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Guest Book Archives: August-December 2008

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gengyicheng [12-29-2008]

Cullens [12-29-2008]

I like to know about USA's history becaus I like USA people. They are brave and really kind.
ayub, 39 [12-26-2008]

I love you website! thanks for answering all my questions and have a merry Christmas!
Christina [12-26-2008]

This holiday season I am thankful for the bravery of our Founding Fathers and all the others that participated in the birth of our great nation.
William R Maynard, 35 years old from Sanford, ME [12-26-2008]

Nick Fallon [12-20-2008]

Ben [12-19-2008]

drew, 18 temecula ca [12-19-2008]

I love your site!
Holly Esbensen, 17, Boise [12-18-2008]

Thank you for having done this website it helped me find everything that i was looking for and i found out things that i did not know it was cool i liked learning all this things.....
Jasmin, Texas [12-18-2008]

history suxs
fat boy [12-18-2008]

i love skool nd i lubb my riends nd mother jones 4 hurr kidz
Ashley Guerrios [12-18-2008]

I love this website because it gives me all information i need.
Alyssa Andrea [12-18-2008]

this is really good
sriharsha, no thank you [12-18-2008]

ramiro monyos bollinger, eight years old [12-18-2008]

Betsy Ross is an interesting person
Abby [12-16-2008]

i love this site it helps me at school a lot
brandon stecker, 13 [12-16-2008]

Go USA thanks Vetreans. Thank goodness for treason. (Declaration of Independence) :)
seth, im 13 [12-15-2008]

nin316@g-mail.com [12-15-2008]

The American anti-slavery and civil rights timeline is great!
Kaity M. Bemis, Boston, MA [12-15-2008]

♥Loved♥ It Son Interesting! :)
Alison, 13 [12-15-2008] »»»

I am honored and proud to be a citizen of the United States of America!
Billy Marlow [12-15-2008]

Evan [12-15-2008]

love my country!
emily bailey, 13 Texas [12-15-2008] »»»

Elizabeth Parker [12-15-2008]

lando hans, 97 [12-15-2008] »»»

i went to old philadelphia for a field trip in the 6th grade i am in the 7th grade now i thought it was going to be boring but it was one of the best field trips ive probably have tooken in my life i love old philadelphia i hope i can visit there again with my family so they can know how amazing that trip was i wish everyone was elegable to take that field trip i learned so much thank you for all who made that possible for old philadelphia to exzist!
Madison, age 12 [12-11-2008]

I just like to learn about history its good to know about it and the people that lived then.
Antonio, Im 17 and live in Detroit. [12-10-2008] »»»

anonymous [12-10-2008]

Hi if anyone knows Robert Callicot, he went to Pinetown Senior Primary and Athol Heights with me i have been trying for about two years or more to contact him...He joint a religion group in SA in about 1995...lost contact with him...He is 32 going on 33 years, a great swimmer...please contact me urgently...Thank you and look forward to your future replies.
Natalie McAllister, Born in Rhodesia, grew up in South Africa, lots of travelling, live in New Zealand [12-10-2008]

I liked the content on this site. Would like to visit again.
Shirin Jindal [12-10-2008]

Its a very good website. The content of the site is informative. We can share our views. ================== Harry
hARRY, New York [12-09-2008]

I am happy to be here. -------- muthu
muthu [12-09-2008]

interested in learning more u.s. history. wanted a "free" and accessible resource (e.g. on-line) as opposed to a book.
Nick Azzolina, 34, green bay, wi [12-08-2008]

Your website is very interesting. Great things to purchase, very good information. I enjoy it, and look foward to visiting again.
Zachery T. Michael, www.zacherymichael.com [12-08-2008]

kaylee [12-06-2008]

Thanks for the good work
Haruna Mukalazi, P.O.Box 9478 kampala,Uganda [12-05-2008] »»»

This really helps with projects and reports!
Kristen, Lascassas TN [12-05-2008]

BS Degree from Buena Vista University, Storm Lake,IA. Long retired, but hope to visit Lehigh University someday. trying to fin a connection between my ancestors AND Lehigh University.
Richard F. Lehigh, Pueblo CO 81001 [12-04-2008]

Great site! "Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it." Edmund Burke
Bill Barnthouse, 44, Angola, Indiana [12-04-2008] »»»

I like all of the history stuff.It is very intresting.How Betsy Ross made our nations flag it is just incredible.I love Betsy Ross she seems nice in what i read about her life.
skylar marshall [12-04-2008]

My City will always be Philly
Lynn Clements, Memphis Tn [12-04-2008] »»»

Tabitha Williams [12-03-2008]

Art, 65 years old married 35 years 2 children 2 granchildren retired newspaper worker and retired from railroad. [12-03-2008] »»»

Thank you for existing! I'm so happy, none of other sites have much information for my project. =D
Angel, Chicago [12-03-2008]

Matthew Kanipe [12-02-2008]

Ta'Quala, 14 in Federalsburg, MD [12-02-2008] »»»

kool cat [12-02-2008]

tayah, hi [12-02-2008]

Carmen Cortes, 12 [12-02-2008]

I thought that I would say that I love you all and I love history.......
Laurel, Hey there I was just here [12-02-2008]

The electric Ben Franklin was very helpful!
Edward Cullen [11-30-2008]

i like your page a lot...i got a lot of great pictures of it for a school project...thanks for your help!
kendra [11-30-2008] »»»

love your site
Matt, 32,san jose,ca [11-30-2008] »»»

I am a 12 year resident of Philadelphia and just recently moved to Old City. Thank you for helping me learn more about my new neighborhood in a fascinating way. Although I new the area held immense historic significance, I did not realize everything that I have been missing all these years. I won't spend the next 12 years in this city simply walking past these amazing edifices. Thank you again.
J.H., 28, Philadelphia [11-30-2008]

Remembering where we origanated from and our history is the only thing that keeps of free from bondage.
William Broseus [11-30-2008] »»»

