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Guest Book Archives: January-April 2008

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hey, u guys r cool, thanx 4 ur help! =)
mikaela, oly. WA [04-30-2008]

I love you too *
anonymous [04-30-2008]

i love hitory and literature.i don't really know why but i LOVE U.S.A HISTORY! ok tha was all bye*
guerrero _margarita @kifh 4588595, 16 forth worth HI! [04-30-2008]

Brad Rodcen [04-30-2008]

why did the french and indian war start
jessica, 11 years old [04-30-2008]

nice place to spend a fieldtrip
jenna [04-30-2008] »»»

This siye is really good! I had to use it for a history report in my 5 grade class and it was perfect!
anonymous [04-30-2008] »»»

very informative. add more things to help kids understand
Charlotte, 11-years--old,Baltimore,Maryland [04-30-2008]

it is really cool
samantha, 15 [04-30-2008]

Thanks for the website. Here is information that is truely about us and our contry what we stand for. We were taught in school. but its great to go back and reread and soak all this in when im an adult and appreciate it so much more. Thank you!
Donita Johnson [04-30-2008] »»»

I actually completed an analysis on this website for a history class I am currently taking. This site is very informative, interactive, and I learned more from this site than any other site I have surfed. Thank you for such a wonderful site.
Janice Mod [04-30-2008]

It is of a old fashion big wheel bicycle wreck. On the back it has Scheeneman across the top, Langstadte & Co (?) in the middle and Philadelphia across the bottom. can anyone help?
Von, An old medal I found-- Need help on history [04-30-2008] »»»

nothing more
hari [04-28-2008] »»»

i think that paul revere? is a werido
emma J. [04-28-2008]

This site is off the chizang
Andrew Wallace [04-28-2008]

i love u
anonymous [04-28-2008] »»»

I am a 22 year old with dreams of becoming a History teacher one day. I am starting the process of preparing for that by offering virtual social studies tutoring. All anyone with trouble in their social studies class needs to is email me at wcrobinson2003@hotmail.com with "Homework Help" in the subject line and I can guarantee with hard work you will pass your class. Walter Robinson, Jr.
WALTER C ROBINSON JR, free virtual social studies tutoring [04-28-2008]

i think if you try to fid me hell will be raised
Ariel, 11/ piedmont/ [04-28-2008]

you should show betsy ross making the flag
kaetlyn, 18 crystal minnesota [04-28-2008]

i luv history
Kia [04-28-2008]

The information was great and made me feel proud to be related to "The Father of the US Navy".
Pamela Barry, Decendent of John Barry from Sunrise Beach, Texas [04-28-2008] »»»

I spent one year in Philly and we took in all the history we could . Now 65 years later I learn one branch of my family located in your town--we have not found out where from yet-either France, Ireland or England.
Marge Deranleau, Married in chapel of navel Hospital in june 1943 [04-26-2008] »»»

My wife & daughter (11) will be me at a friend's wedding nearby in NJ in October. Since Philadelphia will be only 20 min away (and none of us have ever been), your website (I googled "historic" "old" and "walking" for Philly) and the The Independence Tour was exactly what I was looking for. Great itinerary, and sounds easy, historic and fun. THANKS-the Hunters in Maryland
anonymous [04-26-2008] »»»

Ruth Ann Nicholas, Olney, Illinois [04-26-2008]

hello 2 allll
anonymous [04-26-2008]

nice site lots of helpful info!
kristen [04-26-2008] »»»

Donald E. Booth Jr., 38 years old, History Major @ Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas [04-25-2008] »»»

This has a lot of info in lots of people but you should have a spot to ask a question and the question will be answered that minute after you enter the question
Miley [04-24-2008]

history....i watch history but dont ever wish to go into the past and change it PLEASE! youll do us all a favor.
Hopper, um i live in michigan but its too old [04-24-2008]

Olney is the home of the white squirrels. Pat Garrett was a relative of mine and I am presently doing research on that part of the family. I found this site doing other research.
Ruth Ann Zwilling, Olney, Illinois [04-24-2008]

Just was wondering what foreign currencies are made by the US mint for other nations? Just curious.
Mr Bachman, Fredericksburg, VA [04-24-2008] »»»

John Gore [04-24-2008]

carlos [04-24-2008]

LuLu [04-24-2008] »»»

dylan mocghtough [04-24-2008] »»»

Amanda Holub [04-23-2008]

George Washingtons a good president.
Kayli Nguyen, 10 [04-23-2008]

