judgement when we need it!
Donnie Davison, From Cape Cod, Massachusetts [03-23-2009]

The virtual tour:the Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross,the Independence Hall,ect. They are so useful to me for my Colonial Report. The facts, pictures, etc. are so easy to understand.
ESTHER KIM, 11;Cypress;Arnold Elementary school;5TH grade [03-22-2009] »»»

Ushistory.org Rocks!
Susan Bead, Pieland [03-22-2009]

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sselvaraj, nil [03-20-2009] »»»

Chase [03-20-2009]

joel [03-20-2009]

stephanie brouwer, parrish,FL [03-20-2009] »»»

This is a great site! Especially when you're trying to find information for a project.
Kelsey Nafzger [03-20-2009]

history is very important to kno.......
ashely [03-20-2009]

Hi I really thankful to you because you are simply greatI am very happy to post my comment in this blog. I gathered lot of information from this site. Nice blog.
Jenny, ca [03-19-2009]

maddy [03-19-2009]

I am a 44 year old college freshman at the College of the Sequoias here in Visalia, California. As an assignment for my American Government class, I have been tasked to discuss 2 of the many political parties that exist here in this great nation of ours. Yours will definitely be one of my choices.
Adrian Broadnax, United States Navy (retired) [03-18-2009] »»»

i love this site it hepls me with my homework and my studys
ana mendez [03-18-2009]

i love this site it helped me a lot 4 my project!
kryslynn, Bronx,NY( i'm 11 years old) [03-18-2009]

keep up the good work, Thanks
Dallas Young, direct descendant of Jacobus van dilbeck, Advanced party to establish germantown as a colony, aboard the uss america with pastorius [03-17-2009] »»»

This website is good for history reserch,because I got a A+ on my test!:D
anonymous [03-17-2009]

I love American History! Super site.
anonymous, 67 yo, Houston, Texas [03-17-2009]

Congratulations. But maybe we need to do a site in spanish too, to share the American History. Thank you so much.
Carlos Arias, Spain [03-17-2009]

Jeff Reed [03-16-2009]

peter fadden [03-15-2009]

i absolutely love history and this is fantastic..
cassie, 18 athens Tn [03-15-2009]

luke [03-15-2009] »»»

I think it is great too have a website for american history...lol!
Jake, 13 years old [03-15-2009] »»»

I came across this sight while gathering information for a college term paper. I found a great deal of info. I think it is a great sight.
Sherry, Shell Lake, Wisconsin [03-15-2009] »»»

What we are experiencing now (2009), is nothing compared to the birth of this nation! We all need to be a little more thankful, and a lot less arrogant...especially our leaders!
allen estes, Memphis, TN [03-13-2009]

I love this website. :D HAHAHAHAHA
HAYTAYTAY [03-13-2009]

<3333 ryan <3history
ryan c, i <3 history [03-12-2009]

lindsay, hi!!!!! [03-12-2009]

Olivier, pitt U [03-12-2009]

i hate my history teacher
Ronnie Beard, 17,eagar,AZ [03-10-2009]

I read alittle history of Ben Franklen's grandfather a poet,"Peter Folger. Is there a poem as follows,A L ooking-Glass for the times;or,the Former Spirit of New England Vindicated (1675)as a defense of religious liberty written in simple words
richard fudge, tampa fl. [03-10-2009]

I needed to do a history project and went to google and typed in minutemen, and this website was the first to pop up and i loved it.
camry, Im 14 year old in california and i am doing a history project. [03-09-2009]

I found this while doing a book report on Betsy Ross
sarah [03-09-2009]

This site has a lot of great information. It is easy to use as well. Keep up the great work!
Brandi Southers, 27, Texas [03-09-2009]

i have only been on ben franklin how do you get all the informationon the facts
mr snuffolofogus, 39 [03-09-2009]

Benjamin Franklin is the most insightful, pragmatic, and intriguing characters of US History.
Daniel Quillian, 21, Georgia [03-09-2009]

Answers many questions about the U S A
Perry Travis, San Antonio, Texas [03-09-2009] »»»

wen i liked at this I was shot at it that the cuputer had it on...
kaylie, I at 11 year's old [03-09-2009]

cool website
P-Bo [03-09-2009]

u.s history is cool.
Damon Anderson, 15 [03-09-2009]

reaching for my 87th birthday,3-22-09 always nice to wake-up above ground.Had a front row seat during the Pearl Harbor attack 7-12-41. Questions answered
Joseph Mieleszko, age 86 North Hatfield,MA [03-09-2009]

Thank you for this website.
James, Tennesse [03-09-2009] »»»