Looking for ways to raise public awareness and for more celebration of Bill of Rights day on December 15. Looking for historical organizations etc. to help spread the word! CS
Colleen Smith, I am an American-American [11-30-2008] »»»

search this for a revolutionary begining: " Levermore " Wigs of Colonial New York May find it also through DeLancey Official Action
David George DeLancey, 12-27-1961 Art Economics History [11-27-2008]

cool site cuz it gave me all the info i neede 4 this HUGE project i have due next week. thanx 2 whoever wrote it!
beth, im hot! :) [11-27-2008]

new to site, researching family history. Thinks, Bill
William H Hedges Jr [11-27-2008]

Zach Wood, im 14 [11-26-2008] »»»

you are very helpful for school projects Thanks!
isbella, 10 [11-26-2008] »»»

Im currently a US Marine serving in Iraq. On my down time this site does a good job helping me keep up on my American History learning obsession!
Sgt Kevin Fraunfelter [11-25-2008] »»»

I love U S History and that is one of my best classes in school
James smith, 17, 2121w 171st, Hazel Crest IL, 60429 [11-25-2008] »»»

Just Passing Through For Now and to wish a great Holiday's spirit. 2:50 A.M. E.S.T. 11-24-2008
David George DeLancey, D.O.B. 12-27-1961 Dorchester Ma Art Economics History [11-24-2008]

Hi! I am a student in Florida and often come to your site for help. It gives me all the info I need!
Sarah, Florida [11-24-2008]

I wonder if I am descended from John Barry
John Peter Barry CLU CHFC, I am 63..my father was John Timothy Barry of New Haven...his father was John Peter Barry too [11-24-2008] »»»

sandra masters [11-24-2008] »»»

People that are of voting age need to look back at the documents the formed our nation and learn what our fore fathers had to say on how this nation was formed and designed to be govern. Take what history has to say to heart and learn from their mistakes. May God guide your research and your voice in this world.
Curtis Bradshaw, colorado [11-24-2008] »»»

i love history
Blake Virgin, i live in boonville indiana its horibal [11-24-2008]

This is awsome!
***B@b!!376***, 14 [11-24-2008]

history is kool. like skool!
B@B!!3 [11-24-2008]

love this website!
Caitlyn Alyssa Lovit, 16 [11-24-2008] »»»

This website is very helpful to me because i am taking government know in school and when i run into trouble i always come to this website. It is every easy to use.
Reginald Lamkin, 17, Male, Los Angeles Ca, 90003 [11-24-2008] »»»

i think the is a weird but good web
LOVE [11-24-2008]

Mediocre at best
anonymous, Seventeen, Philadelphia [11-24-2008]

needs games:)
jared, 13 [11-21-2008] »»»

I thought this site was very accurate and informational I usedit a lot on my American History project about the Anerican Revolution
Hannah Wolzen [11-21-2008]

i thought that what i read was very interesting and usually i get bored, but not this time. that is very unusual for me.....lol. thanks for letting me take a tour! :)
Ena, sixteen [11-21-2008] »»»

you can have more of the important people on this..
Kimiya, n/a [11-21-2008]

Eric Griffin, 12 [11-20-2008] »»»

you should have explores like vasco de game :]
Stephany Lacruz [11-20-2008]

i love tpo sigh
toni, age 30 [11-20-2008]

according to family history research, Edgar Allan Poe is my 6th cousin, 5 times removed on My Mother's side. Interesting bit of history, I wish I had family stories to share about Mr. Poe but I do not. Our family does come from numerous writers and teachers.
Paulette Sipes-Brown, 52 yr. Van Wert, OH [11-19-2008] »»»

wonderful site^^
bre, 12yo [11-18-2008]

I visited Philadelphia many years ago and never knew there was an Edgar Allan Poe historic site. Thank you for the information. I will be sure to look for it the next time I visit The City of Brotherly Love.
judith c, mesa, az [11-18-2008] »»»

thanks for all every soldier has done and i hope we win the war!
harley lariscy [11-18-2008] »»»

i love you
angel, none [11-18-2008]

Tyler [11-17-2008] »»»

Cierra [11-17-2008]

mirzet86, 18 [11-17-2008]

We have to do a "lesson" on a part of colonial acts. I got the tea act and this site totally helped me out!
Courtney, 13, Geneseo, IL [11-17-2008]

meaghan, age 10 [11-17-2008] »»»

Guido F. Vallejo, i love the US history [11-17-2008]

This is such a cool website!
anonymous [11-17-2008]

The group to which I belong, Thompson Thimble Club, just celebrated its 100 year anniversary. We use as our creed, William Tyler Page's American's Creed. I was thrilled to learn about him thru Google. Our memberes in 1907 chose well.
jean g cole [11-17-2008] »»»

I hate school
Monique, i am 14 [11-17-2008]

Mike, Redwood Falls, MN [11-17-2008]

hey this site does not tell the truth
anonymous [11-17-2008] »»»

I looked for an entry on the writs of assistance but couldn't find any. I'm writing an essay on seventh grade history and need to include that in my essay. I'm having a hard time finding that information and am dissapointed that I couldn't find it here.
MacKenzie, 12 [11-14-2008]

hey chikka
chelsea, atascadro [11-14-2008]

i love yall
MIR, 11 philly [11-14-2008]

this is the best source of information for U.S history
stephanie [11-13-2008]

this site is wiked!
homie g, montana rox [11-13-2008] »»»

this is the coolest job in the world
shani, 8 [11-13-2008] »»»

Honor is the highest form of resposibility. Loyalty reach beyond physical structure of existence. Nothing exceed the strength of human will. Even steel, time is vulnerable, and limited against the strength of human will.
Mark J. Wagner, 870 East Old Willow Rd. #261, Prospect Heights, IL 60070 [11-12-2008] »»»

very good book
Coiluon, conecticut [11-12-2008]

I think that history is very important today!
monica, 11 [11-12-2008]