Sammy Erit, hi! [04-23-2008]

HI!My name is BOB!
Bob Williams, 18,Malibu,California [04-23-2008]

I love the Liberty Bell we are doing a Living Museum and I am it.
Carson Handley, 10 years old Shreveport, LA [04-23-2008] »»»

iwish that i was paul revere and can i work withyall and much do you get payed
tyronesha, live in athens age22 [04-23-2008]

I thought this place Rocked MY SOCKS OFF.WOOO HOOO
Andres Jaquez, 18, Hutchinson, Kansas [04-23-2008] »»»

Never forget a favour and Never forgave a slight
pema choden, I am 23 years old [04-22-2008]

I might be interested to read the hall story of United States! Regards, Abdi
Abdi Wardhere, stories [04-22-2008]

This website really helped me with the projects in my history class. it really came in handy. thanks 4 creating such a good website.
Nicole Foston, 17 years old Newark, N.J [04-22-2008]

coolio dudes!
anonymous [04-22-2008]

i love history and i found things that i never heard of before! !?!
Rachel, 90 years old [04-22-2008] »»»

i hate this site
sarah, 12yrs. old, i live in west manchester, ohio [04-22-2008]

I am truly blessed to wake and sleep with my family in this great nation!
Tony Snider, 33yrs old. A patriot [04-20-2008]

Ruthann LaGrega, new yorl [04-20-2008]

Im at school doing a report...helpful site here! lol -4th grade...aaron
Aaron, 10 of age [04-20-2008] »»»

This Is A Good Cite If Your Doing A Project Over The Monroe Doctrine !
Maleeshia Monique, Lima Ohia [04-18-2008] »»»

This has been the most helpful site for me as far as research goes. I've gotten tons of Information on things I couldn't find anywhere else
Angel K. [04-18-2008]

I enjoyed reading about Philadelphia.It made me feel like I was there.Thank you!
Ashley, 11years old.Frank C. Martin [04-18-2008] »»»

the virtual tour was the best!
JOY, f.c.martink-8center [04-18-2008]

Kali [04-18-2008]

Have a nice time on here
Becky, This is a cool website [04-18-2008] »»»

in think dis is so cool dat id lear a lot of dis an hu ever made dis web side awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwsome hu
lasalle [04-18-2008]

toneva_2.hotmail .com [04-18-2008]

i hate this website! it sux soooooo much! i have a paper due on monday nd i can't find anything!
Danielle [04-18-2008] »»»

i am michelyn chzvmm mildort,world government. i thought it is great to have an account in first bank of the united states as world government.thank you ! michelyn chzvmm mildort identifying in id: wgov000042327.
MICHELYN CHZVMM MILDORT, 29 years old,west palm beach fl, [04-18-2008] »»»

this website is informative but i think there should more hands on fun stuff
julio [04-18-2008]

man i wish i could be with my class in phili
alexa miranda, 11, miami,fl school frank.c.martin k-8 center [04-18-2008]

i think that you need to have better search foundings for taxtation w/out representation and taxation w/out representation because i found nothing ! very dissapointing!
you care why, not for you to know [04-17-2008]

kelsey [04-17-2008] »»»

I love your site. for my projects it's great. The only thing I think you could improve are the following. 1. a search engine so we can tell you just what were searching for. 2.a link to bring us to american history.
Kimberlee Ormond, 14, st.petersburg FL. Left handed, love history. 8th grade. [04-16-2008] »»»

I wish there was a web site about the presedents. Please make one. I think it would be very big. You can even make it a kids web site.
Jessica Robertson, 12 years old [04-16-2008] »»»

I'm reaserching south dakota and it didnt tell me what counties ruled south dakota before it became a state.
amanda, 11 st paul mn [04-16-2008]

Awesome site. Always can learn from history.
Harry Assie, Santa Monica, CA [04-16-2008]

i thought that it sould talk more about king george the 3rd
dana, 11 jenison [04-16-2008]

Jacob Burks [04-16-2008]

Tessa [04-16-2008]

bob [04-16-2008]

Thank-you guys for your information!
janeth, age:10 [04-15-2008]

sarah f [04-15-2008]

A wonderful website. Thank you so very much for bringing history alive on the internet.
Michael Galea, 53 Calistoga, CA 94515 [04-14-2008]

anonymous [04-13-2008] »»»

jodi fiermonte, 35, Syracuse, NY [04-13-2008] »»»

this place is awesome!
Funnyman7777777 [04-12-2008]