Scott Bice [03-09-2009]

where are all your chapter options?
brigitte, 16 oklahoma! [03-09-2009]

This site is a great resource for doing projects!
Lexie M. [03-09-2009]

The "Golden Age" on earth may have a lot to do with "Tesla's and Marconi's" theory,as soon as we rid being under the control of energy companies,multi-national banks and military industry complex period.
Joseph Mieleszko, age 87, North Hatfield,MA [03-09-2009]

mary hicks, Quitman, AR [03-09-2009] »»»

this is awesome for histery class!
julie, ill. [03-03-2009]

Steve Dakota, white [03-03-2009]

This website is awsome! !
Matthew, I'm 11 years old [03-03-2009]

I came to your site while working on a research paper for my Weatern Civ. class. I am Legally blind, so reading can be difficult at times. However, your material is presented in a clear, easy-to-read format for which I am grateful. Thanks r
Richard Flowers, Age 60, History major at Tyler Junior College, Tyler, TX [03-03-2009]

I read where some people say they hate history..I personally love the stuff...As I like to say how can you know who you are without knowing who you used to be...We are the products of our family and there actions of the past....My mother got me hooked on the history of our country and our family..My people (Sollock,Gilpin,Walker,Nixon,Mckinney,Stephens mainly)have been in the pages of history for as far back as we could trace was the Doomsday Book of 1086...In this country we were collegues of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Danial Boone and the list goes on..We have been in founding positions of Pennsylvania,Kentucky,Alabama,Georgia,Missouri, Akansaa,Texas,Colorado,California...That is enough for now...If anyone would like to visit on such matters as this I would be glad to hear from you @ psollock@gmail.com Thanks to you all we are what makes this world one home for us all....
Phillip Sollock, Brazos Valley Texas [03-03-2009]

your excerpts were helpfull
stephanie hoover, none at the time [03-03-2009]

this is great for my report! so east to answer and find.
ESTHER KIM, 11;cypress [03-03-2009]

Jim [03-03-2009]

David Quintero, Hesperia,CA 92345 [02-27-2009]

This website is so cool and helpful, I love it. My Teacher Ms.Cross showed it to me!
six tenths, yay! [02-27-2009]

it is the best state.
SCOTT W. HANGGELI, 49 years old egg harbor, nj 08215 [02-27-2009]

Boby [02-27-2009]

Very help full
anonymous [02-26-2009] »»»

bob [02-25-2009] »»»

So i have bought some historical documents! I love them! It reminds me of what are country stands for, and how we have come to be! Im very glad you guys have a place where i can enjoy reading, and learning more, and more! I'll always come back!
Andrew Gillette, Washington [02-24-2009]

Amika Wolf Parr, I am 11 years old [02-24-2009]

I like this website for information and facts on schoolwork asinements
Natalie, age 9 [02-24-2009]

whitney, im 14 years old [02-24-2009]

Edwin Ramirez [02-24-2009]

U.S. History.org is a great website! I love it!
Cole Fondersmith, Sandy, Oregon [02-23-2009]

I would like to know if the Boulevard / Roosevelt Blvd / US Route 1 in Northeast Philadelphia was originally constructed as a divided twelve lane highway. If the results of my searching are correct, this section of US Route 1 was completed in approximately 1914 or, perhaps, after WW-II. Either time frame would hardly have needed a twelve lane highway, it would seem. Where might I find out about the original construction of US Route 1 in Northeast Philly? Thanks. (Mrs.) Bj Rolli
Bj Rolli, Philly resident since 1988 [02-23-2009]

Easy to use and insightful during these disturbing times. We either learn our History, or suffer the consequence of repeating it!
David Ducorbier, 33, New Orleans [02-21-2009]

Steven Moran [02-21-2009]

Excellent site! Thanks.
Elaine Johnson [02-20-2009]

kenifnr [02-20-2009]

its a nice site but who cares bout the past its 2009 and OBAMA is president u feel me get it together
alexis Owens, i love aj cook [02-20-2009] »»»

Very wonderful tool -- Thank you.
Scott Hill, California State University - Dominguez Hills [02-20-2009]

Leonanous A. Moore, 55 yrs of age Creedmoor N.C. [02-19-2009]

The arcticle on Thomas Paine was useful! Thanks!
anonymous [02-19-2009] »»»

This is a cool website
Eli [02-19-2009] »»»

i think the Constitution poster thing is kinda nerdy and kinda weird
anonymous [02-19-2009] »»»

heyyyyyyyy ppls wats up this site is kinda kewl but its not really helping me with my ss homework like its supposed 2 so i think i will find another site 4 it
anonymous [02-19-2009] »»»