This website is very informational
Kelsy [11-12-2008]

i love history.
zoey, south dakota [11-12-2008]

this thing is really good. usin it 4 a project :) awesomenesss
rosie, someplace in america... [11-12-2008] »»»

I really love this website because i am in NJROTC and i have to do a report on the sixth amendment
Stephanie Bell, i love the sixth amendment [11-12-2008]

Calli, I am 10 I live in elizebeth colorado [11-12-2008] »»»

John, me john christian wolf i have a unibrow [11-12-2008]

I still rock!HHHHHAAAAA!
amy lambert, I rock! [11-12-2008]

army people are very cool an strong
Tegan white, 11 [11-12-2008]

this website is cool
Patrick [11-12-2008] »»»

kevina, wilmington,de 19802 [11-12-2008] »»»

hi 2 u
anonymous [11-10-2008]

anonymous [11-10-2008]

The site has a nice layout but i haven't even explored yet so i'm gonna do that now! =^)
Niki, I'm that girl from Chugiak High's COHO [11-10-2008]

tatooo [11-08-2008] »»»

u rock!
anonymous [11-08-2008] »»»

Debra Caldwell Graham [11-08-2008] »»»

it was cool
someone [11-08-2008]

well, i havent searched this website yet but is has a .org so i guess that sounds good
McKenna [11-08-2008]

To find out who were the first americans to live in philadelphia pennsylvania
Carmen Cortes, pennsylvania [11-08-2008]

tabbafuniska bushae', i love your city [11-08-2008] »»»

this is not a good site you need a good site
tiffany [11-08-2008] »»»

Who was the first president to be in a political party?
Emmie, u.s.a [11-07-2008]

luve the sight
anonymous [11-06-2008] »»»

James [11-06-2008] »»»

Vidoes would be nice.
anonymous [11-06-2008]

I am always concerned that religious and public halls do not properly display the American Flag
bob gross, 88 years old -resident of Ct and veteran of WW11 [11-06-2008] »»»

I've just finished going through the entries on the Declaration of Independence website you maintain. Great information. Thanks.
Margaret Fieland, age 62, Millis, MA [11-06-2008]

i love history any history i love learning about the greeks too!
felisha dawn junkersfeld, 14 pocahontas arkansas 72455 [11-06-2008] »»»

Visit Fort Mifflin in South Philadelphia this weekend, 8th and 9th November 2008 for a true educational event. The team of Fort Mifflin spend a great bit of time in preparation for their events. Please show your support in preserving "the Fort that Saved America. Please join them Saturday and Sunday from 10AM to 4PM. USS UNITED STATES Foundation First Ship of the US Navy USSUNITEDSTATES@Yahoo.com
USS UNITED STATES Foundation, First Ship of U. S. Navy; Philadelphia [11-06-2008]

This is a very Interesting Site. Good Job (Cat loves George Washington...So HAWT♥)
Danielle & Cat, Florida [11-06-2008]

greets grom germany, you have a nice page.
sabine [11-06-2008]

this is a great resouce!
mercedes [11-06-2008]

Thank you so much for such a great site! I forgot my history book at school and coming to the site helped me get my homework done!
Colin Clements, age:16 city: Waynesboro VA [11-06-2008] »»»

This sit rock's
Carmen Cortes, Pennsylvania [11-06-2008]

joe smithy [11-06-2008]

it is a good website
ariana, 13 [11-06-2008] »»»

This website is very helpful, especially for questions about the history of America.
Hajime Miyata, Age:17 Nationality:Japanese/American [11-04-2008]

Danielle Jones, Nashville [11-04-2008] »»»

I love it :)))))
Amber [11-04-2008]

hi i like pie and chees the dairy
Kelly, plano [11-04-2008]

back then i know that slavery was big for my race because i'm black but when i found this web site that changed my mind about slavery this web site is so cool thank you
tiffany [11-04-2008] »»»

Love what you all are doing!
Dave Schroeder, Nashville, Tennessee [11-04-2008]

The country feels like it is broken, I am re-reading Monroe, the Declaration, and the Gettysburg, to confirm my worst fears about the inhabitants of our once great nation!
christopher alberti, Warren Vermont [11-04-2008] »»»

A wonderful site for infromation. Thank you
Joannd, homeschooling mom [11-04-2008]

Thanks for your site. I was able to use it to use it for a report on a "gibbet". Thanx!
Brittany P., 16, Kansas [11-02-2008] »»»

This site was very helpful
natasha, chicago, il [10-31-2008] »»»

All of the men who signed the declaration of indepandance have inspired me to be more patriotic! I think the declaraton should be more well perserved! ok then.... Yeah...
Nicole Oakland, Woodbury Minnesota [10-31-2008]

Charlesa Haywood, 15,from memphis [10-31-2008] »»»

i love the constituion...just kidding! im an anarchist. america is lame. they are rude and inconsiderate. fox government. PEAEC LOVE AND ANARCHY. .......go obama.:)
TESSSAAA!!!!!!, im tessa i live in elko. im 16. [10-30-2008]

hi! ;D
anonymous [10-30-2008]

marisa [10-30-2008]

Love this website!
Sammy, I like apples [10-30-2008] »»»

Love this website for aiding in history papers for college. Thanks
Susan Opperman, Albuquerque [10-29-2008]

I was really empressed when I read so many small things I didn't know about!
Kassandra Paredes, age13,Sacramento [10-29-2008]

Danni [10-29-2008]

i am tring to find out a they wore, their house, typical day of a colonist and his family, and the role of each family member! But... I cant find it anywhere!
anonymous [10-28-2008] »»»

i think that this site gives a lot of information regarding the US history, since I'm studying masters in American studied and this was the most useful site, helped me a lot.
Amanda Dabbas, 22, jordan [10-27-2008]

jenene m ryan, 31 twentynine palms ca [10-27-2008]