James N Billings, how di I get to coins.gov [04-12-2008] »»»

This web site tought me aloy about Independece Hall! I'm doing a report on it.
Kate Benfield, alaska age 12 [04-12-2008] »»»

I always would have liked to see, and read, in complete and adequate success, the Constisution of the United States of America, which I have done ever so successfully. To my advance, I was granted the dully opportunity to see the original Constitution, read other important documents such as the Magna Carta, Declaration of Independence, and Flag Code. What a fine opportunity this organization has allowed me to exersise. Much Thanks!
William Stuart Hilton, Dothan, Alabama; 14 y.o. [04-12-2008] »»»

I'd like to see slave songs
Eric [04-12-2008]

betsy ross is awsome
lindsay hathcock, 11 laleland [04-12-2008]

Enjoyed visiting your site. Thank You.
Dexter Morgan [04-12-2008]

Good job
DaiJon Hayden [04-12-2008] »»»

We finished reading Fever, 1793 and came to see the sites we read about.
Ward's Class [04-12-2008] »»»

Jason Barnes [04-11-2008]

good job one of the best sites
abby, varna,il [04-11-2008]

It was wonderful to see the landmarks-we were there in jan 2007-
brenda, calgary, alberta canada [04-10-2008] »»»

hi i like to learn about social studies :]]]]
?????????????? [04-09-2008]

This is a great website. Now Im on my way to knowing all the US presedents.
fiona kelley, I am 11 years old [04-09-2008]

jennifer jorbin, 16 years Hudson Colorado [04-09-2008]

I love edgar allan poe
jennifer, 16 years old [04-09-2008]

i really enjoyed your website. keep up the good work.
WILLIAM ROWE, grovetown, georgia age: 42 [04-08-2008] »»»

thanks for having this website it has lots of information that i need for my homework and for projects!god bless ya and thanks!*!*!*
jeilin, 14 years old [04-08-2008] »»»

I am trying to figure out something for a test tomorrow on the civil war and your site doesn't give me the parts of the Declaration of independence
kristen [04-08-2008]

i really don't like social studies but i love this website,it's way quicker than an s.s text book.i love this website thanks.
holly, 10 [04-08-2008] »»»

this is a great site to visit it helped me on countless history projects.
Meaghan [04-08-2008]

blah blah blah
aubrey house, none [04-08-2008]

I have just added this site to my favorites. The biographies in our American History are a wonderful source of inspiration for all who would seek to better themselves, their families, communities, nation, and the world. Thank you very much for providing such a valuable resource.
Daniel Syphus, St. George, Utah [04-07-2008]

looking to find info on my brothers from my fathers previous marriage
shaun kruck, 30 yrs old son of jerome edward kruck / ft collins co [04-06-2008]

This really helps me with my homework
Krystal [04-06-2008] »»»

Keen interest in U.S. History. I am amazed at this "great experiment" in Democracy or Freedom as it is still called!I want to get more in depth with our founders, and believe any public servant should be able to name (in alphabetical order) all of the signers of The Declaration Of Independence (first and last names)and the Presidents in their proper order.Ask yourself why? To simply Vote is not sufficient. Thankyou.
Ran Dee R. Howard, Age: 61 Ogden, Utah [04-06-2008]

DO you know anything about Sarah McGinn, she was born in 1717.
Kate [04-06-2008]

Have memoirs of Pearl Harbor attack, anyone interested ? Get it while I'm still around.
joe mieleszko, age 86 North Hatfield MA [04-06-2008]

the Bella, 10 [04-05-2008] »»»

maddie [04-05-2008]

Appeals to all my interests.
Charles H Barney [04-05-2008]

I'm Polish from head to the tips of my toes, my mother's surname was Kwiecien, Any Kwieciens out there?
joe mieleszko, age 86, North Hatfield,MA 01066 [04-05-2008]

it is to smart
bob [04-05-2008] »»»

I was getting information for class project
Brianna, 10 yrs [04-04-2008] »»»

I love this site it helps me with my homework
Andrea, 13 [04-04-2008]

Colleen Carney, Roebling, NJ [04-04-2008]

god bless you well i really think this is a cool website cause it really help me to get information for my history projects like for example the decleration of independence .well thanks for having such a helpful website love :geraldine!**
geralicous, im 14 years old [04-04-2008]

I thought this website was very helpful in what I was looking for
Holly Van Eperen, age 11 [04-04-2008] »»»

dislike website, not organized at all. please fix immediatly. or else i'll never come back!
anonymous [04-04-2008]