Just read the article on the Minutemen. Always considered them among our finest; the first Special Forces.
Michael, age 66 [02-19-2009] »»»

An RSS feed for updates on the various sections would be great!
Marian McDermott [02-19-2009]

This helped me turn my F into a B my psremts were so happy.. So was I.. Thank you so much.. TTYL
Angel, 12 [02-18-2009] »»»

margaret m hayes, will contemplate [02-18-2009] »»»

man i love us history it like so intresting the way my teacher teaches it. she give it so much passion that it like you fall inlove with us history. <3 it
nailea, 15yrs. old san antonio tx [02-18-2009]

the clique six rocks!(NEW BAND!)
cali, SD Tea [02-17-2009]

Pete [02-17-2009]

i LOVE your site it's awsesome! I'm in 5th grade and loving it
Cali [02-17-2009]

kaylene howe [02-17-2009] »»»

i love the monroe doctrine
amanda, age 13 [02-17-2009] »»»

Great site for US history
Anthony Guimond, 15 Belgrade Maine [02-17-2009]

It's great, I am using it in my history class but correct the spelling. You misspelled "Defense" in the 6th amendment.
Brad, History teacher in IL [02-17-2009] »»»

Jay Heldebrandt [02-17-2009]

i love callifornia.....b'cuz their climate like punjab.
GOLDY, 22,(phagwara,punjab)(india) [02-17-2009]

I think Thsi Website is very helpful to me when im confused with my homework. I like it.
Danielle [02-17-2009]

I liked the content on this site. Would like to visit again.
Shirin Jindal [02-14-2009]

i looooved it. it really helped a lot.
Muneca, 17 fort worth [02-14-2009]

Lorin [02-14-2009] »»»

it's was ok but need more information
anonymous [02-14-2009]

gaby [02-12-2009]

i think you should make this more imteresting this website seem boring
bob, china [02-12-2009] »»»

need information
katia, age 13 rms-school [02-12-2009]

I think that this is a wonderful site
kaitlyn [02-11-2009]

this is great. it was realy helpful on my historical study of Philadelphia!
Denver XD, whitewater Wisconsin, 12 yrs old [02-11-2009]

I love a guy from texas yahhh
texas chick, crystal city texas 78839 [02-11-2009]

Jasmyn-Akia Fritz [02-10-2009]

This was a very good site it helped me a lot on my 4 page essay
amber [02-10-2009]

it's cool
shay [02-09-2009]

i wonder what the new president of the united states will do for are taxes
brandon, the new president [02-09-2009] »»»

I'm doing a website review for my History 487 class and my objective is to do a thorough analysis of a history website and lucky for me, I found ushistory.org and I must say it's quite amazing!
Ian, 24 year old student from Reno, NV [02-09-2009]

This website is asome. It has many diffrent types of information uses, that help find answers to any questions. This website rocks out loud!
Lexie 101, i love the color green [02-09-2009]

Best history site ever, i give it 100000/10
Abraham Lincoln, Dead [02-09-2009]

enjoying the interesting information
Frank MacAdams SR [02-09-2009] »»»

Great website! I needed information on what slaves could and couldn't do.
anonymous [02-06-2009] »»»

i think its a wonderful resource especially for projects it gives great info about Philadelphia and its surroundings
Tianna, Jacksonville,Florida [02-06-2009] »»»

iam read war Independence and just want too see some of the shuff
john Emmel, 47 age city green bay wi [02-06-2009]

haven, 86 [02-06-2009]

not enof king geogrg 111 stuff
anonymous [02-06-2009] »»»

I love the show Naruto.And everyone should watch it. There should be a statue of Naruto and his friends in every one of they United States capital cities.Naruto's statue can be in New York and Sakura's can be in Florida and Sasuke's can be in Utah.Neji's can be in New Mexico and Rock lee's can be in Virginia and Tenten's can be in Missouri.Ino's can be in Maine and Shikamaru's can be in Rhode Island and Choji's can be in Montana.Hinata's can be in Hawaii and Kiba's can be in Alaska and Shino's can be in Alabama.
Tenten, Ironton [02-06-2009] »»»

Veronica Todd [02-05-2009]

I just read the information on Commodore John Barry, My great grandmother was his great neice, born in Wexford in the same house as he. I feel you captured his personal life quite accurately, as our family lore would concur.
W.J. Breitenstein Jr [02-04-2009] »»»

gavin [02-04-2009] »»»