I really appreciated this web site. It helped me make statements concerning the history of our government and it's writings for my paper.
Crystal Hughes, Michigan college student [10-27-2008] »»»

i wand to see pics from the orphand train for my project it could be the kids and the parent thank you :)
teresita, 12 [10-27-2008]

In History class we have to memorize the prembleto the consition! thank you! i could'nt find it anywhere!
kaleigh, 10 [10-27-2008] »»»

Currently doing Thesis on European History....
Kevin J Heraty, Age..58 Live in Mayo...Western Ireland... [10-24-2008] »»»

Do you have any cool facts about Patrick Henrey????
Brianna, 8,wake forest, [10-24-2008] »»»

Debra Doughty, Doughty Family originally settled in Inwood, NY [10-24-2008]

cool site. =] this helped with my essay on the Gettysburg Address.
McKenzie [10-24-2008] »»»

illisa elkin [10-24-2008] »»»

have a nice day!
anonymous [10-24-2008] »»»

Alexus Abrams, 13 [10-24-2008]

This site was really helpful, we have an insane english teacher and we have a HEEUUGE paper to do, one topic wat the Quartering acts and our text books had nothig about it... i looked here and got all I needed, THANKS!
Alissa, 14, 8th grader [10-23-2008]

jessica roebuck [10-23-2008]

hi mrs.king
ian hike [10-23-2008]

Katie Dorey [10-22-2008] »»»

samantha [10-22-2008]

Very interested in pursuing this voaction. Pleae contact.
Dan Kersey, Age 65, Live in Delta, Utah, USA [10-22-2008]

You should make this website less commercial-looking. Or maybe that would just make it seem stuffy and boring... I'm not sure anymore. But I'm glad I found a trustworthy site, even though it doesn't look like the typical .org
Steph, Kotzebue, Alaska [10-22-2008] »»»

I srongly am happy that they have the declaration of independence because it simpilizes our rights.
phoebe [10-22-2008]

Thank you for this wonderful site of information! We found exactly what we needed and enjoyed looking up other things too!
Kimberly, Home School Mom [10-22-2008] »»»

this website is amazing and helped me a lot on my report on Pensylvania!
john, I am 14 and live in weatherford [10-22-2008] »»»

kat [10-22-2008]

Brea, 15 [10-22-2008] »»»

i visited philadelphia on a mission trip with my chruch during the summer and i had a blast
Frances Bloom [10-22-2008] »»»

omggggg this site is awesome! it gave me sooo much help with my history essay...thanx!
<3 Kelly <3, Cali [10-22-2008]

thank's for the help
Alisha [10-20-2008]

This site is awesome!
Collin [10-20-2008]

John Buttle [10-20-2008]

Capt John Parker is relative on mother's side of family
Jim Pressley, Olympia, Washington [10-20-2008] »»»

Thank you. I love my country too.
anonymous [10-20-2008] »»»

very good website for reports and for essays about the declaration signers
anonymous [10-20-2008]

Hello,İm İbrahim from the American Studies Department of Baku State University.I'm deeply interested in US history,in particular its period of colonies.I have been using and benefiting a lot from you website for a long time.Now I'm doing research on the two party system and the history of the poltical parties of the US.I'm trying to use your website as much as possible.And I would like to see more historical information and documents on these issues. Thanks!
Ibrahim, Student, age-21,city-Baku/Azerbaijan, major-American Studies [10-20-2008]

Thank you for a rich & comprehensive American history site. As a patriot, I am proud to come, look and learn here.
Mary Cobble, u.s.a. [10-18-2008]

betsy was a verry strong women and also verry creative women!
chrissy, wallkill [10-18-2008]

I'm a 5th grade teacher in Mojave California and my students are learning about the war for independance.
Kenneth Zelinka, 47 years old, Mojave California [10-18-2008]

I would really like to tour your place, it looks really interesting. I would like to meet you in real life
Paula Tschetter, age 11, Ethan SD [10-18-2008] »»»

I would really like to meet you real life, and come to your state to visit. I really admire your work you are a great president.
Janae Tschetter, age 10, Ethan SD [10-18-2008]

I think that someone should already try to stop the war, a lot of loved ones are being killed
Melisha Tschetter, age, 12 Ethan SD [10-18-2008]

i am very glad that there are people that put up these kind of websites for people so that they may educate themselves.
Whitney Lynn Shurte, 13 years old, st.cloud, florida, homeschooled [10-18-2008]

I think that your website is a good opportunity for people to check out there human heritage.
anonymous [10-15-2008]

dude, dude! [10-15-2008] »»»

anonymous [10-14-2008]

Thanks for keeping the story of America alive through the offerings on your website. All Americans should strive to understand more about our nation's history. It must never be forgotten.
Jill C. [10-14-2008]

I Love History and hope to one day become a History teacher.
William Bridges, 30, Austin,TX..... [10-14-2008]

Thanks for the information, it was really helpful.
Patricia, tampa [10-14-2008] »»»

trisha ireton, 17 new haven indiana [10-14-2008] »»»

chris hughes [10-13-2008]

Timothy Harmon, 11,va [10-13-2008] »»»

Arlene, As an 8th grade teacher in Colorado, I have the class take a tour to see what Philadephia was like during the Revolution. Thank you. [10-13-2008] »»»

Resore the Spirit of America by googling: RA-50 Educating Consumers, Protecting America.(sign the petition) Ben would have wanted it that way!
Ray Abbott, Newark, Delaware [10-11-2008] »»»

Love history it is so fun to learn about old history stuff
Tony lopez, schulenburg,tx,78956,// age=14 [10-10-2008]

MHH [10-10-2008] »»»

Fantastic Site.
Shawn Woodham, History Teacher [10-10-2008]

Go Philly!
Kyla [10-10-2008] »»»

I heart this website
Kay, 55 [10-10-2008]

this website sucks. I hate it.
Mary had a little lamb, 86, Alabama [10-10-2008]

This site is cool. =P
Jennifer, I live in Newark, Ohio [10-09-2008]