Thank you for this educational site.
Shannon Hurst [04-02-2008] »»»

tim hayden [04-01-2008] »»»

great using when studying social studies
Connor Brown [04-01-2008] »»»

I like ur website! I have a colonial america project comeing up and it reeeelllyyy helped me! Thank u! ♥KARA♥
Kara [04-01-2008] »»»

Katie Leite, n/a [04-01-2008]

This sight was really useful while I was doing my Homework. I got it done faster than when I used my book. T.X!
Fuzzyshadow, I love Warriors [04-01-2008]

I just discovered ushistory.org while fact checking one of our programs. Your site is absolutely fantastic, and I will highly recommend it to others! Paul Sampson Executive Director UnderstandingPolitics.org
Paul Sampson [04-01-2008] »»»

Like it a lot
Linné, 10,norcross [04-01-2008]

I am currently deployed to Iraq and I just wanted to say your site is great. Whenever I want to escape this place I can come here and read for hours.
Danny Dicaire [03-31-2008]

If you have fallen to the lotto game, share you views! Lets sort it out
anonymous [03-31-2008]

how many stars were on the american flag
morgan, 11years [03-31-2008]

remember the name stefhon in the future
Stefhon, Best basketball player alive [03-30-2008]

Your website is helpful, but I have a comment. The first skyscraper was built by William Jenney. THe website youposted has skyscrapers, but no William Jenney.I may use your website again, but not for the project I'm doing right now. peace out........
Hannah, 19 [03-30-2008]

I have just discovered your site while looking for comments and information by and on Thomas Payne.I look forward to browsing here awhile and hopefully finding a source of reference. Thanks.
Bill Boggs, Lubbock, Texas [03-30-2008]

Tyvm ushistory.org i was failing history but now i have an A!
Peter [03-30-2008] »»»

i think that this is good for the chidren to visted to learn a lot becuse if you don't know about this why are you in amercan
sade, houston,tx [03-30-2008]

Your website is great...I love american history!
Job Listings [03-30-2008]

We liked the information available here.
Anju Mittal [03-30-2008]

:) good site!
zblob [03-30-2008] »»»

you rock
thoamas, 18 malibu [03-28-2008]

she is aciminal
emily, 19 ny [03-28-2008]

this site puts a ☺ on your face, and it's very informational, too and it has lots on the liberty bell.
Bray, hola [03-28-2008]

BoB [03-28-2008]

I am doing a soical studies project on the libertybell so I have to get info on it and righ now I am at school suppose to be loking for info because I am on the teachers computer in the class room. Well my teacher is looking so I better
Braley, 13 Micigan hi [03-28-2008] »»»

I love love it!
Amalia [03-27-2008]

Very intersting site. I study american history, specially the american presidents. Congratulations, a enjoy it so much.
Agustin Garrido, age 46, san juan city, argentina [03-27-2008]

this site helps me out a lot during social studies homework studing posters bios and more!
devin dumpson, 14 8th grade harris elementary school 19023 collingdale pa [03-27-2008]

you have a fantastice website
?, ? [03-27-2008]

anonymous [03-27-2008] »»»

this site is amazingggg :]
ana [03-26-2008]

Thomas [03-26-2008] »»»

This Website helped me with lots of my Social Studies homework.
Mariah, Michigan [03-26-2008]

Bob [03-26-2008]

I love learning about history
Amanda [03-26-2008]

Joseph Carlson
joseph [03-26-2008]

Abbey, 17, Indiana [03-26-2008]

pretty good information
Hannah [03-25-2008] »»»

Kaylyn cox [03-25-2008]

Is it possible for me to open an account, in your Bank, i need it (maybe) when i bye vehicle in US, and is it possible to controle the accout from the net (from Denmark). What Bankconnection do F.N. have in Denmark
Steen Jørgensen, Steen Jørgensen Petershøjvej 14 B 7100 Vejle Denmark [03-25-2008] »»»

Looking for burial place of Gov Rip Van Dam was the Governor of New York 1731-1733 died in NYC in 1749. He is my GG grandfather. Thank you,
Charles E. Gilbert [03-24-2008]

Taking the tour of historic pennsylvania was wonderful but reading the Declaration of Independence was what really brought me to this website and I had to take the tour in school
Jacob Emerson Deale, age: 11, city: annapolis [03-24-2008] »»»