Kollin S [02-03-2009] »»»

i have been to the american village and it is cool and i got some cool stuff i got a small verison of the liberty bell i got a big pencil the book shh we are writing the constitution and a quil pen with ink
chelsea elizabeth riley, i am 18 years old city prattville [02-03-2009] »»»

bella olvera, i love history! ! [02-03-2009]

katie, 20 [02-03-2009] »»»

This site rox! Thanx! I like learning about U.S history since im from bulgaria!
Kileh (Kee- lay), 19, used to live in South Africa, from Bulgaria [02-02-2009] »»»

I luv it here! thanx 4 making it! U r so awsome!
molly, 13, maryland [02-02-2009] »»»

I like this site! For fun I look up history. I like logging on to this site a lot!
linn, 25 years old, live in Delaware [02-02-2009]

What up history?
Trudy [02-02-2009]

barbe lincoln, no [02-02-2009] »»»

emilie, 13 wylie texas [02-02-2009]

i think that history is the best.
Ashley, lopez, age,10 city,Union City [02-02-2009]

i think that history is the best.
Ashley, Ciriaco, age,10 city,Union City [02-01-2009]

sophia, 13,Binghamton,N.Y. [02-01-2009]

george [02-01-2009]

I Love my Freedom
Susan R. Cousins [02-01-2009]

Shelby [01-29-2009]

Very good information. This was research for a possible project for my students.
Mrs. Ingram [01-29-2009] »»»

ashli [01-28-2009]

bob [01-28-2009]

hi i can not find tp
iyliah [01-27-2009]

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levy venuto, 15 frisco cali all day [01-27-2009]

i think your web site is very convenient!
noreen [01-26-2009] »»»

Mike Sugar, 53 /Ukiah Cal [01-26-2009] »»»

fazlur, flushing,ny [01-26-2009]

Excellent source of historical information
Pastor Dennis Jones [01-26-2009] »»»

Samantha, 10 [01-26-2009] »»»

i really like this web site.
kendall, 10,hewytownal,35023 [01-26-2009]

kay!!!!!!!! [01-23-2009]

anonymous, 8 [01-23-2009] »»»

Awesome site!
anonymous [01-23-2009]

Love it! Love it! Love it! I love history and I've always thought of owning a collection of some our country's most important documents. I just stumbled across this site and I can't wait to tell everyone I know! Weeee! Thanks ushistory.org!
Jenny Harmon, Franklin, TN [01-23-2009] »»»

SCOTT W. HANGGELI, egg harbor, nj 49 [01-23-2009] »»»

i think its a really good idea to puts this there because it helps me find wat i need to do on my homework so thank you candis
candis miller, highlands tx 15 and i love to do history [01-23-2009] »»»

Zaques McCullough, 12 Prince George, Virginia [01-23-2009]

I'm taking classes in Criminal Justice and will receive my Associates degree in Oct. It's been over 37 years since I was in a class of any kind and I've found it quite daunting. But when our midterm was about 2 similarities between the Magna Carta and the U.S. Constitution I was really glad I found your site. It's been extremely helpful and for that I'm eternally thankful for you and all the hard work you've put into this site. Again, I thank you so very much! Nancy
Nancy Kladder [01-23-2009] »»»

Come and visit American Samoa
Jeri [01-23-2009]

Could you please list any camp information for Independence hall this summer? thanks
Andrea Zahm, Havertown, Pa [01-23-2009]

I searched "Republican Party origins" and was sent to your site, where I found exactly what I needed on the first page.
Bill Siegert [01-23-2009] »»»

Glad to see change in the White House, and a lady as S. of S. Mrs. Clinton.
Rita Stepps, I'm 60 years old [01-23-2009]

saul [01-23-2009]

this website is cool(:
danielle [01-23-2009]

you are great!
Carrie, 10 [01-23-2009] »»»

why are the vice president and president sworn in at noon?
Jess [01-23-2009]

love this sighte
chelsea, 11 / mononghala [01-21-2009]

This is a very helpful webesite. Great Info! Not
Goose [01-21-2009]

Love the old Philadelphia where i was born and raised you could have wlked the streets and not worry about anything shame Philly has gotten so bad
Donna, Barrington NH [01-21-2009]

this helps me in school
jessica blake colyer, none yo buiness [01-20-2009] »»»

Mykenzie Porter, 10 years old [01-20-2009]

phuk, rts [01-20-2009]

Thank-you for a very rewarding and informative site.It is highly recommended to all of my associates.
Mark R. Grago [01-20-2009] »»»

lindsay c [01-20-2009] »»»

I just love this site! I wish there was an events newsletter for kids.
Andrea Zahm, Havertown, Pa [01-20-2009]

nice website
anonymous [01-20-2009]