Hey, St.Clair is one of the best historical sites in the U.S. E-mail me to find out more about St.Clair!
Brittany, St.Clair [10-09-2008] »»»

Demetrius [10-08-2008]

your web page has inspired me,i attend wesley ame in swarthmore pa and i am working on wesley church school web page... any tips?
Terrance Copes Sr., swarthmore pa [10-08-2008] »»»

awsome sight i love it
Larissa, 12 [10-08-2008] »»»

i love spiderman. :]
batman, hello kitty is the bomb.! [10-08-2008]

Ti=his is a good site.
Clint, Tremonton, UT [10-08-2008]

I searched this site looking for information on the town of Shawmont. My ancestors settled on Nixon Street in the 1800's (Smith family) and family members stayed there till 1962. I'm trying to find out more information on the town and it's people. Any suggestions?
Diane [10-07-2008]

Michelle [10-07-2008]

khriss mcbath, shawnee,OK 74801 [10-07-2008]

Benjamin Franklin seemed to be quite a genius.....
Romaine Brown, Ft. Lauderdale, FL [10-07-2008] »»»

khari copeland [10-07-2008]

I respect this organization as representing a successful merger of private and public interests and entities. Isn't that concept of the hybrid quasi-private/public experiment that we as a Nation are entering into as of today. God Bless America!
Dennis B. Navarra, San Jose, California; 50's; Italian-American Male [10-07-2008]

i need about the us history
munis, 12.07.1990 [10-07-2008]

This was dumb and way too long. Just kidding. This was a really good speech and it says a lot to us Americans.
Tiana [10-07-2008] »»»

We had to learn/memorize a lot of these documents when in school ...Bet they dont now days.
Sara [10-06-2008] »»»

Edward Gunter [10-06-2008] »»»

I saw that liberty bell man it is purtty. You call me a Whandoodle but i never knew that jusitce really rings I myeslf want to go back but i'mgoing to be a guinea pig for ol halloween
Mamdy Melanie Maroon Mindy Melody Miley Mayho, I live in Miami [10-06-2008]

I've seen the liborty bell me self,now me forgot what color it is? GRENN? HUCKLEBERRY? MAROON 5?
Caleb Cappacino, 89 years old [10-06-2008] »»»

Heather Letbetter, 15 [10-06-2008] »»»

Rachel [10-06-2008]

I do love my country, the working citizens who are its backbone and those who defend it to keep us free. I invite you to listen to "In America", a song I was blessed with after touring a Southern town my ancestors co-founded (Cheraw, SC). http://www.ourstage.com/music/channel/19-country/RSVLLDNSKWEM-in-america
Walter Comer, Age-47, Waynesville, NC [10-06-2008] »»»

I love this site, it's a great source of information for my work.
Kati, 44, from Budapest, Hungary, Europe [10-06-2008]

megan [10-06-2008]

moo, 18 new york [10-06-2008] »»»

Have all the thirteen documents that were given to other states been found? We have a document and John Hancock is one of our ancestors. Who do we contact to find out if all have been accounted for, i will check the site at a later date to see if there has been any responses. Thank you.
Kim [10-06-2008] »»»

Like to learn more about the crime rate during the earlier times of Philly's history. And how the founder father's confronted those issues.
Steven Kelly [10-04-2008] »»»

this website is d awsumest evr! it helps u on evrything!;d luv this freakin site! :d :d :d :d
BOB :D, Im 45 [10-04-2008]

alyssia, 13 year old [10-04-2008]

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one of roths students [10-03-2008] »»»

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jon uzoagba, http [10-03-2008]

This cite is great for information about anything historical related
anonymous [10-03-2008]

sam [10-03-2008]

I am currently doing research on Blacks in the United Methodist Church, please may you send me information to assist with research. Regards, Sindile
Sindile Dlamini, Washington, DC [10-03-2008] »»»

jessica farter [10-03-2008] »»»

this website is awesome !
andre roberts, 34 - columbus - [10-03-2008] »»»

Your webpage is a godsend! I am currently in A.P. United States History and have utilized this website more than any other internet domain! The information is fantastic and has helped me out countless times on homework assignments and projects! Thank you so much more making history enjoyable and accesable! Im going to continue to use this site all year!
thankful apush student! [10-02-2008]

I think this web is great.It has all the thinks I need.plus I go on it anytime I need more information on my history.but I think it should include more information on school subjects.
fatima, 12 [10-02-2008]

Angelica Lambert [10-01-2008]

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Ku`uipo Rapozo, 13, lihu`e, kaua`i [10-01-2008]

Susan Jones [10-01-2008] »»»

I'm just here to get information on prohibition and thought I would sign this because I only signed one other in my life before. Look for me on the Body works exhibit's guestbook. Love ya- God Bless America
Rey, Ellicott City,MD [10-01-2008]

History rocks US!
Ben Jammin, Hazelhood, MO [10-01-2008]

this website is awesome
breanne, im awesome and i love history [10-01-2008] »»»

Lived in 3 parts of Phila. as a girl. LOVED the soft pretzel when we went to Wannamakers (sp?) downtown. Ought to come back for a visit, but it scared me then, kind of terrifies me now! I understand Germantown is worse than ever. We lived in "the Queen's house" on Tulpehocken St. Learn to spell that in grade school! Luckily it was phonetic!
Rebecca Ross, 49, Irvine, KY [09-28-2008] »»»

i need information about the EIGHTH AMENDMENT.
jorge chacon perea, 17 years old, anthony TX, [09-28-2008] »»»

BRIDESBURG PIZZA [09-28-2008] »»»

im 13 and im doing a project andim 13 and im doing a project and this site is really kool and helping me keep it up
stacia hudson, im 13 [09-28-2008]

I work for the library and always like to introduce young people to sites like this. This is powerful information that founded our country. Maybe our government leaders should go back read and govern the way it was set forth to do.
Pam Vickers, 56 years old, Clinton, Louisiana [09-28-2008] »»»