Great web site,about american history to lern.Thank you!Pawel Radkowski Szczecin Poland
Pawel Radkowski, 30 Szczecin Poland [03-24-2008] »»»

hey i love this website i got an A+ in history THANK YOU
VanRobert Chandler, I have a Myspace [03-24-2008] »»»

Great web site. It has helped with many reports. Thank you! Kristal A.
Kristal A. Rosebrook [03-22-2008]

Love this site!
Jay Hummel, 37 Philadelphia [03-22-2008]

I am an American ESL teacher, writing a book about my 7 years in Poland. The most important portrayal of Polish activity in America is the Polish military presence in the early American military history. This book will project this little known information for most Americans. Thank you for this website, my students are in shock when I help them understand the importance of Poles in American history.
Kathy Hines Cooper, Raciborz Poland [03-21-2008] »»»

Great place to visit. Every citizen of this greatest country in the world should come to Philly and visit these historic sites!
Clay Browne [03-21-2008] »»»

Jamie Burch, 25, Lewisville Texas [03-21-2008] »»»

More historical web sites.
Paul, Pastor of Wesley A.M.E. Zion Church 15th Lombard [03-21-2008] »»»

Dear all, Many thanks for such a great resource. I moved to Philly 1.5 years ago, and I find your information very useful. Something that I think it would be great to include in your site would be the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (www.ansp.org). Our institution was the first museum of natural history in the whole North American region. Among the several treasures, we have here the botanical specimens collected by Lewis and Clark, as well several albums of hair samples from our presidents, including George Washington's. I would like to invite you to visit our website.
Alina Freire-Fierro, Ecuadorian botanist working in the first academy of natural sciences [03-21-2008] »»»

this site is prety cool!
Travis Horsley, 14 jacksonvile north carolina [03-21-2008]

I love history and informations
Eugenio Acq NO SSIS, Roma [03-19-2008] »»»

This is a great website I love it! It's great for my essays, and even my homework! Email me back Thank you :)
Breeski, age: 10 city: Santa Clarita [03-19-2008] »»»

I find that we as a people take for granted the freedoms and rights that have been given and defended by so many that have come before us. I am proud of our country and all that we have done and will do. God Bless America
Alton Fields, Sweetwater, TX [03-19-2008]

Very informative and interesting points of view. Highly recommended to educate anyone in US History.
Federico Pizano, Rodeo, California [03-19-2008] »»»

I think this is a great web site, thanks you so much for putting it together, you've taught me a lot of things i didn't know. I love history!
Natalie Bradley, Utah [03-19-2008] »»»

A wealth of information on this site. It's one the better reference/history sites on the web. I'll steer the little ones here to learn more. Now, if only you had more to do with 18th century literature.
Cavern Stevens, Cajun Country, LA [03-19-2008]

This was found among my mothers belongings after she passed away in 1985 .She was born on 8/12/1926
Lillian Yates, I have one of the 8894 reproductions.can you tell me where they were sold? My family is from Long Island N.Y and when were these sold. [03-18-2008] »»»

bob [03-18-2008]

Michael Stump, Gainesville, GA [03-18-2008]

I found the site information content good, but the photo story was sadly lacking, this icon requires greater inspection from the viewer, current picture is merky and hides inscripion that give the ture meaning of its casking for the people to rally arround. The memory and the invoked spirt is a visual thing. I hope these thoughts are welocomed and useful for the designers of this page and help in the telling of this turning point in history.
Peter, Austraila [03-18-2008] »»»

hey what is Philadelphia's county name? thank you for your time.
Julia Liu [03-18-2008] »»»

nice information
mckenna, statesville [03-18-2008]

This has helped with many school reports. Thanks
Kristal L. Rosebrook [03-18-2008]

HI peoples! Waz cracken? O.K. then dont answer mee. LOL~ JK~ ILY<3
jenny [03-18-2008]

I visited ur site for a school porject. The project was to look up twenty different national monuments and wright three paragraphs about each! But, thanks to ur site, i finished in a snap! I would also like to say that I think that your site needs more information than it does because i had to wright three paragraphs on one topic and your site has enough information for like one paragraph. Please fix your site.... Thank you, A Twelve-year-old girl who just wants to help.
Angela [03-18-2008] »»»

i love this website! Thanks for the great info!
Harry Johnson [03-18-2008] »»»

Brian, i live in NH im 16 [03-18-2008]

Thanks for the info, we will use it when we visit Philadelphia.
cm, Marysville, WA [03-14-2008]