Dorothy Moran, New York [01-20-2009]

Stephen Patrick Brown, age:40 [01-19-2009] »»»

Sheila A. Lynch [01-18-2009]

I was looking through my fathers military papers and came across a letter congratulating my father from graduating from HS in 1945 it in the author of the letter said that he represent what The American's Creed is all about. I had not idea what that meant so I googled it and your site came up. WOW thanks so much for exisiting it was great and heart warming God Bless America
Joy, 53 years Tucson AZ Jan 2009 [01-18-2009] »»»

James Graham who was the first settler in Oakland Cty., Michigan was my ggggrandfather. I now live in California and go back to Michigan each summer.
Dolores A. Denison Jarvis [01-18-2009]

Ciara Ward, 13 [01-18-2009]

edt [01-16-2009]

i love america!
David [01-15-2009]

Sarai [01-15-2009]

Very informative. it gave me the information i needed. thanks
Alex B, 17, East Montpelier, Vermont U-32 high school. [01-15-2009] »»»

Happy New Year
David Georg DeLancey, age-47 time being Hyannis Ma [01-14-2009]

used your website for a project
rebecca, 9 live in Georgia [01-14-2009]

hey this is cool
TIMOTHY PRUITT [01-14-2009]

This is amazingly amazing for school projectsss.
Kassi, yay meee. :] [01-14-2009] »»»

thanks 4 the help! :)
ash [01-14-2009] »»»

Not a great website a wonderful website that all the youngums can find information and facts on! YOU DID A GREAT JOB USHISTORY.ORG!
joebobrainbowdude, my age is 99...............stroke [01-14-2009]

used your webiste for a jistory project!
felica, 17yrs old [01-13-2009] »»»

hi guys i ^^^^$$$ history peace
JAYLEN, 1-12-09 [01-13-2009]

i think it is a swell site but its a waste of time
pagie, 13 uxbridge [01-13-2009]

r county needs help EARath.
Jessica, 9 dublin [01-12-2009]

christa, an age chicago [01-12-2009]

this place help me with my homework
rochelle, 16,linclon park [01-12-2009]

Writing a research paper on the American Economy, this website saved me since I no longer have a U.S. textbook (took us last year)!
Andrew Darnell, 17 years old, Pelham New York [01-11-2009]

Thank You for your wonderful sight for those of us who love history.
Doak Willis [01-11-2009]

Robert J. Kirchner III, I grew up on Ellfretts Aleey [01-10-2009]

i love history!
whitney, new philadelphia ohio [01-08-2009]

go history!
Emily [01-08-2009] »»»

Hannah Dowdy, 16 years old. Poolesville, MD [01-08-2009] »»»

I have several of the crucial documents from history laminated and velcro-ed to the wall in my World History classroom. When discussion leads to one of the documents, I rip it off the wall and hold them up to trigger thoughts and often pass them around the room. Thank you ushistory.org!
Tony Trulson, World History Teacher Allen High School [01-08-2009] »»»

who built the independent hall and some of his/her background and why did he/she build it? I need to now by tomrrow morning becaude it is for a project in civics.
robin farmer, 16 years old 9th grade lives in cabot ar. go to cabot jr high south. [01-08-2009] »»»

i think i am the hottist girl in the worlsd.
honey buns, city [01-08-2009]

i love it
mary, 14 chicago [01-07-2009] »»»

My wife and I will be visiting Philadelphia for the first time on Feb 12-16. Looking forward to seeing many of these historical sites.
Hector F Laurent [01-06-2009] »»»

I am concerned that our US Military are wearing the flag as an arm patch with the stars oriented toward the observer's upper right. If: "When the flag is displayed in a manner other than by being flown from a staff, it should be displayed flat, whether indoors or out. When displayed either horizontally or vertically ...the union should be uppermost and to the flag's own right, that is, to the observer's left.
Bill Odle-Kemp [01-06-2009]

This has help me write a report on virginia. Thanks for all the info.
Anthony W Koogler [01-06-2009]

I was astounded. Your History of The American REvolution is fantastic. Do I ever wish I had had it back..way back whenn I was in highschool and college. It should be required reading in the public schools from an early age.
Mary Ingram, 78 years old. Live Asheville, NC [01-04-2009]

i have a simaliar document however mine has no reprint or copy right signature and was found in the bottom of of a old jewwlry box perchased from a yard sald by my father in law about 15 years ago i have had 3 differnet collectors look at it who have said it was authentic so i am confused as of its authanticity...i would like to know its real value..
AMANDA BUCKHORN, 918-723-3695 [01-01-2009] »»»

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