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i love history so it makes me love this website
kali [09-28-2008]

carrie, Student 45 Georgia [09-26-2008]

eric m. saunders jr, sheldon sc [09-26-2008] »»»

I think this cite is a good one!
Liz Garcia, 16, Puerto Rico [09-25-2008]

I attend Canyon Creek Christian Academy and we were required in 4th grade to memorize The American Creed and now as a 6th grader we are required to know it. I have recited this on numerous occasions including at Lakeside Baptist Church in Breckenridge, Texas where WWII and Korens veterans stood up as I recited it and tears were coming down there face. I love knowing this Creed. I have found that most Americans do not even know that this Creed exists. I plan to introduce as many people as I can to this Creed.
TJ Noggle, Richardson, Texas [09-25-2008] »»»

the liberty bell is an awesome historic site
katie, high schooler [09-25-2008] »»»

hey i like this site it answered a lot of my questions. thankz guys
Tinkerbell, 14 [09-25-2008]

anonymous [09-25-2008] »»»

I'm researching historic Philadelphia for a series of children's books. Your site was extremely helpful, informative, and easy to navigate.
Holly Y [09-25-2008] »»»

Laurel Smith, 14, Georgia, Democratic [09-24-2008] »»»

Fascinating history - I had no idea until my daughter, a recent graduate of Duke Divinity, today went to see Urban Promise in Camden, NJ and by chance toured Mother Bethel and sent me a photo by blackberry. It led me to the history and I'm so thrilled, being a huge genealogy buff, to know of this church. God Bless.
Bettiann Lloyd, 62, Austin, TX [09-24-2008] »»»

Dedra Sizemore [09-23-2008] »»»

This website was helpful. It actually had the origins of the party's on it. thanks soooo much! It was ESPECIALLY helpful for my school project!
Kimmy stidd [09-23-2008]

Greetings, I am currently researching my family history in Penna. I am looking for information about very old AME churches in Chester County PA that family members may have started. The churches I am interested in are Bacton Hill and the Devon AME church. If anyone can provide any historical information about these churches or where to look for this historical information I would appreciate any leads. Thank you so very much and may God bless you peace and blessing Jan
Janice Martin [09-20-2008] »»»

Alexis Miller, Birmingham, Alabama [09-20-2008]

I thought this was great site to come to. It just took me back to the late 18th century, and how people lived then. It made me take a moment to reflect and think. Thank you, for this web site!
William Rowe, 42- Grovetown Georgia [09-20-2008] »»»

I feel this help me understand more
Dewayne Gordon, 13 years old, Grand Rapids, Michigan [09-20-2008] »»»

super duper cool
gabby [09-19-2008]

Jeff Mahrt [09-19-2008] »»»

i like this site. It is very informational. Good job whoever made it.
Rebecca, 14 [09-19-2008]

Keep on Trucking!:) :) :)
William Clark, 11, love history :) [09-19-2008]

Love the website! GReat Stuff! However, not much on the Decleration of Independence. Sill Cool!
William Clark, 11, love history :) [09-19-2008]

i really like dat the independence of us americans is 1 thing da brought u s toghether.
Chelsea Deloch, 12yrs old: plaquemine la [09-19-2008] »»»

I used to live in Philly and last year visited again. My son and I will be visiting in a few weeks and we plan to see as many sights as we can in two weeks
Billie Walker, Skelmorlie Scotland [09-18-2008] »»»

Lillie Kay Hirsch, relative of Thomas Jefferson and Chief Justice John Marshall [09-18-2008]

i felt that i had taken a step back into history
tony lucas [09-18-2008]

Woweee look all info!
Sierra Buck [09-18-2008] »»»

this site is very educational and interesting.
gloria callaway [09-18-2008]

Love the site good information
alisha coleman [09-17-2008]

I think that this web sit is very good.
Stephen Schumacher [09-17-2008]

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eric, 11 years [09-17-2008] »»»

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megan, 13 [09-17-2008] »»»

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anonymous [09-17-2008]

This website is so helpful for me. It has vital information for my AP American History class. I am going to use it to the best of my ability to help me with my class.
Fariyal Mohammed, 16, Orlando [09-16-2008]

i love history people think thats cray but i think its cool.
rebecca titus, age 12 honolulu hawaii [09-16-2008]

you need a bigger variety besides that it is pretty good
Katie Harris, 51, Dietrich Idaho [09-16-2008]

Great website for finding historical documents for my history class!
anonymous, 13 years old [09-16-2008] »»»

how was it back then like how was it discorvert? and when was it found?
monica walker, age 15 city gates tn [09-16-2008]

Richard Barber, Age 64 [09-15-2008]

This is my Veterans Day (2008)position to show remembrance of all the decessed heroes. Our young generations have no idea what happened during World War Two,let alone the Pearl Harbor Attack in Oahu,Hawaii. Everything that exists today is because of our heroes that lie under tombs,in the jungles,in the deep oceans,in foreign lands,in contrast,80% or more of the populas are descended from war veterans. They have been denied a share of our heritage by the educational system which has deprived them of knowing our history,the founding of our country,the civic responsibity and duties of citizenship and they're out there bogging themselves away as if they're performing fertility rights.What I see in the young generation protest is a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire. History is the only competent teacher.
Joseph A.Mieleszko, age 86, North Hatfield,MA 01066 Pearl Harbor Survivor [09-15-2008]

Have been an advid coin collector since I was 5.
Chuck Gentilquore, 56 from Highland, N.Y.12528 [09-15-2008] »»»

if yall have books that i can order online.
heather tate, 18, decatur, tx [09-12-2008]

It's a shame you dishonor what the flag stands for by your blatant partisan attack with the lie printed on http://www.ushistory.org/betsy/flagetiq.html about the Democratic convention.
anonymous [09-12-2008]

this is a pretty sweet site! thanks
Brianne, 17 years old seniorin highschool, richland (tri-cities) [09-12-2008] »»»