I love the information. it helps the kids understand.
Melisa [03-14-2008] »»»

i watched national treasure and i learned a lot about the declaration of independence and i really do like social studies
Morgan Barron, New York [03-14-2008]

hey give us some imformation
anonymous [03-14-2008] »»»

I am doing National history day too! :D
Lulu [03-14-2008]

koool janet v
anonymous [03-14-2008] »»»

was up dude
anonymous [03-14-2008] »»»

oh yeae
anonymous [03-14-2008] »»»

I believe that the Independence Hall is a great place to be and i would love to visit again! It reminds me of the old presidents
Alexis Johnson, 15 years old, Mobile, and i love History [03-14-2008] »»»

i love this website
Kendra Seaton [03-14-2008] »»»

You guys gave us tons of info for our social studies project thanks a bunch LOL Melissa and Ashlyn
Melissa and Ashlyn [03-14-2008] »»»

great job
anonymous [03-14-2008]

I would love to visit!
Sarah Scoggan, marine corps veteran, 33, mount sterling, il. [03-14-2008] »»»

My kids love this site. Helpful with the home work
Kristal L. Rosebrook [03-12-2008]

I used this website to get a project done on The Declaration of Independence and I understood everything they had. I just want to thank them for their great website.
Morgan, I am 10 years old [03-12-2008]

Deanna D Egner [03-12-2008]

Impressive Web site!
John Burnette, Lakewood Middle School Hebron, Ohio 43025 [03-11-2008] »»»

I really like going to US History.org This site is very stimulating and lots and lots of fun! You learn a lot here about the US history, and how we received our freedom.
Anonymous, The Show-Me-State [03-11-2008] »»»

i love philadelphia
anonymous [03-11-2008] »»»

hey people out there who are doing national history day..im in it too!and this website is really helping..so thank you!
kaylee [03-11-2008]

boringest site ever
antonio, 9 [03-11-2008] »»»

i would love to be part of the guestbook
tommy planfield, i am big and strong [03-11-2008]

can i see the declaration up close so i can write it down if you can thanks! -riley norman c=
riley norman [03-11-2008]

Thomas Elvin [03-10-2008] »»»

I visited and I'm impressed.
Greg Jemitola [03-10-2008]

I love this history page!
Kristal L Rosebrook [03-09-2008]

Hunting information on early Western PA (1700 >1850) for a novel's setting. Anything in particular you can help with?
Freda [03-09-2008]

Your site is very comprehensive and enjoyable to browse through. I will certainly recommend it to my students as a valuable source of information on the Colonial Period and the Revolutionary War.
Magdalena, Teacher [03-09-2008]

This is an awesome website! i got all the info I needed for my report, and it was really easy. ushistory.org ROCKS! :)
KT, Minnesota [03-09-2008]

Roberta Nixon Green [03-09-2008]

anonymous [03-09-2008]

Thank you for such a wonderful site. I am a native Philadelphian and should be able to guide visitors, that isn't always the case. This is a gem of a resource.
Nancy Stephens, 69yrs. Towamencin Twp. Montgomery County, PA [03-09-2008] »»»

YSC, - [03-09-2008]

whats up
anonymous [03-07-2008]

oluwa pikin maye, i love this wonderful site after seeing mayee [03-07-2008]

shirin jindal [03-07-2008]

Great website for all
kristal rosebrook [03-07-2008]

pat king [03-07-2008]

This is amazing ya'll! Made my homework soooooo much easier :) lol
Tasha Hickey, Texassss! [03-07-2008]

bording site ever!
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this is with out a doubt the koullest website ever! even better then myspace! seriously!
Audie--, 19 [03-06-2008]

I was visiting your city in January, I took a tour of the city. I enjoy visiting Mother Bethel AME Church and history of the Church.
Lester S Johnson Jr, Age 64 Brooklyn, NY [03-06-2008] »»»

I am a student of american history and would like to teach history in high school some day.
Bill Majure, colo springs, co. age 70 retired [03-06-2008] »»»

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I was trying to find out information about the souvenir U.S. Promissory note dated Dec. 15, 1840. I saw someone else had the same question, and I was interested in the answer.
Cindy Stone, Joaquin, TX [03-05-2008]

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Rory, Iowa [03-04-2008]

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My ancestors included the Mears Family which were resposible for making the Liberty Bell, and Big Ben to name a couple. They Ran the WhiteChapel Bell Foundry in London. Thanks for this history page. I am the family historian. Yvonne Deloach
Yvonne Deloach, South Carolina [03-04-2008]

have no thoughts as of yet :)...just got here!
Caren Brunson, Santa Rosa, California, U>S>A> [03-04-2008]

Never forget what sacrifices our previous generations have endured to ensure we do not do the same.
stephen michael stabler [03-04-2008]

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Love my country,fought for your freedom 66 years ago,witnessed the Pearl Harbor Attack and served my time in hell,with the 24th Infantry Div.on the largest Island in the world Dutch New Guinea. WAKE-UP AMERICA.
Joseph Mieleszko, age 86, North Hatfield,MA [02-28-2008]

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I had the privilege of meeting the author of the American Creed writer's granddaughter as a guest of the Luiseno Chapter of DAR. What an honor! His life was as inspiring as the document he wrote. Elaine
Elaine Wade Tavizon, Luiseno Chapter of DAR guest [02-28-2008] »»»

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Enjoyed the brief history of Steven Girard. Heard of him from several students who went to and graduated from Stephen Girard College.
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If more United States citizens knew even a breath of their history, we would have a better country today. We must require that education be rigerous, devoid of self-esteem political correctness, and get back to the basics of learning.
Christopher Davison [02-23-2008]

Would you kindly answer this quick servey and send it back to me as soon as possible? 1) What battle of revolution war was most crucial? 2) What made it crucial? 3) Major advantage of the British? 4) Major advantage of the Americans? 5) Major weakness of the British? 6) Major weakness of the Americans? 7) Which battle was the most disastrous for the British? 8) Which battle was the most disastrous for the Americans? 9) Which state had the most battles? 10) Which state had the least? To animemangabug@yahoo.com subject history quiz
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Bill, Albuquerque, NM [02-19-2008]

If its against the code to fly the flag at all the different and incorrect ways, and all the flags that are torn flying, why oh why would you post all these awful pictures on your site......duh?
anonymous [02-18-2008]

i use ushistory.org for so many of my social studies projects
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Billie Sue Neitzke, Swanton, Ohio [02-18-2008]

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I love history, especially the American Revolution. I am currently writing a novel (non-fiction) on this time period. I'm not sure how much of todays society understands the importance of our beginnings and the foundation that was layed before us. My intent is to give Americans a newfound love for this great country. Would love as much info. as I can get on it. This looks like a great website to look at.
John Mayon, Age:30 Home: Kennesaw, GA [02-04-2008]

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Cynthia Deleon, I´m 17 year olds and I´m live in Dallas at Texas. [02-03-2008]

I loved our visit to Philadelphia last summer. What an amazing historical experience. As one of the writers for U-S-History.com I learned a lot about the topic we present online.
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I was here to look at the signers of the declaration of independance and alexander hamilton and got all the information i needed!
Miranda Smith [01-31-2008]

My ancestors, Minshall, came over from England when Penn offered land for joining the Quaker Church.
Judith Minshall Smith [01-31-2008] »»»

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ethan hicks, age:9 rockford,il grade :4 [01-29-2008]

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boogie, i love everything [01-29-2008]

At different times throughout its history, Pennsylvania has been the nation's principal producer of ships, iron, chemicals, lumber, oil, textiles, glass, coal, and steel. Although it is still a major manufacturing center, Pennsylvania's industrial leadership has diminished steadily during this century. The first major industry in colonial Pennsylvania was shipbuilding, centered in Philadelphia. Iron works, brick kilns, candle factories, and other small crafts industries also grew up around the city. By 1850, Philadelphia alone accounted for nearly half of Pennsylvania's manufacturing output, with an array of products including flour, preserved meats, sugar, textiles, shoes, furniture, iron, locomotives, pharmaceuticals, and books. The exploitation of the state's coal and oil resources and the discovery of new steel-making processes helped build Pittsburgh into a major industrial center.
hiary [01-28-2008]

The Walt Disney Company is making American History fun for schools kids/ and families by tying the movies like National Treasure to historial sites in the US. Nice job!
Steven O. Grant, Pelham, New Hampshire [01-28-2008] »»»

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Excellent bio of Stephen Girard. Quite a remarkable man in remarkable times.
Dean S. Gray, Philadelphia, PA [01-22-2008] »»»

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I really enjoyed my visit to this website.
Nona Garg [01-21-2008]

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Paul V. Dolan, 52 yrs old, Philadelphia Native now Johnstown, PA resident. Excellent website [01-17-2008] »»»

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Julia [01-16-2008]