Looking for information on Peter Nothstein who is buried in Normal Square Penna.
anonymous [09-12-2008]

i would like to see information more of george washington the us president and his sons
daniel leon [09-12-2008]

i think history can be fun
savannah, 17 [09-12-2008]

i think the word of god is most precious most powerful most awesome most glorious most god breathed
liane davies, age 30,city tredegar, [09-10-2008]

i think learning about history is cool because i learn so much about stuff i would never think about...
nicole dwire, im 14 from north bend. [09-10-2008] »»»

Just wanting to learn more about our countries history.
Mrs. Silva, My age is 20. [09-10-2008]

god bless us. i love this countery.
opbabu [09-10-2008]

Kyra Michel, 16, California [09-10-2008]

Defend your country! Know your Constitution ...
Mary Rachael Carson, Vero Beach, FL [09-09-2008]

Love the click on feature on the map. Great information in a brief format. Thanks
Jane G. Marshall, Hendersonville, TN [09-09-2008] »»»

Amy Mansfield [09-09-2008]

jasmine [09-09-2008]

dis iz fun
frijfkjdnfkaFjkesnfjanfkaj., im a girl [09-09-2008]

Joe Montoya III, 32 Male Tempe, AZ [09-08-2008] »»»

Great site. I feel comfortable using the information on my project!
O, Springfield Missouri [09-08-2008] »»»

It is inconceivable that under "people in the revolutionay war" you do not have a listing for General Jean Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur Comte de ROCHAMBEAU. We may not have won the war without his leadership.
Lloyd L. Rochambeau, 77 yrs. old in San Marcos, CA [09-08-2008]

FANTASTIC Web Site! We have added a link to our monthly newsletter so that more veterans can be made aware of this tremendous resource. Also, please visit our web site to learn about hidden government benefits you are eligible for and how to significantly increase your service-connected compensation or VA pension. http://www.veteranprograms.com
Rance Jurevwicz, Capt., USA, Ret, Highland, CA [09-08-2008]

We are coming to Philly next week, and would like to know if we can buy a book regarding the 7 walking tours...especially Rittenhouse Square.
jean cantwell, we are from San Diego..... [09-08-2008]

My daughter Taylor wanted to know who wrote the pledge of allegiance, and how it came to be.
Tracy Zylstra [09-06-2008] »»»

Great site!
Vince Oblak II, 33, Wisconsin, Constitution Party Member [09-06-2008] »»»

Tom Hughes, US Marine 1977-1981 [09-05-2008]

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magdalena, illinois [09-05-2008] »»»

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Crystin, 17 [09-05-2008]

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amber lyn, 17 det mi [09-05-2008] »»»

laura, columbus in, 16 [09-04-2008]

Thank you for your website. At this time in our country's history it is a blessing to have your website to remember those who came before and whose efforts established this great country.
laurie stinchcomb, Olney, MD [09-04-2008]

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adrian, 65 [09-04-2008] »»»

I really like all the sites about government.!
Adriana Watson, Jackson Al. 14 [09-04-2008] »»»

i think this site is awesome
liane, 30,tredegar, [09-01-2008]

I need to know what the connections between the Declartion of Indepedence and Greek phiolphers for school. Anybody have any ideas?
Minnie Mouse [09-01-2008]

i think this web site is so cool how u can see history in literly be in it.
anonymous [08-31-2008]

Since growing up in the Philadelphia suburbs I have passion for American history now I am sharing this with my children ages 13, 14. this is a great web site which i will use often.
L. Lewis, grew up in suburbs of Philadelphia, and just moved t la. [08-31-2008] »»»

this page help me a lot
juan, 16, laredo tx, [08-31-2008] »»»

Like your site. Is there information regarding the great tradition of ice cream makers in Philadelphia.. Bassets, Pflamer's(at Ridge Ave & 33rd sts across from Fairmount Park closed in the early 1960's, Shilling's (Lehigh Avenue at 25th(across from the movie house)
Fred B. Block, native of Philly, 62yr [08-31-2008] »»»

I like history
Shana Shannon [08-31-2008]

its nice here .. ;)
katy, niiice paaage :) [08-29-2008] »»»

heii nice page .. ;)
anonymous [08-29-2008]

Wonderful...just wonderful!
Rosalinda [08-29-2008]

Yesenia Valentin, 16, winston salem [08-29-2008]

shelby [08-28-2008]

good website.
Anfal, Manchester [08-28-2008]

I think the Amendments to the Bill of Rights are nifty.
Sarah, Hello. [08-28-2008] »»»

i love this place i wish i owned it wewt
KASEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =], i love you [08-27-2008] »»»

Great History of a wonderful new world an example to be adopted universally
T.L.Narasimham, 55 years; Fairfax,VA [08-27-2008] »»»

I love reading all the history of your great nation
Graham Christopher, Southampton UK [08-26-2008]

Hello to the team at ushistory.org, i am writing to let you know that it would be cool if you updated the stuff on LOVE PARK... i have been following the history for a couple years now from OZ and would like to know how plans to open the park back up are going. I know this is a history website... etc. But yeah, I'd like to Visit the US one day, and it's cool to read about it online. Peace out, Jayde Brisbane, Australia
Jayde, Brisbane, Australia [08-26-2008] »»»

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leon j. davilo, rock falls,illinois 61071 [08-26-2008] »»»

KASEY, i like history [08-26-2008] »»»

Dawn C. Hammond, I am a Quaker of Welsh descent and two of my ancestors, Thomas Griffitts and Samuel Powel III were colonial mayors of Philadelphia. I will be visiting Poland, specifically Poznan for the first time next month. [08-25-2008] »»»

anonymous, eternal resident of philadelphia [08-25-2008] »»»

Great site,love it
Janis Hibbetts [08-25-2008] »»»

I am looking for a new site called "usFUTURE.org" some people want to summarize the past the other group-like me- need to know the details about the expected future and what we are going to build that has a direct effect into the future.
Amir, 36 years, Cairo, Egypt, Certified Management Accountant student [08-25-2008] »»»

this is a great help to me in my ap us history class thank you for putting it up
Mss. Mariana Perez, 16, Baytown, Tx [08-22-2008] »»»