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Xena, 11,5th Grade [01-15-2008]

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i am trying to find info about the palmetto arms company in Philadelphia,PA. we have an old double barrell shotgun with that company name on the side. any info appreciated.
Beth Smith, sudlersville, md [01-15-2008]

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mike rust, 60 years old living loughton. essex. england [01-13-2008]

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anonymous [01-13-2008]

i think that this website is good but i'm doing a report an PA and nothing seems to have what i want so if you could get more facts i would a like that a lot! thanks Taylor
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Crystal Baker, 15, lansing [01-12-2008]

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its an ok site
chris [01-10-2008] »»»

john hancock didn't write the declaration of independece Thomas Jefferson did
emily [01-10-2008] »»»

this is unhelpful i need information i allready know what the amendment says i need more info on it.
anonymous [01-10-2008] »»»

one of the people on the declation of independence signed it
nikki neely, nkki_chikki17@yahoo.com [01-10-2008]

tim kolk [01-10-2008]

GUSTAVO, 20 new yourk [01-09-2008]

I've been reading "The Age of Reason" from your site. Thank you very much for providing the resource. Sometimes it is nice to re-read the thinking of logical people.
JD Penn, Hopkins Switch, Kansas [01-09-2008]

A list of all businesses and years in business would be a great addition to this very interesting site. Thanks for all the hard work to compile the information.
Diane [01-09-2008] »»»

Julianna [01-09-2008]

Needs Pictures
Sarah [01-08-2008] »»»

anonymous [01-08-2008] »»»

hey i am so tired and i am so tiny and i dont like to eat food or anyhting
lopo [01-08-2008] »»»

you need to write what jobs samuel adams did in the rev.war.
Sarah [01-08-2008]

Hi! Just wanted to say thanks. y'all really helped me with my history class, and for my own private reading. i love history and y'all kept me from photocopying my history book cause i couldnt buy it
autumn, age 14 Jax FL [01-08-2008]

M Lupton [01-08-2008]

James [01-08-2008] »»»

You never know what you'll miss until its gone. I never realized how little I knew about our country until began to study about it.
Leo Makiejus, Calumet City, IL Age 55 [01-07-2008]

Nice sign. I am using it for a merit badge I am trying to complete. Thanks
Ryan Hepler, 17age, Pearland, Highschool Corsscountry and Track runner [01-07-2008]

great adress for our english lesson! here you get every information you need=D
chris from germany [01-07-2008]

i love edfar alen poe! he was a really fasinating poem writer!
anonymous [01-07-2008] »»»

Our son is in school at Penn. He has fallen in love with Philadelphia. We appreciate the good folks of Philly very much!
Elisa Fairless [01-05-2008] »»»

you kneed some games about the u.s.a. i mean it...
india, i am a kid ok oh and a girl [01-05-2008] »»»

easy to use for school
jenna [01-05-2008]

I want to learn about pennsylvania and what they did back then.
Tamara Dickey [01-05-2008] »»»

Anita Mathis [01-05-2008] »»»

Hey Hey Hey Hey just wanna give a shout out to all my friends and family and I thank all the men for fighting for our country USA USA USA
Lindsey Marie Avara, NorthEast,Maryland 14 yrs old [01-04-2008]

I found the information on Octavius V. Catto to be very enlightening. Thank you.
Arbrie Bradley, Detroit, MI . 63, retired English teacher. [01-03-2008] »»»

i reall y like this website because it helps me when i really needed especially with my homework i apprieciate the time and work that they put into this website. thanx!
kyanaah [01-03-2008]

nick kim [01-03-2008]

Jimmie Williams [01-03-2008] »»»

Fo the first eighteen years of my life I knew and loved Philadelphia. I attended South Catholic. I'left philly in 1958, but a part of me will allways be in Philadelphia!
John A. Schutzenhoffer, Aghe 68, born and raised in S. philly, 1722 S 28th. [01-02-2008] »»»

Loved your info on Octavius V. Catto;
Claretha M. Rice, Born 1942 in Kingstree, S.C. Came to Phila. in 1945 [01-02-2008] »»»

Need to add some more firsts! First Mummer's parade, to start with!
anonymous [01-02-2008] »»»

Cool site; want to take some time and explore the history of Philly. Was looking for O.V. Cotto when I heard him talked about in the Mummer's Parade this yr. He apparently started the 1st all-black Mummer's brigade, among other things.
DJ Woods, suburbs of philly, Collingdale [01-02-2008] »»»

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