Positively outstanding to see such a site ensuring our wonderful city's place in history is showcased for all to see...for free. After serving in two wars for my country, its especially warming to remember that I was born 35 miles from the birthplace of this great nation. God Bless America.
Tim Davenport, Sellersville, PA [08-21-2008] »»»

shameka pettway, birmingham 12 [08-20-2008]

i think this is a great website for people to look up things in history for reports and all kinds of things. keep up the good work on this website Peace and Love Christina
Christina Right, i am 16 amd i live in Statan Island, New York With my boyfriend [08-20-2008]

I can't get to the "Declaration of Independance" page.
James [08-18-2008]

Hello. When I was a lady of 19 years old, I visited the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. It made an awe inspiring impression on me. It taught me that out country was for real, an icon to be admired. It also taught me that brave people paid a price for my freedom. I am related to several signers of the Declaration . I am doing the genealogy of my family. This really was an honor to speak with you . God Bless America. Lisa.
Lisa Williamson, age 49, Talladega, Alabama [08-18-2008]

I just finished reading General Washington's Christmas Farewell by Stanley Weintraub and I wanted to look up some facts. I was led to this site which is loaded with interesting links and valuable. My gratitude to those who operate this. P.S.: Keep one of those Houdon busts of Washinton in reserve for Christmas. It's on my wish list.
Patrick Hubbell, Victoria, TX [08-18-2008]

this works for any of my history projects.
s.n. [08-18-2008] »»»

i will like to work with your site thanks
calvin, calvinjohnson1123@yahoo.de [08-15-2008]

Congressional / Corporate Media Overhaul Begins November 4, 2008! Rebuild America First - Kick The Incumbent Bums Out On November 4, 2008
Michael E. Badgett, Mount Airy, NC [08-11-2008] »»»

Thank you for making this wonderful website available! I consider Ben Franklin the 1st (inofficial) US President! Without him we would have created the first US government much much later - if ever! Have a good day Renee
Renee Hills, NYC, Lic NYC tour guide [08-11-2008] »»»

iwant us citizenship exemination helping
MUSTAFA BULBUL, 162 woodridge court aprt;3 rochester,newyork 14622-2905 [08-11-2008]

Lula Mae Martin [08-11-2008]

payton [08-09-2008]

In my genealogical research, I've found that some of my Irish ancestors emigrated to Philadelphia in the early 1800s. Since I've been young, I've always felt an affinity for this city and never knew why. I now look forward to visiting this city with renewed interest.
Sandra [08-09-2008] »»»

An ederly lady ask me to check on her 1000 dollor United States Bank note. Thanks
Bill Sherman, 67 yrs Groves, Tx. 77619 [08-09-2008]

Found your site by accident. Fell in love with it immediately. I am fasinated by all the little known facts I read about on the various pages I visited. I will return again and again.
Dave [08-09-2008]

I found out about this website through The Berks County Historical society website.
Karl Schieferstein, Reading, PA. [08-08-2008] »»»

A few years ago while packing my mom to move, we came across old letters, written to Roswell Lyman Colt in Baltimore from Jan.22, 1816 through May 6, 1817. Most of the letters deal with financial transactions in large amounts (one states "Set the branch at Baltimore draw on Phila for a half a million of dollars. Phila draw on New York for the same amt."). They are written by A. H. Lawrence, N. (perhaps Nicholas) Biddle,? Caton, and M.B. Highs or Hughes. Names such as Baring Brothers, Leroy Bayard, N. Biddle, C. Carroll of Carrollton, W. Caton, R. Caton, Ogden, Oliver, D.A. Smith, and many more appear in the letters. They mention the U.S. Bank and are from New York and Philadelphia. Each is folded into itself, sealed with wax and are addressed on the outside with a red round stamp which reads the city name, the month and day. I have received information regarding the Colt family from the New Jersey Historical Society, and have researched some other information, but was wondering if anyone may be able to fill us in on some details. I have made copies of the letters to handle; and could scan them and send to anyone interested. We are curious to see if there is any significance in economic history. Thanks you, Diane
Diane Reinhold, Titusville, FL [08-08-2008]

Thank you very much for having this information available to those of us who want to show proper respect for the flag. I've referred dozens of people to your site, and have won many an argument because I've studied it. God Bless You for keeping alive the respect for our nation's most recognizable symbol.
Craig Burnett [08-08-2008] »»»

I found the taverns and saloons interesting as my family owned 2 or 3 in the time of 1890 to 1916 i think, O ne was at 1201 Market.His name was Henry McGee any info on him or his bars would be a great help please if you can .
ed gorman [08-08-2008] »»»

You web site is wonderful....a really valuable tool for history buffs. Thank you!
Kay Cameron, Guide, Historic Lancaster Walking Tour [08-07-2008]

Thank you for the piece of History on Hestonville, it has been turn into a small triangle community, trying to rebuild the History through a CDC
Sheila Buchanan, Trying to rebuild Hestonville [08-05-2008] »»»

donna nelms, palestine tx 75803 [08-05-2008] »»»

Ralene and Joe White, We knew Carolyn through our association with The Harlingen Arts and Heritage Museum [08-04-2008]

Good Site
Matt Mounts, Round Rock, Texas [08-04-2008]

Chuck Cobb [08-04-2008]

I am a Naval Reservists completing my annual training on board the Eisenhouer, I was given an assignment about to speake on a naval heroe I chose Commodore Barry, the info you provided for me was outstanding thank you.
desiree sims [08-04-2008] »»»

Awesome site, I loved, I found answer to my questions.
Carlos Ambrosano, 46 Pasco WA [08-04-2008] »»»

gabe hannon, ex--ballydehob, co cork, irl [08-04-2008]

JOE DOYLE, dublin ireland age 52 [08-04-2008]

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